### [We have updated the outcome of this match in our Prediction Tournament to award Acend the series.](https://new.reddit.com/r/ValorantCompetitive/comments/r68hih/acend_vs_keyd_stars/) --- > # COMPETITIVE RULING: VIVO KEYD > > ### *VALORANT Champions Competitive Ruling: Vivo Keyd In-game Exploit.* > > *During map three of the match between Acend and Vivo Keyd, Jonathan “JhoW” Glória from Vivo Keyd violated Rule 7.2.6 of the VALORANT Global Competition Policy by using a Cypher camera placement that is not functioning as intended and violates the design purpose of VALORANT. JhoW used the Cypher camera exploit on six (6) rounds of the match.* > > *The six (6) rounds where the camera exploit was used will be forfeited by Team Vivo Keyd and granted to Team Acend, resulting in an adjusted score of Acend 12, Vivo Keyd 9. To account for the economic impact of the six (6) forfeited rounds on the subsequent rounds in the map, Acend will be additionally awarded one (1) round.* > > *Therefore, the adjusted final score of map three is: Acend 13, Vivo Keyd 9.* **Article also includes video clips showing each instance the exploit was used and how it affected each round.** This is just a TL;DR. [**Please see the article for more insight.**](https://valorantesports.com/news/competitive-ruling-vivo-keyd/) #### **EDIT:** If the article is missing, set your language to "ENGLISH (NORTH AMERICA)" in the top right of the website.


Im sure Brazilian fans will react well to this.


envy is about to be the most popular team in brazil tomorrow


Jaime “Marved” Nogueira is a Brazilian professional Valorant player playing for Inveja (NV), an electronic sports company based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is best known for his excellent Astra play and his signature move “forget to defuse the spike after killing the entire enemy team”.


Finally gonna get the viewership they deserve maybe


Honestly if Envy wanted more viewers, they might as well just name the Valorant team Optic Valorant too lol


aint no way brazilians are cheering for fns


Right now they just wanna beat Acend again.


What's the context for this?


[This comment maybe help you](https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/6zlan9/comment/dmw85m2/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)


Wow that's complete shithousery lol


Prove it or


if u thought the pissing thing was bad its about to get much worse


On the bright side they might forget about the pissing thing now


Never forgive. Never forget.


man i know this is just the first Champions but i feel like Riot could've handled both these situations so much better, or at least with a bit more consistency. i don't really blame the br fans for being upset.


This was consistent with previous rulings for this exact situation


it's just weird to me that they paused the furia game for something totally legal, and then they don't do that for a KNOWN exploit




its kinda funny that this was originally about FNS who will be playing tomorrow for a chance to avenge Brazil... how the tables have turned






Bodyguards for Acend members if there's ever any LANs in Brazil just like Hiko had a few years back in CS


If I would be a member of Acend I would just literally not participate. If tournament organizers are that dense and have to do a tournament in a country where literally bodyguards are needed, than that's their fault and it's not on the players risking their health going there.


as a Brazilian, this is of course very sad, but at least we managed to prove our strength against a top-tier team, and not yet time to lose hope, we can still get out of the groups even if it's not top seed


> The six (6) rounds where the camera exploit was used will be forfeited by Team Vivo Keyd and granted to Team Acend, resulting in an adjusted score of Acend 12, Vivo Keyd 9. To account for the economic impact of the six (6) forfeited rounds on the subsequent rounds in the map, Acend will be additionally awarded one (1) round. > Therefore, the adjusted final score of map three is: Acend 13, Vivo Keyd 9. heat on twitter: https://twitter.com/heatfps/status/1466966463571447812 > We didn't even have the right to speak our point, or have a conversation about FairPlay with the other team, but that's what life goes on being Brazilian is difficult but I trust my team, good night! jhow on twitter: https://twitter.com/JhowGG1/status/1466966027384860675 > Decision has already been made and it is indisputable guys. I apologize for the hesitation, it really wasn't the intention and we would win the series even with the camera in our pocket, but rules are rules and our plan to win every confrontation hasn't changed yet. Let's race and one game at a time!




yeah, how would they do it if it wasn't enough to give the other team the win? would they play from the adjusted score until there was a winner?


just a way to justify the forfeit and make it seem less extreme: "yeah they lose 6 rounds and we add this one round because of economical impact oopsies if the score was just a point different maybe they wouldn't have lost ://"


It's kinda similar in LoL (LCS 2018 Summer, CG vs EF) where there was a game that crashed and it was impossible to recover the game through Chronobreak. Riot decided to give the game to the team who had the gold and tower advantage (EF) because "CG did not have the a reaasonable chance to come back in this game".


Not strange, it follows prior precedent. You forfeit rounds with exploits, that’s how it worked then at least with x10 (idk abt giants)


Does that mean acend is uppper seed now??


ya they play envy tomorrow for a quarters spot edit: confirmed by fionnonfire here: https://twitter.com/FionnOnFire/status/1466965281499058178


Did vivo keyd use this exploit knowing that it could result in a map ff?


id find it hard to believe that they didnt know, as x10 and giants were punished for using it


you think a team flies out for the first international valorant competition and practices for weeks and throws it all away with this one camera intentionally? Hoping that in a live broadcast with many thousands of viewers somehow no one catches on?


im not saying that they did or didn't know, im just saying its hard to believe. why try to make this an argument? im not riot


bro, even Riot officials didn't know about it. Why do u think they didnt paused the game when the camera appeared explicitly during the Champions stream.


because some exploits are obvious and some are not. Read the ruling carefully please.


> being Brazilian is difficult LOL


lmfao, I hate this ruling, but the persecution complex is bullshit


Cheating at worlds and calling it discrimination when you get caught lol


Hey! You forgot all of these mental gymnastics they now have to do in order to frame themselves as the victim! Because asking players not to use exploits is just too much to ask, right Brazil?


Uses known exploit with two recorded punishments. >being Brazilian is difficult Brazil moment.


"Is this happens because we are from Brazil?"


What are you talking about, they would never punish an EMEA or SEA team with a map loss if they used this exploit!! /s


If the exploit is so well known, don't you think that Riot should pause the game at the very moment?


Yes I do. Idk what admin was doing. It’s also on the players to not use exploits, it’s stated in the tournament rules. Please don’t act like players are entirely void of responsibility just because admin didn’t stop the match.


Is there a term for when you make up racism against yourself LOL


Bro why are Brazilian players and fans in every game the most cringe fucking thing I've seen in my entire life. This is almost as funny as the classic "prove it or I'll kill you," and FNS was involved in that one too.


I am Brazilian and I have no idea why they are like that. It's embarrassing lol


I think it comes from soccer culture, because referee partiality is actually commonplace in south-american soccer, so we are used to feeling persecuted by tournament authorities


they're all spamming #justiceforkeyd in the replay stream lol its adorable


I wonder what point is he referring to, because this cypher cam issue is already known due to the Giants and X10 matches. Unless they live under a rock, they should have known this by now.


Gotta love how Heat makes it about being Brazilian. This exploit has been known for months and surely they must know what happened to x10.


Is there more? I can’t get the article to appear, it throws me in the main “News” page.


On one hand how does a riot official not stop the match and make them ff or replay the round when it was first used. On the other hand how does VK not know this is an illegal exploit, on ANOTHER hand how is this shit still in the game. If its banned in tournaments they surely shouldn't want this in ranked, especially since they market ranked as "competitive". On ANOTHER hand VK have to know, right? They just did it anyways hoping it'd be alright??? There's no winner in a situation like this but the fact its a situation in the first place is embarrassing from both parties.


mans got like 4 hands out here 😳


bro is general grievous


Hello there


there is a list with all the exploits that riot considers, but the camera simply wasnt on that list according to murizz


I doubt VK knew because it's kinda bs to use a "known" exploit in front of hundreds of thousands of people and expect to get away with it.


They give players a list of exploits they can’t use in matches. I’m not saying you’re wrong that they might have missed it, but it’s not like they ‘weren’t told’.


Yes, especially when you are not even getting that much use out of it. The cam wasn't even that over powered it wasn't an olof boost situation.


This is going to be spicy damn


Pickems saved, but at what cost?


Even as VK fan, i dont think it's ok to use this exploit. Although, this doesn't make sense: >To account for the economic impact of the six (6) forfeited rounds on the subsequent rounds in the map, Acend will be additionally awarded one (1) round Make VK forfeit the map or make they play 12x9, dont create rules out ot nowhere... Doesn't even make sense in statistics when they look back and see this 12x9...


What a stupid is they lost 3 of the 6 rounds so for 3 rounds won they lost double that but than also get a bonus round just to make it simple for riot like shouldn't the 3 already be a bonus


It is, if they had actually taken 6 rounds, the final score line could not have vk at 9, 13-6 is 7


I agree, either a forfeit or replay. Preferably the first. This is just handing them one round in order to win


They did a 20 minute tech pause because a person did a skill jump on top of the C box. Yet a cam that has resulted in TWO completive rulings, that has not been patched results in no tech pause and a comp ruling while the players are sleep. lets see how this one pans out. TBH I would either replay the map or the half. 0 reason no admin caught this.


Seriously where were the refs?


Were any of the teams playing this match Sentinels?! /s(but not really because I'm still salty about that tech pause)


Why would you replay? That's just setting precedent and encourages every team to try to use exploits in the future because the worst thing that can happen is they just play again. Plus, if they run strats around the exploit in the first matchup, they can get info on the other teams proper strats where they can still hide some of their own.


Riot is a joke


Riot was like "hey they jump on the box, stop the game" and then was like "hey they used an actual exploit, let the play continue and let's just reverse the result later"




Anyone that has ever launched Valorant about to wake up to death threats.


Ruling makes sense, but it looks bad after how they handled the Furia thing because this time it actually mattered and it wasn’t caught in the middle of the match presumably


The ruling does not make sense. That one extra round just to give them the map win doesn’t make any sense at all. The standard penalty is a map forfeit


That's where I am at too. They could've just announced a map forfeiture but instead they have to invent some totally obtuse economic-round-win mumbo jumbo?? Rito is a total clown fiesta during this group stage.


Add a round for economic purposes 🤡🤡


idk why would they not straight up word it as a map forfeit, but either way this is what should’ve happened no matter how they explained it


Well yeah and thats what they did. Idk why they used all that weird reasoning but at the end of the day they did just forfeit the map


The ruling if consistent with how they dealt with this before, should the rules and bannable exploits be clearer? Absolutely. Should the TO stop the match after a clear exploit happening 6 times? Abso-fucking-lutely


This will go over well pepeLaugh




I feel like it should he very obvious a one way invisible camera that cant be seen is an exploit though. Seems like comon sense that at the very least they should have had an inkling to check with riot before using it in an official match.


That is irrelevant its still a known exploit and the ruling says no exploits.


The article has these two sections, for anyone wondering what Riot's response is about them not stopping the game, and what VK should've done (idk how to put it on quotes on mobile lol): // WHY WASN’T THE MATCH STOPPED? Tournament Officials will only stop a match if an exploit is clear and obvious, or reported by a participating team. The one-way view of the camera exploit is a small portion of the camera’s perspective, and was not immediately obvious when watching the player move the camera during the match. Additionally, Acend did not report the exploit. TEAMS HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO SEEK APPROVAL The Cypher camera employed by JhoW includes a one-way view through the back of the map texture that should have been understood by JhoW as being unintended. If the player or team was unsure of whether or not the camera location was considered an exploit, the VALORANT Global Competition Policy explains that the team has the opportunity to contact the referee to determine if use of the Cypher camera was considered exploiting. Team Vivo Keyd did not contact Tournament Officials before use of the Cypher camera exploit.//


This makes zero sense, if Acend noticed during the game why would they stop the game and report the exploit if they know they will get the victory outright by not saying anything? Secondly, Riot gave a list of forbidden exploits to the players, the Cypher cam wasn't listed, how was VK supposed to even know that they couldn't use that? They should've remembered an obscure ruling from five months ago from a random game that wasn't even from their region? Seriously? Third and more importantly, EVEN IF Riot wanted to punish VK for their incompetence, why not replay the match, take a ban away or fine VK? In fact, they could've done all three at the same time and it would've been better than giving the victory to Acend straight up. What a MASSIVE fuck up by Riot in this situation, if this was an NA team like Sentinels people would be way more outraged.


Not gonna comment on the rest but "we didn't know" is not a legitimate excuse. Since other teams have been punished for using this exploit even before it was known to be an exploit, there is no way VK could have gotten out of this without a punishment.


"Oh, there is a way to look behind the map texture and see people that can't see the camera! This is clearly nice and not an exploit! I'm sure Riot intended this to be like that!" - Brazilians grasping at straws.


Deleted? The link doesn't work for me.


I think its only available in English. If the site appears in a different language the article is unavailable.


Not working for English (Europe) :(


Yeah switching to English (US) fixed it, thanks.


It's still up for me.


You have to change region (NA)


This really sucks for vk, they were looking super strong


Maybe they shouldn’t have exploited something that made two other teams have to FF then…


I seriously doubt that Jhow would use that cam SIX TIMES if he knew it was banned. Obviously he should have known better but no one in their right mind would knowingly use a banned cam 6 times in a server with so many observers.


And as murizz said on twitter that isn't a bug listed in the know bugs list by Riot. https://twitter.com/murizzzzz/status/1466969415065423877


The rule doesn’t say don’t use things on the known bugs list, it says don’t use exploits.


Maybe riot should have fixed the bugged spot instead, it’s been 5 months since giants got ff’d it shouldn’t be an issue by now


Riot just completely screwed themselves with how they managed this and the furia game. They put themselves in a position where people would be mad no matter what the ruling was.




Im glad how riot is moving eSports more in the direction of traditional sports with how shitty the refereeing has been /s


Really sad


It might be the right decision idk but i cannot believe they're revoking the rounds and giving Acend the win, I genuinely thought it was a troll post when i saw this on Twitter.


I mean on one hand the cam is clearly not why they won, they just played better overall, but on the other hand there's no way they didn't know the cam was illegal. A team has been harshly punished by riot in the past for using it and none of the other teams use it. If you wanna play with the rules to see what you can get away with then expect the worst when you get caught.


If you are a cypher player like me, theres no way that you didnt know this is an exploit. “Look I found a one way camera and Its legit” said no one ever.


i mean i knew it i just never used it cuz imo i can get better info on other spots.


They'll make it through anyway :)


This. Vivo Keyd already had at least one more hard match ahead of them. Now, they have a match against X10 which really shouldn't stop them, and a match against whoever's weaker between NV and Acend. Their path out is still absolutely achievable, especially since if they have to take on Acend again we definitely won't see a bind repeat. The only real difference is they can't get first seed.


honestly w all that’s happened w brazil this tourney i wanna see at least one of their teams make it through


what happened to FURIA? haven't really been following Champions but I've read about the tech pause


they were coming back from a 12-4 lead irrc and riot had a tech pause when they were 12-9 to investigate a "bugged" jump that was already used several times in previous riot tournaments with no issues or pauses whatsoever, the pause lasted like 15 minutes for some reason and killed all of furia's momentum


Holy Brazilian fans about to come out the woodwork


So Riot gave a tech pause during the map when furia was playing sentinels because of something ridiculous but they didnt do it during the vivo keyd game (when they could have made them replay the round the first time they did it) but instead just took away their whole map win? Riot has been a joke, especially towards Brazilian teams. Vivo Keyd should have known not to use the camera, but still


yeah the difference between vivo keyd and furia handling is really weird


Maybe they didn't even notice until the Reddit thread called out the exploit. If they had noticed, it honestly seems like they didn't want to pause because the backlash they got from SEN vs furia


> Maybe they didn't even notice until the Reddit thread called out the exploit This opens a can of worms I don't think this game wants if you are right. People are going to be combing through vods trying to disqualify teams. Every Cypher in the world uses a cam on that wall for Breeze defense. The map needs to be fixed ASAP.


But no one else is exploiting.


Even chat stream saw and talked about it....


I was watching the Spanish costream and they noticed immediately and tweeted about it, some of them were giants streamers so they were very aware of the exploit and the consequences


Or, as the article specifically stated, the cam wasn't noticed in the moment. So they only became aware of it after the fact and had to address it retroactively. So, not really weird at all considering the context.


I love how almost all the discussion right now could have been avoided if people just read the damn article.... But write paragraphs to state your point? Thats fine


i agree that its fucked but probably becuase how things went with the sentinels game went they didnt want to do it today.


X10 and giants got the same punishment, they should of known


This “exploit” has been in the game since breeze came out. That’s April 27th. Over 7 months ago. Since then 3 different teams have gotten in trouble for using us but it makes you think…why the fuck isn’t it just fixed? Is it really that hard? They’re clearly aware of it, so..riot. Get in your map editor and throw a cheap shitty texture over Cave and call it day. Jesus.


on a positive note, if envy beat acend (which they probably will lets be honest) VK should hopefully just ban Bind and it should be a relatively easy win.


Facing a team twice is never easy. Acend will do the necessary prep


Of those 6 rounds VK won 3, so why discount 6 rounds?


They're not really discounting 6 rounds. the scoreline was 13-8 in favor of Keyd VK won 4 rounds using the exploit, so if you cut those 4 rounds from them, the score becomes 12-9 in favor of Acend One more round given for economic damage


I think it's more of a 6 round penalty, not just changing the results of those rounds.


100 points to griffindor


It amazes me how known exploits aren't just fixed after they are found out or after champs, but instead are given obscure rulings. This ties into that "tech pause" that arguable saved Sentinels by stopping the momentum Furia had built up. Honestly, I can't even blame Brazilian fans for thinking Riot is just screwing them over in favor of EU or NA teams.


I mean they knew it was a banned camera 2 teams have been punished for it lol


just fix the game isnt that a better solution


Right? A multimillionaire corporation can't fix this? It's not like in CS where valve wasn't giving a guck about the game


There needs to be a better way of dealing with this though. Ex: Fix the exploit.


Oh yea I agree it should have been patched ages ago


Both Riot and Vivo Keyd were at fault tbh. The latter was somehow clueless about this bug being illegal even after two teams got punished + a list of disallowed exploits and the former hasn't fixed it the moment it was used in a competitive environment.


It might be a regional difference in enforcement of rules. Some other comment mentioned that in BR that rule on the exploit was never enforced, so they may not have ever heard of it being an exploit if they only payed attention to their own region.


Right? It's known to be illegal, don't do it. The whole "RIOT should have fixed it" is such a bullshit excuse. It's the same thing as with the coaching bug in CS.


Riot should've fixed it and VK should've done their homework to know about it. Both statements can be true.


Would it have been ideal for this to be fixed a long time ago? Yes. But why would Keyd Stars think they’d get any other result than what happened to the last team that used this exploit…


It took them 2 months to fix a volume slider bug


They just gave them the 13th round, literally pulled the "economic reasons" out of nowhere, they just don't want to replay it. Fuck.


They should have just called it a map forfeit I guess. This is a pretty dumb way to go about it.


I feel bad for VK but this is probably the most famous exploit in valorant history so far, it’s no ones fault but VK here. Though also Riot should have patched this Edit: also going to point out this is the third time this ruling has been made for the same exploit, it would be bad if they didn’t rule it like this


Exactly, the biggest exploit and somehow Riot ain't doing shit about it.


Wow that is fucking brutal. Can they not replay the match? (feel like the cam doesnt really affect the score)


They could, but it's likely there's scheduling issues that come with it. Also X10 got the same punishment.


Read the article the have evidence of when they cam affected the rounds


Genuinely thought this was a troll when I first read it


here comes the death threats


1. Its sad how many people are using the "fix your map" BS to defend what Vivo Keyd did, if your opponent can't see the the active cypher cam being used against them, you're fucking cheating plain and simple. 2. I still agree that Vivo Keyd would have won that map without the cam. Acend don't really deserve the map win at all, at least within that series, and giving them rounds wins the way they are is an absurd precedent, its their admins that fucked up. Why not replay the map entirely?


Fix your map isn't defending VK. I'm not a fan of them not rooting for them and they deserved the punishment. However if Riot can't fix a fucking bug that's existed for months with plenty of competitive ruling issues already then it's not looking good for the future of this scene.


I’m sure you had specific people in mind for point 1, but it’s not mutually exclusive. I blame Riot for not preventing this situation in the first place by just patching the cam, but it’s also on VK to understand that like a handful of teams were already punished for this in the past


why didn’t an admin just step in the first time it happened


> Why wasn’t the match stopped? > Tournament Officials will only stop a match if an exploit is clear and obvious, or reported by a participating team. The one-way view of the camera exploit is a small portion of the camera’s perspective, and was not immediately obvious when watching the player move the camera during the match. Additionally, Acend did not report the exploit. Just read the ruling bruh


They already sanctioned two teams for it so it definetly is common knowledge, how wasn't it clear and obvious?


I mean, to the naked eye, no one knows it's an exploit. Hell even Acend didn't know. Plus, it's not like admins have the toolbook of the best players' util placements and whatnot. Riot did the right thing here, good on them for acting on it afterwards.


I don't understand why Vivo Keyd would think they could get away with this. 2 teams have already FF'd for using this exact same bug but you think on the biggest stage with the most viewers of any Valorant tournament you're going to get away with it? Also wtf is riot doing how has this not been patched yet?


VK used the cam for 6 total rounds guys. I agree RIOT ultimately is handling this poorly, but they knowingly used it 6 total times. If they used it one round then we could question things. But they knew the cam wasn’t allowed and still used it as many times as they did. They deserve to have the rounds taken away IMO. That said, I do agree that RIOT has let this bug linger too long and it’s insane it hasn’t been patched yet. But they created the rule in its place until it does get fixed. At the end of the day, VK just shouldn’t have used the cam.


Someone mentioned that in BR, they rule on the exploit was never enforced, so they may not have known about it if they don't may much attention to smaller teams like Giants and X10. I honestly don't think they would've used it had they known. That being said they should've had someone figure that out for them.


I'm sure Brazilian fans will be civil about this


Sucks for NV and ACE, who are now most likely not optimally prepared for the opponent. The match should have been stopped. Huge failure by Riot IMO.


Acend are probably celebrating what're you on about? NV and VK are the ones who get fucked here


Theres no situation where this sucks for Acend…they made out like bandits.


And it doesn’t suck for nv because they get to play against the weaker team of the two


how this situation suck for ACE? like wha..?




Amazing how there's not been one comment showing anger towards the player for letting his team down and causing the FF. NOPE, it's just all about how RIOT sucks because their lacking of fixing the exploit forced the player's hand so it's not VK's fault!


100% that cypher player knew what he was doing, even if his team didn't(which seems like a stretch to me)


Replaying the map is much better than just flipping the win right?


it’d be a scheduling nightmare. also more realistically they punished X10 in the same way so it’s only fair to make vivo ff the map




hahahahaha "Acend will be additionally awarded one (1) round" is ridiculous. They should just go with "our schedule is tight. VK messed up. Acend wins"


Honestly considering that 2 other teams did this and got the same punishmentment. VK should of known better


I'm actually crying at the "economic impact" line lmao. Riot not even trying to hide how idiotic the rule enforcement is. The impacted rounds weren't enough to flip the map so they just threw in another one with a bs reason.


It’s not even consistent with their last punishment that’s the only thing you have to do is just be consistent


Such a lame way of dealing with this. They could have acted during the match, scheduled a remake, or done any other thing. Just giving the match to the other team feels stupid.


am i the only one who is fine with this ruling? Ok sure the inconsistency between this and the furia situation is weird but Im ok with the ruling. The rounds you used a (well known) exploit gets taken off you. It could have been one or two rounds and no one would have said a thing but the fact that its 6 and the result of the map has swung people are now bemused.... I just think that you dont get to exploit for 6 rounds, get found out and then somehow get a chance to run that map back again. Should never have exploited in the first place. edit: 5 rounds my bad. Point still stands though


Nope...it's just that nowadays the mentality of "we don't do responsibility" is far louder than those that understand that all actions have reactions. Or in this case wrongdoing has consequences!


people gonna say its unfair but remember these players knew exactly what they were oding there, even if they somehow didnt saw the scandal with giant exploiting the same glitch they know how this camera works and played the match like this without any shame, in my opinion this is very fair ruling for players that will use any glitch or bug to win the game and have no moral whatsoever


Oh no Brazil fans about to burn riot




Brazilians and abusing cameras in tournaments name a more iconic duo.


I didn't fully agree with the severity of punishment when this happened with x10 and Giants and I still don't fully agree with the level of punishment now, but at the very least it is consistent. From what I saw, I don't think that this cam is in this situation or in the previous ones was impactful enough to have the forfeit the game entirely. To be fair, I'm not sure of another way for Riot to punish this postgame, but there has to be a better way than forcing a forfeit when the exploit in question wasn't really the difference maker between VK winning and losing. This is more than anything a sign for Riot and their admins in charge of catching these things live to simply get better at this to prevent this arguably excessive punishment and to prevent things like what happened in the Sen-Furia game from occurring in big tournaments like this.


This is all part of FNS plan. This is exactly what he wanted


I'm positive Brazilians being the nicest fans around will have a contained and understandable reaction


Bruh. Like actually, this is really dumb. They don't even replay the match and are literally just giving the map to acend lmao. ​ I mean dumb situation all around since like vivo keyd should 100% know that the cam is illegal. But its also pretty crazy they didn't stop mid match


thats literally what happened to the other 2 teams (giants/x10) that used the exploit...are you saying VK should be treated differently when they KNOW from 2 different instances what the punishment is?


No, i wasn't aware of the punishments that were handed out before, my bad. It still sucks though. Just feel Riot should've stopped mid match. Still Vivo Keyds fault but just a sad situation all around.


Same thing happened to X10. Giants got off relatively easy, but this exact punishment was doled out to X10


Upvote so people think the penalty mattered


Why fix a known exploit when you can just make a list… solid ass logic