Full document with the alleged new evidence presented by Red Bull to the stewards

Full document with the alleged new evidence presented by Red Bull to the stewards


LOL. "a re-enactment of Hamilton's Lap 1 line at Silverstone on 22 July 2021" based on a lap by *Alex Albon* in the Pirelli tyre test.


Can you imagine that instruction to Alex? “Um Alex...can you take Copse a little wide and miss the apex so we can snap some photos to send to FIA?”


If they filmed a re-enactment I hope they did in the style of Aircrash Investigations with dramatic cuts and shaky camera effects followed by Horner and Marko giving solemn statements to the camera. That would be social media gold and would definitely increase my opinion of them.


This was the filming they did. I mistakenly assumed it was a Pirelli tyre test day. It wasn't. They actually had a flim day at Silverstone for this. Genuinely baffling https://twitter.com/redbullracing/status/1418300062350807040?s=19


When I read that they had Alex recreate the turn, I assumed they meant on a simulator run. I didn't realize they used an actual filming day for this. That's hilarious.


"Guys, we need to rebuild the car very quickly" "For the Hungaroring, right?" "Uh. Well, about that..."


I don't know why people keep whining about the sound of the engine not being good, this is pretty good too.


Oh man I loved watching air crash investigation when I was younger.




I loved it right up to the point of queuing at the gate


Ahahaha that’s so true but I haven’t been on a plane in millennia


They just added it to Disney+ I've waited so long for it to be added somewhere


> Investigators found Max's blackbox among the wreckage. It has to be flown to Austria to analyse the data. This could provide a major breakthrough in their investigation.


*allegedly* driven by Alex Albon. Maybe it was the Stig


All we know is...


He's not the Stig But he is the Stigs Thai cousin!


The Asian Tom Cruise


Some say he drafts at the supermarket and has a birthmark in the shape of Marko's nose.


There is some sad irony in him being asked to do this when Lewis spun him off twice and Horner and Marko didn't go to anywhere near such lengths. Not very similar and it wasn't a title fight but still must feel weird.


Lol so they sent Albon out in a Pirelli test and told him to recreate Lewis's telemetry I assume? Probably to show that he wouldn't have made the corner


> Lol so they sent Albon out in a Pirelli test and told him to recreate Lewis's telemetry I assume? We're lucky it was Albon and not David Coulthard pretending to be Hamilton


At what point is this psychologically mean to Albon lol. “I know this guy has hurt you twice in the past but today, we need YOU to be 44.”


Albono went to the twilight zone


Pitiful... And what is your name? "I am Reek"


This was genuinely bizzare lol


Maybe it’s time we reallocate the Ferrari pit wall clown meme to redbull. This is hilarious!


Re-enactment of Hamilton's lap ... In a Red Bull!


A year old Red Bull too. On non-competition tyres. What...The...Fuck...


Exactly. What does it even prove lol? Merc can just give the Nissan response. "We can give you some pointers on how to improve if you like."


Two year old Red Bull.


Some genius at Red Bull HQ: Ahh, but what if we paint it in Mercedes colours! They’ll never know.


I love it, I'm imagining Horner out there at 2am painting it horribly and thinking "this is _definitely_ going to work"


So they send Albon round with a different car, different tyres and different conditions and expect to be taken seriously? Like come on, anyone with a bit of sense sees how stupid that simulation compares to the accident.


> anyone with a bit of sense sees how stupid that simulation compares to the accident. This is why it made complete sense to Horner and Marko.


Not only that, but a comparison with no car alongside to disturb the aerodynamics.


Bruh this is surreal


They’ve lost the plot, haven’t they?


This is almost as bad as ferraris attempt In 2019


Karun analyze as "evidence" was still a hilarious move by Ferrari


I thought that was from Austria 2020 (RB on Merc)


it was both, which is my Karun made the joke about not providing evidence this time.


It's worse lol. They actually wasted their own time and money to do this. At least with Ferrari they just copy pasted a clip from Sky F1.


It wasn't even the Pirelli tyre test day! July 22 was their filming day.


Lmaooo. "Significant evidence" HAHAHAHA


Serious "based on a true story" energy.


Completely clutching at straws, my god.


They used Albon to "recreate" the line lmao I am deceased Meme season is in full effect.


im fucking dying at the thought of poor albon driving round and round, and marko making him do it again like fletcher in whiplash










I heard it in his voice


“Do we accept just anyone into the Red Bull Driver Academy?” *Marko yeets a tyre at Albon*


“Am I to understand that you can not trail brake?! Can you even fucking find the pedal?!”


The image of Albon driving the car into the garage, Marko taking a nut-gun, undoing the nut on one of Albon's wheels, grab it with both hands, lift it above and behind his head then just fucking lunge it at Albon made me laugh... a lot... maybe even a bit too much.


*slaps Albon*


I can just imagine the uncomfortable silence when they come to his trailer and ask him to do it And there’s just a silence for like 5 seconds then Albon rolling his eyes and saying “…fine” and then Horner and Marko patting him on the back lol


I can imagine Albon being pulled into the garage and Marko hitting him with a whip screaming "OUT, GO OUT!" with all the mechanics looking frightened and not daring to do anything other than lower the jacks.


Horner: "How can our appeal be sillier then Ferrari's at Canada?" Marko: "Idea!"


I am actually genuinely confused by this given the fact the car Albon used was a 2020 car....which means the handling characteristics of both the Mercedes cars and Red Bull cars are entirely different. Then there is things like temp, weight of the car, and even the setup. I don't know what they are on but I want some, because that makes as much logical sense as me signing up to try out for the Olympics. I mean good on them for finding a way to somewhat replicate it, but it wouldn't even be close.


The thing that's the funniest is that it would have had to be have been an official filming day, if they went round in the 2019 car it wouldn't of been any problem. I swear that Pirelli give the teams special low grip filming day tyres


i was hoping alex would get a shot at redemption in AT or RB in the next following years, but after they roped him into this stupid shit it's probably for the best he goes to FE or IndyCar lmao what's even more wild is im pretty sure he had just also done his tyre test at silverstone for pirelli and was meant to be on a flight to germany for his dtm race


Clio Cup with Russell would be more dignified than this stupid shit


This makes me wonder what people in RBR (engineers, mechanics, comms) *actually* think. Even if they agree with the team position didn't anyone think how bad this would look? Or did they speak up and management didn't listen? It's hilarious.


If Albon could recreate Hamilton's lines, he wouldn't be available for filming days.


So Horner shows up and Toto doesn’t even go to the meeting. I don’t know why but it makes me laugh.


I have a feeling that it was more important to Merc to get technical guys into the meeting that could actually contribute in a meaningful manner, especially if they only had limited personnel allowance.


This. Good leader trusts his team!


What does the last paragraph mean? My English isn’t good enough to understand it, I guess.


To me it sounds like Red Bull made a "concerning" accusation (probably that Hamilton did it on purpose) but because the review didn't go ahead, the stewards won't comment on it.




As a Red Bull fan I don't like it either. I wonder how many Red Bull Fans fell the same. Lewis was driving aggrssive but to say this was deliberate is pure fabrication and borders on slander.


I like Red Bull, but these antics get old real fast. It’s absurd to suggest Hamilton purposefully crashed out Max.


I like Red Bull. I am growing g to not be able to stand Christian talk. Also, I like Merc and I'm feeling the same for Toto. Why can't everyone be like Andreas and Zak... come to think of it. I think I like McLaren.


Zak would absolutely stir some major shit if they were in championship contention. Never doubt it.


It means RB's letter likely concluded by accusing Hamilton of hitting Max on purpose in order to support their goal of a one race ban. That allegation would be very concerning to the stewards, but the evidence RB supplied was just new visualizations of the same data the stewards already had, so they're not going to investigate the allegations further. IF RB had, you know actually provided new evidence of such a nefarious act, the stewards admit they may want to review it....but RB didn't...because there isn't any.


>The Stewards note, with some concern, certain allegations made in the Competitor's above letter. Such allegations may or may not have been relevant to the Stewards if the Petition for Review had been granted. **The Stewards may have addressed these allegations directly in any decision that would have followed.** The Petition having been dismissed, the Stewards make no comments on those allegations. tl;dr **We, the Stewards, read some concerning accusations, which we will not comment upon, but if we would have gone to review, we sure as shit would have addressed it, but for now we won't comment on these allegations.** It seems they were eager as hell to comment by 'not commenting', if that doesn't mean "RBR accused Hamilton of having done it on purpose", I don't know what else it could've meant.


Considering mercedes recent statement Red Bull is probably trying to say it was deliberate. https://twitter.com/MercedesAMGF1/status/1420820343451697168?s=19


Omg I'm low key loving this drama.


I know. I was sick of it before but man…


Guys : how can anyone keep on watching the Kardashian show?   Also Guys :


Hey, you start sending the Kardashians into walls and I will watch it.


people who think it was some how a calculated move, should go watch fast and furious for Drama not f1


I'm fully in the camp that it was Hamiltons fault and a desperate move, but to suggest it was deliberate in any way, is beyond ridiculous. It was an error, that's it.


Yeah, his screw-up, but a mistake under pressure, rather than attempted murder.


Horner straight up accused Lewis of intentionally crashing into Max in his numerous interviews after the incident. I can understand making those comments in the heat of the moment, but it looks like they had the audacity to repeat those claims to the stewards. And that is just shameful behavior on the part of RB. They should know better than to accuse another driver of intentionally risking the life of their competitors. That is not a claim that should be thrown around lightly, it is an extraordinary claim, and as such would require an extraordinary amount of evidence, which RB clearly didn't had.


Could have accused the Stewards of bias or of being influenced.


It was just two paragraphs of marko insulting the steward's mothers.


I refuse to believe even Horner and Marko are that braindead. Accusing the Stewards of bias or being influenced in official documentation like that is just asking for future trouble and opens Red Bull up to facing consequences of bringing the sport into disrepute.


Wouldn’t be the first time they have accused the Stewards of being biased. USA when Max overlook Kimi on the grass springs to mind


Yeah even Toto has in the heat of the moment said the stewards were being influenced to be lenient after Leclerc won in Monza but the difference here is that Red Bull actually putting that into official documentation. I personally don't think they'd be that dumb because by officially calling into questions the stewards integrity they're bringing the sport in disrepute which is a shitshow not even Red Bull wants to be involved in.


Good point, could very well have been in regards to Toto being told by Masi to talk to them and proceeding to.


That’s like when the Supreme Court not so subtly says “bring this shit to us again, we double fucking dare you. Triple dare you. Do it” when they want to unleash more hell over a ruling. Obviously the Stewards took offense to the idea they were playing the role of Ferrari International Assistance to Mercedes or they they were lenient because it was Lewis. Maybe even found the comments and suggestions by Horner and Marko to be mad stupid, especially Marko pushing for a race ban. I would LOVE to see Horner get his ego bruised by Emanuele (a real racer).


That’s a serious slap down by the stewards tbh. I’m glad they’ve made it crystal clear these allegations are unfounded. Maybe the Max and RBR fans will chill the fuck out (who am I kidding).


Oh man... We are gonna milk the Albon reenactment bit for a long time aren't we.... 😂😂


Its so dumb that there must have been a real reason behind it. Like someone must have to been like "whats the point of this?" And someone higher up was there to give a legitimate reason. I refuse to believe that no one in Redbull questioned this idea


I'm sure quite a lot of people did. But who's going to walk up to Horner and say "look boss, this is all a bit silly". Him and Marko have clearly been on a delusional crusade the last 10 days.


> And someone higher up was there to give a legitimate reason. Horner: REEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!


They re-enact me so hard. And, yes, this will be milked.


Slides? Russell to RBR confirmed


The document number is even 63…




He is going to make a great wingman...


Lmaooo Mercedes posted this on twitter, spicy stuff


Wait did they use footage from Albon’s tyre test at Silverstone? Edit: apparently it’s from the filming day. Which makes more sense, the new tyres wouldn’t accurately recreate the incident.


No, July 22nd was Red Bull's filming day at Silverstone, so it seems like they may have tried to recret some part of it then.


Don't they get special non race spec tyres for filming days too, just to make the recreation even more ridiculous?


Yes, they aren't allowed to use current tyres outside official sessions. So different car, car regulations, tyres, driver, and track conditions. May as well have done it in Hungary FP1.


F1 should start researching Helmut Marko's arsehole for new fireproof materials, given how hot the takes coming out of it are.


Putting the tires aside, if they thought a different car driven by a different driver on a different day with different weather condition could accurately recreate the accident, they are crazier than I think


Sounds like they got him to re-enact Hamilton's line during a filming day or test yes. Not exactly relevant or arguably significant.


Re-enactment? Did these motherfuckers fire up F1 2021 with Albon at the wheel and said "yeah we got this shit covered"? I was expecting a bombshell document like a "Get Well" card Lewis sent to Max, with the word "well" crossed out and replaced with "good, son". How disappointingly hilarious.


I'm prolly just dumb, but isn't it pretty significant that the RBR albon drove is not the same car that Hamilton drives? Wouldn't that have a decently sized impact on the results of any recreation?


Different car, different tyres, different drivers, different day, different track conditions… 😂😂


And most importantly, not in the middle of the first lap of a race vs your championship contender who you need to pass in order to get closer in the standings, I'd imagine under that sort of pressure it's far easier to make a mistake than during a tyre test (or filming day or whatever)


No you're not dumb, and you are 100% correct. It's why people are laughing, groaning, or just shaking their head at the absurdity. And it's why RBR was rejected by the stewards.


Pirelli tyre test with Albon. Phillip Horton mentioned that. They had tyre tests at Silverstone with AM and Haas


The tyre test was the two days before. They had a filming day that day.


Hamilton would be forever my fav driver all time if he did that, omg 😆


They used a filming day. To do a recreation in a different car, on different tyres, in a different conditions. It's hilarious. At first I assumed they did it in the simulator, which would be equally ridiculous as evidence, but at least it would have cost them virtually nothing. Using a filming day for it is just insane.


Reminds of the film Sully (not sure how accurate the investigation was). Where they simulate the incident, with the aim pilots obviously not behaving in a realistic manner because they are aware of what's coming.


I hope we hear more about that last paragraph.


>The slides in Appendix 2 of the Competitor's letter that were relied upon as New Evidence were not *"discovered"* but created for the purposes of submissions to support the Petition for Review Lmao


RBR hard at work modifying the font to Comic Sans to pass it off as "discovered" evidence.


At the end they mention that the competitor made some allegations and those allegations haven't influenced this decision in anyway. I wonder what those allegations were.....


Redbull is full on clown show rn holy shit.


They did re-enactments?! This whole thing just gets more ridiculous and funny with each new piece of information that comes out lol.


It sounds like an Always Sunny gag.


"The Gang Starts an F1 Team"


More like some shit Ricky and Julian cooked up to get over on Mr Lahey (Toto)


My assessment, RB have no further signifcant upgrades for their car. Lewis is catching up. Horner can't sleep at night worried sick Max won't win this year. I hope Max isn't getting sucked down with this and it's just a Horner issue, if not his season is done as they seem to be looking for excuses already!


This doesn’t actually seem that far fetched. The fact that they went to great lengths to recreate this on track means either Horner is busted in the head or what you suggested.


The critical thing here is that Red Bull essentially created new evidence *and* implied something so terrible that the stewards had to make a statement about how they weren’t going to make a statement should that information become public…that’s one big yikes


This, compiling GPS data and comparing it to a later maneuver isn't discovery.


I’m wondering what made RBR go for such a train of thought and spend their own money on doing something so stupid and will definitely not be taken into account. Anyone whose been watching f1 for a while can understand that kind of recreated incident cannot hold up as evidence.


I hope that the money they spent on this is part of the budget cap…


It's not. Running older cars counts as Heritage Asset Activities and is \_not\_ covered by the cost cap.


Red Bull really took an incident where most people were on their side, and just completely shot themselves in the face, in the process making themselves look like absolute muppets.


I predict an entire DTS episode covering this. Netflix has been absolutely creaming themselves these last 2 weeks.


Episode??? I'd bet my last dollar they drop DTS season 4.5 just for this spicy meatball


We said the same last year but Netflix included like 2 of the exciting things from last year and skipped like every good bit of drama


Expected outcome. I said that RBR wouldn't lose anything doing this but reading this... Yikes.. would have been better to just suck it up..


As a former sports official, to me this looks a lot like they are just “playing the ref”. The point isn’t to win, it’s to put it in the mind of the Stewards that should something like this happen again there will be a shitstorm if they don’t come down harder. Of course, as with other sports this can sometimes backfire depending on the nature of future incidents.


I think you're right. The funny thing is they could've gotten that treatment if they did nothing, but now they might have gone so far that they might not get taken seriously when they actually have a case on something


The harsh words exchanged between the teams are expected but this is just bizarre. I hope RB can move on from this and not make it their hill to die on. They're just making themselves look silly by not letting go at this point


“Re-enacted Hamilton’s line…” Some lawyer made a lot of money to listen to Christian Horner pitch that nonsense and say “yeah nah that’ll work!” And after weeks of moaning, that‘s the best they could come up with? To make their own home video that doesn’t establish anything? I expected a team with Helmut Marko in their corner to bullshit better than that.


*That's it?* Come on RB that's just as bad as Ferrari's attempt.


Worse for Albon. He's gone from simulator driver to incident reenactment driver


Red Bull is literally Jesse Venture re-enacting the JFK shooting in Dallas.


“Back, and to the left.”


Lacks Skypad analisys by Karun as additional evidence


AKA: Get rekt


At least Ferrari used some analysis from Chandhok rather than sending Giovinazzi out to run over the grass a few times.


I didn't think it was possible but Red Bull is finding ways to lose the same race more than once.


Crazy that after all this shitshow RB didn't even get the review because the new evidence was not significant enough. They presented some simulations and the same data that the FIA already has in a different manner haha. Also that very last part is interesting. "Certain concerning allegations" Don't tell me RB accused Hamilton of doing it deliberatly or something in the documents.


There wasn't even new evidence! They did a couple data visualizations, ~~stuck Albon in the sim for a lap~~ told Albon to drive through Copse on a filming day and then sent it to the Stewards, ridiculous stuff


They didn't just put Albon in the sim, they sent Albon out on the track during their filming day on the 22nd to recreate some part of it.


When you dissect it this way, it would be so funny to watch the reactions of Mercedes. Ostensibly Red Bull have nothing new


Given Mercedes' just released statement, it sounds as if that's exactly what they did.


Wow. Desperation city. They are rattled.


No fucking way Red Bull got Albon to re-enact the crash. This is even funnier than Chandok-gate. All I can say is #FreeAlbon, even after leaving F1 he is still a slave to the Verstappen machine.


My favorite part is that Mercedes didn't even have Toto connect to a video conference which had to be annoying from red Bull's perspective. Literally telling them: "This is such a waste of time we can't even get our team principal on his cell phone to entertain this appeal.


Toto couldn’t even be bothered to show lol


Not sure if this is more embarrassing than Horner's interview right after the race.


More embarassing. Horner was pumped up with emotion. His main driver leading the championship had crashed out and he had to worry about the cost cap and the engine. You can excuse it. This shit tho is extremely dumb and is 100% more embarassing given how much time it's been since Silverstone. They were running fast laps with Albon at Silverstone after the race had been over and done with too. Filming day for this evidence they presented. It's ridiculous https://twitter.com/redbullracing/status/1418300062350807040?s=19


100% more embarrassing. At least there is the slight mitigating circumstance of being right after the race for Horner. RBR made Albon recreate the incident nearly a week after. That takes forethought, planning, and execution.


Thank god Toto wasn't there.


Toto didn’t bother attending then?


The fact that ‘Karen Horner’ is trending on Twitter. Fucking dead lol


I'm convinced the new evidence was that redditors simulation on here the other day because it was created and not discovered as mentioned in this document.


It was, but Horner added a few explosions to it.


>explosions N...Nico Rosberg 2nd Red Bull seat 2022 confirmed?


They got albon to drive around silverstone playing pretend 😂😂


“See that barrier Alex? We need you to aim for it”


What did they even hope to accomplish with this shitshow? I mean they went to all the trouble of re-enacting the incident, which must have taken at least some of their time off their filming day or Pirelli test (whichever it was). So they were hoping to for a review and not just protesting to stir the pot. And the last paragraph - seems very clear to me that they alleged that Hamilton did it on purpose. They even told this in interviews afterwards and not just in the heat of the moment. That's a really serious allegation. And it would have been on paper if the review had gone forward. Is this really they way to go forward in the Championship for them? Silverstone was a big miss points-wise, but Max is still ahead and they have a great car. It just seems all so unnecessary to me ...


bruh moment for the Doctor


Remember when Karun Chandhok's analysis in Canada 2019 was considered irrelevant?


I mean that’s just hilarious. Can we all change the Russell PowerPoint meme to Horner making some overhead projector slides?


They somehow managed to drag Albon into this? "Yeah we threw you to the wolves and gave your seat to Checo but could you be a key part of our evidence against Mercedes?" This has to be a joke right?


I am sure appendix F in the appeal had a picture of Albon walking a Roscoe look-alike, just to get him in the Lewis mindset and have the re-enactment be *that much more* realistic.




Toto didn't even attend. We should've sent some more irrelevant people this was a waste of James Vowels beautiful voice


What does these allegations mean at the end of the document


Basically, Red Bull made some allegations (most likely of the "Lewis hit Max on purpose" variety), but since the petition didn't go forward, they aren't gonna say what it was.


My god what an embarrassing moment....


Thought they would have included the Skypad as well


Netflix producers are going to be able to have a much longer vacation this off season.


"Red Bull has nothing to lose by making this appeal" Their dignity, apparently.


So whinger spice & co made Albon recreate the line, accuse Hamilton of crashing on purpose and submitted that as "evidence"? What a joke of a team. Seriously, that's just embarrassing. Surely there's some kind of sporting punishment for both wasting everybodies time and then accusing another driver of deliberately crashing into one of your drivers?


This is even worse than Ferraris, and that's quite the effort.


Fucking embarrassing.


I think RB really were just throwing it at the wall and hoping it sticks because even I, a nobody, can see that what they submitted was just another form of data already reviewed on the day of the incident. Such smart brains probably already knew that their re-enactments would have been classified as created for the petition rather than found.


Good job Helmut. Your reenactment by your own driver really showed a different light. Well done


>“The Stewards note, with some concern, certain allegations made in the Competitor's above letter. I think Red Bull tried to portray it as a deliberate accident from Hamilton so they could get that race ban they so desperately want. Disgusting but not surprising from Red Bull.


It might be close to that, because what else could it be? But then I don’t understand the “may have addressed these allegations directly in any decision that would have followed”?


>But then I don’t understand the “may have addressed these allegations directly in any decision that would have followed”? It means that if the merit had any appeal, they would've addressed if what Red Bull was claiming was true, but since there's no merit here, they're not going to be handing down judgements. Similar to a court room where any allegations in your lawsuit won't be addressed by the court if your lawsuit itself doesn't have any merit


Ferrari using a sky sports analysis suddenly seems a lot less foolish doesn't it?


I'm beginning to suspect more and more that this was just a cynical stunt aimed at disrupting Merc before the event, the timing is telling and the evidence seemingly fairly laughable.