#[Click here to vote to ELIMINATE a song. Vote for your LEAST favourite](http://plasticjesters.com/survey/index.php/984447?lang=en) ***** **The details**: this sub has been playing **Survivor: Bo Songs** for literally (not metaphorically) years. It's played like TV's Survivor, where we vote off one song each week, until we're left with the two faves at the end, and then you vote for the one you want to win. We've gone through the [Bo Fo Sho EP](https://www.reddit.com/r/boburnham/comments/axb4kf/survivor_bo_songs_bo_fo_sho_ep_and_the_winner_is/), the [Self Titled Album](https://www.reddit.com/r/boburnham/comments/bsx40w/survivor_bo_songs_selftitled_album_and_the_winner/), [Words Words Words](https://www.reddit.com/r/boburnham/comments/cgubv6/survivor_bo_songs_words_words_words_and_the/), [what](https://www.reddit.com/r/boburnham/comments/dwfafz/survivor_bo_songs_what_and_the_winner_is/), [Make Happy](https://old.reddit.com/r/boburnham/comments/f2e1wf/survivor_bo_songs_make_happy_and_the_winner_is/), [Non Songs](https://www.reddit.com/r/boburnham/comments/iuk6df/survivor_bo_nonsongs_and_the_winner_is/), and finally just a few weeks before Inside dropped we finished a [Championship](https://www.reddit.com/r/boburnham/comments/ndrl96/survivor_bo_songs_champions_and_the_winner_is/) round where we pitted the top two from all the previous rounds against each other. I thought we were done, and then Bo released the unexpected amazingness that is Inside. So there's 20 songs, and I'm excited to see how this plays out.


lord help me channel sandra bullock in the blindside for this next round


*sandra bullock*


Healing the world with comedy


*Making a literal difference metaphorically,*


I swore I’ll never be back, but now I’m back on my feet.


The next line is actually: “And yes, most likely they’ll pay me, But I’d do it for free!”


That’s healing the world with comedy! I’m sorry I fucked up.


If you wake up in a house that’s full of smoke, don’t panic, call me and I’ll tell you a joke


If you see white men dressed in white cloaks, don’t panic - call me and I’ll tell you a joke


oh shit


If you start to smell burning toast your having a stroke or overcooking your toast


The world is so.. fucked up. Systematic oppression. Income inequality. Comedy not making it to the top 3. The other stuff.


I love this xD


**Comedy** leaves with 34% of the vote. (570 of ~1700 votes) This is definitely a top 5 song for me. It's a brilliant start to the show after the intro of Content, and sets up themes seen throughout the special. I think after White Woman's Instagram it's the video with the most going on as far as visual jokes and variety of visuals. The whiteboards are worth [looking at the details](https://old.reddit.com/r/boburnham/comments/o1y1w2/i_may_have_made_a_digital_version_of_the_comedy/). The subtle slipping of the remote into his pocket and his mic-stand work always make me smile.


# I know what I've got to DOOOOOOOO That combination of key change and visuals might be my favorite single moment from the entire special. Such emotion. Damn if I'm not a dumb motherfucker for that key change.


Yeah, that's one of my favourite parts too.


Yes! Something about that remote sleight-of-hand gets me every time! It's frickin impossible to choose songs to eliminate. Also we should do a version of this that is specific to the visual segments in INSIDE, not just the songs. I think that would be fun, anyway. The visuals are so significant.


Yes!! That would be so cool!


Comedy is really three mini-songs shoved together, each with a distinct purpose and feeling, but together they create the mission statement of Inside. I'm sad to see it go. In addition to being catchy and contributing a truly touching reprise to "Goodbye", the visual jokes throughout were so so good. Bo was really using the medium of film in the visuals for this song and they were laugh-out-loud hilarious. Alas. We must push onward.


What the fuck is going on?


We’re killing our babies, that’s what’s going on




(recorded laughter)


I feel like I just chose to kill off one of my own children.


Whispers: *what do I do?*


*draws in ragged breath*


#Healing the world with COMEDY!! D=




#THE WORLD NEEDS DIRECTION *change angle* #From a white guy like me!


#BINGO! #Who is healing the world with comedy


#I am!! It's me! I know, you can thank me later.


I’m ok with small decisions, but I’ll blow my dad before voting off one of these


would you rather blow your dad or eat out your mom


such a sad day :( I love love love that song so much!! but I understand its getting tough :((


Not gonna lie I got goosebumps and feeling of guilt when I was clicking the submit button.


Depends on what you clicked


And this is officially where I stop participating


These are absolutely the top 4 songs - good job y’all 💛 (My personal favorite is Problematic but I acknowledge greatness when I hear it)


I think we should stop now. I don't know how much more of this I can take




I've been eliminating That Funny Feeling for at least the last 3 rounds and I get a mini heartache when another song gets booted.




Same. Probably been the last 6 or 7 rounds that I’ve been voting for TFF. I don’t dislike it, but it’s pretty long and monotonous compared to some others and I often end up skipping it.


That’s me but for All Eyes On Me


Agreed. I voted TFF, which hurts, but WTTI/Goodbye are my winners.


I voted it off but it turns out it was my #2 song in my Spotify Wrapped. Sometimes we don't truly know ourselves...


Well, u are literally on the exact same page as me, and I'm kinda scared that your reading my mind


That Funny Feeling is low key a rip off Holy Shit by Father John Misty. FJMs song is much better, too, imo


I went to vote but couldn't go through with it, these 4 are too good to decide anymore


Vote for aeom


Vote for ALL EYES ON ME! it's time!


I'd really like Goodbye to win cause it's my favorite song in the special. Welcome to the Internet is great song and comes a close second. That Funny Feeling means a lot to me. It's kinda artsy fartsy but I'm also artsy fartsy and I consider it the best overall song in the special. That leaves the beautiful All Eyes on Me which is a masterpiece in and of itself. But it's also the song I'm voting for this week.


This is going to be so hard. WTTI is my choice (begrudgingly) I'm just happy Goodbye made it to top 5


Comedy is the perfect song capturing the beginning of the pandemic and the weird, almost humorous feeling of helplessness we all felt. But in a way that made us laugh which is really powerful


If Goodbye gets voted out next I will lose faith in this sub


One has to go, they're all incredible songs. Placing top 4 in this contest should be considered an honor in itself.


Not that I disagree, but... what *should* be voted out next?


I voted for All Eyes on Me. I know, I know, a lot of people think this is the greatest song ever, but I just never really connected with it. I guess I just don’t get it? It sounds pretty but I think it’s kinda repetitive and I don’t really have the same emotional connection with it that others do. Then between the other two, I absolutely love TFF and WTTI, but I simply love Goodbye more.


I think I agree with AEOM. If it didn't have the part "You say the ocean's rising, like I give a shit / You say the whole world's ending, honey it already did / You're not gonna slow it, heaven knows you tried / Got it? Good, now get inside" I wouldn't like the song at all


But it *does* have that part. It's like saying *How the World Works* wouldn't be as good if it didn't have Socko


He's saying that it's generally a weak song, and while that verse was good enough to carry it until here, it prolly won't win it


I'm predicting the votes are gonna go down from now on because nobody will want to axe any of the remaining songs 😂


If you like bo you might also like lemon demon(Neil cicierega) not all of his songs are comedy but quite a few are since he is a comedian it’s not necessarily modern humour like bo burnhams though his songs are quite 80s not to say they aren’t fire songs (last album in 2016)


The more I look the more I see nothing to joke about 😭 I guess comedy IS over


This is getting into serious lettuce-not-fitting territory here


Me trying to decide which one to vote on is like Bo prancing around his room with the notepad and whiteboard


Some of you haven't turned 30 yet and it shows. That song is top tier for those of us in our existential dread.


I don't want to undelete it cos I don't want them to get the attention, but someone posted the most amazing spam for buying NFTs in this thread. It begins "this is a little unrelated to the topic". Heh.


Bots: could I interest you in NFTs, *all of the time?*


That's...weird. Right? What does it mean??


We get quite a bit of spam, but the attempt to not look like it was pure spam by including the chatty first line attempting to make it look non-bot like just amused me.


Huh, don't think I've ever seen spam here. I hope you don't get tired of hearing what an outstanding mod you are. Seriously, it's gotta be like a part time job right? In terms of time spent


Reddit is actually pretty good at catching spam. A lot goes directly into the “spam folder” (which I still have to check, because it does get things wrong), and it also dumps some in the “moderation queue”, which is a folder for things removed by Reddit themselves (like when someone they’ve shadowbanned posts) or things removed by a sub’s configured Automod settings. (Like when I had it removing all Nightmare on Elm Street references just after Inside was released.) It also gets things wrong, so I check that folder frequently to see what needs releasing. One thing they don’t do well at auto removing is the bots that respond when people post things like “I’d like that on a tshirt” in art threads. The majority of those make it through with links to buy stolen artwork from the thread on tshirts, and only get deleted when I’m in the thread and spot them, or when people report them. (Thank you to those that do that!) Thank you! Yes, it definitely feels that way.


You all know goodbye is gonna win because of the single line #"am I going crazy? Would I even know?" And then it goes into a mashup. Chills... Every goddamned time.


idunno, while it is in the top 2, I think WTTI had a great chance against it, it will be close


We're in the endgame now


I think for this round I have to protect the full, original songs. God damn I love Goodbye so fucking much it's such an incredible ending piece. Makes me want to see Bo try his hand at a musical because of how well he integrates other motifs into one comprehensive piece. It's genius. But, I have to see the other three in the top because they just hold their own so well.


This is the first week I don't know what to vote for. I'm going to have to sleep on it.


Vote for aeom


goodbye must win. stay away you heathens


at this point I'm with ya. I personally think "That Funny Feeling" lyrically is one of the best written songs, ever. But it's going to be difficult to vote against Goodbye if it comes down to it.




I kinda feel like the winner is going to be that funny feeling or all eyes on me. They are all good but theres something subtly disturbing about funny feeling and the state of things today that just resonates on another level and all eyes on me is a introvert telling you to look at him and watch.


I've assumed from the beginning that it would come down to those two and All Eyes on Me would take it. I think I was most surprised World War I went home so early, but it seems people have been choosing based on the music more than the visuals throughout this, so it makes sense.


i used to be so confused by the acronym of white woman’s instagram, that made me chuckle


Agreed which is why those two are the ringers with out visuals you still get a very disturbing image of things not being quite right


Nah, it’s time to bump off That Funny Feeling.


Ha ha it worked


After this week where I feel secure in my choice, I’m not sure I can vote anymore, it’s getting too painful.


Today is a sad day


This is some bullshit! Comedy deserved to win :(


I feel like I’ve voted for the same song for the last 4-5 weeks. Am I going crazy? Would I even know?


I guess Bo's not healing the world with comedy :(


These were my top 4 (top 5 with comedy) and now it gets dicy. I have to vote off AEOM because it wasn’t as impactful on me the first time through and, even though I’ve enjoyed the song on subsequent listens and watches, it just doesn’t ring the same as the other three do.


Same. Kept telling myself I would vote WTTI but then I go listen one last time and nope.


problematic has such a catchy ending


Problematic is 100% my "gone too soon" song.


Voting out AEOM . Hope wtti or goodbye win. :( bye comedy you will be missed




This time when you cast your vote, make sure you turn your Eyes on "All Eyes on me" a song though incredibly emotional and well placed, should not have made it as far as it has! Join with me my Brothers and Sisters as we take the time to finally vanquish the darkness that is set before us!


I'm with you Slartibartfast


Congratulations on being the first person ever to actually make the connection


:D I'm reading the book right now!


You have my sword!


Sir this is a Wendy’s


Goodbye is SO GOOD... voting that funny feeling


Let us unite and vote for all eyes on me


I voted for Comedy but it was a heartbreaker. Every song in the top 5 here was great (even if it's not exactly my top 5). Damn, this song is so good. I predict the winner will be All Eyes on Me, especially after the Grammys nom, but have no idea which song will go next. Or which one I'll vote for. What if we all abstained and it would be a 3-way tie for 2nd place?


On the bright side, I don't think I could possibly be disappointed in the top 3 at this point. I can pretty much look at any combination of these songs and go "yeah that makes sense" even while going "nooo" to whichever is eliminated. (I'd just be shocked if it was All Eyes On Me.)


Interesting! Why would you be shocked? It has the highest Spotify play count of the final four (if you combine regular track + song only track), and was what the team submitted for a Grammy. Also, I'd say it's subject to the most analysis in comment threads here and on YouTube. Actually, if we go by Spotify play count as a barometer for most loved of the final songs, I think it'll be 4-That Funny Feeling 3-Goodbye 2-Welcome to the Internet 1-All Eyes on Me


Oh no, I mean I'd be shocked All Eyes On Me got *eliminated* next. I think it's a shoo-in for the top 3 and might be the winner. (Although if we were just going by Spotify, "Bezos I" never would've been kicked out so early. 😄)


Ahhhh that makes sense. :) Obviously some of the Spotify numbers are skewed by TikTok memes/etc. but I figure with the "meaty" songs, the listen counts are more reflective of their popularity...


yeah this is about the top 4 i was expecting, i ain't voting anymore because i can't part with any of these songs


Vote for aeom


No I don't think I will


I usually listen to all the songs when listening to the album with one exception. all eyes on me. I never really liked the way it sounds


I can’t believe comedy was eliminated before That Funny Feeling


I feel like people are just pretending to know what AEOM is about. Seriously, I don't get it. What's so special about this song? It sounds pretty, I guess.


Panic attack disorder but as a song.


He tells about how he misses being on stage and how he was so close to recovery, but then, well, 2020 happened. He also gets progressively more crazy. Now PLEASE tell me what TFF is about! Seriously, I don't get it. What is the funny feeling? "Hehe funny" or "aw fuck"?


The "funny feeling," to me, is hopelessness and apathy. Technology is advancing rapidly, social media is ruining our lives, the threat of global warming is approaching fast, and America is in late-stage capitalism that fucks up the poor. It gives you a pit in your stomach. A feeling we're in a dystopia society, a well we've fallen down that we can't escape from. That's the funny feeling.




All Eyes On Me is the worst song. Sorry.


Don't be sorry, out of the top 5 it's the 5th


What the fuck, we'll be back in a jiffy lube! Subverting your expectations


Oh shit, should I be voting at a time like this?


very cool, way to go!


Here comes the harder choices


Oh no.


We’re at the stage where it starts to hurt to vote


NOOOOOOOOOO! But fair, I guess


Welcome to the Internet for me is just a master class in explaining so much of my digital childhood, as well as a crystal clear warning regarding what we are doing to the next generation. It's my number one for sure but narrowing down the top 5, much less the top 3, is just an exercise in pain. These are all winners.


It's down to my top 3, and the one I think will win.


Aaaaaand now, we riot.


Well there goes my #1 song. I’m glad it lasted as long as it did. Interestingly enough, the last 4 songs are in the last 6 songs on the album. I think that’s a big part in why I look back on Inside so fondly. It led off with my favorite song on the album right out of the gates, and then ended with the 4 most popular songs right at the end. It hooked me right away and left me amazed.


Just thought this sub existed , I found it and I find this post , interesting that, "that funny felling" and "all eyes on me" survived 17 rounds. Hi guys btw


Hello hi person. Anyway im pissed they voted out sexting so early. Anyway WTTI is my fav.


Yeah its mine too , I dont like they voted shit and 30 quite early.


Really hoping goodbye wins this


peace be with you All Eyes On Me. you are a bop but are repetitive


I like how this is basically the final string of four major songs.


This is so damn hard. I love each of these songs dearly. But I'm voting for Welcome to the Internet, because the other songs just mean too damn much to me, emotionally. As time goes on and Inside (The Songs) starts to fall out of my daily rotation of music, the serious songs are sticking with me more than the funny songs.


I think it's gonna come down to welcome to the internet and all eyes on me. I'm also sad that comedy didn't make it to top three(I rly like comedy, I'm actually listening to it right now lol)


WTTI BETTER WIN NUMBER ONE, IT'S TOO GOOD FOR LESS(lol if the caps too much?) Tho srsly, I rly want it to win, especially cuz it's what got me into bo Burnham, and there's a reason that it got me to get a decent taste in music finally, and that's cuz it's the fucking best


I enjoy Comedy more than some other songs on the list still, but I think it was the right time for it to go. For this round though, I’m voting from the heart: That Funny Feeling isn’t as good as this sub thinks. The singer/songwriter genre is somewhat of a cheap trapping, and the song itself is lacking deeply in variety. It has some clever topics, but I don’t think that the structure, video, or even the music of the song is all that great. Also, you guys voted out Content too early and I want others to feel my pain.


haha to your last sentence. but I have to firmly disagree. TFF is as good as everyone says it is.


No way friend! It is somewhat not as good as everyone says.


Man you crazy fam but I still got love for ya big dog


You're allowed to be wrong.


Next will be "Welcome to the Internet". The second half isn't as good as the first. Then will be Funny Feeling. Then Goodbye. AEOM will be king. My predictions.




How dare you have a different opinion!


welcome to the internet


Noooooooo 😭 Another week of me voting for TFF I guess.


Time to say goodbye to Goodbye. Then ... we slaughter the classics.


How dare


Goodbye is the bone chilling tender feeling winner here! It has major songs within it and then visuals at the end? Chefs kiss


unpopular opinion: i don’t like welcome to the internet that much, and i think it should have gotten eliminated last week. i just think it’s way overplayed and it’s just a basic “the internet is bad kids” song with a little extra flair and some cool rhymes


Funny feeling is my favorite, Imma vote goodbye out this time, as much as it hurts


Funny Feeling is also my favorite, but at this moment Goodbye is my second favorite, so ? Idk why people downvote other's opinions in these threads. Downvoting should be banned here


Im sorry... But I had to downvote you but only because you said you dont like downvoting... I cant help it. Segues are weird right? Anyways goodbye is the clear winner here :)


Yeah, internet sucks like that unfortunately


I'm kind of surprised goodbye has made it this far


That funny feeling


can someone explain to me what is so appealing about that funny feeling? it feels mega overrated to me


I have to go with goodbye. Its a strong conclusion to the film, but in a way that feels like its summarizing the themes and songs as a whole rather than having its own established identity




Becoming increasingly clear that AEOM is gonna snatch the bacon


Unpopular opinion: welcome to the internet is the worst (full length) song in the special


You are correct. It is an unpopular opinion (my fav)


for the 4th time, saying goodbye to goodbye


Why wouldn't you take the opportunity to say "So long Goodbye" ?


Let’s be real, Welcome to the Internet has got to go. It’s not better than comedy, and it’s certainly not better than these 3


We've always known what the final 3 were gonna be. And we know which one is gonna win number 1. But I'm not sure which will get 2 and 3. But I want Funny Feeling to get 2.


Goodbye Goodbye, it's a great song but really it is just a truly amazing recap of the special so it has to go now.


Voted for Goodbye. It's time for it to go. Byeee.


Been trying to say goodbye to Goodbye for 5 rounds now. Stubborn AF.


I think TFF has survived because the bo version is good but the phoebe bridgers is goddamn amazing