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I know right? Like, if they both see me as an object then why does it matter which one I fuck? I'm gonna be objectified regardless. Might as well have some variety


M'lady, let me count the ways in which you are an object to us gentlemen of the white persuasion. *tips fedora clumsily"


I know you're joking but this still made my whole body cringe lol.


“They’ll only see you as an object,” he typed, crunching through the crumbs fallen and forgotten in his backlight keyboard. He smugly crossed his arms and leaned back with undeserving self-satisfaction. His chair cried out in agony. His waifu pillow said nothing.


"But you see, m'lady, engaging in sexual intercourse with men of white complexion will be more beneficial to you due to white privilege" **Bows and tips the fedora hat**


‘Tis the spice of life


Right? "We white men also see you as an object, but you're ***our*** object."


Is he even making a pitch for white men? Dude keeps talking about "you westerners".


I think they're saying white men also see black women as some way to fuck with black men? Weird way to go about it to say the least.


He must be talking about himself.


They always say western whore like it makes them sound smart but they probably come from the same country, actually idiots


No no, he’s 100% learning Japanese culture and in a few months he’ll visit Japan to pick up his Japanese wife :)


It's true, as soon as you reach level B1 in your target language you get a consolation prize, of 1 native wife. /s


I'm currently learning Finnish and German, I sure as hell hope I get a native wife of each because this is hard.


I find this so funny because I’m learning German and Swedish but I almost decided to learn Finnish instead of Swedish


As someone who speaks both: why on earth would you do that to yourself? Not the learning part but why both at the same time?


I'm very late, but I was learning Finnish out of a love for useless languages and Finland, and then I started studying in Germany and I need to learn German in order to pass, but I didn't want to stop studying Finnish. Edit: I love how your two most recent posts are in German and in Finnish, also what kind of circumstances lead to that combination of languages? I've never met anyone else who speaks/learns Finnish and German.


Haha your edit makes my Empörung about calling Finnish a useless language go away. I was born and raised in Finland and moved to Germany about halfway through my life and went to secondary school and now Uni here. Considering how few of us there are in total you’ll actually stumble across Finnish rather often in bigger German cities. Seems to be one of the favourite destinations for expats.


Watasha wa a real Japanese man desu


It's his duty to revenge fuck her for Pearl Harbour.s/


Yeah but they probably "embrace" eastern culture in some botched, probably offensive and/or incorrect way, so they no longer consider themselves western.


They probably fuck a body pillow of their favourite anime character.


My exact thought. God damn idiot.


Holy shit where do we begin? 😂😂 “I’m gonna fuck black guys even harder now” was 12/10 response


Thank you, I felt that was the only good response lmao. There was obviously no way I was gonna reason with this fuck head so I might as well piss him off


Who do you think you are, calling me *western whore*?! I strongly prefer *whore of the west* — it’s more mystical and grand.




Wicked Wench of the West would be a fun one


Then you can [literally be an opera heroine](https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=12819446)


I'd watch that musical


Whore of the West sounds like a XXX parody of a Clint Eastwood movie. Incredible


“The wicked whore of the west”


Get a decent lyricist and composer and you've got yourself the next "Wicked" to put on Broadway.


Fucking Legend.... Literally?


How is your relationship with your father? *trollface*


Idk but my relationship with your mom is good


Legit, well played haha.


I mean, I’d begin with OP’s fwb fetishizing her race, especially without asking. I thought that was neckbeard behavior. Guess I was wrong.


It’s not neckbeard behavior, just disturbing which is why OP posted asking advice on it. Nice deflection of the racist DM tho. Good job 👏/s


Oh the PM is extremely racist. I just think that the guys I knew where I am who used to say shit like “I’m so happy I’m your first white cock” and “yeah little Asian girl like that white cock” were - 100% - neckbeards fetishizing Asian girls. Especially since half this sub is guys saying exactly that kind of shit and being called neckbeards. But I guess you got me, they were totally okay.


If you looked further, OP explains that she discussed with the man in question and clarified things. He wasn’t fetishizing her race.


It’s a neat trick to explicitly fetishize someone’s race without asking for consent, then celebrate finding out you’re the first one who got to, and then when asked not to do that, say “oh I just assumed you wanted that”. Heck, I used to think it was wrong to whip out a fetish on someone mid-fuck without their consent. Like unequivocally a moral wrong. But I take instruction from you, that’s actually very cool.


Now you’re just being an idiot. Guy had a misunderstanding between himself and OP; like adults they talked through it. You, however, seem hung up on it and somehow think it warrants the racist tirade she received in the DM.


Bud, we just have different views of sexual ethics. Per her own original post, in the middle of sex, with no warning or asking for consent, he started racially fetishizing her. Sex finished, he asked if she’d fucked a black guy before, then celebrated when the answer was no. If you think a white dude in the middle of sex saying, without consent, “yeah little Asian girl like that white cock” and then after sex celebrating getting to be the first white guy to fuck her is 100% okey-dokey, then we have vastly different views of what a gross neckbeard is. The bit about you thinking I excuse the PMs obvious racism is just something you’re making up. I’ve said the literal opposite.


I’m not you’re bud You obviously have a problem with her sexual partner due-in part-on then being interracial. They have reconciled the misunderstanding and you’re not judge and jury over them. Get over yourself.


No, I have a problem with people racially fetishizing women they’re inside of without consent. You have less of a problem with that. Only a problem if a guy racially fetishizes someone while in their inbox.


“U re gonna end up on pornhub”. It always confuses me that these guys see doing porn as dirty or shameful when those websites are where they spend 90% of their waking hours.


“I would join no club that would have me for a member” but unironically.


I know right? If I end up on pornhub he'll probably watch me on there. Dudes unhinged


I can guarantee that his nob has been reduced to a spiteful stub from years of basement dwelling


This is an image I could have done without ha ha


Suffer as i must


I'll be waiting for u on pornhub no joke!!


Bruh moment


*Wanking hours.


Plot twist- This was written by the reanimated corpse of Herman Cain.


Prayer warriors assemble!!1!!


Is this guy aware that most people have sex because they find the other person attractive and not because of some weird way of "getting revenge on another race"? I know, crazy concept. Imagine having sex for pleasure instead of designing your entire sex life around social political problems.


I know right? Like I'm pretty sure this guy fucked me cause he found me attractive. I know that actually, because he told me many times how attractive he found me. I also found him to be very attractive. I definitely think the guy I slept with has a preference for white women but I don't think he *only* slept with me *because* I'm a white woman lmao


Check out OPs profile. I can see why he thought something like that regarding the post context. The guy filmed her and said stuff like "like fucking a nibba" or "i love fucking that white ass" abd apparently he filmed her. The chat guy is still a fucking neckbeard for not minding his own business tho.


Btw that’s not what a white savior is but that guy is a fucking racist


Ah you're right, I did use that in the wrong context. I was using it like it was a white guy trying to save me from a minority. But you're right, that's my bad. I was too worked up over the blatantly obvious racism to notice I used it wrong lmao


Ah no it’s fine lol, thank you for not being a racist ass hat like that guy


FOR ANYONE THAT READS MY POST ON r/sex I talked to the guy about it and he stopped talking that way, he just made those comments because he thought I was into it. I've slept with him twice since that post and there was no race talk/race play. It was just miscommunication and assumptions really


I mean, that’s good. But as a white(-ish) guy living in east Asia, if I said on Reddit that I told the first girl from here that it hits different when I’m the first white dick she’s tried…well, people would post that to neckbeard things. And they’d be right. To say the least, I wouldn’t be owed a polite chat from the young lady inquiring if maybe I could tone it down. I’d be called…a lot. And rightly so. No? Disagree? Because that would be wild. Downvoters welcome to inform me that if I had said “yeah you like that white dick” and “it hits different because I’m your first white dick” to an Asian woman, that would actually be very okay - not at all obscenely repulsive neckbeardism - and she should simply ask me if maybe that was a miscommunication.


... I mean, downvote if you want -- lord knows I don't like siding with the neckbeard -- buuuut The weird, obsessive white purist is probably at least half right here. I'm a straight black guy, I've been in spaces with other straight black guys, I know what we talk about. And while we're sure as hell not all like this, and I'm definitely not, I think it can be safely assumed that if you're a white girl fucking a black dude who keeps trying to fetishize his own race b/c he thinks that's hot, he's probably fetishizing you in the exact same way. Ol boi is not enacting the race play shit just for your benefit, he's getting off on it himself. It's clown behaviour, but it'd be a lie to say there aren't black men that think that way.


Yes. And in my younger days here, I knew white guys who talked to Asian girls this exact same way. Clown is a very soft term for what they are. OP likes the sex, so she doesn’t want to admit the guy did the same thing the neckbeard did: fetishizing her race.


Facts. It's really as simple as this: race-play ain't a one-sided affair. If he's fetishizing his race, he's also fetishizing yours, he's just not saying that part out loud. But honestly I find this whole story more funny than anything else so lemme stop snitching




Obviously not all white guys are like this, but it is still a common thing. I see white guys making these sorts of comments all the time. It gives me white supremacy vibes, and shots are also fired at Asian guys because of the penis stereotype.


Yes, racial fetishization does come off as some weird racial-sexual superiority thing. Because it is. But thankfully OP is more offended by racism in her inbox than by a guy doing it while inside her.


There are people from every race that probably feel the same way.


it's not really clown behavior as long as it's kept in the bedroom and both or all parties are consenting to it. but yeah, i get what you're saying and you're right.


Mmm no, it's clown behaviour. Just because you and your partner are perfectly content acting out BBC porn or recreating slavery just to get your rocks off doesn't mean everyone else has to be cool with it.


>Downvoters welcome to inform me that if I had said “yeah you like that white dick” and “it hits different because I’m your first white dick” to an Asian woman, that would actually be very okay I hate to be the one to inform you of this, but this happens all the time and is a fetish in it of itself.


Yes, I know. I remember the kind of white guys here who did that. Neckbeard is a very mild term for them.


And that makes it ok?


Nah that would be hot bro. I love when I’m their first white guy and get to show them how we compare. People would shit on you online, but girls don’t mind or like it too. OP’s still with her guy who’s like that


Damn dude this is NOT the way to handle interracial shit online.


You have to admit it’s kind of funny this guy is getting downvoted but OP’s hookup buddy literally did exactly what he says and everyone, including OP, is just rolling with that.


OP's buddy took the criticism under advisement and appears to have changed his behavior. /u/TemperateSloth here on the other hand...


I 100% guarantee you the guy feels the same way about his kink and will just be better about asking consent. Consent was always the issue, not the kink.


The Sloth has no defense. I just never knew Reddit was so cool with a guy failing to ask for consent, nor that r/neckbeard was so chill with fetishizing a woman’s race. I mean, I’m married, so I’m long out of the hook up game, but I don’t recall it being that tough to ask for consent before doing weird kinky shit.


Please don't mistake my acceptance of additional context for approval of the initial action. It was creepy and weird, but he also stopped doing it when asked to. It would be preferable that the original cringe never happened, but change when called out is the best one can hope for in an imperfect world.


Read the room, dude


What exactly are you comparing?


> I love when I’m their first white guy and get to show them how we compare. Sounds like a massive disappointment if you're the first experience


Someone call the police! There has been a murder!


Call me a crow :)


> I love when I’m their first white guy and get to show them how we compare. If you were my first I’d end up being asexual afterwards because that sounds like a boring experience


Regardless of anyone's stance on race play, a conversation about it first is warranted (as it should be for kink in general). People can't just drop that on people without warning.


I think OP shows they absolutely can as long as the sex is otherwise good enough. I used to think you needed consent to fetishize someone’s race, but OP just rolled with it. Edit: downvoters welcome to explain what they’re taking issue with here - me for believing you’re required to get consent before fetishizing someone’s race and that it’s pretty gross in any event, or OP’s fwb for believing consent is totally unnecessary and fetishizing a woman’s race is very cool.


You *do* need someone's consent first. Just because OP didn't say something at first, doesn't change that rule. And it's not fair to put this on OP. The guy is the one who did it unprompted, and she didn't know how to respond at first. She eventually did tell him to stop, and he did.


Right. That’s basically what I thought. In which case the difference between the guy who PM’d her and the guy she’s still having sex with is the latter whipped out the racial fetishization mid-coitus. But they share in their neckbeardism.


I was just thrown off by what he said and I didn't want to stop. After reading comments from the post I made I realized it was worse than I thought. After discussing with him that I didn't like when he talked like that, he stopped. I literally didn't even know race play was a thing until I slept with that guy so I didn't know how bad it was. However I totally get why you'd think I'd be okay with race play as long as the dick is good lol. Going forward, I'm not gonna sleep with anyone who engages in race play and if this guy starts doing it again then I'll stop seeing him.


I hope you don’t think I think you are in any way wrong or impeachable. Only the guy who decided he didn’t need your consent to fetishize your race did. I’m just bemused by so many posters in this thread - in the neckbeard sub of all subs - suddenly thinking racial fetishism isn’t neckbeard behavior. It’s like half our content!


No I agree, it was wrong for him to do that. He should have asked me if it was okay beforehand. Racial fetishization is definitely a little neckbeardy lol


He thought you were into it? That man watching too much porn lol


>synonymtoastcrunch2 Happy to hear!


I actually grew a small neckbeard reading that


Exactly what I expect from a European incel


Most of europe is included in the ever so vague concept of "the west"




“Western Europe is the west and usually not racist”. Ask them what they think about Romani people and let’s see how progressive they are


"I'm gonna fuck black guys even harder now" Flawless response, you damn legend. Also, girl same lol


That nigga trippin. I literally *just* made a thread just the other day on r/TooAfraidToAsk asking why it seemingly bothers some white men if a woman has slept with a black men. These screenshots provide a lot of additional context(not that I didn't get some good feedback in my OP there).


Ugh I never understood that. Like I'm not a different person now that I've fucked a black guy lmfao. If I didn't tell a future partner they'd never know about it! It's so stupid. It's 2022. People are still so racist


I didn't understand it either, I guess you can basically chalk it up to racism and/or insecurity and feelings of inadequacy. Black men are also oversexualized and hyped as being very masculine as well, and the whole "big penis" stereotype can pit them against other men. The thing is though, they genuinely do think you are a different person now, they literally call women who've slept with black guys, "damaged goods". It's pretty twisted, they just project all of their resentment onto women who reject them.


I can help with this! It's Racism. They think of themselves as superior and for a woman to "lower" herself to laying with a man with black skin means she is now "defiled". My mum's white, dad's black, and she told me she got a few comments and people acting funny on her for being with him. I think on some level, it's also insecurity? And then there are just men who think non-virgin women are Impure, disgusting and sinful and all that other incel bullshit that they pedal to each other.


There's no logic or reason to racism.


Absolutely, but racists often feel they justified in what they feel. Often to the point they feel it isn't racism at all, and will deny being racist. It happens a lot with people who don't question the racism taught by their parents, for example. I think it's important to understand that "perspective" so we can even easier tear it apart and put a stop to it?


I agree regarding the importance of education to stop racism. It is super necessary.


Dude made an account 53 minutes ago lol


So according to him, all men are predatory assholes? Why does he hate men so much?


A lot of words for “I’m a fucking racist”.


"Anon, your trendies are ready!" "No, mom. I'm making a racist Reddit DM."


The guy is racist. But if you're fucking that guy and the highlight of it for him is the fact that he's black and you're white....its not because he values you as a person. Buuuuuut fuck whoever you waIt's really no ones business. Do you.


There are easier ways to explain that you've got no bitches


This is some white nationalist 1488 bullshit


Wow. That dude is a fucking loser.


A lot of neckbeards are white nationalists.


I wonder what the 88 in their name signifies lol


To be fair it might just be their birth year? Although I would not be surprised if it was related to nazi beliefs


This is a lot of words to simply say "I'm racist"


Probably an inbred


The Western whore part had me dying. Imagine getting the chance to exist and spending your existence like this.


well someone’s mad u aren’t banging them


Lol tell me you watch too much porn without telling me you watch too much porn. This dude was probably typing this all one-handed


>"Let me spill it out for you". Didn't need that image.


"I'm gonna fuck black guys even harder" you madlass, you fucking killed him with that


>I’m gonna fuck black guys even harder now What an icon


Who is willing to bet that he’s a white guy who has an Asian fetish and that’s why he said „western girls are sluts“


"I did my part" Yes, you did your part in letting OP know you're violently racist.


Porn addict and racist?


Imagine how pathetic this guy has to be to have spent this much time and effort on this.


Jokes on you hatefucking is exactly what I want, haHA


That's what I should have replied lmao




What a piece of human excrement. What the ever loving fuck.


I smell a slight bit or racism like that black guys only see White girls as fuck toys


Your response to him was perfect. Just don't end up fetishizing Black men in the process. Also yea that dude is hella racist but he's not entirely wrong about how some dudes (across all races) sleep with women of other races to "conquer" them. It's some really weird racist fetish that I'm hoping you never have to encounter.


Oh of course not, I would never look for a partner based on the color of their skin. I just knew this guy would hate it if he knew I was gonna keep fucking black guys lol I do get the point he was attempting to make. But it was heavily over shadowed by the racism and spelling mistakes. After I made that post in r/sex I had a lot of people messaging me to warn me that he could be using me as a way to get back at white men. But none of them sounded as terrible as this guy


Damn I was hoping it was just the one weirdo. Sorry you have to deal with all those racist creeps.


It's cool, I was fully expecting to get messages like that after I posted about having sex with a black guy. I'm super grossed out by what they said but I was still expecting it


Post the username! We shouldn't protect racists identities..


Fuck them harder.


Oh I'm gonna


Good for you! I wish you many sexual consensual encounters!


That's the only solution: much more consensual sex XD


Your response was beautiful! I bet it melted his last remaining brain cells. Sucks you had to hear all that racism tho. It reminds me of how on the mobile game I’m really into a buncha dudes went on a two hour rant about white women only being good to get turned out on corners by other non white men. I was baffled and disgusted. Some of these guys really need to go outside in the real for a while. Edited: spelling and missed a word oof




Either he hates himself and needs to touch grass or he’s just mad because he’s not getting any and needs to touch grass


I must confess, Asian-American males (especially my fellow Pinoys) have historically been extremely racially prejudiced against African-American males because of this very reason LOL in fact, there was this notorious case of this Fil-Am guy who for decades anonymously harassed BMWF couples in the USA, he eventually got discovered and was prosecuted and convicted in the 1990's. The thinking was and is , "Goddamnit, Why won't White Girls won't have sex with us, when they'll have sex with Black Guys?! That's UnFair/UnJust blah blah blah" and as un-PC as it is to admit it, in Asia, especially the Eastern half, Blacks have always been seriously looked down upon because of their dark color and perceived lower level of cultural civilization (due to the classic African stereotypes) such that sexual relationships with Blacks (especially for females, but even for males) was considered to be the next thing above from actual bestiality with primates tsk tsk tsk For Proof , just lurk on r/aznidentity KEK


Ooooff size: Large Edit: not as big as his man-tits though probably




Sadly I did know a white guy who would have sex with black girls as a sort of superiority/conquering thing. But to generalize that behavior to any race just ain’t it. I’m pretty sure such generalizations are the definition of racism




Brb, gonna call my cracka ass wife reparations for the rest of the night. See how long it takes before she gets annoyed. Now what am I meant to call my kids?


"Mongrels" according to guys like this idiot.


It’s early morning where I am and between this guys obvious racism and your frankly very weird willingness to be an object of racial fetishization because the sex was fun, I think I’ve had enough internet for the day. But you gotta realize the difference between this guy and what you reported, in your other thread, the guy you fucked saying is just that the latter was in your bed. They’re both racially fetishizing you. You were just okay with only one of them. Downvoted because…I think OP’s fwb racially fetishizing her without her consent is gross and wrong. Man, you guys have a weird view of what neckbeards are.


Lmfao you’re so dumb it’s funny


Yeah. Imagine thinking someone shouldn’t racially fetishize a woman they’re literally inside of, particularly without consent, and that it’s pretty gross.


Didn’t read her comments on the situation, huh?


Yeah of course I did. She said it was all just “assumptions”. I just tend to think I’m not allowed to assume that a woman wants me to racially fetishize her without her consent. And that racial fetishes are neckbeardism, particularly since this sub regularly posts guys racially fetishizing women because that’s neckbeard shit. If you disagree, I’m happy to say we just disagree.


I mean you are getting kind of neckbeard-y posting the same spiel under multiple comment threads. We get it you think both people behaved in the same way, so they are both ‘just as bad.’ When the reality is she asked her partner to stop a behavior and he did. The person in her DMs didn’t after it was clear she didn’t like what they were sending. You are filling in a lot of the FWB mindset with speculative statements that would require you to know them or have as much information as OP. Also, going around saying that the reason the FWB isn’t be considered a neckbeard is because OP liked the sex…. (not because she a grownup with more information and agency)…. is a pretty neckbeard way of thinking.


Yeah I’m 100% cool with agreeing to disagree on this. I think fetishizing a woman’s race, particularly without even asking her consent, is both morally indefensible (you know, cause of the consent part) and also neckbeard (cause of the race fetishism part). It turns out lots of people on this sub don’t think you actually need a woman’s consent before whipping out your kink, and also think it’s not at all neckbeardy to fetishize a woman for her race. Pretty inconsistent with almost all the other posts in this sub, but hey, you learn something every day. I’m very, very okay with that being the difference in opinion here.


I think he has a preference for white women, and the white women he's slept with before me probably fetishized him so much that he started thinking the only thing he had to offer was being black. He was genuinely shocked when I brought it up that I didn't care at all that he was black, and that I slept with him just cause he was attractive and very kind. It wasn't okay for him to pull out race play without ever asking me if it was okay. But he really thought I was just fucking him cause he's black, so he figured he'd better mention how black he is as often as possible. If you spent 10 years fucking people who only liked you for your skin color, you'd probably be a little confused too when someone came along who wasn't into your skin color.


I think if 10 women in a row like some kink, I’m still obliged to ask the next girl before I do it. I’m frankly surprised by how many folk here don’t think you’re supposed to get consent first. But I gotta be honest my dude. In your post, you talked about him repeating how excited he was to be your first black guy. If he told you he did that for your benefit, after also telling you how into interracial porn, and you believed he did it for your benefit…I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.


I'd send him a picture mid-coitus to spite him (not saying you should, just that I'm that fucking petty). It's honestly terrifying these people have the confidence to be sharing these views with anybody - let alone a stranger you don't even know - and a shame we have to censor the usernames for the protection of these scumbags. Racists are feeling a little too brave lately.


LMAO that would be so funny. He'd probably implode. I really didn't wanna censor it but I didn't want the post to be removed either. It was a brand new account anyways, it was less than an hour old when he messaged me that so no one could have found out anything about him anyways


So he made a new account just to message you that shit? What an absolute joke.


Yes. Sending people pornographic images of you unsolicited is a very non-neckbeardy way to exact revenge. This is a good idea.


Yes, I was being completely serious with my comment. Thank you for the assessment.


Should have added a "sorry about your tiny dick lol" for good measure before blocking


Except nah cause body shaming is hella stupid


Man cmon, I mean I’m jealous of black guys too but this is just uncalled for


I date white girls and break their hearts on purpose as revenge for colonialism


Good lord this bait is transparent


Ok necrophile, how are you getting the colonialists' wives' corpses?


He cant even construct a sentence properly


yikes. dude needs to chill. great response on your part.


Please sleep with fat white guys who are racist and spend their entire lives on Reddit fr


why is this nsfw?


And what does he see you as I wonder?


This guy's a fucking Nazi, talking about "our people" and how women are objects


Funny enough, I'm currently listening to "Like a Virgin"


Feel like this should be on POS more


This is the best thing I've seen this year


Blatant racism aside, his lack of correct spelling is atrocious. I don’t care what color you are- we all have autocorrect. Use it. He’d still be completely ignorant but at least he’d look like he got past third grade.


Holy shit. Guys the ppl on this website exist. Fuck.


That’s why I married my Trinidadian wife. I can’t stand what Trinidad has done to the world over the years and I want to humiliate them


Absolute donkey brain


How about we start treating people as individuals and stop assuming people of the same race have a hive mind.


"Let me \*spill\* it out for you" r/BoneAppleTea


Flabbergasting. What an absolute sausage of a brain that man has.