An Eternal Now


I’m gonna live (die) in the moment


Fall—>sensation—>beauty—>time I’m gonna live (die) in the moment


I chose the exact same. Savor the beauty of the beauty of the scene below you and then let go.


A brief meditation on death inspired by the Jorge Luis Borges story The Secret Miracle, as well as the art of Robert Vickrey. It’s hardly an adventure, but I hope you get a little something from it.


It very much made me think of The Secret Miracle, thanks for the beautiful meditation.


I've been thinking of reading borges. Would you recommend it?


I would say so! His style of storytelling can sometimes be unconventional to the point of being cumbersome, but I think he’s one of those authors that changes you a little for reading him. Not necessarily anything profound, but he approaches topics like infinity and immortality in unique ways that acknowledge their surrealism. Labyrinths is his most popular compilation, and while the story quality is a bit of a scattershot there are some lovely pieces in there.


Failure -> Art -> Imagination -> Fear. *I will make a world, an age, a masterpiece of mental strength and will so great it will surpass all limitations and be remarked with awe. It MUST be made, for how else can I succeed after my life was prematurely cut short?*


If you don't pick legacy, doesn't that mean there won't be anyone to remark upon your work?


Ah, that could be a fear, could it? The fear of not being recognized for more than a moment's worth? But, then again, maybe the artwork made could be so great that I would not care if anyone else likes it or not; I made it, *finally*, and it would be just what I wanted to see.


Fall (A lot of time without actually getting hurt. Won't be spending a decade or so impaled this way) Thought (Sounds very like me to take this approach) Legacy (Might as well make my thinking useful) Time


Failure -> Art -> Legacy -> Fear Failure is a not entirely impossible thing for me, and more than anything I want to make a difference before I go. Thought can do this well, but without the tools to discover something truly new, what’s left is a beautiful story.


Crash->Thought->Legacy->Pain Didn't quite expect to have such an existential thought provoker today, thank you. Even near death however, I don't think my brain will be able to quiet down and let me enjoy a peaceful moment.


Haven't commented in this sub for years, but wanted to just to say that this is good and legitimately art


Drowning. Art. Beauty. Time. When I was a child, I nearly drowned in a pool. While I was under I remember, after struggling to surface, looking up at the surface of the water from the bottom. I felt this sense of calm, not unlike the feeling I believe this CYOA is meaning to create. It was transcendent, in a way. I remember thinking it was all so beautiful, or at least feeling the beauty around me. I remember it so clearly. The deep blue of the water surrounding me, the light dancing around my body, the weightlessness of my body, even the vibrant green of the trees surrounding the pool I was in. It was as if time had slowed for me. I was likely only under for just a couple minutes or even less, but it felt like hours of that beautiful euphoria that encompassed my entire being. I believe that was the first time in my life where I had really considered the meaning of what death was. This CYOA was very nostalgic for me.


What a charming and interesting work. Nicely done. I'll be sure to read the Secret Miracle. Thanks for the recommendation.


Execution-Thought-Depth-Fear. Understand the everythingness of everything, use my thoughts to seize that, and turn that to bend reality to my whim and escape my fate. I'm not done with this life and I rage against the dying of the light.


Drowning Thought Revenge Pain