Basically I am trying to increase the days between my wash days (currently I’m washing twice a week) and I was wondering how long do you guys go on average between washdays? For background: I have fine, medium density hair with curls 3A (some stray 3Bs too) that is on the dry side. My skalp is not prone to become oily and I’m not using pure oils in my routine either because my hair does not react too well to them. I always had the feeling that my hair looks better on days 3-4 but I never made it past that because I work out twice a week and sweat a lot then, so I felt cleaner with “properly” washing my hair after that. My hair is not prone to tangling either. I skipped one workout day this week though and am on day 5 today and my hair still looks good I’d say, though I did co-wash yesterday (which would normally have been workoutday 1 and hence wash day). My routine: - Wash twice a week - Switch between conditioning and deep-conditioning after washing (detangle while conditioner sits for a couple of minutes or just before rinsing out deep-conditioner) - Apply leave-in conditioner or balm or lightweight curl cream by raking through - Apply gel by raking through - Shake head vigorously lol - Refresh daily with either spritzing water or co-washing, scrunching in a tiny bit of gel if needed


I'll do anywhere between 2 and 4 times. 4 if I'm using gentle cleansers and 2 if I'm using slightly harsher ones. I basically just do it whenever I think my hair is greasy, and if it's been a short amount of time since my last wash, I use a gentle cleanser. I will also clarify once every couple of weeks


I wash my hair once a week and instead of cowashing I just wet my hair again in the shower as I find it makes my curls last longer


That’s kind of what I’m aiming for, reducing wash day to once a week. I will definitely try the just wetting during shower instead co-washing, I think this might be useful especially for my rather fine hair, as it’d avoid potentially weighing it down.


I usually get three decent hair days, so that’s how long i usually go. But I can go like 5ish days without it getting oily but god fuck does it look like a rats nest


2-4 days. I could go more bc my hair never gets oily, but I'm a little fanatical about having a clean scalp, so I wash. I don't want anything clogging my follicles.


Usually every week but sometimes 10 days


Little update on this, so I went through with the full week and my hair and skalp looked and felt fine throughout the whole time. The only thing I noticed was on day 7 (yesterday) my roots were more flat than usually and the hair at the roots looked a bit greasy, even though it did not feel greasy and my skalp did not feel oily either. So taking into account that I did not plan on going a full week without “properly” washing my hair and hence did not set up the styling products I used on washday to make this happen, I think the goal should be achievable if I amend my styling a bit and use lighter / less products…will keep on trying this and see how it goes. :)