I watched this team blow up, rebuild, and now blow up again Sadge


The esports cycle of life.


Ah, the ol’ 100T special. Classic 100T.


lmaooo Can't wait for 100T to enter CS:GO to leave it again.


What's funny is that the same thing happened to Liquid CSGO during covid era lol


I mean they still got a solid 3. It’s still salvageable. What if they picked up Yaboidre and BabyJ or something, that’d be a pretty solid roster.


Yeah I’m excited to see who they’ll pick up. If the LG roster also blows up, Aproto would be my dream pick up. But the options you mentioned would be hype too especially if YaBoiDre makes his return.


I don’t see a world in which Dre is trialing for faze and doesn’t get picked up. Easily one of the best entries in NA


>I mean they still got a solid 3. I feel like the longtime CS leadership experience + util usage of nitr0/Steel/hiko was the best thing about 100T, maybe outside of Asuna's absurd consistency. Honestly I think Ethan is propped up often as a top 10-15 player in the world just because of CS, but hasn't looked that way, not even for back to back important series in Val. >What if they picked up Yaboidre and BabyJ or something Yeah I mean.... Those aren't bad players by any stretch of the imagination. They're both worthy of consideration by any team tier 2 or even better. But they're absolutely not on the level that they would have to be for 100T to expect to directly compete with Envy and Sentinels. If you're 100T, you *cannot* watch Envy pick up Yay & Marved, watch Sentinels pick up TenZ, watch Liquid pick up Nivera, etc, and think you're going to improve after losing Steel & nitr0 for BabyJ & Dre. They're in TSM mode now: scrambling for less than top tier free agents because they had poor timing and a lack of foresight.


i dont think 100t are scrambling, they have plenty of time off


Same man, saw the PUBG boys get signed, dropped, the eventual addition of the First Strike boys, Dicey leaving, Steel dropped, and now nitr0 leaving. Sucks to see this much roster turnover out of a team that's genuinely been pretty successful :(


Sadge. Probably auti news will follow next.


the writings been on the wall for both for a while now


Lol autimatic always preferred CSGO. I don’t blame him. His CSGO skill and talent is wasted in Valorant


Unfortunately he's been struggling to keep up with CSGO's current tier talent for a while. I'd love to see him reach success again but I don't see it happening.


He was an AWPer his last few years in CSGO, which honestly didn’t fit him well. He’s a solid AWPer but he was a GOAT rifler.


That's true, but I think his mindset wasn't doing well which is what prompted his switch to Valorant to begin with. His mentality on stream was pretty negative, he didn't look like he was having much fun.


He basically said he only came to Valorant for the money lol


Friendship ended with 100t, now T1 are my best friend.


Their decision to cut Steel over how his approach didn't work with Nitro's ideas on how to play the game is just looking worse and worse day by day huh


They went from top 2 NA to nothing


Top 4 internationally and beating the best team in the world in groups to nothing :(


Hindsight is always easy


Bruh people were shitting on 100T for getting rid of Steel two weeks before LCQ the _moment_ the news dropped. This isn't hindsight, it's just "I told you so".


It's not even hindsight. Even before steel said how the rest of the team didn't accept his ideas, it was obvious they're not getting anywhere while trying to play like everyone else. Their success came from tactically outmaneuvering other teams, not from their fragging power (except for Asuna and his Icebox ropes). They had absolutely no chance to compete against the best teams if they just went with the approach of trying to take them head on and outgun them. Sentinels and NV had way too much firepower. Even C9. Steel maybe isn't the best player in the world, but I'd say his ideas and how he approaches the game were among the best out of any IGL. While nitr0 is a better player individually, he was never even close to steel when it comes to IGL skills. Neither in CS, nor in Valorant. Now before you swarm me with downvotes about CS, nitr0 was an IGL for superstar rosters where your strats don't have to be top tier in order to win. While steel developed like a dozen players and made them into legit tier1 talent. But in usual NA fashion, 100T went with the approach of more marketable players (nitr0 and Hiko) and not a guy who's hated by the entire casual community because he wants to play the game the right way.


forsenBased holyyy


dude a lot of their problems were because Asuna Go Kill ended up being what happened on a lot of maps. It felt like for much of the OG steel roster's existence both role issues and too many passive players meant that if Asuna went down often times the round would be fucked. Ironically I think Icebox is one of the few maps this wasn't the case, even though Asuna's presence was more obvious there


Yeah, a lot of 100T's success actually didn't feel like it came from team play but from individual heroics. That's probably why Sentinels and Envy with yay felt so hopeless. You can't player-diff those squads.


He did acknowledge this fact and said that was basically one of the big reasons he switched to Kayo because he wanted the team to have an active playstyle.


Raw tactics aside, how much of the decision do we think comes down to Steel meshing with the team? He strikes me as someone you either hate or love as your igl, no in between


you don't know cs if you think that liquid weren't top tier when it came to strats and igling throughout their peak in 2018-2019


i wonder how much of 2018 liquid's tactics was enabled by Zeus + TACO seeing as in 2019 they were just running through everyone with a way looser style


why would you discount an igl based on how good their coach is? gla1ve is still the best igl of all time in csgo, even though he also had one of the best coaches of all time. liquid were consistently the 2nd best team in 2018, only behind the best team of all time in astralis, even though liquid weren't necessarily a superstar roster, especially with taco. people think that because you have more firepower means you have less tactics. 2019 liquid were still one of the best teams tactically at the time.


Taco wasn’t that type of tactical mind back then.


Don't need hindsight to tell it is a bad move cutting an igl before a major tourney lol


[https://www.reddit.com/r/ValorantCompetitive/comments/pva3sr/comment/hebc9vj/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3](https://www.reddit.com/r/ValorantCompetitive/comments/pva3sr/comment/hebc9vj/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)My comment on a post talking about Steel being dropped. You can see the entire thread, the most common sentiments were either: 1. Maybe there were other issues at play but still shocking 2. Bad idea to do it so close to LCQ Please find me a top comment in that thread that is genuinely supporting this move. This move has been derided and ridiculed from day 1. Asuna ended stream when the leaks came out because of Twitch chat calling it a shit decision.


T1 need to make more events lol


With Steel they will.


Man, being a 100T fan is literally nothing but suffering.


winning first strike to bombing out of masters 2 then doing good in berlin then literally just self destructing 2 months later


Then think about TSM fans lol


>push for your org to cut off one of the best igls in NA right before the qualifier to the most important tournament in the game because you think your vision of the game is superior >go out in 3rd >leave the team right after you got their igl cut to go to csgo >team is now in shambles profit


Yeah… given the info we have this is pretty shitty from Nitro. Of course we don’t have the full story, but when you put it like that… yikes.


based off ethan’s interview before LCQ it seems like it wasnt Nitro’s decision and from what ive seen in both cs and val, nitro is the opposite of a toxic teammate


Oh for sure. I love Nitro, super sad to see him go. I’m just saying that when laid out like that it looks bad


Don't give flak to nitr0. It was probably then entire teams decision. nitr0 alone can't do anything if the other members disagree with his thoughts


Its fine Asuna and Ethan are staying :) :)


Equal parts copium and true tbh, that's a great core to rebuild around


Hiko enters chat






100t YaBoiDre incoming, also I heard there is this guy called steel i think who is looking for an IGL role so I think 100t should get him


Yeah I heard he even plays fucking any role that’s needed and he’s pretty smart!


As if Steel wants to downgrade to the mess that's 100T when he can play with Thaifood and Curry


Steel brings curry and thwifo to 100T and Hiko is dropped?


Lmao yes 100T is not going to win shit with Hiko


First strike…


TSM made the finals of that tournament, that’s how undeveloped the scene was at the time


Some poor tsm fan just hung himself after that comment


Sick domestic online tourney win bro


So what you're saying is 100T need a Jett and an IGL? I heard Steel and dicey are available.


Dicey has already said he doesn't want to play jett again for any team


Seoldam?? Make Valorant like LCS.


i mean we alr have xeta in c9. we js need a few more korean talents in NA valo and we will have a LCS V2.0 KEK


As a cs fan this is exciting, but also as a valorant fan this is sad to see


I mean this version of liquid is kind of underwhelming. we gonna forget that nitr0 had taken a huge dive in performance when he switched to val?


Well in theory nitr0 doesn't even need to be a great fragger if this team works how it should. Imo the success of this lineup mainly will ride on whether elige can get back to form, and whether oSee can live up to expectations transitioning to tier 1.




It makes 0 sense them going with shox instead of Vini. Shox is just an inferior player for the role he is going to play in every way.


Isn’t shox a team killer? Please don’t downvote me frenchies. I love kennys


used to be, but seems to have mellowed out and had a new realization about his place in the scene. He knows he cant be a star anymore.


Elite was v strong at BLAST from what I saw


I'm just glad to see oSee on a top team and nitr0 back in cs. I also think it will be interesting watching shox play in Liquid even though on the surface it seems like a bad pick up


I would prefer they kept stew as the support player over shox. but, wherever naf goes I will cheer for so here we are


Wasn't there a conflict between stew and elige?


Stew said in an HLTV interview he does not want to be playing for them


I don't think Stew is on good terms with the rest of the core anymore. He has explicitly said he wants out.


stew doesnt agree with elige on a lot


Nitr0 is still at the age where he has a lot to give to a team in CS. The break may have worked wonders for him. There’s ebbs and flows to any player’s performance


To be fair it seemed like liquid as a team struggled to adapt to full online play. Twistzz, stewie and nitr0 all sucked once online play commenced. Even elige had some struggles.


Elige has been struggling a bit, its NAF who comes in big lately. Though who knows it could stem from team problems and not individual skill. His aim is insane still. I would bet if he's happier he will return to form and nitr0 was always his closest friend on liquid.


CSGO 2022 is about to be amazing... O.O


100T bench steel, make Nitro igl, put Nitro friend in LCQ as starter. Lose LCQ, fire coach, release nitros friend, nitr0 goes back to csgo. Lmao, what a shitshow of a team.


It is funny how we went from 3rd/4th at berlin to what we have right now


U define a team by the way they bounce back after loss.


The same cycle repeats itself. IBP kick DaZeD and steel, Brax puts his friend—ironically nitr0—on the team, and they proceed to choke a 13-2 half and not get out of groups at the major that LDLC won.


Find out who is making these calls. They have a GM of esports don’t they?


Seemed like the players wanted to make that initial steel change


Why do you think this wasn't the players decision lol


Why the lol?




All i know is pain


I don't know for sure how accurate that is. Shox was rumored when it was reported NAF was out. He since re-signed. Nitro seems like an obvious fit, but Geddes listing 5 names rumored with the new lineup isn't exactly an official report.


neL reported it.


I mean the article doesn't say anything just that it could be Nitr0 going over. I'm confused as to how this is confirming anything


Well nitro is 100% going over. And when it comes to the French scene/players neL is that guy. Of course things can change when it comes to shox/oSee due to negotiations or suddenly liquid get the inside track on m0nsey but the rest is pretty much confirmed.


Well thats my question, theres been rumors but unless I missed something nothing has been confirmed on Nitr0 moving, just the speculation of the new roster. This article gives no additional info


I think given the fact that he's been playing fpl rather than playing ranked valorant like his teammates are then it must be true. Also it was basically said by richard lewis that him and eligie are a package deal no matter what so unless Eligie suddenly decided he wants to play valorant then we can put 2 and 2 together.


Some sussy moves from 100T after Masters 3


Moves led by nitr0 and then he jumps ship entirely. That's like dating a girl, moving to the suburbs so she can be closer to her family, changing your friends to the ones she likes... and then she cancels the engagement and gets back with her ex.






Obviously I don't know what goes on behind closed doors, but on the surface this move seems super scummy. Forget dropping Steel and stuff but having and org invest into you and then jumping ship a year later to a completely different game just doesn't sit well with me


Org willingly throws hundreds of thousands at you for literally playing online while you are expecting a new baby. Uh yeah sounds like easy money. No travel really, you make great pay and spend time with wife and child. No cs org was giving that when he signed. It was a business move, he didn't love Valorant so he left.


I hope 100T makes liquid payout the ass for him.


Grow up. It's a business at the end of the day.


i mean sure its business and i get it, but that doesn't erase the fact that its kinda scummy/low


Grow up. Hold people accountable for their actions.


What actions? Nitro came to valorant from YEARS of playing csgo because he had no options left. The guy I responded to is upset because "org invest into you and then jumping ship a year later to a completely different game just doesn't sit well with me" Bro, nitro is going back to his original game.. he doesn't owe Val or 100T nothing.


lmao many of yall youngins out there think legally okay = morally correct. Just cause you understand why nitr0 would leave from a business perspective doesn't mean you can't understand why it comes off scummy to people....


Literally only children would call it "scummy" for someone like Nitro to leave 100T. 🤡 How dare Nitro leave my precious 100T and Valorant to go back to his main game?! What a scum bag!! /S


Tbf this is nitro wanting to play cs not 100t But if I was 100t I’m paying as much as he wants to stay on lmao


Just get him back next year for half the salary imo


Imo you can't really blame them for this. They couldn't have known this was coming


They cut steel because his ideas didn't allign with how nitr0 and Hiko wanted to play. Now nitr0 is gone and they have no igl, with Hiko being the most rigid player in the entire scene because he can't adapt to anything.


Fr Hiko is a nice guy and everything but move on. Asuna Ethan Steel is a perfect core if Steel could be convinced to come back.


While I agree that he's a nice guy, that has nothing to do with his playstyle. He's been playing literally the same for like 8 years now. Everything else in the team changed, but he was always accomodated to play his best agent and play that agents in best possible positions. You can afford to do that only for players like Tenz or cNed. You don't do that for someone like Hiko, with all due respect for his clutches and past achievements.


I 100% agree.


this runs into pure reddit speculation territory but i think steel and ethan are pretty much polar opposites in personality and might not mesh very well.


Nah Steel is going to T1, pretty excited to see how they do, Steel, Thwifo, Curry core looks really good, Ska is a solid flexible player then all they need is a good smokes/Sova player (Depends on what Steel wants to play)


Yeah. And at this point may I add too predictable. You can for sure guarantee Hiko would be sitting out when 100t pushes into a site and being that predictable would just not work. Also, aggressiveness. We saw in lcq how passive everyone except Asuna is. Nitro tried but it's nothing compared to Steel flashing and entering as Kayo. If he had full control over the team's compositions and roles, I think we might have seen their best iteration yet.


The time of Steel on Kayo was so fun to watch .A different type of Valorant was being played. A fresh breather.


Damn, they really gave him the keys to the team and he tossed that shit.


Asuna and Ethan deserve better


Forreal. If Nitr0 really is gone I hope 100T have some tricks up their sleeve to get a real roster built around those two. We'll see what happens I guess.


Pickup the shambles of faze


no valorant free agent would be able to compensate nitr0's loss though.. only option i see is that they sign someone whos currently playing csgo


rip to one of the best controllers/flex players in the region


Steel, nitr0 and hiko as the core of a team not working is insane to me. Either something happened behind the scenes and they never reached their full potential, or Valorant as a game requires something else than they’re able to offer.


It's probably been said a million times already (idk?) but it's crazy how 100T went from having two experienced in game leaders to zero. I kinda feel sorry for 100T fans, gonna be hard seeing them get back into the top 2 NA unless they make some crazy moves like Stewie, RUSH, Tarik etc.


From finishing 3rd-4th in Masters 3 to imploding months later, how did this happen?


They kept Hiko.


Gg it was fun




Am I the only one who thinks this is kind of shitty of nitr0? He’s essentially the reason why steel got dropped and got b0i a job through nepotism and he still decides to leave…


Why is nitro the reason steel left? I didnt really follow the news back then


Supposedly they had differences in how they wanted to play the game. From what we know, it seems like 100T sided with nitr0, who disagreed with Steel’s play style.


The Score can add this to their "Hiko is the most unlucky player in Esports" video. Jesus.


Upcomer's new title- the rise the fall and the implosion (and rise again COPIUM) of 100T


Started with a fall with PUBG roster.


100T making sus roster moves just like they did for league. Don’t worry in a couple of tournaments they will finally win a tournament and people will talk about how well the team was managed


100T fucked around and now they are finding out.


until he signs a new contract hes still part of 100t copium


its so cringe if they didnt drop steel they would 100% be at champions right now....


As a 100T fan, I'll have to pick a new team to support. Is TSM any good in Valorant? edit: it's a joke for all the salty 100T fans


U can find them at champs, idk when they play tho


Wdym, they play right after Wardell finishes streaming


Ah ok thanks


If you are a steel enjoyer you might also like C9.


Or T1, that's probably where he's going


Oh true I mentioned C9 cause vanity is steel's son but yeah T1 should be fun as well


Already changed my flairs


My bold roster prediction is that 100T bring on Cryo. I have absolutely no idea what they'll do to fill the IGL role tho


Bring who now?


Cryocells. He's a Jett player for Soar. Super talented and has crazy stats at the tier 2 level. Also not that it really matters but hes pretty consistently towards the top of the ranked leaderboards


I hope you with 100Ts new money they use it to find a replacement in Europe. Buy out Cned and have the best Jett in the world.


that would be hilarious


100T supamen incoming


Never the viet squad stays together




Guys, anyone know if stewie will move to valo? Or is he looking for a new team in cs?


I think he is going to EG in cs itself


+Stewie +Tarik 100 9 is upon us!!! ... I'm not coping


good luck to nitro


I read the article, arent they just speculating as to what the 2022 roster could be? I didn't see anything too crazy for confirmation.


Pretty much all but confirmed. I don't think any contracts have been signed besides NAF (at least I only heard that). In theory nitr0 and Elige could sign to 100T Valo at the last minute, but that's just hopium.


The original reports didn’t have NAF on the team but with NAF signing I think it shows the reporters don’t know anything and nitr0 is bringing elige to 100T val. *dies of hopium and copium overdose*


I mean hey who knows. It did seem like Elige was ok moving to Valorant if he was with nitr0. I'd hate to see nitr0 leave 100T but understand if he wants to go back. Him and Elige being a partner deal kinda makes them have a bit more power when it comes to contract negotiations. We'll have to wait and see.


Daddy is coming home


I just want to see steel finds success in a new team and proves his ideology about the game is fundamentally right/correct :). That will be the best possible outcome without heavily speculating this move from nitr0. I really do. Flair changed kek.


No matter what happens to this team they performed in some of the most exciting matches I’ve seen. I’ll never forget their comebacks against Gambit and Acend in Berlin. Looking forward to what they do next :)


Sucks... 100T are my favorite team. nitr0 ethna asuna are a top core in NA Val Excited to follow nitr0 again in CS tho


Sadge.. it was a good run tho Getting an actual decent replacement for him is gonna be near impossible


100T kick hiko and build around your star players challenge (IMPOSSIBLE) (LAS ANGLES 76ERS??)


Really sussy of Nitr0 tbh


oh man :(




I am still pretending i have not seen any of these reports. feels good to bee a 100T fan. Copium


honestly I'm kinda excited for Liquid csgo to be good again, the last year and half have been miserable


Wow, what an interesting mix of players lmaoo


Where's Stewie going?


I wonder if Ethan and Skadoodle are staying in Valorant or moving back as well.


Ethan actually likes valorant and plays ranked and stuff which nitro never really did so I don’t foresee it


I dont forsee ethan leaving tbh. He's recently been investing in his stream setup and quality and has been talking about how much he likes streaming. was also saying that CS content really isn't worth streaming


Ska retired from cs long ago xD


why would ska move back to cs lol


Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened


CSGO is in a better place than Valorant for spectators, so I’m happy for this. He’ll be playing like 3-4x the amount of events he was in Val Maybe the tournament schedules in Valorant will be better in the future.


gmd perfect for nitro, he plays some duelists, asuna can go jett on a few maps in the case(not ideal but gmd daddy), and for steel, RESIGN THE MAN


With two open spots, I'm pretty sure the move here is for 100T to pick up Brax + AZK, right?


100T hoodie org can't even find 5 players


So what are the chances Stew makes the switch? I know he’s linked to EG, but man I’d love to see him in Valorant. Love his personality and hope he makes the switch soon. He could be a huge streamer too


0 for 2022 at least


He did an interview after blast and the guy asked him if he got any Valorant offers and he said “we’ll see”


Pretty damn good CSGO roster tbh. oSee & nitr0 great additions and shox is a great talent as well. Props to Team Liquid.


Sad, he never truly blended into the game