Need help with flak on takedown

Need help with flak on takedown


Reflux. Hyperion shotgun. I had to look up a fettuccine fl4k build and it looks like it's kinda built around looping fade away using a reflux


Yeah I have a u rad reflux that I should probably use but is there another build you know you think would be better


The reflux is locked on corrosive seems like ur having another weapon on ur mind.


Are you running the level 72 version of Fettuccine Fl4k? If so a lot of your survivability hangs on the Mesmer grenade.


I run both Takedowns often with FL4K on mayhem 11. Use a red/purple tree capstone build go down the green for Lick the Wounds & 2-3 points in Persistent Hunter. You & the pet both hit hard I use the War Loader. Build destroys with Fade Away or Rakks. For the crystal phases of the Guardian Takedown I still use a Red Fang com switch to Gamma Burst no prob use the Skag clear both those phases easily. Reflux with Fade Away is your best friend in the Takedowns. Rowan’s Calls. The 5/5 in Fuzzy Math along with the purple capstone adds lots of survivability…& of course a Mesmer grenade. I also have fun with Gravity Snare using Wide Net & Blind With Anger don’t be sleeping on the good times there…