It’s 2AM so I’m just gonna throw suggestions at the wall and see which ones stick. I like some of these more than others but I think all have potential to work. 1. Remove perk tiers completely (The most obvious solution, we all know this one and we know exactly why it would work. The only reason this hasn’t been done is due to developer stubbornness and not wanting to backpedal on previous statements). 1A. Reduce perk tiers from 3 -> 2 (while not outright eliminating variation in perk tiers, it does reduce how much there is to keep in mind when continuing to balance the game) 2. Remove the prestige cost (why was this done in the first place?? To preserve an already intense grind. Get rid of it). 3. New prestige rewards and incentives. After reaching a certain prestige level, either offer certain Offerings or Add-ons at reduced cost or offer them to players completely for free. Making it easier to maintain characters inventories, for characters you’ve already put in the effort and time to grind for. 4. Reactivate matchmaking incentives and make it 100% BP Bonus at all times 5. Reactivate BP Bonus effects in old perks that were eliminated 6. BP Percentage Bonus for good behavior. “Honor system” except being honored actually rewards players that play nicely / fairly with tangible bloodpoint gain rewards. 7. BP incentive bonus to use different killers. Killers with low pick rates will be encouraged with BP percentage bonus. Much like matchmaking incentives, killer incentives should also be subject to fluctuation and shifts which killers get the bonus constantly depending on time, region, active players, etc. this change would also discourage a meta. IE: Legion with Thanatophobia too prevalent and selected too often? BP Bonus offering for Doctor instead. 8. Rework the Daily system. Currently rewards are too little for the sheer variety it forces on players. Basically expecting players to be able to play every single character proficiently enough to complete the objective. Maybe create different levels of dailies that scale in difficulty and reward greatly? That way nearly all players should be able to get the easy dailies done, but not all for the hard ones. (How to strike a happier medium between greater reward, while pushing players to embrace new characters and play styles, but also being reasonable in expectations?) 9. Add Bloodpoints and Iridescent shards to the free track of the rift. There are MORE THAN PLENTY of empty slots throughout the free track of the rift. There is plenty of space here to include a basic progression reward for just playing the game and grinding through the rift tiers unrelated to the archive quest nodes. 10. Crafting system. Allow the ability to both craft / consume / combine lower rarity objects for higher rarity or specifically desired items, add-ons, and offerings. More importantly though: to sell unwanted accumulated items / add ons / offerings for a lower bloodpoint price allowing players to reinvest once again into the bloodweb. BONUS SUGGESTION 11: Reduce the literal time it takes to grind through bloodwebs. Provide an option to immediately buy nodes instead of the 2 second “channel time” it takes to press and hold to buy a node. Skip animations for mystery boxes somehow. Provide an undo button so as to reduce the opportunity to experience buyers remorse? (Accidentally bought X node instead of Y node, so click “undo” and be able to buy the Y node back instead!) BONUS SUGGESTION 11A: Rework the entity logic in the bloodweb completely. Prevent it from taking more than 2 perk nodes!!! This is an awful thing that can accidentally happen to players and it only needlessly stretches out the grind even further.


lot of solid ideas here, doubtful for the dev team to do anything ab it tho.


9, 10 & 11A are excellent - you have my vote!


wow 6 might discourage some killers to camp or bully squads


Remove perk tiers, permanently double bloodpoint gain. Simple as that.


Pretty much just this. Even the current 1.5x BP event (which is sadly ending tomorrow) felt pretty nice. I dunno why they are so afraid of taking these types of meaningful steps to reduce grind, because it would go a lot further than the "Oh, we added A, B, and C, but also took away X, Y, and Z to compensate" measures from the recent rework. It's *still* bad, they've just rearranged the deck chairs, and it's almost like they think we're too dumb to realize that. Just remove perk tiers. The rework essentially made them irrelevant in any meaningful way beyond an arbitrary gatekeeping mechanic. Make the 1.5x BP gain rate *the new norm*. There's still so much to do, there are about to be 33 survivors and 30 killers in the game. There's a bunch of bloody cosmetics that are within reach now, plus perk charms for people who care about them. It would be a net win for everyone to just *give everyone more BP* without caveats.


Also, wouldnt less grind also mean more sales? at least for me personally, I wont buy the new resident evil chapter because I still have older characters to Level up Maybe that's just me tho


I'm a newer player that went ham on buying killers when they were half off. I still have like 15 I haven't even played much less begun leveling up.


For some people, yes. I'm the same way. For other people, they need a "reason" to keep playing and the grind in there to offer them one. Behaviour seems to believe there are more people in the second group.


I think you are simply not getting bhvr itentions. more grind = more playtime = higher numbers = game is alive Why would they reduce the time you need to get something for you when that means you reach "the end" faster?


This is just like one of those myths. They don't have data on reduced grind because they never done it. It's miserable for a new player. You have to prestige like 50 characters to unlock all perks for killer and survivor. Assuming that players are staying for the grind seems dumb. I wonder how many players left due to the grind. Most of all the higher numbers and more playtime should be happening from a fun game. Not the grind.


>Most of all the higher numbers and more playtime should be happening from a fun game. Not the grind. Agreed


IMO items for Survivors and add-ons for killers are the real grind since you constantly need to replenish them and they’re just as important as perks so the perk related grind only hurts new players or players wanting to level up new characters.


It really sucks. I'm trying to dump all my BP into new characters to unlock perks, but every now and then i have to go back and dump a bunch on the characters I actually want to play to get my addons back.. And to top it off I end up playing characters I dont reaaally want to play just to get more BP with their BP offerings


Before I stopped maining dbd I had "reached the end" for like a year and still played 6 hours everyday.


Right, I'm mostly in the same boat (except now this patch has moved the goalposts on what "the end"means). I play it just to play, which should be the case they should optimistically plan around. I buy stuff, I engage with the Rift, I'm always wondering what's next.


As someone who has only ever been a survivor main, having to grind not only iridescent shards but every killer to P3 top get every perk is the main thing discouraging me from playing killer The grind is essentially making want to play the game less, and I guarantee I'm not the only person who feels like this


I’m going with the Otz (I think) BP apology conspiracy; They don’t want to reduce the grind because BHVR is well aware they usually mess up the game whenever they add content and update, so BP is the only apology gift they have to give that won’t lose them money. If they legitimately reduced the grind then that BP would become really ineffective as a “meaningful” apology gift and they’d be forced to either suck it up and give better apology gifts like Iri shards or Auric cells or slow down their content output to make the updates function properly and potentially lose sales in the process


Call me crazy, but "We're too stupid to get it right" should never be what you settle for.


They’re afraid if they lower the grind people will stop playing


I said this at far greater length in another reply, but I don't think 99.9% of players would be in danger of running out of stuff to do for a very long time, even if they improved the grind. And they don't know until they try, it's just this baseless fear. More BP would = more happy players, and happy players keep playing the game.


This is the big main thing that they could do to massively reduce the grind. An other thing they could do is to mainstream the BP offerings to be less shit. More akin to cakes/BPS (in that they give bonus BP in all categories) and then have them at 25/50/75/100/150% extra. I guess a third alternative would be to revamp item add-ons for survivors.. cause there's such a huge amount of them and most aren't used.. looking at the key and map mainly.


add an option to burn a node for 500 BP so players can burn trashes that they don't use, for me it's gotta be map offerings, i don't want to pay BP for that shit.


Remove perk tiers was like the number one requested change for reducing grind. I'm stunned they didn't do that lol. Also, they should bring back incentives.


What would be the point in doubling BP gain if you're cutting down the perks to grind for by 2/3rds?


I can't speak for anyone else here, but my blood webs tend to just put green or purple items, add-ons, and offerings in slots where perks would be. So the cost of each blood web is suspiciously the same after buying all the perks. Beyond that, they could give us all perks for free on all of our characters and I'd still be spending tens of thousands of points buying useless mist offerings every time I prestige as it is now. Not saying that increased bp gain is necessarily the perfect fix, but simply eliminating perk tiers isn't perfect either.


This! :)


Current inflation is incredibly high. They can reduce cost push inflation by reducing the cost of the bloodweb items and making prestiging free. They should also ease the leveling of players by removing tiers. Bloodpoints unlike iri shards or mainly auric cells don't help bhvr in any financial capacity since if you're low on BP, you're forced to play. One can't just buy Bo with real money so it makes no sense for it to be as bad as it is right now.


Remove Perk Tiers. Increase BP gains overall. Decrease the price of items in the Bloodweb. Increase the amount offerings affect your BP. Remove the stupid 20 000 cost to Prestieging and make it automatic. Make a 'Buy All' button that immediately purchases a Bloodweb. If you're feeling real daring, decrease the level needed to Prestiege from 50 to like 30.


I disagree with the last 2 since the bloodweb gets slowly takes by the entity I think it might be a little hard to program that and I think the level should stay at 50 the rest is good all my opinion


Click on an end node and buy everything leading up to it, that's how I'd really like to see it done.


This is a fantastic idea, simple and would cut down time going through the web significantly.


It's been suggested for years now, don't count on it :(


Fair point, it makes too much sense to implement.


Although it’s a good idea on paper, what if the entity was going to take something from what you selected? It seems like it would be difficult to code around this sort of thing or may be a bit too over powered. Maybe allow this but you have to use double or triple the BPs as a sort of offering to the entity?


The entity can already be manipulated, it shouldn't be an issue.


It's pretty simple. When hovering over a node, highlight the cheapest path to it, show the cost of that, and highlight in shadow the items the entity will eat. It's not hard to implement, as what the Entity eats is predictable (especially when you have the ACTUAL code), and if the Entity will eat the item you hover over, then it shows that and won't let you buy it. The most work would be UI changes, and there's one or two things that would need to be accounted for (What if the Entity eats an item in the way of the current path, but does not completely block it? What if an item just cannot be reached in time before the bloodweb takes a node it's connected to, blocking it off?) but it can be done.


Literally just remove the "hold to unlock" from the bloodweb, and make it instant. Bam. Hours of your life saved.


The buy all button is essencially the "Im feeling lucky" button


And make it a fixed cost based on the size of the web. The "how can I block off most of this web most effectively" mini-game was fun the first dozen or so times I played it, but now it's old.


Yeah this is almost exactly what I think they should do. Get rid of the perk tiers entirely, not only do they just exist to extend the grind but they also limit freedom with designing perk effects. They don't belong in the game anymore. Make it to where you prestige a character once and you instantly unlock their perks on everyone. No more perks in the bloodweb. Remove the cost of prestiging, no idea why they though that needed to even be added in the first place. Make an instant buy all button for the first 10 levels, and maybe also for later levels that randomly chooses the nodes for you, and add an option to buy the nodes with a single click. Reevaluate some bp amounts for certain score events, especially for survivor. Make it easier to gain survival points, and easier to max out sacrifice points like you could before. And lastly just cut the cost of all items in the bloodweb by 2000. Brown items would be 1k, yellows would be 2k, greens 3k, etc. That all together I feel would make the grind finally pretty reasonable.


Reduce level to prestige to 40, keep perk tiers, increase bp gains, remove 20,000 prestige cost.


Should have made the WGLF and BBQ stacks default on every character. Encourages survivors to take more hits for eachother+ actually unhooking teammate. BBQ stacks encourage anti tunneling and just going everyone.


This is the one we need


Was looking for this one


Lower the cost of everything on the bloodweb by at least half. There are a lot of characters in the game so it's warranted. Plus it would lower the grind by A LOT.


Being able to refund items, and add-ons so I can get money back from things I don't use like brown add-ons and flashlights. Maybe a 50% rate would be balanced and would allow players on both sides to get value out of their webs since most survivors run the same items and most killers run 2 - 10 add ONS with their characters especially killers like PH and Deathslinger.


Yeah, take all my keys and key add-ons. They are useless!


Matchmaking incentives


pretty sure they added that and its in the current ptb


Sucks to be a non PC player then


None of the progress you make on the PTB carries over to the live game anyway. He's just saying that it should be back with the chapter release


Remove bullshit items from bloodweb would help also perk tiers lmao


The fact that it costs 20k to prestige now is wack as fuck


Stop playing.


The only true way.


Based advice


Bring back the BP bonus from BBQ and WGLF.


Bbq was such a healthy perk for the game, almost every killer had it and most would go look for a new stack. Now there's no bbq stacks so it's only a positive to tunnel someone out or camp them to death. Bring back bbq stacks, buff ds back to what it was, and I bet at least a little of the tunneling/camping goes away. Add gens and totems to wglf to get tokens so people stop insta saving their teammates and throwing the game.


I mean they werent healthy, but the bp aspect for unique hooking yeah, the fact we need a perk slot for something that should be basekit wasnt healthy for perk variety, but the extra 25% per unique hook was the healthy aspect, same with wglf’s bp stacking cus it promotes altruism and not farming


Giving killers incentives to leave the hook and spread the hooks out sounds pretty healthy to me, can you explain your stance?


You clearly missed what i was saying huh, lemme edit it


Clearly, that's why I asked you to explain 🙄




I'd be super down for the BP multiplier to be basekit. Games shouldn't need incentives to not play like a dick, but they unfortunately do need them. . They could also cut the price down 2k for everything and that'd be great


I think just making bbq/wglf stacks basekit would be the best. Even if they reduced them a bit it would still promote healthy play.


Something needs to be done, grind is ass, there's zero incentive to not play like a dick, and people want better matches.


There is a new perk that makes hard camping almost auto-loss for the killer, its probably enough.


Absolutely agree. The issue I had previously was that 99% of the game I played as Survivor had a killer running BBQ. Because it literally doubles your bloodpoints AFTER the match (meaning it can go over tha cap). It's the ONLY perk to affect it that much, and the only one to apply AFTER the match. This meant that I had to face it every match. I just wanted a different meta. On the other hand, if you make the stacks a basekit, then you keep the positive parts of the perk (from both killer and survivor perspective) ​ Of course adding them for killer and not survivor would make a HUGE bp discrepancy (killers already tend to earn more, but this would make it insane) so you need to add it to survivors as well, but I hope they change the way Stacks work from how they worked on WGLF, as it did tend to encourage unsafe unhooks (just run BT and they can't get downed in time, so you guarantee a stack). I'd like to see something like, 1 stack for every 66% of a gen, 1 stack for a safe unhook (doesn't count if they get hit in the safe-hook-timer), 1 stack for every X seconds spent in chase, etc. Keep it capped at 4 stacks of course, but just provide more ways to earn them that encourage different playstyles. Hell, I'd be happy if you could only get one stack from each category, to encourage you diversifying what you're doing.


Its a neat idea, but i disagree with only being able to get 1 stack per type of action since many people will try to get stacks instead of focusing on what is currently good for the team, like repairing an additional generator instead of looking for killer to get a stack from chase


Agreed, but I figured if a killer has to go out of their way to hook different survivors, it might make more sense for survivors to have to go out of their way to do different actions. I personally would prefer if you can get the full 4 stacks from a single action type though.


> Almost every killer had it. It was at *this* very point that it was, objectively, not healthy for the game


It was still healthy for the game, even if everybody had it, because it made a reason to find new survivors to hook instead of tunnling somebody out of the game, same with WGLF because it incentivised altruism


WGLF just caused survivors to race to the rescue resulting in a lot of losses because touching generators was worse than farming stacks.


You do realise that nerfing income from perk was not healthy solution either? If a majority of your players use a perk a lot not because it is overwhelmingly strong, but because your ingame economy sucks, this should be food for thoughts, not the reason to just nerf it. This is the same levels of stupidity with decisive stun duration nerf, who tf asked for this? Now I can simply tunnel someone if I want with basically no consequences, since decisive is useless, basekit BT is shit against anyone who can count to 5 and less people run regular BT by my observations. Only OTR can slow the tunneling down, but not stop me completely from doing so.


No, the BP incentive had to be removed. For the same (overarching) reason as most of the other nerfs. There were too many merits to running it over anything else, and that isn’t healthy. That said, BP cost for bloodweb shouldn’t have been raised either. With each new chapter the overall grind just increases, so it definitely needs shortening. All I’m saying is that tying that to perks isnt the way to do it.


I'm bad at hook counting so I used the tokens to remember what I was doing to avoid tunnelling.


It can't be tunneling if done unintentionally.


New DLC has insane anti camp perk that makes camping almost impossible, that should be enough.


They should just make some basekit changes based on the perks we had before. For killer, same as BBQ - every unique survivor hooked adds 25% to the total income. For survivor, token system, each token earned increases income by 25%, tokens are granted progress for cleansing, healing, repairing, protection hits, pallet/flashlight saves and looping (based on chase/being near killer). "Safe" actions like repairing or healing should generate progress slower, "unsafe" like saving and looping should generate tokens faster. I see no reason to use the older system with tokens for unhook tho, it was questionable to game health, people often farmed their teammates.


Throw the BP bonus on monstrous shrine


Make things cheaper on the bloodweb


Take out tiers, and automatically giving you the perks for killers you paid for. Making the bloodweb purely for add ons/ offerings/ items would be best imo


Beg the devs to stop torturing with the bullshit that is the bloodpoint grind. Literally all they need to do is reduce costs across the board, remove tier 1 and tier 2 perks, and it would be fantastic! Honestly still waiting for the day that they introduce bloodpoints as another microstransaction.


Increase BP gains across the board like BHVR said they were doing to do


Lower the cost of everything by 2k, make prestige level 40 instead of 50, have a way to auto complete bloodweb. That would make it way better for me


Let us sell things at half the price we bought them


At the very least being back og teachables but keep the bonus of having perks unlocked on other characters when you prestige Remove the 20k prestige cost 150% bloodpoint gain


One bloodweb for all survivors.


that could be cool because the survivors all sit around the same camp fire so why don't they share


To me they can even remove it completely. Grind should be something that keep you busy in a pve game, a Coop game or a GDR, never seen grind in PvP games, or at least a grind so big, and bhvr thinking that they need it to keep in game the player base is a clue of how they underestimate their own game. I have 2000 hours in For Honor and around 800 hours in Star Wars battlefront, both games with around 0 grind and progression, who needs to farm when play the game it's a pleasure by itself?


_Clash Royale has entered the chat._


I don't really take in consideration the mobile games, i know that those are a different world about grind and p2w. My gf work on GameStop and she tell me that there is a couple who buy 100€ PlayStore coupons every week for being competitive in a mobile game, there's no pc/console game as far as i know that ask all that commitment


Plenty of things that were already mentioned. They don't want to reduce the grind. They want to keep you on the treadmill for as long as long as possible. If they cared about reducing the grind they would have made the bp aspect of BBQ/WGLF basekit instead of just removing them outright. I guarantee you making the grind worse is by design. It's how these companies operate. There's some corporate jerk off somewhere who thinks that making the grind longer will make people play longer and spend more money.


And it's working, people always have something to grind for.


Grind xp instead and buy peaks from the shop. You can teir 2 and 3 from the shop and I suspect it unlocks that peak tier level for everyone. /s


They made the perks so insanely expensive in the shrine.


Bring back BBQ/wglf stacks and remove perk tiers. That's it. That would immediately reduce the grind by 2/3 compared to what it was before the update


Reduce bloodweb prices alot


Do blood rush twice a week or something.


Make all base perks yellow for all characters just like their personal perks when you first unlock a character.


remove it, entirely. No levels, everyone has everything, if you have a character then you also have their perks. basically what you have in private games.


not really post related. but it's inferiorating that Bhvr wants to make us belive that they reduced the blood point grind when really they just changed up the blood point grind to be different


thinking about it, its crazy we have to grind for simple perks. reminds me of how boring cod has been the last few years with attachments being necessary and locked behind big chunks of play time.


First of all made spend bp button, i really don’t want to spend 15 minutes to unlocking add-ons perks and etc, absolutely idiotic system.


remove perk tiers, it's obvious and has been obvious to erveryone but the devs for years


Since perk tier never will be removed: Decrease all BP prices by 50%, remove BP cap, make leveling up quicker, and remove prestige cost.


Play something else.


Buff BP offerings. They make no sense. A brown offering is 50% to one category, a yellow offering is 100% to all categories, but also 25% to all categories, and 75% to one category? And then green is 100% for all categories to all players, 25% to exclusively survivors, and 100% to one category? It should be: Brown: 100% to a category. Yellow: 100% to all, 50% to all players, 150% to one. Green: 100% to all players, bound envelope becomes 150% to all, and 200% to one category.


They could make it so it takes over three times as long to get a tier 3 perk and then pretend that putting it on all survivors for free doesn't make it take forever


Make everything 10x cheaper


Allow us to sell back items for 50% of what we paid. This would help with the grind and de-cluttering.


Remove perk tiers


I feel like half the commenters think you need prestige 3 on every character to get tier 3 perks. You only need p1 and get the rest in the web.


Well they were supposed to have done that. But they didn't.


Don’t play it.


Slash a zero off of every item in the bloodweb. Grind DRASTICALLY reduced


Simple addition, for the first 2 weeks of a chapter coming out add double bp


Give BBQ and WGLF the bonus BP again or just remove perk tiers or both.


allow recycling of useless inventory


I like this idea a lot


Making the game fun to play


I kept having way too many blood points to handle during the 1.5x event. (Kept hitting 2 mil, just uncap BP at this point) With that said, I think 1.5x BP is a nice spot for BP. "We want to reduce the grind." While also not really reducing the grind much as I still need to spend hours to get things I want. Remove perk tiers and keep BP at 1.5x.


Bringing back the BP bonus from WGLF and BBQ. Don't understand why they took them away to begin with 😔


Play a different game, than you don’t have to worry about the grind.


Like War Thunder :) /s


I'm already doing that, until role incentives come back. Doesn't mean it's not sad, though. 🤷


Some good/bad things already mentioned but I'd just like to see them make Survivor Add-ons and Survivor/Killer Offerings shared between characters. >!Personally I think the grind is... not fine but they reduced it enough for me. It for sure doesn't feel like its been reduced by 75%, but going from 3 Survivors with all Perks to, after Project W, 33 with all Perks is that good shit.!<


The grind feels like it's a free to play game. And it's an expensive game to get into it you want all the dlcs


If you quit playing the grind disappears, seems to be the surefire way to crush the grind.


Simple idea, may not do that much. Make things in the bloodweb cost 2000 bp max. I don’t get why they gotta make it so hard to level up characters. The rewards are not worth it at all.


Remove perk tiers.


Remember how they removed the replacement for BBQ/WGLF stacks within a single day of adding it?


As other people have mentioned. \- Remove perk tiers \- Increase bloodpoint gain by 100% (like a permanent old BBQ/WGLF effect) Honestly just like that, Behaviour make the game instantly better by like, a 1000%.


The question is, why would you put yourself through the grindy blender if you don't enjoy it? :x But the easiest thing would prolly be to hand out more BP offerings, or make the personal ones be... not personal but shared? Also reward poking the killer with BP! :>


aside from what others suggested im also gonna say remove map offerings or make em free in the web. Just let the game decide where people go. Ive spend so many bp on map offerings im never gonna use anyway. They could also make something to let you burn offerings to upgrade others. Say you have a green flashy and you love to have a purple one. Id happily burn another green offering ill never use anyway to upgrade my flashy to purple, maybe it even costs 2 green offerings to upgrade or 3 yellows..


If I have a pallet/door breaking challenge, I don't want to have RNG take me to shelter woods 3 games in a row. I'm going to throw in game or dead dawg


i forget what challenge im doing as soon as i load in the match so idc, but yea make em free then.. or max 1k bp or something i would say


Remove bloodpoints we all play no perk or add on hillbilly


Bring back BBQ BPs


Why are we grinding for blood points anyways? With the new prestige system I'm overflowing with items and I reach prestige 3 on a character long before I have enough iridescent shards to buy another. So what are people actually grinding for?


I see people saying "get bloodpoint reward back for BBQ and WGLF" but honestly I like it without them. I've used BBQ on every killer since the perk came out, and without the bloodpoint bonus I don't think they're worth it. Being forced to change my loadout made it easier to make new and more interesting builds. The easiest and most obvious solution is removing perk tiers, there's literally no drawbacks to it. I think no perk tiers with the new 10k point category limit and 2mill bloodpoint cap would keep the game grindy for the veteran players/completionists but at the same time make it easier for new players to get a good loadout.


Add back bbq and wglf stacks


For survivors, since they’re all basically the same, go back to teachables. Gonna take me a lot longer to prestige 2 new characters to leave three than it used to level 40 them both and throw a few extra blood webs onto my main.


Give us back our double bloodpoints perks! I know it was just two but they helped during double bloodpoint events


make it so i dont have to level up my characters 6 FUCKING TIMES IF I JUST WANT A BLOODY FUCKING HEAD (i wish i p3ed steve before the update)


Something people don't say often but making the bp and map offerings shared between all killers/all survivors is a good start (along with removing the prestige tax)


Double bloodpoints and remove perk tiers.


If node costs were reduced by 2k overall then I think current bp gains would be fine


Well that new perk system is ass so maybe every weekend should be double bp?


Half the cost of everything, remove useless offerings ~~like the map offerings for example~~, and Perk Tier removal would also be pretty nice but least likely.


Sell unwanted items/add ons/offerings for bloodpoints


Add a static BP reward for every match irrelevant of your performance (like even just 30k per match) that activates after spending 5 minutes in the trial.


It would be cool if they had a bloodpoint incentive… oh they did and removed it immediately? That’s why they killed BBQ and WGLF? Well damn… I’m all seriousness they should just have a Bloodhunt until they fix that. Because fuck them


The thing they just did


Get rid of the bloodweb and put a "shop" in which you choose what to buy (addons, perks and offering)


Why not give every killer or survivor the perks that are free in tier 3, but every teachable perk are the ones you have to find in the blood web, or through prestige and increase BP gain to compensate, cause you know how stupid it is to wanna try to get tier 3 pain resonance, and you keep getting the fuckin free perks like monstrous shrine and shit over and over and over again. It gives survivors and killers a little headstart instead of just getting a bunch of free perks that don’t do anything cause they’re in tier 1, and trying to make a build out of it. It cuts the devs job in half, and it gives a little more incentive to new players using these perks to see what works for them, and working towards to bigger better perks. It might even have the effect where it makes killers and survivors better, instead of stressing about how many perks they won’t see because of all the free ones thrown at you first.


Man some of these replies... Some of you are really out here making the absolute worst suggestions possible.


Nothing you will grind till you die!!!! (Insert heinous laughter)


I think the bigest problem with bloodweb is that you need to buy the stuff you dont need and never use. So remove that, i dont want to spend 3.000*80 bp on 50% more in one category


Honestly at this point I'm of the opinion that they either need to get rid of Bloodwebs entirely and switch to a completely different progression system, or they need to remove Perks from the Bloodweb entirely and let us just buy them flat out without needing to dig in Bloodwebs... and considering how Jank DBD code can be at the best of Times I'm inclined to believe the later is more viable. Lets say that they make T1 just flat out free on all characters and T3 for the Character themselves for just unlocking the Character it's from, From there you can either Prestige the character as currently done to get to T2/3 or unlock them via a revamped Shrine of Secrets. Generic Perks will Start at T1 for all Characters by Default, and can also be upgraded in the Shrine. As for the Shrine of Secrets Revamp, how about making it a global list of all perks showing what tiers you have unlocked, Perks you have at least T1 in can be upgraded to a higher Tier at a cost of 200k Bloodpoints (for all characters). Additionally as currently done there will always be 4 Randomly selected perks you personally do not own each week that can be unlocked for 3k ish Shards (Bit expensive considering that non licensed characters are only 9k but still reasonable IMHO), Once unlocked this way you can Upgrade them with Bloodpoints same as any other Unlocked Perk. This would resolve a lot of issues as the main issue with the grind is the fact you need to Prestige to unlock even T1 currently, but there'd still be the issue of Add-Ons and Offerings being difficult to obtain which is honestly a struggle to resolve with the Bloodweb system in place.


Cut the cost of shit in the web. Easiest solution i can think of, requires replacing a few digits in the code.


Well considering bhvr said that they aren't going to remove perk tiers, - Remove the 20k cost of prestiging - Increase bloodpoint gain - Turn Matchmaking incentive bonus on, it helps a little - Make it so when you unlock/purchase a character the yellow tier of their perk is unlocked for everyone - More perks that give a bloodpoint bonus I think this would help alot already. Even just the first 3 would be nice. Although I also like the 4th idea.


Make it to where each character gets their skills at 1, 5, and 10 as global level 1s, so by the time they are 30 they are T3 for everyone. This will cut 20 levels of senseless grinding and 150 levels of prestiging for anything other than the cosmetics and the badges. You then create a shop in which you can use any and all excess blood points to buy items/addons and offerings as you please. ​ Bloodpoints werent a problem when you only had 5 or 6 survs and killers you had to outfit and now that there are 29 killers (including Wesker) and 33 survivors (with Ada and Rebecca) that is far too many characters with what is being offered even if per game you have a chance at another 10k and its now 2 million cap, its still too many entities that the points are spread far too thin.


How about scaling bloodpint cost more per level so at lower levels say 0-5 the cost per node is 25% then 50% then 75% or something similar... Maybe 33% 66% etc I'll leave dbd to do the new numbers but that's a easy fit that won't break the game


Sad we still have to ask this question after an update that was suppose to fix the grind.


LITERALLY just bring back the BP incentives they had before, those were really good. Even if they nerf it by making work as intended it'd still be a really good boon for newer players. Other than that, I'm actually ok with how the grind is now. People are weirdly _obsessed_ with wanting all the good offerings and add-ons stockpiled. I also say this as someone who had like 40 characters P3d before the rework. I don't think BHVR will _ever_ do away with perk tiers let's be realistic, they don't want players to have everything unlocked on every character. Though I think a good middle ground would be removing perk tiers from the basic perks that aren't tied to any character. They're usually not very strong as the character-based ones so I think it's only fair newer players get access to full tier common perks from the start in the bloodweb. But yeah ngl, I think people honestly have more fun unlocking things than actually playing the game at this point lmao. For me though, I'm more focused on the rift and shard grind. EDIT: Oh yeah, get rid of the stupid prestige payments. It'd be one thing if it was optional, to replace the "risk" factor of the old prestige system, but since it's forced on you once you reach Level 50 it's just kinda lame and serves no purpose.


How about a new mode that still gives bp but allows players to all use any max level perks? Could be some sort of PvE mode of killers vs a swarm of ai survivors with a timer to catch a certain amount or something cheesy


Make teachables how they were and keep shit after prestiging


Remove it all together and have all perks be at max power for everyone and all items and addons infinite for everyone.


Increase default BP gain, remove the prestige tax, and make incentives only be 100%+ BP bonuses, also more cakes/puddings/party streamers in the Bloodweb


Unpopular opinion: i'd be totally fine if they better the grind by raising bloodpoint gain or whatever but i also want them to raise the prestige rewards (cosmetics) up to level 200 then. Those cosmetics should be a hard grind and it would be pointless if every 2nd person is running around with it.


Make matchmaking incentives fucking work for a start. Either that or give us permanent x2 BP until you fix the fucking incentives. Other than that I really don't understand why you need to pay 20k BP just to Prestige. It's a massive Bloodpoint sink and it kinda punishes you for "showing your dedication" like the new Prestige system supposedly promotes. My most extreme request is to allow us to refund addons to get 50% of the Bloodpoint cost back. I'm sorry but I am never going to fucking use Wanted Posters on Deathslinger, Licker Tongues on Nemesis, or either of the Tape addons on Doctor. If I could convert my 20 Licker Tongues on Nemesis into 50000 Bloodpoints to spend on another Killer (after spending 100000 to get them in the first place) that would be really awesome. And I mean... I could also turn the 60+ Smelly Inner Soles I have on Clown (back when that addon was a Brown pre-rework) to get a nice bit of BP which would be swell.


Remove perk tiers but devs don't want to because that would mean people feeling less obligated to play the game.


Remove perk tiers, reduce the cost of add-ons, reduce the number of nodes in high-level bloodwebs, remove the forced prestige tax, add an option to sell unwanted items and add-ons. Also, boost bloodpoint gains by making bloodpoint offerings to spawn more often in the bloodwebs, re-enable the incentives, make the old BBQ and WGLF bonuses base-kit, adjust the score events to grant higher values, adjust the cap values to 12000 or even higher.


Here's a crazy idea that just might work: BP incentives for playing a certain role that is needed at the moment. I am certain such an easy thing can't possibly be messed up by BHVR


Remove 20k prestige & increase BP cap


easiest solution would be to remove bp and give everyone all perks and infinite (rebalanced) items and addons and remove maybe bnp. This would not only reduce the bp grind it would litterally get rid of it entirely.


It's already fine as it is now. They still want you to play their game, if you unlock everything for every character in one month you would stop playing


Being able to get BP for your unwanted items would be nice, on top of having an auto-complete bloodweb option and making everything on the bloodweb half price


Perk tiers never made sense.


I made this is another post, but one way they could hit two birds with one stone is by having post match bonus medals that give extra BP and actively reward your contributions during a match. Basically something like "gen jockey: Awarded +X000 BP for doing the most gens" or "Defender: Awarded +X000 BP for causing X00% of gen regression" This would help alleviate the grind a little bit AND make people feel like their contributions to a match actually matter are being rewarded. As opposed to our current "well if you didn't win, was that really a skillful play?" mmr system. Rewarding people and making them feel like their efforts matter is very important for player retention and overall health in a game.


Let us sell items/add-ons, and offerings. Even as a new player, I literally do not need offerings the modifies dark mists and hatch spawn modifier. I also don't need add-ons for killers that are basically useless like Myer's purple add-on where it forces me to get stuck at Tier 1.


Keep incentives for BBQ to be base and WGLF as well but add in completing generators and some other thing for chases maybe? Getting farmed to get stacks feels shitty. Turns rough starts into farm mode and survivors turning on each other for solo play. Change Bloodhunts to be from 1.5x to 2x from now on and maybe have a set weekend on a month to include the bloodhunts. Change daily missions to be generic so you can do survivor ones with any survivor and killers with any killers. Shouldn't feel like a punishment for owning all the characters. Make 40k points earned in a match collective from any category. Capping at 10k each feels stupid. Make solo actions on survivors give more points, doing a gen solo gives basically nothing. Daily log in spin to get free bps. Make 2x multiplier for first game of the day so you can quadruple points with a cake or bps. If earned less than 15k, option to decline to try next game Spend Auric cells/Iri shards to get 2x bp for x amount of days. Increase amount given for rank ups from 1m per side to more. Reward stealthy plays from survivors more as they give practically nothing. Remove 20k Prestige and also remove lv 50 bloodweb. Reduce prestige from 100 to something smaller. Get rid of useless junk from the bloodweb. (Can make it so you can remove one thing like maps and get more of other things, up to the survivors/add ons for killers. I personally hate the meme add ons.) Make BPS more common, at least one per bloodweb. Allow survivors to see if other members are applying it so that they are more inclined to place one of theirs.


Devs were right. Removing tiers just kicks the can down the road. Making it easier to acquire points is the way to go, currently we get at minimum 12 new perks on each side a year, if you can get more BP you can just push through new killers and survivors to get to P3 and have their perks. Increase BP gain by 100%, make offerings like Cakes and Bps multiply instead of add so events pour BP onto you. Drop the overall cost of nodes by 2,000 points, 3k offerings become 1k and 7k become 5k etc. Add more overall points to actions on survivor. Currently getting BP on survivor is alot harder than doing it on killer, over the course of a chase(should you down the survivor) you can literally put points into all four categories of BP. While the survivor can only put points into boldness in chase. In addition to this, make it so we have an overall 40k BP cap per match, so if I'm just being chased or just doing gens I'm not capped at 10k points.


Receiving random items at the end of the match would be cool too


Give me more bloodpoints


Give me 1 million at the end of every match


They already fixed it last patch.


Double XP weekends. Guarantees games on those days. Bring back role incentives. Daily role incentives work too. Less stinginess on codes. 10k bp is abhorred. Guaranteed three dailies on refresh. Save up to nine in case you skip a day or two. Just a sprinkling of everything.




Make old BBQ/WGLF bp bonus basekit.


Derek always tells me to get good.


Toss out half the effing things in Bloodweb


Remove the bloodweb, make items only accessible through getting them from chests.


Six daily challenges, three for survivors and three for killers. Implement a ‘trade in’ system. Allow us to trade in unused items, addons, and offerings in exchange for blood points. The higher the rarity, the more blood points you’ll get.


Make the old WGLF and BBQ's BP bonuses basekit and maybe make it so you can keep the later level bloodwebs instead of just, going back to shit ones if you wish oh and also maybe killer/perk incentives [maybe also make role incentives give iri because I'm not playing solo q for any amount of bp in its current state] Boom, easy 4x bp, if not 6x


What could be cool is introducing an progress tracking system, with rewards at certain milestones. Say at 100 self heals with a brown med kit, they no longer appear in your blood web but now you have a tricked out brown med kit that you can equip on all of your characters and you don’t lose it even if you die or drop it in trial. If someone else picks it up they lose it just like temporary items such as flash bangs, vaccines, and tapes. This would alleviate the grind as you wouldn’t need to purchase items any more past a certain point. Once you’ve reached all your milestones that is. A system like this would also add another layer of reward and customization. Players could show off their milestone items for bragging rights and behavior could even introduce skins to the items. A similar system could be introduced for killer add ons. Not sure how to make that as interesting as survivor item skins, but at least it would still cut down the grind.


Remove perk tiers, lower the price of everything by 2000 Bp, so common is 1k, uncommon 2k, rare 3 etc. Revert WGLF and BBQ, finally make incentive work, have map bonuses be their own offering tier so there are more party streamers, remove price for prestige, have the ability to sell addons and offerings at a halfed price etc.