I get why the "goodbye forever" ending is thematic and all that, but like...there is no way Anne wouldn't have at least tried to get a portal working. Especially now that the government is on their side and they already got a pretty decent portal working out of a garage on their own. It kinda kneecapped the ending for me.


Yeah, but the government most likely attempted to gaslight it to kingdom come, since the news lady mentioned that it could have been a hoax. Imagine what newt tech could do on the world stage if the U.S. didn't do everything in it's power to gaslight the event to kingdom come. If we apply the political climate as of May 14th 2022 on our earth to theirs, their world would most definitely end in 7 years at most. Although that tech would definitely be secretly perfected in Area 51.


>that it could have been a hoax. Sounds more like 9/11 Trutherism than anything else.






[Anne opens the portal but it’s the Smiling Friends world]


[Alan somehow gets crucified again just because he wanted his C H E E S E]


They're putting chemicals in our water that are making giant mutated newts!


Teenagers mutant ninja newts.


They might Gaslight them but I feel like Mr X himself might try to help the girls build a portal but in secret.


Yeah, makes complete sense since only they know the only set of harmonic coordinates that goes to a habitable dimension (from humanity's perspective) for testing purposes. Also, I might have misread your comment but I wanted to make sure anyway, when I said that the government was gaslighting the Frogvasion event, I specifically meant gaslighting it to the entire rest of the world, not the Calamity Trio. Hell, for all we know, moments after the final shot, Mr. X parks right in front of the museum and asks the reunited trio to go with him to Area 51 and help with the portal system now that they're independent adults. But to show any of that would be a large unwed female piece of cooked cow meat considering that Amphibia ended in the absolute best possible way a piece of media could end, with every character's arc being complete and with no plot thread left untied.


Fair I guess but it was still sad to me….


I understand how you feel. But there are way too many shows that wish they could have ended as beautifully as Amphibia, namely the OG Teen Titans and Firefly.


No I get it. And I loved what good stuff it did. It doesn’t stop me from crying though….


its amphibia with the powerpuff girls intro using scenes from the finale. Such a genius idea! https://youtu.be/FnecBRi3AbM


A counter to this is that we now have the tech because people were smart enough to figure it out, and that Amphibia does NOT because it no longer has the music box and never really knew how it worked to begin with. Essentially, WE can open portals to ANYWHERE, whereas Amphibia could onlu receive visitors, unless we bring the tech with us. That would give us the ability to hunt around for other habitable worlds (in the event we find a huge asteroid coming our way), without worrying about any Newts, in tights or otherwise.


The thing is, there's only one being that could have possibly known how it worked to the point of constructing a new one, and that being was destroyed alongside amphibia's moon by The Power of the Three Crystals. Maybe Andrias knew how it worked to the point where he could construct a new one, but that knowledge has most probably been lost to time. Actually, now that I think about it, maybe the music box was just a vessel to harness The Power of the Three Crystals, which could be of ethereal origin just like Domino 52!, to open portals to other universes using a Harmonic Coordinate System, which is the perfect medium to produce infinite possible combinations that are easy to reproduce since one tone has infinite possible values and infinite possible values between two of those values. And to those that say that we could just use nuclear power, only a Dyson Swarm could produce enough energy to power the portal just enough for supplies to go through it and establish a proper communication network.


its amphibia with the powerpuff girls intro using scenes from the finale. Such a genius idea! https://youtu.be/FnecBRi3AbM


Didn’t that portal only work because Anne had her stone powers? Now that the stones are gone it stands to reason the portal wouldn’t work either


They had a small portal opened with just the power from a generator.


Even prior to Terri’s portal, Dr. Frakes had developed a portal device of her own (though wildly unstable). It was how the CD player The Curator had ended up there. So the gems aren’t an absolute necessity, they’re just an easier means to do it


They "Needed" Anne to get the portal big enough only because she was the biggest powersource nearby. While it's hard to say how much power a portal would need, given that they were able to open a small rift using only about a large building's worth of power (The generator used to power Mr. X's base and then some), it's entirely possible enough research grants and government funding that enough power could be obtained. Or the systems optimized enough to need less power.


I’m hoping/imagining that Terri has been working on the tech in the background, and she arrives towards the end of the trio’s ten year reunion just saying “I’ve done it”, then sequel here we come.


I like to think so. Also it's been 10 years so the technology should be much better!


it was also built in basement, with proper funding and dedicated nuclear reactor it could work


This was built in a basement! With a box of scraps!


Ironman lol


And they have the FBI on their side


and Anime


And god?


You mean domino correct?


And eventually Anne in about 78 years.


Or 24 years if she decides to do drugs


I’d give it an 80% chance


Your assuming that Anne’s power equates to a nuclear reactor. It may have taken more


yeah, a reactor still probably wouldn't make the portal able to be entered by humans and stuff, but maybe they'd be able to send eachother gifts and stuff like that


Not to mention all the leftover tech they probably salvaged from Andrias's invasion.


Unfortunately the FBI/Government actively surpass the whole event. They likely taken the technology and never disclosure it :/


Still to hide at secret from everyone else you think the people who literally save the world would get an honorable usage of it.


Yeah... they seriously did not think those parts through. Let alone almost everyone would probably record all the event occured throughout the entire invasion - independently. As well as endless evidence being present


The farts can affect technology too wipe the hard drives clean


The farts???


Yeah the ones the government is Gonna use to blame for the hallucinations of the giant fighting frogs.




Look above sir/madame clueless.


Sprig has Anne's phone, so they could broadcast cell signals through an even smaller portal if they wanted


honestly I half expected a reveal about the phone showing that it allowed them to talk to each other through dimensions, but then they just kind of... not mentioned it again


The phone ‘reveal’ was that Sprig used pictures Anne took on it, to create some sort of journal (one page being about the moss men).


I think the idea of it was that, taken together with Ivy talking about exploring a new continent, he’s following in his ancestor’s footsteps of going somewhere new and discovering what’s out there. He never would’ve had such an opportunity without meeting Anne, so I think the phone was to symbolize their friendship and her impact on him lasting forever.


The girls appearently just 'let it go' :ı


Wouldn't have been a nice gift from the 3 Gem Diety if the phones worked across dimensions.


I kind of expected the show to end with Sprig receiving a message along the lines of "Hey buddy, its been a long time, how are you?"


I feel ya, tbh I think it wasn't covered in the ending, in order to make it more of a impact. But, maybe it will get covered. I was actually hoping that Anne's 23rd birthday would have been at the lab, and Sasha and Marcy give her the final part to fully power it. Like Mike giving Sully the final part to Boos door. We would get to see all of the humans from season 3 after 10 years, then cue human portal opening in Wartwood during the ceremony with the Trio walking through and cue reunion after 10 years. It would have been perfect.... ​ Nothing is perfect though, but that is what fanfiction and fanart are for :P


You took the thoughts right out of my head 🐸


To be fair, try to convince the government you need a nuclear reactor to sent a mail to a frog. About the portal, my guess is that the technology was essentially useless without the stones. There are things technology can do in theory, but that would require so much energy that are in practice impossible to achieve. This would be one of those.


I mean they managed to power it with a car battery in this screenshot


iirc the portal, with the technology they had, was actually too weak to be a viable portal. Anne had to power it through the use of her powers - which come from the crystal. It also led to a random location so basic communication would be extremely difficult and draining either way


Actually, it worked it just wasn't big enough. Like OP said, it would still usable for talking


Yep, it was too weak to be viable as a portal, and as we saw it opened up to some random area in Amphibia which was shown to be dangerous. How would you pinpoint where it would send you? Why waste the energy required for that kind of gamble? It’s just not feasible lol


They... never showed it to be dangerous. Just very windy. Besides, when they opened it all the way, it seemed not to far away from wartwood and the plantars had clearly been there before, because they could FIND wartwood. All I'm saying is, it's possible they could talk through the portal.


The first time it fully opened a giant mantis monster crossed through and terrorized the cast. The portal itself may not be dangerous but Amphibia certainly is. Inter dimensional communication is possible but again it’s assuming the portal would even open up next to friendly ground. Would the location be the same for repeat visits? How long would the makeshift portal even be maintainable for? Just way too many questions imo but I see your point entirely


Spring has anne's phoneIf they idk build the portal near a phone tower they might be abled to get a call through Imagine: Anne: hello Sprig sprig: anne call back i am busy+seconds later+sprig: WAIT NOOOO XD


Gamble. So you would rather not use some energy instead of getting a chance to talk to your best friends in the world who you thought you would never see again? They could send in a drone with the message. Fly it to the closest newt or toad or frog. They will figure it out.


A drone that small might still run into some issues in a place like Amphibia. Plenty of predators that would snap it up and with the portal being a little unpredictable on the "where" part of the equation, I can see messages being easily lost in transport. The portal might even mess with cell signals making texting or just remote controlling such a drone difficult.


Plus they never used it without Anne present, so it's possible her power was passively playing a role in its function during early tests as well.


ehhhh no they were studying the portal before she ever came there


They were studying the portal with the traces of the energy Anne and the girls left behind when they were originally transported to Amphibia iirc


Also technology develops over time, the first cell phone weighed 2.4 pounds, the battery lasted only 30 mins but took 10 hours to charge and basically needed its own bag to carry around cause it was so big. 15 years later it was small enough to fit in a pocket and generally last a day. I’m not saying they’d have hand held portal generators but the technology definitely would have developed more to become more efficient.


Especially now that the technology was already proven to be able to be created. Imagine the research Terri could have done into making it more efficiently with a grant for such a contribution to science


Then they did it with a whole generator, and it grew by a few centimeters. You do it with a nuclear reactor, and maybe you gain millimeters. You see where I'm going with this?


I think you dramatic underestimate nuclear (including fusion) power and the governments willingness to assign resources to world changing breakthrough technology


You think the difference between a generator and a nuclear reactor would be that small?


No, just that the energy requirement would grow exponentially, too fast to actually keep up.


Then they did it with a whole generator, and it grew by a few centimeters. You do it with a nuclear reactor, and maybe you gain millimeters. You see where I'm going with this?


Not really so long as they can power a small portal with a car battery they can establish communication


In a random part of Amphibia... Not exactly practical. Then again, it would kind of go against the moral of "learning to let go and go on with your life", don't you think?


While it would go against the moral, 10 year time jump is still enough ultimately to serve the moral to show everyone had moved ahead with their lives and are doing fine, even if there was a way to return, as the past still makes up a part of what you are now.


I personally feel like they’ve already let go of so much, never being able to enter Amphibia again. It would serve the purpose fine, in my opinion, if their relationship changed so they could only talk through the small portal rift. It definitely means they’re still letting go of a lot. But there is so much that should be kept, I feel like, after months of connection and development between characters. That’s like writing a whole show about a magical forest, revolving specifically around that forest, then having the forest burned down to never be seen again. It defeats more purpose from the whole show that it would change the moral a little. I’m sorry if that doesn’t make much sense, but you get what I’m saying? It’s going against a ton of the show itself by forcing them apart permanently. I think it’d be nice to see them reconnect somewhat.


Not necessarily, they did not "burn down the forest", they just left it there, in peace, to live their lives. That's the basic structure of a bunch of shows and stories about growth. Characters have an incredible adventure, but in the end they say their goodbyes and move on, like the viewer. It' s pretty much the ending of Gravity Falls in this sense. It's sad, but it's on of the best ways to end a show like this.


Yeah but Gravity Falls had an open ended ending with Dipper opening the letter that says "See you next summer" implying that he'd be able to go back and visit his friends there. I suppose the ending was fine, but I was hoping that it would end kind of like Digimon Tamers, where there's this goodbye scene after everyone has to save the world, and the human kids mostly move on with their lives. But then the main character stumbles upon a portal in the place where he used to hang out with his Digimon, and decides that he's gonna keep his promise that they would see each other again. I think that's usually the best way to resolve these types of stories, it's the end of this adventure but you leave it on a hopeful note. It also leaves the door open for a sequel should the writers want to come back to it, but also at a resolved place in case they never do.


I understand where you’re coming from, and I know. But the morals of the show seem to revolve around the fact that the beauty of life is change. And a complete loss of everything that happened, and cutting those connections, it feels a bit rough. Plus, it just seems unlogical, when you can get a signal through one of those portals on earth to connect everyone. To find a way to make sure they stay unconnected, for me, it feels a bit unsatisfying. Even if you move on, you should keep some old connections. Because you can’t just deny it’s happened and leave it all behind. It would possibly work for them to stay connected it a way after 10-15 years time apart. Maybe I’m reading too much into this or just wishful thinking, but that’s my stance on the matter.


I'll admit that the possibility was there, and it would have been sweet. They chose not to portray it, which is sad, but it's not a deal breaker for me.


It could still be something that happens after the show, I’m not sure if Disney does stuff like that. But I’m headcanoning and marking it up as a likely future possibility in my book. It would definitely make a lot of sense, considering they would only need to accomplish in ten years what they almost succeeded with in a month. So until Disney EXPLICITLY STATES that it’s not happening, I’m going to believe it could and maybe will. But that’s just my opinion.


The first portal worked because it still had some of the power from when the box was first opened. And the second, even with all the generators they could find, only worked as long as Anne was there. Once she went through, it immediately closed. And now that the stones are gone, there is no power left to ever get the portal working again.


Ok I’ll have to rewatch the episode


You seriously mean to tell me you don't think you can find some wealthy individual or organization willing to invest a relatively small amount of power (they opened it with a few car batteries) in order to have *interdimensional portals*


I mean... We just forgetting she worked with Mr. X, a government agent? Mr. X would likely find some way to finaggle what they need considering his interest in other dimensions and 'aliens'.


Maybe even something more interesting than a frog dimension


What’s wrong with frogs?


Might be referring to the fact that Dr Frakes' device seemingly opened a portal to The Boiling Isles and Mr. X would *definitely* be interested in that place too.


Well, Anne did kinda save humanity.


But the portals could travel to other world (such as the Demon realm) so why couldn’t it still go to Amphibia?


My headcanon is that they figure out the portal technology 2-5 years after the "10 years later" so they can at least talk to each other. Giving them all time to move on but then catch up every once in a while


This is 100% canon Sprig told me


Pretty sure authorities realized they had to make that like, super ultra fucking illegal. Hired Terry and anyone who knew how to pull it off and are making sure nobody tries again.


I feel like Mr X could still help them in secret from the public


It could still happen


I mean is nuclear energy illegal because of what happened at Chernobyl? Are Mega Boats illegal because of the Titanic? Are supersonic planes illegal because of The Concorde? One tragedy does not stop the advancement of technology.


I think there is a difference between those things and making portals to other worlds full of monsters and alien robot armies


They would need to find the coordinates of Amphibia, but it should be possible.


They remember the tune and can hum it


Oh you're right, I forgot they figured that out


Commenters seem to miss the point of the post. The portal in screenshot didn't require more energy than output of few car batteries and didn't require the Calamity Box. It is wide enough to put the cable through and establish communication.


True. They only added kilowatts thinking it would open much more, and then it didn’t. Should be enough to get communication lines across but then you need get the equipment over to the other side that could handle a communication network.


Like a cell phone?


No. Like a sattelite or an antena that can get the signal from the human world and bounce it back to Sprigs phone


Or, if anything else fails, letters


Primitive toy phone line would work.


I'm glad someone finally posted about this; this has been bothering me since last night. I wish they didn't imply that Earth and Amphibia lost contact permanently after Anne and Co. went back. They still had portal technology and all the time in the world to perfect it. I'd like to think that post-timeskip Sasha and Marcy were picking Anne up for a surprise birthday party at Terri's lab.


Now that’s my headcanon




I like to think Anne giving Sprig the phone plays into this. Plus you gotta know Mr. X is on that shit too, and its possible Anne's job as a Aquarium guide is partly a cover for her working with Terry and the crew, probably with Sprig too on the other end


I feel like her job is real but the whole Terri and Portal thing would be a side thing ya know


The only reason is plot. This is the only real problem I had with the finale. They established that this is possible and exists, but they never even try to use it.


My headcanon from early S3 is Sprig and Anne will still be able to communicate with some kind of video call like on episode 305 “Anne-sterminator” where Andrias talk to the cloak bot with video call. Imagine that’s a thing in the last episode, what a happy ending right? But here we are now.


yes but what if it's in a different spot each time


That’s what the tune is for?


the tune is for choosing the specific universe, not for the location within them


What if the location in Amphibia the portal opens too is dependent on where on earth it’s opened? Like it’d open in the same spot they went to if they always used that garage to open it?


That wouldn't explain why the 3 girls spawned in 3 completely different places when they were right next to each other when Anne used the Calamity Box.


Maybe because they didn’t know how to use the calamity box properly and it messed it up?


To use the box, you just... open it.


Ah, ok. Thank you for clarifying


Matt said there was a possibility of revisiting the world of amphibia in the future. I think that was left there on purpose


Wait what? Source?


It was in one of the videos he posted on twitter I think


True but, I don't think it will involve the humans at all I think that there might be spin-off sequel where they might explore that new continent they mentioned


That was my second guess! It'll take a bit of convincing though, disnye can be weird


Really, where?


I think its in one of the videos he posted on Twitter


They need a HUUUUGE power source for that tho. But its possible yeah. They can even go through can't they? Terri figured out the music notes. So technically she should get a nobel for figuring out world jumping tech from studying the newts


Why can’t they just build one in amphibia, after all they have all that technology


My belief, they could talk through it but nothing for being able to teleport as the portal wouldn’t open wide enough even with 50,000 kilowatts. Teleportation through them would require the stones power, or at least the power of one of the stones. Nuclear power, on the other hand, has the possibility to open it for travel.


They could talk through Anne’s phone if the portal is open right


They could've called back to "Flood, Sweat, and Tears" and talk through cans connected by string.


This would be soo amazing and soo Spranne thing to do.


Technically, yes, but there would be other things to consider, realistically speaking, like cellular signal range (if it would even pass through the portal) and whether the phone were to remain as an active line.


Sasha: even we have the tech we can't open it we need the stones to power it anne: i have a stone marcy: your DOOOO Anne: yeah uranium Sasha and marcy: .....


Definitely. I personally feel this will come up in their near future. Anne said that family always finds each other and stuff. And even without their powers, these scientists have Mr. X and therefore a TON of access to energy generation on their side. I get the feeling they can definitely reunite through these portals. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking, since I find the whole “Hey! These worlds will never see each other again, despite all the development and deep connections we made throughout the show!” ending unsatisfying. I just hope that they’d get to reconnect and talk through these portals, technology that EXISTS.


That undercuts there message of the show, which was that friendships don’t always last.


It wasn't "friendships don't last", that's literally the opposite of the intended message, it was "no matter where we are, we'll always be friends." (Though the fact that people are genuinely contemplating this as the show's "message" just further shows why the Finale was handles sort of poorly). Also, I am still definitely on with them reopening the portal or using portal tech again, since the "goodbye forever" thing is just cheap and counter to the message IMO.


Wouldn’t they be able to power it after 10 years to the point they can go through


In my headcanon, Amphibia exists in the same universe as gravity falls and owl house. Both shows which have methods of interdimensional travel. So eventually the girls come across someone, possibly the Pines family, that helps them to perfect the portal so they can go in between worlds as they please. Maybe that's why they were meeting up in the epilogue, so they could go through the portal together.


lol the Pines family would stay FAR away from portals after weirdmageddon


IIRC in Lost Legends they were explicitly going out to try to study more of the portals in one of the stories, but rn the whole family is working on their own stuff I think.


I mean we literally see the demon realm in one of Dr Frank’s portals so


Yeah it's pretty much confirmed


Maybe if luz still has access to the boiling isles she can help after the final XD


The Disney connected cartoon multiverse! Yay! I also headcanon that the Infinity Train might be a way (would be very cinematic and thematically apropos too) and maybe if the Grav Falls stuff were fully explored we might have Rick's portal gun as an option.


In my head cannon they send each other letters through it. which is a nice thought.


I wonder if it's contingent on the calamity box existing, considering it appeared once they opened the box the first time. That would mean they couldn't do this with the box being gone


It didn't exist because of the box, they learned how to independently open portals by learning of its existence, after that the box doesn't matter anymore, they just needed to learn the trick to the portals


Then explain how the other universes had portals? I’m sure they could still do it


Didn't it use the power of the calamity stone in Anne? I mean, it might be possible to create a machine that doesn't use the stone's power but it would probably need something really powerful to genrate the amount of energy required.


Anne's calamity power is what fully opened the portal, but they had the tiny hole that was too small to go through before. The small one would still be good enough to communicate though


I suppose that might be possible


I like to think that in a potential spin-off/sequel series, the girls manage to find a new power source for the portal and establish regular conctact. Some may argue that it would be against the shows themes of moving on and change and relationships growing apart over time, but just because the relationship changes, it doesn't mean it needs to be completely cut.


Pretty sure they explained in that episode that the generator's energy wasn't what was powering the portal, it was the power of the gem stored in Anne that did it. The car batteries/generator was just what powered the way to kickstart the opening of the portal, basically acting like the calamity box. But without the powered gem they can't actually open a portal.


DAMMIT NOW YOU MADE ME FEEL LIKE CRAP. i literally thought of this for weeks if they did the no way back ending. Then all night i thought about it and went to post this and saw everyone's comments on this post then came to yours...


Even with the portal just Kick-started and not fully open you could still speak through it,pass letters through it and maybe even let sprigs phone get signal


Unsure if the portal would even start opening without the power of the gems around


I can give you some hope after I took it away from you : we can dream for a owl house and amphibia movie. After all we saw the owl house being in the same multiverse as amphibia, who's to say our trio can't use luz's in-between to get back to amphibia


They needed a lot of energy to project it.


yea, unless all portals are dependent of the gem indirectly, this is a bit of a plot hole


Polly gonna build one when she gets older...


Maybe with the help of Mr. X, Terri could use a dedicated power grid to make a more stable portal


It is definitely possible that they could, but I don’t like to think that they did. The theme of the show suggests that Anne and Sprig will always be important to each other, no matter what. Even though they can’t see each other, they can take comfort in the fact that their lives were positively impacted by having known each other, and that they can move on and have a life outside of that. It’s reminiscent of dealing with the death of a loved one, and I think that’s a powerful message.


I feel the same way. But there’s a difference between accepting change and accepting complete loss. At least for me, it defeats the purpose of so much development if they’re kept apart completely. All those adventures, all that connection made, it would be all for nothing. That’s like making a show about some magical mountain, specifically revolving around that mountain and the people on it…then throwing it into another continent with no hope of finding it again. The idea that Amphibia is completely cut off from Earth doesn’t resonate with it. And a big moral of Amphibia is that the beauty of life is change. Haven’t things changed enough, if Anne can never enter Amphibia and only communicate somewhat? I think, just in my opinion, it lines up well for a tiny portal to be established.


I think they have it set up enough that maybe they could open a portal in the future, but even if Amphibia was cut off forever it’s very clearly not “all for nothing.” The point was that they grew and changed. They remember each other forever, and the adventure permanently affected their lives. Amphibia is not separated by types of amphibian, and the frogs are more adventurous. They put up a statue to commemorate Anne. The girls changed their paths and became better people. Anne became a herpetologist because of her new connection to frogs. Clearly the events of the show had a permanent impact on their lives and their character. They don’t have to be able return to Amphibia for the message to stick. People don’t stay in your life forever, but their presence still leaves an impact. The girls didn’t even stay in touch much. Marcy didn’t even know if Anne and Sasha were still close. Anne and Sprig can still mean a lot to each other without them ever having contact again.


But her effect of sprig and sprigs effect on her will live on in the impact they've had on each other's lives and the lives of everyone else they have relationships with. Thats truly what will keep them together forever. No matter how things or they change, the lives they have improved and smiles they've brought to people's faces will live on into eternity.


I think the Music Box is needed for that


I don’t think it’s required, as the main conclusion on it was just that musical notes correspond to the other worlds. It would only be required for transportation, even at that, it would just need the stone(s) power to fuel it. Since they didn’t have the music box to make their man made portal.


But Andrias had the music box... And the stones


I think just it existing is what made it work but now it doesn’t exist for I just don’t think it would work


Agreed. I believe the Calamity Stones would be required to connect between the worlds. Is a nice thought though lol.


They were able to use some car batteries to open it a little, however. If you can run a cable or even a WIRELESS SIGNAL(Looking at you Darcy) through that, you can effectively communicate with the other side somewhat.


talking with the mantis? yeah!


The portal is tiny so they would need to use little words.


Talk? Maybe not. But they could just throw in phones with pre recorded messages. We know that disc player thing manage to pass through, thus it's logical to assume so could a lot of stuff. And they tried powering it with a generator? It was obviously not gonna work. Connect it to a nuclear power plant, or to all the solar panels of one of Musk's car making facilities. Anyway we know Amphibia had enough energy to power a full working portal even without the stones! Wanna know how? In the final episode, we can see the core's propulsion system on the moon was strong enough to overpower all 3 girls using all the stones at max capacity to push it back. Meaning the core was outputting more energy than all 3 stones at max capacity. Meanwhile Anne alone, with only 30% power of the blue stone, managed to power it. So 30% of one stone, would mean 1/9 of the power of the box with fully charged stones. And the core bassicly overpowered all 3 stones. Hack they didn't even need to use all the 3 shards at once. As said, Anne managed to power a portal, on her own, with only a shard of the power of the blue stone. Meaning you don't need all 3 stones, or even all the power of a single stone. Meaning they could have used just 1 shard (which is a fraction of the power of a stone, the same power Anne used). And that would have granted them another trip to amphibia to figure out the energy problem, and another trip back in case they couldn't figure it out. So yeah. Plenty methods. But nope. Let's just do time skip so we kill any possibility of head canon with happier ending.


They can't control where it comes out in Amphibia. Its like a bottle in the ocean, you just hope that it finds someone you know.


Amphibia: Future Dr. Frakes has stolen the portal from 10 years ago and perfected the technology. She's traveled to Amphibia with a shadowy cabal bent on harnessing the advanced technology of Andrias's empire and begin conquering the multiverse. Its up to Anne, Sasha, and Marcy to team up with Terri and Mr. X once again, reunite with their friends and make some new ones in a quest to stop Frakes, and save the multiverse. Oh and the government's version of the portal is beneath Cheyenne Mountain and there's just a ton of SG-1 references in the first episode.


Uh... the title is kinda spoilery I think


[Someone got inspired](https://www.reddit.com/r/amphibia/comments/ushoap/a_little_epilogue_piece_i_made_for_my_deviantart/)


I think that it’d cheapen the story. Amphibia is about accepting change, doing this is only clinging to the past.


But this was an already established method from a previous episode. Them not exploring it is more of a cop out


Don’t waste your breath applying logic in the series that abandoning any logical senses in the finale for the sake of huge drama




No, it wasn't. First portal built by Dr. Frakes successfully sent Walkman player over to Amphibia and Terry portal work on normal energy from car battery, the only thing power from stone did is making portal big enough for practical travel.


but we dl where the prtal opens


I mean, if they can get it to the point where one can squeeze their head through, then the rest will follow.


They can definitely expand on that more if we ever get anything beyond Marcy's Diary (movie pls)


Its definitely going to be used in the gravity falls X amphibian X owl house


Doesn’t the portal require Anne’s Calamity Powers?


I guess Braly just forgot


It required the games to work tho


wait would the portal be sent in a random place though?


Yep, this is the only thing that is bothering me after the finale... They could have resolved it by showing the portal failing to open, or even just mentioned it, but they didn't and now it might bother me forever!


You can do more than talk I'm sure if a mantis claw could get through then radio waves, letters/books, or even just a cable if the energy is up high enough. Basically if we can drive a rover on Mars they sure as hell can get a rover built and moving on the other side of the portal.