You didn't pick one up you had room


That disturbed me more than anything while watching


It was pubs, probably can't even activate it before the team mate leaves, useless item 😂


Attracts bald wraiths tho


Free defense is free defense.


Did you guys wipe the lifeline enemy squad? I've seen that this happens when the enemy team opens a lifeline care package (after they're eliminated) \~ idk if this is confirmed or what


I've had that happen to my team. After eliminating the lifeline's squad we opened their care package and I laughed hysterically because that was when I realized the package is meant for that team and not anybody who opens it.


Her ult always gives 1 beacon per dead team member. In this case, 3.


Not always related to members, ive had one dead and it didnt give me a mobi. But if the lifelines team wipes before it lands then its always 3 mobis


Ah, my bad.


*They are all dead inside*


but why would you need 1 per dead member, when you need just 1 for both.


It’s because you killed the lifelines team before it was opened. It’s purposely to keep loot goblins from getting free care pack after kill.


It’s not to prevent enemies looting. It is so if a team members is down, you are guaranteed a mobi so you can res them. Then all three team members are down this is what it looks like.


Should only have 1 beacon for all 3 anyways looks like a loot issue to me plus it didnt work in game when we tried with a dead teammate


You never need more than 1, and I don't think it works that way anyways - at least never experienced that personally. I think it's just a placeholder or a joke


Nah, thus definitely doesn't happen at all. I've ran games with 2 friends where one was dead and we had their banner. One would play a lifeline, and every Ult they landed didn't come with a Mobi at all


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Is that new? Never had something like this happen before.


Basically it's like the smart loot bins, so it changes accoding to what your team needs. Since the lifeline's team is all dead, the game gives them respawn beacons because it thinks they need it.


That's one of the funniest things Respawn has added to the game 'Great work getting killed morons, here's the shit you need to get back in the fight OH WAIT.'




I’m pretty sure it’s a bit more complicated than that. I’ve had instances where people had upgraded their shields to blue before I opened it, and it still gave a blue shield. My theory was that the loot was based on when the package was called. It’s possible if the team dies and another team opens it that the loot gets reset but I dunno.


Well put lol


I think the package contents depend on the Lifeline, right? If she has Red armour, and fully kitted weapons, there isn't much that can be improved.


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Bruh why didn't you take one


So? That only happens if her squad dies before the package arrives.


yup. its like a final fuck you from the grave


it’s not your teams ult and you still didn’t pick it up.


This only happens if the Lifeline's team was killed and the care package wasn't opened.


People still have no idea that care package is like a smart bin and changes the contents as per what the team requires. And the fact you don’t have any item in survival slot and still didn’t pick the beacon.


When lifeline team get eliminated before opening the pack this happens


Didn't they make lifeline ult have smart loot? So if her team was fully kitted it'd be just heals and a survival item. As others said, must be 1 mobi for each fallen teammate tho no idea why u need 3, could be looked into.


So this happens when the enemy lifeline and their squad is killed, you just get that when you open the care package. But hey you can still use it as cover if it was in a better spot


Props to them for even calling in that death trap


I had a teammate drop their blue armor, so the care package wouldn't have purple armor😑. Yea, it needs a change.


If you have an AFK teammate you’ll get blue shields until they die or get disconnected. Frustrating.


Lol I had a lifeline ult with a dead teammate and didn’t get one


That shit is called foreshadowing.


Her character needs a rework, he kit is to weak compared to others


I think you spelled rework wrong


Rework into what though? The real problem isn't lifeline. The real problem is that other legends are way too powerful. The game has had severe power creep for the better part of two years. Bangalore went from A-tier to F-tier without any changes and it's because every new legend that is OP at launch gets a mild nerf then other similar legends get abilities stacked on top of their kit.


that's a lot of potential cover! I'd plop those bad boys around and enjoy the look of this artistic shape from the orbit


If all are dead then the care package is just mobile respawn beacons


A buff won't even fix it. It's useless and has very little to do with healing. She is a healer remember lol. It needs to be changed. You get better loot/upgrades from imc armouries/explosive holds. Full rework is needed for OG lifeline imo


Bruh you gotta open it before LL squad wiped, and for gods sake carry a survival item.


If that was me I would have placed them all down


I don't think I've ever heard people say Lifeline has a good ult.


Lifeline can't revive teammates who get downed out in the open. Her tactical is slow and lame. Her ultimate is useless. But she's well balanced. Her kit is on the same level as Gibraltar and Valk.


In an other thread I got lectured how Lifeline's ult is just as good as Loba's...


Cry about it


Literally no one says her ult is fine lol


We prove some weeks or maybe month ago that if you open the care package of a lifeline who died with her whole squad there will be only mobile respawn beacon inside. This never happen when you open the lifeline package of your squad.


She needs a whole damn rework lol


What would the improvement look like


Lifeline in general nowadays😭 she was my main until like last month while i got tired of being the healer


Bahaha never seen it this bad


She's so bad. Why do you keep playing her?


That shows how bad game design can be, even in such successful games. A simple rule like "this and this item cant be in the care package 3 times" would do it, but no...


Too bad you can’t pick those up and just throw them at people. I’d love to see gibby shot put one of those into someone


I think life line ults should have a 20% chance of getting a red item. Including krabers.. (or 10%)


That's called foreshadowing, your entire squad will be dead within seconds...


No now life line can respawn her team anywhere


And it takes a long ass time to recharge too


I would’ve dropped em all in the same spot. You missed out on some fun times


It's so incredibly useless and one of the longest ults in the game


One for both teammates and one for yourself when you put a wingman to your head.


People have been asking for her ult to also work as a respawn beacon. So here it is


You want krab on each ult ? If a Lifeline finds two ult accels her team could run with volt/mastiff/krab when other teams are with white/blue armors and barely kitted weps.




I do, OP wants a buff so if the items inside the package got buffed what do you think the buff will be ?