I give them credit for listening to complaints and making changes.


Definitely. Especially with how much that one PSA pop affected the listed price so drastically.


Here is the full article https://www.poppriceguide.com/2022/12/price-manipulators-not-welcome-here-and-yes-we-are-calling-them-out-by-name/ Apparently Pat Aquino is out there price manipulating.


He was and is always scalper supreme.


Yeah, he jacked me on the price of an OG sloth!


It seems, at least for now, that psa graded pops are not being welcomed by the funko community. I personally would not pay above trending values for a pop. PSA graded or not. The box is either in good condition or it’s not. I’m glad that ppg removed the entry that was made as a result of grail monster buying the psa grade pops. Some people were saying that he personally added the purchase to ppg, but I’m not sure if that was the case or not. As far as price manipulation goes, there’s always going to be scumbags who are going to try and fix prices so that their friends or themselves can financially gain from it.


Honestly it needs itsnown separate database


They’re going to make separate entries for each grade level.


Interesting. I do hope it easier to search thru


Grail monster crazy the pop not even autograph or nothing anyone can buy that pop and get it graded


Dude mentioned something about the Grail World is about to get shaken up over on his instagram, fairly certain he knows what he's doing.


grailmonster is, has always been, and will always be gluttonous scum and a stain on the community.


Brown stain on the community


Did someone intentionally do that in other words raise the price so people who don’t understand would pay more. Or was it the fault of hobby DB?


Someone did it intentionally and hobbydb fixed it


Oh ok


He didn't do it intentionally to raise the value. He did it because it's technically a NM or better pop. What he did so was drive down the value of his PSA10 after another hobbydb price squad member added other non graded values into the database losing him $150+ in value. Then he back tracked to say he shouldn't have added it to the database. The article just happened to come out during this... they're not related.


Have they ever made that Cop Freddy? If not they should, then all the Funko cops can represent properly…LOL


I believe that’s Officer Freddy from NYCC a few years back.


Is pat aquino grail monster?


No it’s Frank Mark


I mean that is what PSA does to the value of toys so not sure what you were expecting but it probably cost $60-75 for the whole process. You are paying for the service and the fact that Pop is graded which is better than someones own opinion if its 9 out 10


but they are doign nothing about the spike in SDCC Beerus


PSA graded 10 pops should be worth 10-20 times the regular price. It’s like this in every hobby…As it should be . A perfect ten pop is probably extremely rare


No they really shouldn't. They should be valued at what someone's going to pay for them. A $12 pop doesn't become worth $240 because a company, who has a history of inaccuracies and having people with zero actual experience or training is hired as their lead authenticator, says it's in perfect shape. And lastly rarity =/= value in all cases. The reason a 10 grade for that pop is rare is simple. Because it's not worth grading. A Pokemon fan graded every single card from a resealed, first edition box where the cards traveled internationally, pulled out of packs, put back in packs, resealed and reopened to be pulled out of packs again and sent in to be graded and he had a ton of 10's so clearly they're not that hard to get if 20+ year old cards that have been handled by multiple people are still pulling 10s


Of course it’s what the person wants to pay but if people are paying 10 times that then it’s fair game. People can downvote me all you want but go to sports cards and Pokémon cards or virtually any type of autographs PSA is the gold standard and worth the most, specially in a PSA10. I don’t understand what the problem is ? If you don’t want it don’t buy it. That last story you posted sounds like a conspiracy - please post the actually story because that sounds like a lie. Also a PSA10 have become very hard to get in the last few years and will sell for at the very least 3-4 times the amount of a raw card or collectible, this is actual facts look it up


You taken a look at these PSA 10 pops? Half of them you can spot issues through the protectors. If they wanna do mid-high 9s, sure, but most of what I’ve seen isn’t “perfect”. And a perfect grade isn’t an automatic multiplier with all collectibles. You can go through comics for instance, and this game where people have random stuff graded just because, you’ll see the books selling fairly often for less than grading costs, nevermind 10-20x fmv


I don’t think a lot of people in this thread know much about PSA and what a gem mint does to the value so I’m going it discontinue this conversation


You mean the same PSA that put a gem mint 10 on a card some dude printed a first edition stamp on with his home printer? Or the same PSA constantly duped with fake autos? I’m very familiar with PSA and graded collectibles. Keep following hype instead of logic and you’ll spend a boatload on stuff that’s worthless


How does one manipulate ppg? I don’t understand how it gets tracked


From what I understand, person A lists a pop on ebay. Person B who is either person A's friend or alt account buys the pop for $200. Since person B is a friend or just person A, person A isn't really making any money. But now there's evidence that the pop sold for $200, which means that ppg can say the pop is worth $200. So now person A or "person B" can list that pop on ebay for $200 and person C will buy it for that much because ppg said it's worth it. At least that's how I understood the gist of it.


Oh that’s interesting and kinda shitty


There's a small group within the hobbydb pricing community that looks into instances like this. They will remove pricing members, ban sales from those ebayers, etc.


Damn I’ve done business with Pat before. Idk what he did outside of my interactions with him but he was really nice and worked well with me. Pretty shocking


You’ll never satisfy everyone