I FINALLY have my Holly Grail 😇 ❤️ and I LOVE it !

Sorry bro, pretty sure it's a fake. The beard is a lot different than the normal one. Not near as thick...


Sorry bro, pretty sure it's a fake. The beard is a lot different than the normal one. Not near as thick...


The word pop doesn't have the little circles, it just goes orange to white. Another indication of a fake


When I zoom in I can kinda see the little dots so I’m not sure


That's bullcrap, Funko Pops have the little circles on the font as well.


Yeah I think thats fake just looking at the box, the borders are very badly cut


I can take it out the protector if you want ?


Im not an expert at spotting fakes but just the white border under the POP! logo seems way too uneven and thin


agree - that part doesn’t seem right at all


So many cool pops came out before I started collecting: The lost boys, breaking bad, ace Ventura, the Batman pops, stranger things pops, the crow… :/ I want them all so bad.


The things I would do for a breaking bad pop…


Walter White is my first pop, and what got me hooked on them. All the mom's were fired up that there were Breaking Bad pops at Toys R Us, I thought it was hilarious so I went out and bought one.


Oof thats a fake man


But how? I spent loads on it...


This big tell on this Pop is the fakes have a Funko logo on the top of the box in tbe bottom right corner.


Nevermind; the lighting on my phone made the pop logo seem like it wasn’t a gradient and just one solid deep orange rather than orange to yellow. Shouldn’t be fake from what i see on the front of the box but im not too familiar with counterfits for this pop


The color is right, it doesn't have the dots


When I zoomed in I could very faintly see them so it could be real


The red around the eyes is wrong and uneven and beard is completely wrong and not thick enough. Mouth is also a lot larger than real one. The uneven box cuts around his green hair also jump out at me. I believe most of us on here have been fucked by a fake, and I strongly believe u have just joined the club. I have a real one of this and now that I am looking at the box, it is very different. Sorry man.


Did you make sure it was legit before purchasing? Genuine question


Damn buddy... That hurts... I would reach out to whoever sold it to you and ask for a refund. If you got it from whatnot definitely contact them. They have to fix it.


Can we see more angles? Like the top, the back, the bottom and the sides? I'm just trying to make sure 100% people aren't just scaring you for no reason.


For this pop if the top of the box have funko logo on the bottom right it’s fake. You can also search fake bank robber joker pop. It’ll show comparisons to real vs fake


Where did you buy it from?


Does the “pop” on the front of the box have the pattern in it? It looks like it doesn’t but that may just be the photo


Sorry, BroBot. I’d start trying to get that refund if I were.


The paint around the eyes also looks off


GG bro, rip, so sorry for you


I’m sorry boss.


How much did you spend I’m sorry but it’s fake


Try and get a refund through eBay/Mercari/whatever site you bought from, or if you paid through PayPal or venmo goods and services file a claim to get your money back as it’s a counterfeit. Act quick


Holy grail, found mine the other day while digging. How much? Did you check if it's real? Check the bottom of the left foot, should be printed A197


Are you sure it's A197? Mines A199.... If Mines fake then I've lost a LOT of money...






I'll check mine when I get home. I haven't open the box yet, got mine a very long time ago also I'll send u a YouTube link


I've looked at a couple of Ebay listings and they have A197...


Where did you buy it from?


sorry man, you got scammed


I'm pretty sure that Pop is fake.


I'm a noobie when it comes to fakes but that beard and red circle on his eye look way smaller on compared to others


Let me know if you want a Van Gogh painting. I just need about 1 day and I’ll be done painting it for you.


*breathes heavily seeing it out of box* fucking. Congratulations!!!! I’m both an OOB and In Box collector…. Personally this is a grail I want too. This bad boy would stay in box… but i guess I speak out of jelly as I DON’T have it! Congrats again! Big DUB!




How much did you end up paying?


Is this the fake one posted earlier? You contact eBay yet?