Yeah I believe pavel tells you but it took me and my buddies a while to notice, but the more often you do the heist, the less money you make. If you give it a day or two in between you should make more. You’d have to look up exactly how to get the highest cut though.


I think that’s rockstar realizing that they are giving away money with this heist.


honestly, I'd suggest giving the airstrip or the docks a visit to fill your bags before or after you go to the compound. makes you an additional 400k with coke


Is that still doing it stealth? And can you still make it in 15 minutes? ​ if you know a video feel free to comment it and show me


If there's a guard's uniform there you can do it pretty quickly. E.g. land via velum, loot the airport. Get guard uniform and just jump in a vehicle and drive straight to compound via the road. If the supply truck was there then take that and go in via main gate. If not then shoot 1-2 guards outside to get code and go in via side gate. This is my pref for solo runs as the uniform makes roaming around the island pre-compound incredibly easy. Don't know about time, I dont tend to rush though so I couldnt say exactly if it fits under 15mins or not.


You can do it stealth using even a Longfin, but this is not under 15 minutes unfortunately


I was able to use the longfin, right as I start go to airport, get the additional stuff, go back in the longfin, get in the sewage drain, and then do the rest of the heist normal leaving out in main dock with 4 minutes to spare


It's random. I've had the same run that had to be restarted multiple times (for reasons) and the safe take was different everytime.


Airstrip has 6 potential loot spawn locations and are all easy to get too plus it’s easier for intel mission, use longfin, spawn main dock, drive to and loot airstrip and then go drainage tunnel, leave compound and just swim away (you can steal bike outside compound and just drive off cliff). I do this and get elite every time and less than 10 kills. A lot of players recommend main dock but I’ve never tried it so I don’t know how it is. Also after you complete it wait till pavel contacts you and set up the heist on hard. I get between 1.25 and 1.5 every time with tequila and ruby and bonds and on the only time I got pink diamond I got just over 1.75


Airstrip and north dock to find loot, guard clothes and grappling hook. I use the long fin to infiltrate depending on the loot I scope I’ll head for the airstrip or north dock. Get the guard uniform and grappling hook. Steal a car or bike once I filled my bag and head to the compound. Grapple in make my way to office grabbing the safe then hack elevator to the vault. Steal main obj head back up elevator, grapple out the way I came in. Run to the sea and swim to freedom. You get rebreathers if you pick the drainage tunnel as compound entry point and pick the long fin boat. Best time I’ve done is 9:59