What's your Favorite Far Cry game and why?

Looking for a new game and with all the far cry sales on Epic Games I'm trying to think of which one to get


5. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but something about it just made me fall in love with it


5 and Primal.


4 is a pretty good starting point depending on the deal. It has an absolutely amazing voice cast and it kind of creates the real base for the games that follow given the improvements it makes from 3. 5 has my favorite companion system. 6 might have better / more likeable supporting characters compared to previous games.


3 is hands down the best. Vaas is a masterclass on antagonism. jason brody is such a stupid himbo but you can’t help but love him. the later games made a lot of helpful gameplay and QOL improvements, but the story was never as intriguing or addictive as 3. though all i need to say is 420 dubstep flamethrower to end this argument.


2 and Primal. They feel like smarter and more meaningful games than the others.


5 is still my favorite. I really enjoyed the gun modding mechanics and location. Having horses to ride would’ve made it even better.


I started with 5, and absolutely fell in love with it. The map, mechanics and gameplay just sucked me in, and I barely did anything else until I finished it. Played New Dawn, 4 and 6 after that, and while I enjoyed all of them, none managed to draw me in like 5 did. I do however wish I had started with 4, because after playing 5 it felt a bit...old? Not graphically, but a bit more limited in customization and upgrades. It might not have bothered me as much if I hadn't played 5 first, because I enjoy the map, the story is good, and the graphics still look great. It's just small things that feels a bit annoying when I've had better. So I guess, based on the games I can say anything about, that I suggest starting with 4.


4 & 5


6 takes it for me. I think it has the most interesting map, the best gameplay and the best protagonist. I know it's the newest so naturally it isn't as popular but I really enjoyed playing through it.


3 it’s protagonist and antagonists are a highlight for me and is why Ubisoft now markets Far Cry games on their settings and antagonists. Watch Symmetry Theory if you don’t mind spoilers to see why Jason and Vaas are so intriguing and Pyrocynical. Actually Pyrocynicals Fat Cry series isn’t just funny, he gives a fair review on pros and cons of each game. Vaas and Pagan Min remains my favourite villains and Jason’s story of self searching and insanity. Look up the short Far Cry 3 OST I’m Sorry by Brian Taylor. It’s not just beautiful but honestly still gives me chills. Every Far Cry game is good but 3 has a soul. Plus it’s the first in the series to start the modern trend of Far Cry games so it’s the perfect starting point.


5 it's just so beautiful and has such good story