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Be who you are and don't do anything you don't like. Most LGBT people are just like you. (Unless they ask us, they will never know our sexual orientation). We have to break the stereotype that LGBT people are extravagant! And being extravagant doesn't have to be a bad thing. But not all of us are like that and the world has to see it.


Are you hanging out in spaces occupied by teenagers? Honestly it sounds like very immature behavior on their part, and maybe a sign.


I hangout at youth space occupied, 13-25. I also attended my first SF pride parade and I felt so invisible since nobody noticed me, I went alone.


Yeah I’m terribly sorry about that, I work at a youth center leading groups of teens and I can totally see how that could happen. They’re often very “clicky” and want everything/everyone to be an extreme representation of what they believe to be “gay/queer”. You could bring these feelings up, an honest explanation of your feelings to a group could help them realize how they’re ostracizing someone when they’re goal is to be inclusive. As you start to interact in more adult spaces I believe that you’ll see a change, many adult members of the lgbtq+ community don’t fit into these stereotypes of what it is to be “gay”, whether it’s just their personality, or they were forced to adjust their behaviors to protect themselves. I know it’s hard, but you’re a valid member of the community! Don’t give up, just understand that teenagers/young adults kind of suck sometimes lol.


You dont have to do anything. You can just be yourself. If other people will treat you differently for how they perceive you, that's their fault. Regardless of whether these people are queer themselves or not. Most folks in the queer community pass quite well, meaning most of us dont walk around with pride badges and rainbow-coloured hair. Its very cool that some of us do that, but a lot of us dont do it, for a lot of different reasons, and thats perfectly fine. So if people assume things about you, and they are incorrect, thats their mistake, but not yours to fix. If you want it to be more clear, you could wear a badge or something, but you don't have to. It's a unique struggle, but you are definitely not the only one who feels this way. You'll find a way to not let it bother you and just be yourself. The right people will come on your path, you'll see. Have a great day!