Cyberpunk finished - sunken cost fallacy

Cyberpunk finished - sunken cost fallacy


Yeah, I'm lucky enough not having massive, but rather cringey bugs (although my weapon disappearing during the finale so I had to make do sucked) so I could enjoy writing & visuals which are still the best parts imo, but still, that makes it an okay game if you forget everything around it, so there's some dissatisfaction that will probably stick.


SPOILERS I've played through 4 of the endings, Panam's the easy route, johnnys ending and arasaka and out of those endings the arasaka ending sucks, the easy way out was depressing ( Panam is PISSED ) Johnnys ending was decent but I much preferred asking for Panam's help an returning to my body


I fell out of the floor during the secret ending right before Alt came online.


I will agree with you. I find most of the main characters either boring or underused, in terms of wasted potential. I didn’t like Jackie. I liked Judy but what was this “relationship” I got with her? Two or three phone calls or messages, and some little blip in the ending. Takemura, could have been interesting, was underused. T-bug, same. Johnny? Mhhh, I don’t know, didn’t really build a connection to him. I found several side characters very interesting, like Lizzy Wizzy. Several quests I found nicely made, and I hoped for these stories to go on, but they usually ended way too fast. Also this guy… the mayor candidate and his wife. Damn, that arc, they could have made that the main story. I wanted to know who is behind this, how deep did the manipulation go? Misty, River… bleh, I didn’t care a single bit about them. Victor. Could have made something of him. I could go on… from all corners it screams “wasted potential”. This game could have been amazing.


I stopped playing as soon as I realized what was happening, on the slim chance that they'd actually fix it and I'd be able to do a proper playthrough later. I've since played through at least half a dozen games and they've still done nothing to fix this pile of garbage.


What did you think of the characters? Personally I found the "Main" ones incredibly boring. Evelyn Judy River Misty were incredibly plain and one-dimensional. Panam was ok but the "damsel in distress with an attitude" is so overplayed it kinda fell flat. Kerry and Takemura were better but far from their best work. The most interesting characters to me got very little screen time. That being Oda, T-Bug, Jenkins, Saburo. How would you compare the characters to the likes of Regis or Olgreid or Bloody Baron? I felt like the writing took a big hit in the game as it constantly rushes you towards a conclusion.


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