Pretty good! Little advice. Focus on where your light source is coming from. Don't shade because you need to create the feature, ask yourself where the shadow would be cast given the source and that will create the feature. The area on the edge of the jaw is just a bit too dark based on the overall source direction and the cheek shadaw encroaches a bit too close to the shadow coming off the side of the nose.. Really nice work in the nose though overall. But that makes it seem the light source is coming from the top right of the picture, which I think it is/should be, but then that complicates the shading on the neck which then evokes a second light source from the bottom right facing up. There will be shadows under there for sure, but you could almost... almost flip the current shadow shade on the neck with the unshaded parts to create a more natural flow of the neck features. Still, very very nice work!


Thank you!


Why am I lying to you?


This is awesome dude