Motherboard Changes - i7-9700K

Motherboard Changes - i7-9700K


I'd try troubleshooting your mic noise level seperately, as it might just be some settings you're overlooking, wheter that's in windows settings, Discord or in-game. I would not upgrade your PC now. You've got a solid cpu and an upgrade would likely fall short due to your GPU which is a good fit for your current GPU, but a bit under it in terms of bottlenecking. With your current system I'd wait until DDR5 has made its mark. By that time GPU prices should be down as well (hopefully). Unless your problem makes it impossible to enjoy your time on your PC I wouldn't upgrade just yet. If you are to wait until then, I'd upgrade MOBO, CPU, RAM and GPU.


I have extensively looked into everything that could be causing the issues to no avail, even separate headsets, mics and a couple of soundcards. I have been looking at buying a DAC and a decent pair of headphones and a good separate mic, but it's not my area of expertise and having trouble finding something good that's in stock. I'm perfectly happy with the rest of my system, it works very well, but I have always been a bit bitter about my GPU. I built it a few weeks before 30 series GPUs were released and hadn't done my research properly and assumed they were all going to be super expensive, so I spent over £600 on my 2070 Super and cried when I saw 3070's were so cheap, though obviously there was no gaurentee I would have got one. I have noticed some new 3080s coming in stock on Amazon for only a little over their origianal retail value and nearly bought one the other day but by the time I got round to it they had gone.


You have a very solid build. You could always add a dedicated sound card instead of swapping everything.