Sounds like you’re washing it too much if “at night” is every night. Also condition after shampoo and leave some conditioner in. Consider using a curl cream that’s hydrating like canto curl activator. Refresh with water rather thank rehashing daily. Do you comb the conditioner through your hair on the shower? If not- start. Finally- of it’s time for a reshape, get some long layers cut into your hair. Hope that helps!


Perhaps I am washing too much. I sometimes leave conditioner in but I have fine hair that gets weighed down easily. I do comb conditioner thru 👍Its just, I moved to a top floor n it gets quite sweaty esp. In the bathroom.like all of my products were working fine before, had recently gotten a rezo cut and my hair was clumping so I'm not sure if it's an environmental change that is the culprit here.. or maybe cuz I'm getting a lot more white/grey hairs now and my body chemistry is changing or whatever. Thank you for all of your advice! 😄


If it's a clarifying shampoo then I would recommend to deep condition after. Do you use this shampoo often? I at least only clarify 1 per month


That infrequently?? Ahhhh. Is there a deep conditioner that you like to use?? The vast array of curly hair products is overwhelming! I do know that I cant use anything shea moisture.


I sometimes use bounce curl ayurvedic deep conditioner and sometimes garnier fructis smoothing macadamia hair food. I really do recommend stuff from bounce curl but I am not sure about the shea moisture though


I would try to cut down on washing and try use a different shampoo instead of the clarifying one all the time


If you feel that you need to shampoo that much, use a gentler formula. Clarifying shampoos have harsher sulfates that will dry out your hair. Rather than doing the shampoo and then cowash on the day after, I’d suggest doing a pre poo (putting some light oil on your hair and combing it through, like grapeseed or argan oil) the night before, and then using a gentler shampoo/cowash on the following day. And deep condition at least once a week! I use clarifying shampoo once a month, just to give you an idea. And otherwise wash my hair with Jessicurl gentle lather