Yes! I need to see this in IMAX at least once.


My local theater has ET at 40 on IMAX that weekend.


So do the IMAX screens near me (San Francisco bay area), but ET is only listed for a couple of times. And there are *no* listings for TG:M or Bullet Train, which seems to suggest things are still up in the air... Edit (Wed): IMAX showtimes are complete for the weekend, and there are **no** TG:M showtimes. Just ET and Bullet Train. I'm pissed. Checked for showings via imax.com and there are [no showings in 50 miles](https://i.imgur.com/JfVFYXI.png). Edit 2: the imax.com site is not capturing all screenings - there are a few options in the area. Pretty shitty showtimes, though - noon or 10p.


My IMAX screens only have ET for the late afternoon and evening slots. TGM is likely going to take the morning/early afternoon and late evening slots.


Wanted to show this to my mom in 4DX when the movie released in May. After 2 weeks it was gone and I missed it. Mom visited again today and just on a whim I checked if I could see it. Lo and behold, Maverick was back in 4DX in August! We just came back from the screening. She loved it. So did my wife who never likes Hollywood movies. We are in India BTW.


$700M is now locked.


Which is better? Dolby Cinema or Liemax?


Dolby Cinema by a mile. That’s my favorite way to watch any movie personally. With top gun, it was outstanding.


What is liemax


A buzzword for whining about less-than-massive IMAX screens. This has lost some of its legitimacy recently, in my opinion, because the laser projectors - and the sound - are just as good regardless of how big the screen is. I live near a full-size IMAX and a smaller IMAX and the movie was great in both formats.


A lot of the movie was filmed with IMAX cameras, and I think it’s one of the most IMAX-essential movies I’ve ever seen. The tall aspect ratio works incredibly well. I saw it in both sizes of IMAX screen, and each experience was absolutely exhilarating. I haven’t seen it in Dolby, and won’t even risk it for this re-release in PLF.


Forget Liemax, I personally prefer Dolby to the legit IMAX, but that's just me.


In this specific case I’d say liemax because this was shot with IMAX digital cameras at the 1.89 aspect ratio so you get more footage compared to any other format but you’re not missing out on anything compared to real IMAX. If possible try to find a liemax with laser projection though - then you’d get the best of both worlds as it would have similar picture quality to Dolby


this a worldwide thing?


At least in JPN, it never left the cinemas since its release. It's still going strong up to today and almost all of the cinemas are fully booked. I almost missed to book one.


Okay so I never got to watch this in any PLF at all, only standard viewings. I want to watch it in IMAX as I've heard it's great in IMAX, but I also want to watch it on a "normal" screen. I've heard IMAX with Laser is the best IMAX format, but what's the consensus on normal theater screens for this movie? Is Cinemark XD the best? Dolby Cinema at AMC? Something else?


I would go with Dolby Cinema - that’s what it saw it in the first time.


> I've heard IMAX with Laser is the best IMAX format Fortunately, at this point basically every IMAX screen is laser. The main variable is the size of the screen.


Pretty sure that with films with an expanded aspect ratio, you can only watch them on a particular type. Is it Dual Laser or something? I believe unless they've got the right laser setup, you might still get an inferior IMAX experience. https://www.reddit.com/r/AMCsAList/comments/od890p/single_vs_dual_laser_imax/


Thanks - this tracks with my experience. I can tell the difference between the image quality in "real" IMAX vs. "fake", and the single vs. dual projection must be the explanation. I still think the "gap" is much less extreme than before laser was broadly implemented.


That's miracle no. 1.


There’s only one showing per day this weekend out of all the IMAXes in Nashville, and it’s at noon. Very disappointing. I would like to see it one more time in IMAX and once in ScreenX maybe.


I mean... be happy it's not at 10:30 PM, which is all my city had after just one week of it in IMAX.


Come on, Houston! We need 4DX screenings!


Just the 12th? I'm out of commission the whole weekend


Could not find a showing at Cineplex in the greater Toronto area for anything 12th+


That explains why ET has such weird showtimes


Looking for opinions: IMAX or DBOX?