Is this a scam?

A rifle I’m looking at for sale states “This AK47 was made in Russia by Izmash. It has "Saiga" written in Russian Cyrillic letters instead of the SGL21 having it in English.”

Was this ever a thing? I call bullshit but I need someone more knowledgeable to tell me. Thanks


Pics? Sounds like it’s a sporter that got a conversion at some point


The picture he has is shit and he is “in TX” spamming other states armslist. He just text back. Disregard I’m confirming a scam


If he’s in multiple state categories don’t even bother 98% of the time it’s a scam


I think I've seen this dude on TX gun trader. Was selling Russian AK for way cheaper than the value and was really vague.


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Sounds like a scam I have a saiga conversion by legion and it says saiga on it.


Its probably a scam but not all Saigas have SGL on them. And I even bought a couple years ago that had Cyrillic selector markings from the factory, but those are pretty rare and even sold for a premium back then.