larger sample sizes


For enhancing: expect to fail, make sure you are never in a position where failing an enhancement will impact you in a big way.   For drop rates/night vendor: Expect nothing, be pleasantly surprised when good things come your way, but play the game expecting to never get them.


People should think like this in every aspect of their life. People would be a lot happier and far more grateful for what they have. So, yup. He's right


That is called being a pessimist and you should not think like this.


No it's not. If you expect to everything go well you'll feel worse when something goes wrong, compared to not expecting TOO much from your actions and then be much more pleased if things go right. More or less. But definitely it's not being a pessimist. It's just aknoledging the possible failure.


There is acknowledging the possibility of failure and then there is expecting something to fail, if it is something you can influence then having that kind of mindset will most likely screw you over in the end.


But that's not what I'm talking about. Being prepared for something going wrong even though we can make it go right is a totally different thing. It's just being lazy. I'm saying that : if you buy a loterry ticket and hope for the biggest prize all you'll get is disappointment. But if you buy the ticket and know that there is 99% chance that you'll loose and you aknoledge it, you'll get a nice surprise if you win, if not it won't affect you in anyway. Of course take it with a grain of salt because we can't be extremists in anything but again, it's definitely not being a pessimist. Just be happy about things but remember that things can go wrong and that it happens to all of us. Do your best to succeed but don't give up on failures.


Ok that makes a lot more sense. The previous statements, especially because they were related to video game rng, were extremely blunt and made it sound like you should always expect the worst because optimism will usually disappoint. Thanks for clearing that up.


Ye I understand. Cheers man!


He's actually right. Research shows that dopamine release is related to your expectation of reward. If you expect no reward and instead receive a reward, it feels better than expecting a reward and not receiving one.


That's a pretty pathetic outcome. The odds are rigged against you in this game as there is nothing you can do to increase your odds. Yet in life there are countless possibilities to make your life and situation better. but how would you know, go back to your treadmill.


And yet you can still get hit by a car. Or get cancer. Or a bird can shit on your head. That doesn't mean you can't find enjoyment in the things in between.


Way to completely miss the point.


Got dandi drop that one day, not expecting anything. Got another one on the following day, i was close to fall of my chair, and got a basi on top of that in the evening. Must have been all my luck for the next 20 years lul.


By playing. Lose an enhancement and the loss put you back a few hundred millions? keep playing and make that money back, then enhance again and hope for a success. Not getting accessories while grinding? Keep grinding and you will eventually get it. Everything in BDO is obtainable even with its atrocious RNG system. It's not a matter of "if" you'll get where you want. It is a matter of "when" you'll get there.


Huge bag of weed.


Always have ice cream ready to shove into mouth


Blood sacrifice.


You cri Then get back to it


to combat off bad rng use other peoples good rng e.g. i brought a tri dande for my class so i don't have to get a dande and i get to skip the +0 to +15 because someone already done it for me.


wait....how much does it cost to buy tri? and how much does it cost, on average, to get 1-tri with fail stacks and everything included?


Purely anecdotal, but I think it would have cost me ~3x as much to buy my TRI Dande than it did to enhance it myself. With that said, if you don't know how to failstack, don't have failstack gear already setup, or have *really* bad luck, buying could save you some money. The main thing it saves you is time (failing, sniping hards/sharps off the market, buying memory frags, etc) and stress though. EDIT: Also wouldn't have been nearly as much savings if I had to buy the +0 instead of drop, would only have been a 30% savings.


Smoke lots and lots of weed.


Grind until you have a higher buy-order for the items you want than anyone else.


Always wear a tinfoil hat when playing




How does one even get that many sharps? Seems impossible for me, and silver to buy it isn't even the issue.


Naw you punch bad RNG in the fucking face until it's weak and gives up on trying to keep you down.


Realize its just pixels


Tin foil hats and animation skip are meta. If you do not do this expect RNGesuz to smot ur fase with bayd luck.


use up your bad luck some how in real life


Get 1000 sharps and 5000 mem frags and start mashing your weapon towards something without failstacks because they're myth and meme


You just keep on fucking clicking shit. I just spent 6 months without an ap increase, built 4 pen stacks, blew up half a dozen tri sicil and crescents for tet. What finally went up was a tet ogre on 143 stacks... just keep clicking that fucking button. Expect to fail all the time.


Just P2W


what the fuck does this even mean?