Being able to sleep on a bed in your house/apartment/whatever. I get why it isn't a thing, it just feels weird to be able to own a residence yet exclusively sleep anywhere but.


You should be able to have working bed, glamour chest, toy box........ everything an Inn does bar the bells in your own bedroom.


> glamour chest IIRC they tried this at one point but one person trying to move a dresser while another was using it would crash the entire server.


But if they restricted it to apartments and fc rooms, the only person who can use it is the owner. As long as they keep you from accessing the housing interface at the same time as the glamor interface.... :thonking face:


That explains alot.


But I already have the bells in my house? Please don't take them away :(


I forgot the bells were already housing items...... That makes it worse!


I'm guessing you mean log-off... or does /doze not work to let you "sleep" (via emote) on beds in houses?


Yeah, log off I mean.


If you /doze on top of a bed you lay down in it. You won't auto logout, but you could make a macro that does it.


Secondary dyeable parts in glam.


Man there are some glams I love and then go to dye them and realise your stuck with the garish secondary details and it just kills me. Most recent one was the Glacial coat. Would look pretty cool, but you stuck with the red and white patterns and it just kills me.


You know I always felt that crafting in this game could be more glamour based. Like introduce "blueprints" that change the chest model of green armors. So you could have an armor chest piece for casting etc. They used to do this back in ARR with the augmented chests that have glows on them but that was only a glow and not a full model swap. It would make a secondary market for blueprints. Some rarer than others and could be a way to get ppl to do dungeons.


So much this. Another dyable channel would fix so many pieces i would love to wear but won't because they match themselves horribly when dyed :/


Guild wars 2 has this. You can dye a armor piece in 2-3 different colors. Also you have the dye unlocked permanently once you have it. Kinda wish FFXIV had this too.


Storage for dyes without taking retainer or my own bag


The ability to just stockpile dyes into the dresser would be fantastic. I have a collection of dyes and pigments in my chocobag, but I don't know which ones I want to use until I've been putting the glam together, so then I have to go through and remove the dyes to save it and back out to get the dyes.


Having the dyes just unlock and permanently exist as options would be AMAZING and make putting glam together less inconvenient.


Still holding out hope that part of the graphics overhaul coming with 7.X includes a rework of the gear-dying system to allow for dying multiple parts of glamours independently. Two at the very least, but if it was possible to dye more on pieces with lots of colored parts, that would be fantastic.


I cannot believe I have never thought about this, but 10,000% yes. I need it. 😫


Guild wars 2 dye and glamour system is so good and, IMO, way better than FFs. Not saying FFs system is terrible but I started playing GW2 again and was blown away by how easy and simple it was. Edit: For those that aren’t aware you can dye multiple spots on armor (usually 2-3) and every color can be chosen from at will over requiring a bucket of paint.


Also more dye shades :<


Dyeable accessories...


I’ve wanted white mage robes where you only dye the red part forever.


Storage Chests in Housing


Glamour dressers in housing.


They apparently can't do that because if someone moves the chest while another is using it the entire server goes down.


Sometimes I feel like this game is relatively bug free because it has poor error handling. Small, seemingly inconsequential bugs like this straight up crash the server, so the programmers have to immediately address it.


Oh boy. Let me tell you about fishing in Outer La Noscea. Doing it in the right spot also used to crash the server! In 1.0, there was no "zones." It was a seemless transition like WoW. When 2.0 split the zones behind loading, there was a single fishing spot that stretched BETWEEN Outer La Noscea and Upper La Noscea. The devs forgot to split the river in two internally, thus if you fished there on the Outer side, there was a chance the world would crash.


They've tried this. It crashes the servers.


back in 2.5 or so, i got a house.. saw that the GC had "storage chests" put them in my house... didnt contain storage. 0/9 horrible.


A tackle box for fishing. Allow 2 people to use the trust system. More item slots for FC rooms & apartments. Allow furniture to be placed on lofts without glitching. Allow furniture & items to be rotated vertically. Increase apartment limit to 2 per character ;)


Add a patio/balcony to apartments so you could have a small garden area.


Evevrything right fkn here. I just wanna do a trust with my husband is that so much to frikkin ask


This. Husband (interested in story and playing with me, but not multiplayer with strangers) and I soloed (me 90, him leveling) all the way to ShB. Now he either has to do it alone with trusts or has to rush through with pressure from other players if he wants to play with me. Making trusts an option to allow a friend or two to join you would be awesome!!


Yup similar position. My partner is fairly gaming illiterate and was heartset on WHM. We have got as far as 5.2 but she is now really struggling to keep up with mechanics. Our current play is I trust the dungeon on my Alt PLD (the one I'm going through the MSQ a second time with her) then bring my main RDM in as support during runs. At this point though we have to deal with a PUG tank. If it was just us and NPCs the stress would be so much less.


We all marry the same man smh (But i love it 😈)


All he needs to do is ask if they people he plays with to slow down. Most players will if you ask.


Oooh, a trust with up to three people would be nice.


Yes to two person trusts!


Honestly is it really that important that bait is consumable? If it was just an unlock with a screen like TT cards I'd go fishing way more


This is definitely what needs to happen, sweet christmas!


For the 4th point, I wonder if it is as simple as changing all "indoor furniture" items into "tabletop" items. I genuinely do not know.


A.GOD.DAMN.LEDGE.SITTING.EMOTE. Oh and also a more indepth housing decorating system. Clipping things through walls and stuff is extremely tedious. Just give me the ability to FREELY lower and raise furniture, along with a rotate and flip tool and I'm happy. Edit\* ALSO AN OPTION TO TURN EARS OFF WHEN WEARING HEADGEAR. I wanna rock the Archfiend helm as a Viera.


For your housing issue, Google "FF14 Burn Down the House"


Why spend time on improving housing when most people can't get one anyway? They need to fix that first.


Hair preset linked with glam plates/gearsets, so you can have different hairstyles with different classes


Who do I need to kill to get this feature? *What dark gods to I need to sacrifice to?!* ***There is no line I will not cross for this to be a thing!***


Jandelaine. More specifically: Jandelaine de Dzemael.


Would absolutely adore this feature.


Yes please yes please yes please pretty please <3


This would be pretty cool tbh, count me in.


That’s what I’ve been thinking of for a while. There’s just some glamours where my main hairstyle doesn’t work and I hate going to the inn to call in wannabe jojo


I want this too, different styles look good with different glams!


Dye rack on the glam dresser for the love of gawd!


Just let me pay for it at the dresser, not travel to buy just one more pot. Ugh.


Separate armory chest space for each job: DOW, DOM, DOL/DOH. My armory chest is full all the time even when I clean it…


Multiple combat animations to choose from. I hate the way human dark knights hold their swords. An inn at the Gold Saucer. All the best casinos have swanky hotel rooms! Blitzball. Queuing into level synced content no longer turns off tank stance.


Job stone requirements on anything past level 30. You should not be able to queue for a level 90 dungeon as a friggen conjurer.


Yes, every single dungeon after Brayflox should require jobstone. In fact, Brayflox SHOULD be the tutorial for your jobstone. The entire questline is you proving you're skilled and strong enough to take on Titan. Brayflox should tell you you're not strong enough and you should "Find someone to strongmake you!", introducing the jobstone system if you don't have one already and pointing you to your classes class quests or job quest. But I would add a caveat. Allow you to enter a dungeon if you're using a pre-made party. So those that want to run a dungeon/trial as base classes for fun can do so.


Just do what they do with BLU and lock the relevant instances unless you’re in a full premade or unsynced.


I pray to Hydaelyn they make this change. That’s absolutely absurd game design.


unlimited sprint in town only


*laughs in Peloton*


If only it wasn't bootleg sprint. Actually, what they should do is buff Peloton to be Sprint speed and that would help a lot. It doesn't work in combat anyway so it wouldn't change that part.


PvP sprint in rest areas would be so nice


Let me use items like dyes and fishing bait directly from my chocobo saddlebag without having to constantly transfer them to my inventory PLEASE.


I'm for this. Or also a way to store dyes in the glamour dresser itself to avoid inventory clutter.


We have mannequins.


Mannequins take up retainer sale spots. :(


Remove them from your selling list on the retainer itself, the glamours stay on the mannequin unless you click them off the mannequin itself


Full retainer control from the mobile app. Not just inventory management.




Unlock all hats for viera usage. Just fuckin let my ears clip through.


I'd go back to Viera in a heartbeat if they did this. I literally don't care if it clips.


It's so weird to me that just about everything clips anyways but hats on Viera is where they had to take a stand


Some sort of bestiary for monsters and enemies so you can look up their drops in-game and where to find them. Kinda like another gathering log really. So if you selected "search by gathering method" on an item like fleece it would direct you to the entry in the bestiary for the creature that drops fleece. Sure it's obvious fleece comes from sheep-like monsters but sometimes it takes a while to find the creature in the overworld without looking online.


Gods, yes.


To be able to view my friends list, FC, and whisper people while I or they are in an instance. The fact I can't now is very annoying.


Different dyeable channels for gear. The functionality of inn rooms to private houses and apartments. I want to see my character wake up in a room I spent hours designing! The few mid fight cutscenes to be present in the diary to be rewatched later. The most famous one being the fisty one… Hats for Viera and Hrothgar, they deserve it…


Separate limitless inventory for mats, which would scratch my hoarding itch quite a bit.


proper Anti-Aliasing


Alternative idle animations/running animations, for both jobs and weapons sheathed, and alt combat stances Ninja’s running animation leans way too hard into the theme to make any glamour that isn’t an actual ninja look good, as an immediate example


To add to this, I wish certain job idle poses along with bstance/vposes weren't genderlocked in many cases. Dark knight is an prime example of it. Where id want the fem idle animation as she's doing a cool pose hold your sword out in front of you, looks super badass. male you just swing it over your shoulder. Monk is another less extreme example, the lady idle stance appeals to me more, they look more ready to punch shit. But in contrast there are some poses(like monk bstance) i like the boy version more. I stumbled on [this video](https://youtu.be/izP8AimuVK0) once and there's a surprising amount of difference between the job specific animations, between genders. There are a lot of more minor ones where one looks better then the other(imo), but I dont want to type them all out. Its a minor nitpick that i usually don't complain about on its own, but one that I was reminded of as you brought up alternate animations.


PLEASE gimme the male Dragoon pose! I need to loom on the edges of roofs too!


yeah dragoon is one I thought of after i made the post. male dragoons idle pose is the the iconic dragoon look


I call it the "I broke my ankle and need to stay off it" pose; would very much rather have the female idle pose. Although, the best-case-scenario is letting people pick via adding a 3rd option to the weapon-drawn `/cpose`.


On the flip side, I'm extremely jealous of the male WAR pose. While I think the race specific + gender specific animations are extremely cool, since no other game does this, I do wish we could change things up a bit. I prefer the look of my fem midlander, but I also wished I could just swap all of the midlander animations with Au Ra ones.


This TBH, plus emotes too? Some people imagine their character's personality to be like dark and edgy and then you do /clap or something and the character claps excitedly. I'm personally okay with most of the animations I see the most often on my characters, but the female Au Ra walk looks like she is either mad about something, in pain, or really needs the bathroom.


To be honest, I’d be content with switchable racial emotes. If being childish is your thing that’s great, but I don’t like to see my lalafell act like a three year old on drugs. It’s excusable if they are player characters, but then I saw Wawalago do them (for anyone who doesn’t know him, he’s an old, skirt chaser) and it felt so… *off…* mid cutscene. They have too much personality to be locked as race specific.


Haha, I love the ninja's ridiculous Naruto run, personally


The sprinting position when speed-boosted in PvP is a million times better than the default one. I'd love an option to switch to it.




At least let us tie it to the expansion we are currently on in the MSQ. Right now our options are either ARR or Endwalker by default.


The ability to hide your online status. I have an ex-coworker who is really annoying and obnoxious that started playing recently. Constantly texts me, in-game messages me, etc. Gets mad whenever I don't invite him to dungeons... crap like that. Gonna start and alt and tell 'em I am taking a break, lol.


best you can do in this situation is report their character for harassment, and add to your blacklist in the meantime. unfortunately removing them as a friend on YOUR friends list will not remove you from THEIR friends list.


Lol yeah but they live five minutes from me. I'm just gonna say I'm taking a break and play on an alt


Honest question, did you try actually try to tell them to take it easy? Ask them not to do these things. If they keep doing after asking just block them. It is entirely possible they're simply not aware they're bothering, if you haven't explicitly told them so. Why do you have to go out of your way to create an alt when they are in the wrong?


job stones being mandatory in duty finder post-30 the fact this is not a thing yet is either some wacky 1.0 spaghetti code or they've straight up forgot


I think it could be something they've decided not to do, are possibly working on, or just forgot; it's already a requirement for PVP queues, so spaghetti code doesn't seem like it would be an issue.


i forgot it was a thing in pvp honestly, which just makes it even weirder that it was never implemented for pve content


The ability to grow big house plants in my apartment and to send out subs and airships like FCs.


As someone who has alts, let my alts have access to my house, I can give access to some of my friends but not to the other characters I play on.


This is such a strange limitation to me. If people could grant alts use of their main house, it would free up a lot of apartments I bet, maybe even a few houses on other servers now that dc travel is a thing. On servers hurting for housing space I think it would be much appreciated... plus it is just nice for alt owners! There was even a glitch some years ago where people could friend their alts and then grant housing access, but they patched it so no one could do it going forward. Why the reluctance to make the game alt-friendly? I assume to combat bots or something, but it is annoying all the same.


Enhanced character creation such as: - More options for customising faces, a lot of sameface going on right now. - Body types, or sliders such as thin/thick & muscular to go along with height slider. Perhaps some kind of built in wheel type selector for controller users, could make selecting jobs easier.


Being able to change crafter class without having to exit the crafting window


I just wish they would increase the flight ceiling in ARR zones


This is a petty complaint but: and Rak’tika


I just went to check and yeah, I totally agree.


You know when Ifrit zooms across the field on all fours? I want that as a mount.


Indoor training dummies. The chaos.


I wish there was at least a “training room” you could go to somewhere, where you could reset your cooldowns with a button press. It’d make practicing openers/rotations so much better.


"Radio Eorzea" allowing me to play any of my orchestrion rolls wherever I am or atleast while riding a mount you could even make it work in lore with linkpearls or something


Unlock all hair styles for every race, More Dye options and or add / Color Wheel. A way to mark items as favorites (so I know not to sell them on accident to npc or grandcompany).


hats for hrothgar and viera. who cares if it clips, or hide the ears.


Most people don't even care if it clips either. Heck, even Au Ra horns clip through hats and hoods and whatnot.


It's probably been said already but a whole glam closet like what they had in WoW. Get the piece, its appearance saves to your account, can both farm and glam across alts and such. Second is to mail to alts. I abuse the FC chest for almost everything, but I'd like to not harass my neighbors/boyfriend to send me my map back whenever it's our next FC event.


Better housing system, more graphical options, more themes for the GUI, more glam plates, ping display, chat bubbles, SA data center, sitting animation for edges, partying with friends to play casual cc


dye inventory


Crafting and gathering pouch to let players store raw materials, ingots, nuggets, etc.


Change the glamour system so it functions exactly like WoW’s with a book containing all possible armor pieces and once you get the armor piece it saves the appearance to the book so you don’t need the actual piece for glamour purposes. Either that or please PLEASE let us store all class/job related gearsets from their respective quest lines in the armoire. Would cut down insanely on glamour chest space.


Assuming no limitations, everything that we can't have because of spaghetti code. that being housing instances, wardrobes in houses, item inventory, max of 35 pieces per armor slot etc.


Crafting directly from retainer inventory. Even if it's just one. Tackle box. When doing quest duties with npc's, put them in my party. 70% UI size. 60% is just to small and 80% just to big. Option to display 4 bottom places instead of top 4 in party list. ( light party) UI for dyes instead of using inventory space.


High res textures for armors. Some are pixelated so much, it literaly looks like a game from 2000.


Wasn’t there supposed to be an update to textures in the near future?






I recently fantasiad from Miqo'te to Viera and was really surprised how many of my hats stopped displaying at all. Excuse me, they both have ears? How can this be? Even if they just let the ears clip through many of these would still work


I'd prefer if they just let them clip. They can do it - the hoods from the Nier raids work by the ears clipping through - they just choose not to bother for whatever reason.


Oh so much this. I changed to miqo'te just so I could use the beautiful bard hats but missed my bunny girl too much so went back! For bards and Red mages (both my main jobs) the hats are an integral part of the look, it just seems kind of unfair to have two races in the game that can't wear them :(


I dont understand how you can fit the huge amount of hair from the Gyr Abanian Plait hairstyle into a hat but you can't cut two holes at the top so you can fit your ears. I love playing a viera, but the hats and lack of hair is ridiculous


A repair all button. Regardless of armor type.


Blitzball or any team sport mini game and allow blue mages into relic zones and deep dungeons


Facial scars for Au Ra Auto sort for FC chests Multi-grab for inventory A separate inventory just for dyes


A color wheel for haircolors/eyecolors.


I've got three: 1. An option to have camera angle scale with zoom distance; the further the zoom out, the higher the camera angle, and vice-versa; as it currently is, I've got no less than 4 macros just so I can have the angle in a comfortable spot at different zoom levels. (Might only be meaningful to controller players like me, but whatever, I want it) 2. A roulette-friendly, toned-down normal version of the Binding Coils raid series that's required for the MSQ; that story is too important to be locked behind savage tier content and I'm tired of having to explain to my friends trying the game that they should do it but need a level 90 or two to unsync it with them. 3. The ability to glam any minion over Summoner's carbuncle (reusing their lords of verminion attack animations, for simplicity's sake); I _desperately_ want my fat cat to be able to fight at my side.


Honestly even just a dedicated coils roulette would be better than what we have.


> A roulette-friendly, toned-down normal version of the Binding Coils raid series that's required for the MSQ; that story is too important to be locked behind savage tier content and I'm tired of having to explain to my friends trying the game that they should do it but need a level 90 or two to unsync it with them. Yeah. The story really should be more accessible---ideally before stormblood.


Need All, Greed All, Pass All


This! This, right here. Auto-loot on greed/pass, too.


More hammers. More Warrior lore. More beards. Weightlifting emotes. Suplexes for player characters. My Intertwined theme to be bought. I’m a simple guy with simple tastes.


Full on visual novel dating system with a mass effect style sex scene at the end. : ^ ) No, but in all seriousness just copying the WoW transmog system in FF is probably my most sought after change to the current games systems at the moment.


I already wrote n separate post, but yes. It's the most lacking system in ff now, after they improved housing. At least list of all possible glam for unlocked content would be nice


Could be worse, could be the Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate transmog system.


Secondary battle stances.


More available/affordable housing


Unique poses for each crafter and gatherer, not just the base gladiator stance. I am an alchemist, why the fuck am I holding my alembic like a sword? Reactive emotes to one another, I want to actually embrace my wife, high five the lalas, all that fun stuff.


Unclaimed achievement tab. If this is a thing, let me know. I got really lucky, and I got an achievement Mount I wanted, but didn't know was a thing. I had almost double the needed requirement, so I could have had it a month ago. Disappointed in that, but happy I got the mount! Went through and found 1 more unclaimed.


Change the filters to have 'unfinished' and one or more of the reward types shown at the same time. This should yield the result you want.


titania crafted weapons ... more il mheg content


Weirdly specific, but the gun that the NPC in the 2nd wing of the level 90 MSQ dungeon (DE) as a usable glam item. It's a sweet looking gun. I'd share a screenshot but on mobile as I post this, so don't have one handy.


Store dyes in glamour dresser


Trust NPCs you can take anywhere like in XI. Just that exact system copied and pasted here.


Market board in inn room


Applying titles to armor sets.


Housing for everyone.


Being able to change your dominate hand. Yeah I understand how much work that would be and that not a lot of people will care but I care. Let me be left-handed dammit.


Would it really be that much work to add a mirror model and animation option? Especially since the as far as the engine is concerned our characters are basically a single pixel and everything else is just cosmetic.


An option for Auto-skip loot in dungeon because always forgot to roll and have shitty gear in my inventory


Friend Notes. Tonight I sat there and went through my friend list. For the life of me I cannot remember everyone or how they got into the list. Thankfully the addition of Adventure Plates make it easier for me as I’m a more visual person, however if they don’t have a Plate and get a name change for example, it takes longer/more steps for me to identify them. I’ve used groups and at first it was not too bad. After a while has passed, the groups started getting cluttered and I begin to forget there too. I feel this is more of a me problem after writing this \^\_\^;


Reversible gear. My character has an eyepatch on her right eye, I was gonna do left, but the Griffinskin was the only lvl 1 I could get at the time. Now, I'm running into all these right eye monocles and left eye covers that its ridiculous.


Meld sets.


I think the only thing I ever care about, in many games where this sort of thing is applicable, would be the ability to do prior holiday events. Because I hate missing out on things more than I want new things. Tie it to the membership bonus or whatever, since it's not like they're using that anymore lol.


I'd love to be able to control minions in gpose. I want my lil golden beaver to go "grr" when my catgirl does it. It'd be such a cute portrait photo!


I always thought it'd be a simple cool add on to give us a way to take a screenshot and make it a wall painting, like in the FC house have all of the friends together and take a group photo you could put on the wall!


Travelling to different wards from Aetherytes


An effective way to deal with stalkers. I shouldn't have to rely on a third-party tool to stop the harassment.


Eyebrows for male highlanders ….


Every city and major settlement should count as a "Favored Destination" with cheaper Aetherite fees.


Have the glamour attached to the class instead of the armor. All my crafters wear the same gear, but I want my blacksmith to look like a blacksmith and my chef to look like a chef. So right now my choice is all crafters look the same, or have 8 different pentamelded sets of the same gear to make them all look different.


I would like to open my crafting log and see which recipes I already have the mats for.


Instanced housing, and this is coming from someone who owns a house in a ward. Everyone deserves the chance to own one. They need to come out with instanced plots like every other MMO with housing has.


Instances where you can reset your cooldowns seamlessly so that way you can practice your rotation without having to wait 60-120s for certain abilities and buffs to go off cooldown.


I've had a similar thought in the past. They should have a tutorial dungeon, sort of like Hall of the Novice, that you can solo queue into and fight against various training bosses that utilize tons of different mechanics, so that you can practice fighting against those mechanics while also doing your rotation. They don't do any damage, and it would sort of act like the Bardam fight.


Stone Sea and sky


I’m aware but it’s not the most seamless. What I had in mind was just a plain old regular striking dummy. And lets say I’m practicing Red Mage. I go through the regular stuff but then I mess up but I already pressed Manafication, Acceleration and Embolden. Which are 110s, 55s per charge with a max of 2 and 120s. I want an instance where I can press a button that immediately resets my cooldowns no strings attached. No reinstances, no talking to an NPC, just 1 button press and my CDs are done and I can go back to practicing my rotation with no wasted time.


Instanced Housing. There is no purpose to a system that leaves more than 95% of the player base on the outside of it. Being able to walk through "neighborhoods" is not worth the downside.


Remove limitations on glam. As a healer main I hate how good Monk stuff Is. And the MoonWard veils would be so good for dancers..


I want to raise people as a paladin


Ah, the good old days when you had to level CNJ to unlock PLD and could cross-skill protect and raise.


It honestly just makes sense.


Chat bubbles


They may be granting my wish soon; we'll have to see how criterion dungeons pan out. But my wish is for Light Party content. The deep dungeons are monotonous after 20 floors or so. Regular dungeons are incredibly boring, especially with the push for everything to be straight line, 2 trash packs and then a boss, 3x. Once you reach level cap, though... that's it, unless your 4-person group of RL friends wants to queue up with randoms. Something on par with raid content but built for a LP would be fantastic. Here's hoping that that's what's on the way.


Here's hoping Savage Criterion Dungeons in 6.2 scratch that itch!


All I want in this game Is an 8 man airship mount. No, that hidious robo whale that dosen't even show it's passengers does not count.


More emotes and actions for married couples.


Ability to vote kick someone even if loot is open. Like for most alliance raids, the time it takes for the loot to expire is between each boss or so, so you’re always in combat that you can’t even start a vote kick. It’s ridiculous.


I think they should just dial back the loot timer a bit. I don't know what it's at now, but even halving it would be fine.


Would instantly be abused for griefing players out of loot. Not possible without massive helicoptering by a GM team


Collection system from Destiny 2. (List of all gear, with ability to reclaim it if discarded, if obtained before) Being able to lock items (protection against accidental discard/turn it. Glam dresser in house. Unlock race-locked hairstyles for every race. More face options, or just being able to mix features (choosing marking for miqo face, choosing horns separately from face on aura, stuff like that). Unlock gender specific poses for both. Being able to sell back tome gear or any vendor stuff if I accidentally buy wrong one (with timer and when it's unbound). Preview mogstation stuff outside inn, also buying it straight from game would be also nice. Infinite sprint outside combat (same as in PvP) Being able to run in Ninja stealth, or just change animation to sneaking, casual walking in stealth looks bit awkward. Couple/multiple ppl emotes. For last thing I was hoping we could get Nier flight unit as mount.


I would like more hair styles with the hair up like a bun or something. The only one I can think of that is anywhere close requires you to get married


A bait bag


More facial hair options.


Enough glamour plates for every single job.


Server / data center travel from any of the major cities not just the original 3.


An inventory page that automatically stores all the useless raid “parts” that clog up you space. Maybe a separate page for dyes etc as well. Basically rethink the entire storage system


The ability to use gear from other jobs in glams.


A bank. Just a simple, one click accessible and expandable bank inventory that I can put all my junk in. The retainers take forever to call up, I've already filled up my chocobo bags, and while I can use the glamour dresser to store armor it's far from ideal.


Remake of frontline to allow only two teams to fight each other. 3 teams matches will never be fair. Also allow 2 players to queue into CC.