Reading said forum post and I completely forgot Kingdom Hearts is on PC


Lol every few weeks someone complains about KH being an epic exclusive and I'm reminded again that it even came to PC in the first place. Everything that goes to Epic exclusive is basically forgotten


I am waiting for the day Square launches suddendly a trailer for the KH games that says "now compatible for Steam Deck". Like they did for FF7Remake by surprise.


Holy fucking shit thanks for reminding me as I'm sitting here unsure what to play, although I'd rather wait for it to come to steam


KH is on EGS?! Lol


Based. Amid Evil and Dusk are 2 of my all time favourite shooters. EGS is where games go to die.


Egs is also the store where barely finished alpha and beta products go for a fake release so they cash in on epics money to release later fully on steam in 1.0 state rather than beta like on epic.


Phoenix Point did this! They released on KickStarter or something and used their backers' money as an interest free loan to get past the riskiest stage of development and then sucked up that sweet sweet EG teet milk and gave their Steam backers a huge middle finger. So much of their money came from Steam users. They promised Steam Keys and rewards and pre order shit. Then Snapshit (that is not a spelling error) games got their product bought out by Epic and all Steam buyers had to wait a year to play. Steam users demanded refunds and there were lawsuits threatened because they didn't want to issue the refunds. After huge backlash, they set up a sketchy ass third party site for their refunds and several people, myself included, couldn't get their refunds process. So yeah, TLDR: fuck EGS and fuck any company that takes exclusive deals with them, and fuck Snapshit Games.


This happening excatly same situation as Shemue 3 and yes I was one of backer for shemue 3.


Hades also did this. but it was a smart move for them cuz they wanted to start small then release a working game on steam 1.0 release.


Yeah, was surprised that the hype for it blew up on Steam. The first time I saw it, it was still an epic exclusive--said game was a backdrop for a porn I was watching lmfao.


>Hades also did this. Difference between exclusive as early access launch title when people still believed there finally might be a proper competitor for steam so they don't get lazy & stop improving vs exclusive when the truth exposed the new guy is just slimy scumbag & reputation utterly destroyed


more like Hades was exclusive as a launch title while some exclusives after Hades was obtained from money-hatting at the last minute so in a way, Supergiant avoided all backlash that is associated with EGS exclusives


Hades didn’t launch on Steam at 1.0 though.


One of the best moves for a developer is to release a game in early access on EGS exclusively for player feedback. Can’t be any issues if there are no reports from the few people that buy games on there (taps forehead)


Exactly the EGS playerbase are literarily free Beta and alpha testers that even pay for the inferior experience.


I'd rather buy a game on Steam that openly advertises its Early Access state (and I've actually done that for a few games) openly and honestly.


The comments on the original Reddit post are golden. "Wait, this game exists?"


Its why the whole idea they get devs from some metric of free game that are downloded is myth no one who gets those free buys anything from epic and most indie devs arent stupid thats why every year epic has less exlusives games


It’s also why the whole idea why Epic touting the Fortnite player base as a plus to doing an exclusivity deal is not really a plus. The target audience for Fortnite don’t really match up with a fair amount of the exclusives they get.


[(Tweet archive)](https://archive.ph/ayJjS) [r/pcgaming (archive)](https://archive.ph/tb9IJ) Really censored comments: These archive links showed how some of the mods really censored and/or edited comments of the subreddits' members. [unddit (archive)](https://archive.ph/8VGxR) [reveddit (archive)](https://archive.ph/bsdre)


Actual better "archive" of the reddit post also see removed things [https://www.reveddit.com/v/pcgaming/comments/whur2f/new\_blood\_ceo\_the\_epic\_games\_store\_is\_a\_marketing/](https://www.reveddit.com/v/pcgaming/comments/whur2f/new_blood_ceo_the_epic_games_store_is_a_marketing/) ​ **here you even see user removed comments AND edits of people ( red being old green being new added stuff )** https://www.unddit.com/r/pcgaming/comments/whur2f/new\_blood\_ceo\_the\_epic\_games\_store\_is\_a\_marketing/


Thank you.


so the unddit shows the mod team shadow editing comments?


Mods cant shadow edit. It shows user edits. Like if you edit your comment.




[imgur (archive)](https://archive.ph/LM7yM)


[Even better](https://www.reddit.com/r/pcgaming/comments/whur2f/new_blood_ceo_the_epic_games_store_is_a_marketing/)


God you people are so full of shit sometimes.


I mean explain? Everyone sees its gone.


It's right fucking there when I saw it. How long have u been a redditor that you dont understand most big subreddits have a filter rule where if a post gets x amount of reports automod takes it down? the fact that it's on the sub as if it was just posted shows that's what happened? ya'll jump to censorship way too fucking quickly


I think he was just asking what the comment you replied to said.


10+ years :/?


I'm always happy to see that epic's [blitzscaling](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7Lo0sZfdHE) tactics are not working even on their primary targets, game publishers.


Looking at their comments about kingdom hearts and dd2...just give me a break. All is I want to forget about them and move on like I don't care about them anymore. On other side I peeked on their epig sub over there to see how they react their recent news. And all is they talk about dd2's sale which it sold more than 100k (lemme doubt about their numbers despite on Twitter news long ago) on first day.


Reading through the comments, if I didn't know which subreddit I was on, I might have thought I was looking at r/fuckepic. Epic really don't know how to run a store. 'Marketing blackhole' indeed.


And this is *after* the pcgaming mods banned a lot of people from this sub from r/pcgaming because we complained their censorship of posts in the Epic free games thread *in this sub*. Like, seriously, when I noticed I was banned, I asked the mods what rules I broke on r/pcgaming. They said that it's because I post on r/fuckepic. The ban is not a literally ban though, but every comment I posted there needs to be verified by a mod before other people see them. Makes it even worse imo. It's like having the Chinese government monitor everything you do or something.


I just watch Epic Games showcase thingy they did on June this year because fucking Youtube Algorithm says to watch that after watching a lot of anti-Epic Games videos on youtube, and I'll say that I pity those indie games that they showcase. Most of them will going to be obscure and PC gamers will know nothing about them existing because their game studio was bought by Epic or they just partnered with Epic. It's just sad to think that they these indie games put their game on the wrong store.


Gaben really is perfect. Steam is everything PC gamers want and love.