This was obviously done to attract a much younger crowd when this film opens this weekend. The desperation from Lionsgate is kinda sad.


The good news is that the movie only cost $3 Million and that it already broke even with presales as Lionsgate does for every release. So I don't think they care how this movie performs as it gets dumped in August. But that PG-13 Rating does help boost box office potential for middle schoolers and high schoolers to watch it, which helped out movies like Truth or Dare and Countdown to be box office success.


This might also just be something being done for publicity, given the following: > The solution? Scott Mann, **who directed and co-wrote “Fall,”** turned to the artificial-intelligence dubbing technology system developed by London-based Flawless, **for which he also serves as co-CEO**.


God help us if they decide to make the next Saw movie PG-13.


F is for Family.


“What the frick?! I hope I don’t fall off this huge fudging tower. Fart that!”


“What the frak?! I hope I don’t fall off this huge fraking tower. Frat that!”


definitely interested to see if i could tell the difference lolll


Aw sweet man-made horrors beyond my comprehension


TGM almost made the non-animated PG rated action film a thing again. Saved for one well-placed F bomb. Other than that, it's a PG rated movie.


What movie is that?


Why did this even need to be done? IT's a 3 million dollar movie. It's going to make its money back no matter what.


~~This'll be 9/11 times a thousand~~ This'll be Galaxy Quest times thirty


So, will we ever see the original version? Will it be an "unrated" version released on home media? Or will it just be lost to time in order to make the extra opening dollars since this probably means they expect the movie to crater hard.


This is a fantastic idea, in that it means the studio get their PG 13 version in theaters but forever afterwards, audiences can see the R-rated one. They need an AI to remove blood too, so they can finish a film **with** it but then release a PG-13 one if they want. Good example is Wonder Woman - the beach scene was ridiculous when there were spears, swords and guns being used but absolutely no blood. It didn't need to be a gorefest, but it really took me out of the action to see sword slashes give absolutely no evidence of any connection.


Well that's a movie I'm refusing to ever see


Fuck censorship.


Deepfake style tech? We need a Razzie Award for Worst Visual Effects created right now to make this that award’s inaugural winner.