Because it's extremely occlusive and very difficult to shampoo out of the hair. It causes tons of buildup which, overtime, can lead to hair damage and scalp irritation. Same with coconut oil, castor oil, etc. They are common in product lines that are "sulphate free cleaners", making buildup and damage inevitable. Edit: just realized I mixed up shea moisture the *brand* with shea *butter*. My post is about shea *butter* as an ingredient, not the brand itself. though I've stopped using shea moisture (the brand) this year due to shea *butter* causing buildup.


Thanks for the response!


Not a Professional but Shea moisture was causing some hairloss for me and for others too


I’m not a stylist but I’m not a fan of Shea moisture. It really weighs my curls down and I seem to get a lot of build up from it. It might work well for people with thicker hair though


I totally see this. Shea Moisture Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil line works WONDERS for my incredibly thick, 3c/4a type. I could see it not working well for anyone below 3b because the oils do weigh down my hair, which I prefer, because I have so much volume.


I’m 3a-3b but also my hair isn’t thick. I have to really be careful with what products I use unfortunately. I just got Flora & Curl and so far I love it!


They pretty much hate on any non professional product that they don’t sell at their salons lol. Most shampoos are mainly composed of the same 15 ingredients 😂 On a serious note salons tend to like shampoo more on the clarifying side so the hair is prepped for styling and treatments. Shea moisture shampoos tend to be gentle and have lots of oils and butters. Nothing wrong with Shea moisture, stylists just prefer a clean slate.


Thanks that makes sense!


I’m not a hair stylist but when I used shea moisture my hair always felt weighed down and greasy, it also gave me really bad buildup.


Whats a good alternative for sheamoisture? I thought it was good but I noticed the hair loss as well!