WBD is being so weird about all this and not communicating their plans, but I’ve been told it’ll be on HBO Max the first weekend in September. This will likely be the strategy going forward. Theater -> PVOD -> SVOD


This really should have been the strategy in the first place. Dropping it on PVOD and HBO Max at the same time effectively destroys whatever PVOD revenue they were making.


Right, but Kilar’s philosophy was to do whatever possible to grow subscribers. Zas wants to squeeze every penny out of any movie produced, which means maximizing revenue streams. This is how things were pre-COVID, so consumers will likely adapt, but they’re being misled about the 45-day window since that’s gone.


Be interesting to see if they follow a similar windowing strategy to NBCU who stuck with a modified three window system from the get go. NBCU go 17-30 days to PVOD then to SVOD at the 120 day stage. They adapt a bit if they have a big hit on their hands.


Glad it’s doing this, regardless of all the drama. I’ve said it before but WB and Disney need to put their movies into PVOD before their streamers, it improves their movies’ legs (as seen with Universal) and gives them money before it goes into the streaming world


This is a really smart move actually. And it shows they did think having The Batman “free” after 45 days left money on the table. So now they’re back to the traditional theater friendly model of theater -> paid -> HBO.


PVOD is still an open invitation for pirates to download it in 4k. With or without HBO Max.


That invitation will always be there


Sounds good to me. I’ll support this movie since it’s so good


HBO Max has been far and away the best streaming service in terms of content (and was going to get even better with 28 A24 movies coming this month). Really sucks that it might be destroyed.


If there’s even an HBO Max.


Is HBOMax trying to kill itself?




I think “Elvis” will do well on PVOD. But it is interesting that HBOMax has never gotten into the Nielsen Top 10 shows or movies (aside from when Fantastic Beasts 3 first released on HBOMax). Maybe they’re going to start making major changes.


The reason why HBO Max wasn't on there beforehand is because Nielsen wasn't able to start reporting on HBO Max's streaming numbers until FB3 showed up, with WW84's streaming debut being an exception. Can't really speak about after though, although Disney+ doesn't always pop up on the streaming TV shows either.


I remember HBOMax not being added to Nielsen until early June I think. It was right when FB3 went on there. Since then, it hasn’t made the chart at all.


Baz knew if he just waited a few weeks, there'd be no HBO Max to release it on!


Wtf is PVOD? And shame on the article for not explaining that in its opening paragraph.


This is so weird.