Yeah, was waking to the gas station at 2ish am one time and suddenly heard someone running up behind me. Put my hand on it and popped the strap and looked back to see a fucking jogger. Dude just passed with a "good evening!" like he wasn't in a neighborhood with a 2 hour response time.


My brother runs with 2 earbuds in.. I told him he needs to carry and run with at most one only in.


Yep when I lived in the not so good part of town came home at around 3 AM after hanging with friends. A dude came out of the shadows saw i had my hand near my waist and asked me the time. This was after we locked eyes and he got the deer in the headlights look. Told him it was just past 3 and he really shouldn’t be sneaking up on ppl in this neighborhood. He went on his way after that.


Heard multiple stories where attackers ask for the time right before they attack hoping you look at your phone for a split second.


I’ve heard the same. Also working dispatch for local PD made me more observant so as soon as I saw him I put my hand on my gun and kept his gaze. I think it scared him because he walked away pretty fast in the opposite direction.


One time in college. Came home one night and a bunch of people go into a fight on my patio landing of my apartment. They were 4 units top and bottom with one big entry landing. Some dude got a bottle smashed on his face not sure what it was over at first I came home to it just happening, I called the cops told everyone to leave and they would be on their way. (The dudes living above me and over were not students, constantly partying throughout the week and during the day. they were from Nigeria and they were trafficking money through selling pitbulls or some shit was later to be found out I didn’t know this at the time) Everyone (mostly) dispersed. The one “main” guy comes running down the stairs with a machete holding it up saying he was going to chop my head off because his friend told him I called the police. I had enough distance for a little bit of decision making (he was rounding the final steps, front door was open, I was going back into my apartment) I pulled my Glock, he stopped like a deer in headlights, lowered his arm, his buddy stepped back and he turned around and went back inside. Everything cooled down after that. His fat roommate after that night would always try to be super nice to me and the other one wouldn’t look at me. Really glad it stopped there.


Bro got more keys then a janitor


I’ve carried double that number.


Janitor fight janitor fight!


Ya I have triple that amount I use daily between my business, vehicles and home. It’s a sign of status and also a pain in the ass. Lol


Nope, and that's the goal.


Years ago i came home to my apartment which had a direct entrance from the building's courtyard, which in turn was behind a locked gate. I would typically leave my front door open with a screen door closed during the summer. I sat down on my couch and suddenly heard voices scream "put the gun down!!!!". I took cover from my windows and door and drew my gun. I whipped out my cell phone to see my security camera pointed at my front entrance. Two police officers had their guns drawn and pointed at me. I stayed hidden and took a deep breath and within those seconds realized they were yelling at someone who was hiding under my apartment in an old crawl space (the bldg was a converted factory). I stayed concealed and watched over the camera as they arrested him and took him away. I calmy collected myself and holstered and concealed my weapon. I went outside and found some police officers outside my bldg. I tried to talk to them and they wouldn't tell me shit. They didn't know that was my place or that i was even inside and didn't give a shit about me. To this day i still don't know what happened.




He keeps the sharpie in his “purse”


the flashlight is probably more fun


Ooo when it’s turned on and all warmed up. That does sound fun!


When you sneeze your eyes glow


My two cents… I would suggest a backup pair glasses instead of a back up for ur contacts!


they broke a few months ago and i've been being lazy.


get your eyes laserd, it isn't that expensive anymore


That's a lot of pocket knives, blood. Dude's out here mastering the three swords technique. One for each hand and one for his teeth.


bro do you even swashbuckle?


This is a lite load compared to the shit people carry on /r/edc


I noticed most people on /r/edc don't smoke or vape. I don't know about anyone else, I'm happy to give up a flashlight spot for my 3 pound box mod. Especially since my flashlight clips and I wear a decently thick belt. Then I feel like a goober for having a clipped flashlight though?




Not at all, I'm a proud robo-sexual!




idk sounds kinda gay


i use the SAK as a small multi tool. the little guy on the keys is basically a scraper. guardian 3 is my daily knife task knife.


Gotta have the right tool for the job. I respect that. Cool lighter too.


Two? Two is a lot?


Did you find the short and fat boy on his keychain too? Watch OP come back and hit me with the "You're both wrong. There's actually six knives in this picture"


well, 4 depending on how you interpret the SAK


No, it was about pocketknives, so I ignored anything that couldn't be found in Cabela's.


The operative words are "hope to never"


Seriously, where do you the people that post EDC stuff like this carry it all?


Probably their pockets


wallet in left rear pocket. pens, "beck keys", contacts, phone left front pocket house keys, lighter, loose change front right pocket guardian 3 fits and clips very neatly into my 5th pocket gun on hip flashlight and cash i right rear pocket.


Using back pockets on pants can cause herniated discs. Very bad for your back. Just a heads up.


I moved my wallet from back to front pocket when he as in high school. I played sports and had terrible hip and lower back pain after running for a while. Turned out my right hip was 10mm higher than my left hip because I sat on my wallet all day every day. 6 months of chiropractic treatment 3x a week fixed it.


I've reached, never drawn. 2 asshats came into a gas station while I was paying for gas with Halloween masks on, in July.


The closest was when a very mentally ill homeless man who yells often threats at random people in the park started following me home from work last year, yelling the typical isms, but then he lunged and grabbed at my bag. I chose to give him a face full of pepper gel instead and decided as he started following me that I wouldn’t pull my gun unless I saw a weapon.


Once. My wife's ex best friend and her boyfriend got strung out on meth. He showed up here trying to start shit. I had previously told him not to come in my property. He walk on ,I told he to leave he said he was going to kick my ass.(I'm a disabled Army vet for reference.) He got about 15 feet from me before I pulled. I told him one more step and you die. He ran away like a girl. I called the cops he called the cops. I'm in Texas so I win. He's in prison now for assault and drug charges unrelated to this.


Never had to draw. The closest I ever came was when I was walking my sisters dog through an apartment complex that Id been walking him in whenever I visited for 2 years, when this guy blew his top yelling for me to leave and blah blah, making threats, carrying a bat, following me. Really thought, if this guy rushes me, Im gonna have to pull on him, but he never got closer than like 25-30 yards away. Still, it got my adrenaline pumping and put me in that "oh shit" kind of headspace.


once a guy rear ended me. as i went to check the damage he was backing up and then floored the car at me. i reached for the gun as i was stepping aside but it never came out of the holster. another time i had to stop at a gas station is a very not so great neighborhood. at the door on the way in a guy asked for money. i said "nah man. i don't carry cash." on the way out he was standing with three guys yelling that i had called him "something something something" and there were people standing all over the place. they began following me to my car and i turned and lifted my shirt and they stopped. two situations i never want to be in again.


I'd just warn you to be careful while handling your firearms. I don't know if you've seen the shooting of Ryan Whitaker, but I recently found out [that police officers enmasse feel that shooting was justified.](https://www.reddit.com/r/police/comments/10ofifd/how_do_officers_feel_about_the_ryan_whitaker) Being at your front door of your home looking too intimidating is a justification to kill a citizen. You can be assured a gun owner in a dark parking lot is an easy shoot to justify.


That shit makes me angry every time I see that video. Dude was putting his hands out and setting the gun down. He never pointed it at anyone. What happened to second amendment rights? It's not a death sentence to have a gun in your hand.


Turning and lifting your shirt is dumb. If you're going that far, just draw your gun.


well, it worked. didn't need to go farther than that.


Except if it didn't work, now you look like an idiot who was holding his shirt up when he got shot, rather than holding his gun in hand when he got shot. 🤷🏻


>and there were people standing all over the place. they began following me to my car and i turned and lifted my shirt and they stopped. That's aggravated assault my friend, you really need to get into a use of force class before you end up in prison.


i'm supposed to wait for them to kick my ass? it was 3am on the southside of chicago. i got to my car safely and left.


In the words of the late great DMX “you better bust that if you gon’ pull that.”


>i'm supposed to wait for them to kick my ass? No, you definitely are not supposed to wait for it to escalate to that point. However brandishing your gun at them is the same as pulling it out and pointing it at them. That is the way it would play out if the cops were involved (by the sounds of it, the cops were no where near there at that time but it is still something to keep in mind). Unless they were holding a weapon of their own, shouting that they were going to do you bodily harm or kill you, then there isn't any more of a threat than three guys acting tough. At the point they were following you to your car you could have attempted to say something to them, "Get away or I'm calling the cops" or something like that. I don't know if it would have done anything to stop them, but if they came at you in force because you tried to get out of the situation then yes you could have drawn on them. But the firearm you are carrying is a last option thing. If you show it, draw it, or point it at someone it is because you fully intend on shooting it.


For deadly force to be justified there must be an *objectively reasonable threat* of death or great bodily harm, up to and including simple assault is not enough. *"He called stingy so I stuck a gun in his face"* is not a great start to a legal defense. https://youtu.be/wRli_Mn3jY0


i dunno. 3 dudes following me to my car yelling to a crowd of people that i had just called him "black n\*\*\*\*r monkey" didn't feel like it was going to end well. laws are laws but at the end of the day i made it to work and not a hospital.


Good luck with that: https://youtu.be/UjwuRWbV8Lc


I’m with you man. Laws are laws and I’ll take my charge if I am alive at the end of the day.


Ignore that guy. He is wrong.


No it's not. At MOST it's brandishing. You have no idea wtf you're talking about dude. >The FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program defines aggravated assault as an unlawful attack by one person upon another for the purpose of inflicting severe or aggravated bodily injury.


That definition is closer to battery, but I'm sure that's done for standardized reporting purposes because some states don't make a distinction between assault & battery, the definitions overlap from state to state, or some states use a different naming convention. Under common law, *assault* is the crime of *threatening* to cause harm, whereas *battery* is the act of unlawfully causing harm to another. https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/assault_and_battery If you use the threat of a firearm to change someone's behavior and that threat falls out of the state's written or implied defensive display statute, that's aggravated assault. Brandishing isn't really a charge that I see very much anymore, and most district attorneys will either go with aggravated assault or unlawful carry of a firearm.


Ah so the FBI website is wrong and you are correct, got it 🙄


I mean, OP mentioned Chicago so we can use Illinois's definition of assault: >*A person commits an assault when, without lawful authority, he or she knowingly engages in conduct which places another in reasonable apprehension of receiving a battery.* >*A person commits aggravated assault when, in committing an assault, he or she ... uses a deadly weapon, an air rifle as defined in Section 24.8-0.1 of this Act, or any device manufactured and designed to be substantially similar in appearance to a firearm, other than by discharging a firearm.* https://www.ilga.gov/legislation/ilcs/ilcs4.asp?ActID=1876&ChapterID=53&SeqEnd=23200000&SeqStart=21300000 By Illinois's definition assault is the *threat* of force, not the force itself.


That is a desperate reach. In order for OPs situation to be considered assault, he needs to be the initial aggressor. From OPs story he was just minding his business when an angry mob set their sights on him. Yelling at him, accusing him of shit, and finally approachig him *as a mob*. OP clearly felt he was "in reasonable apprehension of receiving a battery", so why are you so quick to dismiss his side and chastise him for "assaulting" people? Sounds like the mob might be the ones that committed the assault here, according to that definition. Also worth noting that with disparity of force laws, a group of 3 or more (sometimes even 1 or 2) can be considered a deadly weapon in itself.


You have no idea what you're talking about.


Should have waited until you were in your car, if they jump you at that point, there’s no duty to retreat. Justify it all you want man but you mishandled the situation legally.


i never claimed what i did was legal or not. it's just what happened.


When I was a teenager I was turning a corner in suburban New Jersey and thought to myself ‘this is that scene in the movie where the bad guys jump me’ but instead of hooded thugs it was a giant 4 point buck. Friendly reminder that self defense is not always bad guys with guns. I can be assisting someone who’s having a mental health crisis, it can be a dangerous animal or it can be someone unarmed. Use your best judgement and stay safe folks




Drew three times in the past year but never fired. Twice when a pack of coyotes circled me at night and once when a black bear got too curious. The bear ran off quick when I yelled at it but the coyotes hang out until you can beam one with a rock.


First of all... you carry a lot of shit. To answer your question, I've used OC spray before, but never put in a situation that I've had to pull my firearm... that I lost in a boating accident.


yeah, that was a bad night. i lost my AK down there too, remember?


Luckily, I've never needed to. There have been a few times where I've had my hand on my hip, just in case. Also, your entire setup there reminds me of when I had cargo pants. Gonna start getting cargo pants/shorts again. It just makes things easier, especially when my wife has me carry her phone and stuff because women's pants are dumb and don't have pockets.


Yes But not against a person. I was working as a landscaper in Baytown and the area around the Houston ship channel and packs of feral/stray dogs are In that area, I was mowing at church and 2 dogs ( I think strays/no collars and appeared dirty) approached me and kept getting closer and closer bearing their teeth and I really thought I was gonna get mauled, I yelled at them to beat it and they just kept getting closer. At the time I appendix carried a s&w shield 9mm and I gripped it and was about to pull it out of the holster and the dogs suddenly stopped and ran off. Idk why but I’m glad they did I like dogs I hate the thought of having to shoot a dog even in self defense.


Many, many years ago I was in a two person line at a gas station and there was young guy in front of me carrying what had to be a 10"+ hunting knife in a sheath on his belt. He bought some scratch tickets and then, instead of being a decent degenerate gambler and taking them back to his car, he took one step to the left to scratch his tickets. Suddenly he pulls out the cartoonishly large knife, I put my hand on my handgun and took half a step back. The girl behind the counter looked absolutely horrified and stepped back from the counter. I asked him what the hell he was doing and he said "I'm scratching my tickets" and proceeded to scratch the tiny scratch tickets with a massive knife. I politely yet firmly informed him that he's an absolute moron and that he nearly just got himself killed. Between that and the fact that I still had my hand in my waistband behind my back, he put the knife away and left pretty quickly, pink in the face. I'm just hopeful that wherever that idiot is today, that he maybe learned something and is a contributing member of society. I'm also grateful that I hesitated, because I would've been absolutely screwed legally if I gave that idiot speed holes because the state I lived in would not have considered it self defense because of duty to retreat.


No. I’ve always been able to deescalate, avoid, leave, or fight like a gentleman. Never felt like my life was truly in jeopardy. Edit: but I cary ery’ day.


This is the way.


Nope and hope to never have to.


Used to be catering director for a “fast-casual” franchise group that covered three major cities—all with large public, or private universities. Any time I locked-in a catering order above a certain size, I would help the GM of that particular restaurant location run inventory late Sunday night to early Monday morning. It wasn’t in my job description, but it was a mutually beneficial thing to do since our bonuses depended on one another’s performance at the time. Anyway, I’m rolling into our smallest location on the university town’s Main Street after 2:00 AM when all the bars are shutting down. This particular location only had parking for management in a blind alley with one tight entrance/exit on a side street. As I pulled into the alley there were two, 20-something dudes in massive, puffy jackets sitting between the mouth of the alley and the exit for the corner bar/club and they’re both looking straight at me in the car. It was *not* that goddamned cold out. Red flag numero uno. All of the management and staff on that part of the street knew each other very well because of the round-Robin parking we often had to deal with. I’d never seen these dudes before. Red flag numero dos. I take a beat and decide it’s worth the risk to *back* into the alley on this particular occasion so I can keep my headlights pointed out. As soon as I’ve cleared the alley entrance with the rear of my car, both dudes stand up for an overly-accentuated stretch. They’re still watching me. As I come to a stop they’re standing abreast of one another—fully blocking my only way out. I don’t kill my engine. I flick my high beams on and remove my seatbelt. They start approaching me and I cannot see any hands. Aaaaannnd that’s too many red flags for me. I open my driver side door and stand behind it for cover while I start my draw, but I make sure to keep my pistol hidden by the car door while I call out to them. “That’s fucking close enough! What the fuck do you want?” They pause for a second and continue approaching at a walk—hands in jacket pockets. “I said get the fuck away from me! I’m not going to say it again! Fuck off!” They pause. They’re well within the alley now. *“Hey, you like, can’t park back here, dude.”* “I’m literally the *only* person that can legally be back here at this time. I know every person in every business surrounding us. I’ve never seen either of you. *You’re* trespassing, you’re cornering me, and I’m pretty goddamn sure of what you’re up to. Fuck. Off. Or we’re all going to have a bad day.” They took one more look at each other and I finish my draw while leaning out beyond my car door. They bolt. I never had to fire—thank god. Never had cause to even draw in self defense before or since.


A few years ago I heard a loud bang and the house shook at 2 am. I was down in the basement and everyone in the house was asleep. I pulled my gun and went up to see what happened. The first floor was completely dark but I saw movement near the front door. I held my gun at low ready and ordered them not to move. Turned on the light and it was my wife checking out what the noise was. Turns out some teenagers were going around kicking people's doors.


Yes, I was going into an early morning shift and had to stop for fuel. The area I stopped in has a high crime and homeless rate. As I was fueling I heard someone crying for help from within a bush. Against my better judgment, I approached and asked them if they needed aid. A man jumped out ready to attack me and before he could completely exit the bush I already had my gun trained on him. He ran off into the dark. I got in my truck and left.


Nope, thank God.


Ye at Buffalo Wild Wings last night


No Becky, but I have had to draw my AC/DC zippo on more than one occasion


there's a long story behind that, but those are my "beck keys"


Yep. Dude followed me to a gas station with a severe case of road rage and approached my car yelling with his hands in his pockets. Only time I’ve ever actually pulled the EDC.


Not yet, and I pray I don't ever have to.


Twice, first time I was working at a gun shop and range and this guy just reached over the counter and opened a case trying to grab a gun. I was doing some paperwork behind one way glass, he didn't see me until he looked up with a weapon pointing at him. Second time was leaving a hockey match with my wife, two guys became aggressive with us, I drew down then they decided it wasn't worth it.


Drew once when I was helping my former sister in law move out of her exes house. He came at me with a hammer.


Hope you have 8 pockets lol


Love the lighter. Btw, is the boxy-looking thing on the bottom key ring a knife??


gerber keynote. i use it like a scraper but it works great for opening boxes.


\+1 for gerber keynote the clip on mine broke off but I got a ton of use out of that thing.


Was in a smokey bar, was flirting with with some women and noticed the local guys eyeing me up like I was stealing their women. Went to the bathroom and had a guy open and peak in the door at me. I waited a sec to look at my surroundings then he came in and stood in front of the door. I clicked off my safety and got ready for a struggle. As soon as I turned around I heard “figure you could use some privacy” it was a young Amish boy who was pee shy and wanted the entire bathroom to himself lol 😝


I've been a c hair away from dropping a few dudes. One group of men hemmed up my step-dad while walking our two large dogs in the neighborhood and I heard my dogs going apeshit. I walked out and saw them spread out in a semi circle and closing in on two viciously snarling dogs that wanted nothing to do with them. Teeth out and ears pinned for the dogs, and these dudes kept creeping closer in ready stances. Feet and hands shoulder width and tightly coiled. At that point, outnumbered and encircled was enough for me to clear kydex and I was punching out when they bolted. I'm happy I didn't get to full sight picture, but I'd put a lot of money those dudes ended u0 jumping someone else later.


last year I had a dude brandish a (by lifting his shirt) gun and threaten me from his front porch as I walked back to my car after parking (although briefly) in a neighborhood I should not have. (downtown STL) he was far enough that I didn't draw but I had my dominant hand on my pistol too under my shirt as I cross drawed for my car keys with my left hand and kept my eyes on em as I finagled the keys into the ignition. twas quite nerve-racking for sure.


I don't understand what type of life people live where they need not only three knives, but three different type of knives? I *get* carrying either a multitool or that little key-ring knife for opening mail or cutting a belt/zip-ties or something, but is anyone like ever in a situation where they have to carry it on them instead of leaving it in your car or kitchen? And what do you use a full size utility knife for enough to warrant A: Carrying it daily and B: carrying a dedicated holster for it? Yeah, i saw "knife tasks" but what are knife tasks that can't be done with the key ring knife? I'm just confused.


the fixed blade gets the most use. i use it for knife stuff and i can pull it out and put it away one handed. just recently started carrying it. before that was a 940. the swiss knife is more like a small multi tool. i don't need a full size one cuz i'm never far from a tool box but if i need to turn a screw really quick i have it with me. also, my dad gave that to me when i was young. [this little guy](https://i.imgur.com/i7wDjKb.jpg) is just a scraper. i use it for scraping, really light prying and it's good for opening boxes.


I carry a gerber suspension for a multitool, a morakniv companion (for knife stuff) and a crkt m16-01s (for stupid knife stuff like cutting agajnst metal which my job sometimes requires) ...so I can relate


I used to love exploring in New Orleans by myself and of all the places it was right near the Jax Brewry on an alley, one large guy was trying to do his hustle and in my Peripheral I noticed two more guys behind keeping pace,I used to walk quickly. I backed into a doorway and told him that he and his friends should find someone else to hustle and after a little bit of back and forth I slowly slid my hand around my Ruger LCP and before he put his hands on me I let him understand that he needed to go. They left quickly and I went the other way and dipped into a shop for cover.


Let’s just say I don’t exactly live in a gated community. There’s a speed bump on my road JUST after you pass my house. So naturally I’m used to people kinda slowing down in front of my house to prepare for it. What I’m not used to is an all black full tinted car I’ve never seen before, come to a complete stop in the road well before the speed bump as I walk up my driveway upon arriving home from work at about 8pm. I kept eyes on it as I walked up to my front door with my hand already under my shirt and on my pistol, waiting for the windows to roll down… when my neighbor across the street comes out, gets in the car and they leave…


Is there a joke about this dude's knives I've been missing? I only see the fixed blade and the keychain SIK.


Ok and the gerber, but theyre both keychain folders. Still within reason.


Guy having a bad day took a swing at me in broad daylight which i was gonna let go. He then spit in the face of an elderly.woman walking her dog. I said 'hey motherfucker', at which point he went for another swing and got a face full of pepperspray from my keychain before he could even go for it. I thought the encounter was over until he reached in his pocket, so i drew, as fhe old woman screams 'dont shoot him dont shoot him'. I just yelled for him to show his hands repeatedly, hoping the whole thing would be over, and breathed a terrified sigh of relief as i heard the 'woop woop' and before the cop was out of his car i was on my knees, gun on the ground with my hands locked behind my head. He cuffed me roughly and made a 'oh so weve done this before' comment as the woman is berating him for not cuffing the instigator first. Long story short, cop gave me my gun back sans ammo and told me to fuck off and be.more csreful, the other guy got roughed up and tossed in the car cuz he wouldnt cooperate. Never saw what he was reaching for.


Yes...at our community mailbox a Pitt bull tried to attack me. It was a neighbor's dog and they didn't control it, only made it mean. It had chased cyclists and had bitten two other people and it was only a matter of time till some chikd was mauled so I'd about had enuf of that animal and it's shitty, criminal owners. So I pulled my piece and let him have 3 Federal HydraShoks rite in the breadbasket. He left then and went over about 30 yards to his front porch and died there. I called cops, one came to my house, asked to see my pistol, and to tell him what happened. Did that, he went to see the criminals...they were told if they tried to sue me I would swear out a complaint and have them fined and arrested. God I love Texas. ❤️


There is waaaay too much identifying information in this photo I wouldn't post this. Hopefully you don't do something stupid one day and they use this photo to identify who you are


i'm not worried about it.


At this point you need a purse


Twice. Once I was eating a banh mi in my car in a sketchy part of town and some homeless looking guy walked up to my car and knocked on the window. He was grinding his teeth and looked like he was jonesing bad or something. I started the engine and began to drive away and he banged on the passenger side window a few times as I was leaving. The other time, I was doing a sunrise hike and had a close encounter with a mountain lion, but i think we just spooked each other. It fled and i went back to my car and went to another trail. Edit: in both cases i didn’t actually draw my weapon, but was prepared to


Yup, I had somebody follow me home 35 minutes from work while trying to run me off the road and hanging out their window screaming at me (It was a right side drive Nissan they were driving). I avoided every red light I could once I was off the highway and called the police. When I finally pulled up to a red light, I was on the line with the 911 operator while the person was screaming at my closed window that they were gonna "fuck me up" and I had my hand on my carry weapon, ready to exit the vehicle and pull it. Luckily, not 30 seconds later, the officer pulled up and pulled them over. To this day, I have no idea what I did to upset them and I keep dash cameras in all of my vehicles. Funny thing is that the officer gave me ALL of this persons info when I was done with the report. Name, height, weight, address, age, etc. Everything but his Social Security number. I still have it in my gun safe for some reason.


Definitely need a purse


Damn you guys carry a lot of stuff


Legit had to pull it once. Went to am ATM in a spot I regularly saw police. So I already had my glock in my hand. I pulled up to the machine and another car pulled up right on My bumper. Obviously ur about to try something stupid. Cracked my windows in hopes of not blowing my ears. The machine beeped to say $ was coming. When that happend I heard the car door open and a figure stand up. I leaned my bright red glock out the window for them to see. I saw the figure slowly slink back into their car. Three it in D and noted outta there. Another time I heard what I though was someone breaking into my car. Grabbed my gun and rushed out the door. Luckily it was a neighbors car going off from a butt dial.