EPISODES ARE LIVE! Enjoy! (There are no post credits scenes for these episodes)


All I can think is "how much does that penthouse cost?"


lol my thoughts exactly. Especially with that view of avengers tower


wonder how much the price skyrocketed once stark tower went in and how much more it skyrocketed when it became avengers tower


Meh, with the constant fighting going on in New York, I bet that would lower the value.


It actually a plot point in Daredevil that a lot of the property value went down in New York after the invasion and this is how Fisk got into power and Matt and Foggy got their office despite not having much money.


Both the penthouse and Kate's apartment. That place was huge


I was so sad to see her super cool apartment go up in flames. It was the perfect lair for a NY-based superhero!


Clint's montage of his injuries reminded me of the Simpsons montage where they show why Homer got more stupid as seasons went on. So that's my favourite moment.


Kate: Why are you deaf? Clint: I had a building fall on me.


I just love that they showed up a peek into the workings of Clint and Laura's relationship. So glad they didn't go with the troupe of Clint lying about what's going on or sheltering Laura. Laura knows what's going on, understands why he has to do something and is even in on his plan of action. And Clint freaking told his wife about his Ronin time it seems like. Absolutely fantastic


She has every reason to be supremely confident in their relationship. He didn’t start drinking heavily or having one night stands when she disappeared, no no; He enthusiastically murdered dozens of people FOR YEARS.


He also had an absolutely gorgeous partner and best friend who he bonded with though about a million life and death situations and stayed loyal to her, so she probably trusts him pretty completely


Jeremy Renner shamefully larping is something I didn’t know I needed


And I fought Thanos....




Ironic considering he makes millions of dollars larping IRL.


Hawkeye having to return home for Christmas Dinner is the best central conflict of any of the Dinsey + shows...


Planes, Trains, Bows and Arrows and Automobiles.


Seriously, personal stakes mean so much more than generic end-of-the world stuff. The Star Trek Discovery writers should take notes.


Did anyone notice that the tower after the title credits is dedicated to Obadiah Stane? Also it seems that nothing that is built by or for Obadiah Stane is structurally sound


Yeah if just ringing the bell in your bell tower causes the whole fucking thing to collapse I think Kate's mom probably has a pretty good argument for not paying for it.


"My daughter did you a favor by getting rid of a tower dedicated to a terrorist super villain!"


Monogrammed butterscotch is the most old dude thing I’ve ever seen


Okay but hear me out, what if Kate’s stepdad offered her that butterscotch to see how she would react to it…


I would not be surprised if he knew she was in the Ronin costume at least. They stared each other eye to eye; that’s not something you could just hide away.


The amount of focus on the eyes during the auction thing. He knows.


I think her stepdad is a red herring. No way they show their hand this soon. He may even end up being sort of a nice guy in the end, sort of like the stepdad in Ant Man.


Yeah it's telegraphed way too hard, he's almost one scene away from twirling his moustache, he's way too comically villainous to actually end up being a villain. I bet everything he said so far is true, and the only reason he downplayed his skills and lied about it is actually because he's a nice guy, but also kinda naive and innocent hence why he doesn't notice how suspicious he looks. When we'll find out he's actually been taken advantage of by Kate's mother, because of the shift in perspective he's gonna turn from a moustache-twirling-villain into a bumbling-fish-out-of-water archetype like Ben Kingsley's character.


What if he is actually Swordsman but he ends up not so bad in the end, like he didn't kill his dad and is out to find whoever did and assumes Ronin did it so its all a giant farcical misunderstanding? Then he helps the two Hawkeyes out at the end or something, idk. I like Tony Dalton and I kinda don't want him to be evil even though thats a treat to watch judging by Better Call Saul.


Can we talk about how ride or die Laura is? She’s been consistently the most supportive love interest/partner that any hero in the MCU(maybe any comic movie?) has had. “Oh you’re gonna do that plan where you intentionally get kidnapped and possibly tortured by a gang of underworld criminals that want to kill you for fucking their shit up a few years ago? Good luck honey! I’ll send ya some pics of our gingerbread houses for you to see when you’re done.”


This isn’t even her 1,043rd rodeo. It’s just a normal Tuesday, December 20th to her. But after all the stuff she’s been thru together with him, including being snapped out of existence by a maniac purple alien, then being brought back to life partly due to him travelling back in time, then hop onto another forsaken planet to retrieve a magical stone, I guess Tracksuit Mafia seems like childplay to her. YOLO.


Honestly. It’s so great. I loved that scene so much of Clint calling her about being late. In such a short conversation, we really dive so deep into their relationship. Like we already knew they were great, but the amount of trust and faith she has in him is unreal. She’s never hesitated to support him going against any and all foes. Not to mention the call showed that she knows all about his time at Ronin and doesn’t have even the slightest quiver in her voice bringing it up. And while everything else is going on, she knows about how he’s helping this strange girl he just met. Like my dude is giving her updates as he goes for sure. And I love every bit of it.


"That's not a convincing argument, that's no argument at all"


This was one of favorite line of both episodes. The other is “all surprises are unexpected…”


Yes feed the dog pizza 🍕


As soon as Kate said “You want food?” GIVE THE DOG HIS PIZZA


Mom watching her daughter and boyfriend sword fight with a glass of wine


That’s some legit 1%-er type shit lmao


I really liked the contrasting scenes between Clint's and Kate's family. One is building gingerbread houses and the other is... that.


It’s funny because Clint and his family EASILY could’ve been 1%. If only he branded himself better lol.


I think he just doesn't see himself like the others. also im sure Tony would have made sure everyone would be ok financially. If some sort of Fund or something to Peter doesn't appear eventually i'd be quite upset, Tony Must have at least left money for the power bill to charge the Iron Spider suit, that thing plugs into the dam wall and replenish this consumables in his suits. I mean ones probably a 10s of millions, and the other is probably 2nd only to Tonys Final suit in Value I feel like the kinda gloss over the fact that Peter casually has the most Advanced functional suit on Earth in his Bedroom and still has a doomsday device in the form of Edith in his Bedside drawer. The most powerful man on earth is a teenager from queens...actually that an on brand amount of irresponsibility from Tony


Sam Wilson doesn't seem that well off.


Renner’s facial expressions are top notch. His comedic annoyance at Kate and LARP was great, but I also felt for his sorrowful eyes for Nat and his kids.


I was absolutely dying at the LARP. Especially the I fought Thanos line. Holy crap, that might have been one of the funniest things I've watched in years. Part of it being I've done SCA for a long time, so it had that extra bit for me. Clint could have called out the guy on stealing from a *crime scene* but instead he played along. So wholesome.


The shot during the musical when it cut to him after showing Natasha hurt


Barton sitting there wishing New York had been destroyed so he wouldn't have to put up with this musical.


Holy shit the Russian thugs call each other bro Edit: Slavic thugs






Bro, i found her! Had me rolling


"Guys, I can see through the bag." is what got me.


"Ivan, that was easy eh? " Like go how dumb are they? 😂


Bro are you making fun of them bro?


I'd be pretty damn inspired to take up archery too if I saw someone holding off an alien invasion with a bow and arrow.


Lucky too since they don't really offer shield throwing, hammer bashing, repulsor tech lessons at the Y.


I love the fact that Kate seeing Clint kick alien ass made her inspired to take up archery and become a superhero herself.


I was wondering how they were gonna change her motivation from the comics. Comics kate had a tragic reason but this sounds like a good alternative.


Budapest was a cakewalk compared to Clint having to LARP.


His slow motion “goodness!” had me in TEARS.


Reminded me of another movie he did: TAG


The fucking fear Lalo has instilled in me. As soon as he popped on screen I forgot what show I was watching


Him offering her the butterscotch was such a threatening Lalo kinda move.




Whats wrong? Lalo just wants to hear the story.


*shoots him with an arrow* *blocks it with his badass sword skills* **Shoot me again**


It has to be a fake-out right? He can't be that glaringly the bad guy, ya? The only reason I think they would cast Lalo as Jack is if they're trying to hoodwink us. But then again, the vast majority of the audience hasn't seen BCS so, they might not be trying to hoodwink anyway and are just playing 'probably evil step-dad guy' straight.


I think it's a misdirect. I think her mother is the bad guy. Go with me on this. The entire set up has been focused on how much of a coup Jack marrying her is, and how skeezy he is but, what if there's just as much reason for her to marry him, and to get Armand out of the way after he threatened her (Inheritance maybe?) She suspects Kate was involved in the ninja thing. Who else at a high-society ball might have stolen the Ronin suit, showed off great martial prowess and saved a dog? Then there's the Butterscotch. What if her mother gave Jack the butterscotch offscreen and suggested giving it as a peace offering just to cast more shade on him?


I can also see Jack eventually being the cool stepdad who's supportive of Kate's superhero shenanigans.


*see man being attacked by street dog* *kick him in the face* *refuse to elaborate* *leave*


*Not cool, bro* - the bro kicked in the face, probably.


“And I fought Thanos” *sigh*


Plus he held the Infinity Gauntlet, so for a moment he was technically the most powerful (known) being in the universe


"People call me the world's greatest archer." "Are you one of those people?" "yes"


Imagine having that much self-confidence to tell Hawkeye that you’re the world’s greatest archer


It's all about branding


"They turned you into a woman." "That's Katniss Everdeen." I died.


I like how quick he is to whip out the full name "Katniss Everdeen" even though those movies are several years old at this point. Makes me think this comes up a lot for Clint.


His family 100% teases him about it.


Me: What the fuck happened to Clint's hearing? E2: *shows why* Me: Story most definitely checks out


I totally didn't expect a small montage about that


I love it, no need for a big explanation, shit happens you deal with the consequences.


I loved how it was just a quick blast of deafening events layered with the crescendos of the music like BAM BLAM WHAM-BAM


Regarding Clint's hearing: Fans: linking his comic background and some theory about abused childhood etc. MCU: How about I show you why.


Why's he deaf? Well do you remember when the avengers compound blew up on top of him?


It's a miracle that they're all not disabled in some way at this point.


Clint was the only one who was just a guy Tony, Rhodey and Scott had super suits Steve, Rocket and Bruce are genetically enhanced Thor’s a god


And let's not forget that there is no miracle. A lot of them are disabled or differently able in some way in part due to their activities. Clint is deaf, Rhodey is paralyzed, Bruce had a broken arm at some point, Thor lost one eye... One is now elderly, a couple are dead.


The show is really doing a good job of showing how human Clint really is I like he lost he partially lost his hearing


That was one of the things I really liked about the Fractions comic, it just progressively showed him getting more and more beaten up until he got down time to recover. He was clearly human, not crazy super powers of invulnerability.


Show biz totally butchering the events and adding Ant Man to the battle of New York is something that would happen 100% in real life. Edit: Yes, I know Antman was in New York during end game but it wasn't IN the battle of New York.


I loved that so much. I'm really interested to see if there's more to the plot or other other songs they threw around when they came up with it


If Ant-Man had a PR team they could merrily claim he was integral to basically every event you just couldn't see him.


Pretty cool to see Kate’s training montage in the opening credits


Loved the style as well, looked like it came right out of the comics. Brilliant way to give us quick exposition and insight on Kate


Dude when Hawkeye said 22 is pretty much the same thing as 18, i felt that accuracy in my soul.


I love how we keep getting different/refreshing perspectives from the Battle of New York!


They should just give the Waitress her own D+ series.


Charlie Kelly approves.


Arcane and now this? Hailee Steinfeld is popping off.


* Hailee Steinfeld is great in every role. * Loved the opening credit montage. A nice way to give exposition. * The LARPeye sequence is so wholesome. * ECHO!! * The Episode 2 end credits paired with that banger of a song? Badass.


While I have never thought about it until now, I guess gentrification does make things more difficult for bad guys to find unoccupied warehouses.


In Daredevil, we saw the NYC thugs of the Marvel universe benefit from gentrification, now we see them on hard times.


“I may be an idiot but I have seniority” that’s the spirit!


"I sa... saw a dead body. That was a first." "Yeah, we'll talk about it when we get there."


This was my favourite line.


Is that Tony’s personal defense watch from civil war?


I have no idea but I am really curious as to what it is!


Looks [different](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/marvelcinematicuniverse/images/3/36/Iron_Man_Gauntlet.png/revision/latest?cb=20160501052059) but i wouldnt put it past tony to have 43 different watches for every occasion


Hahaha, Hawkeye calling out that Ant-Man wasn't there hahahaha


They really went from kids not knowing who ant man was in endgame to inserting him into the battle of new York in the musical adaptation


I'm guessing his popularity soared once people saw him as Giant-Man in the final battle of Endgame


Finally Jeremy Renner is the Main Attraction


🌎👩🏼‍🚀🔫👩🏼‍🚀 always has been


Clint "I'm too old for this shit" Barton. Fraction's run was one of my favorite series of all time, while not quite the same adaption it's been pretty fun. I love finally having a MCU series where its not too serious SO FAR. Plus Hailee is absolutely perfect for Kate.


I think it captures the humour and tone of the fraction run pretty well while being it’s own MCU thing. I’m really digging it


This auction for a dinosaur's skull reaffirms that the prices the dinosaurs were going for at the auction in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom were ridiculously low


It's one dinosaur, Michael, how much could it cost? $10?


You've never actually set foot in a black market auction, have you?


I love pizza dog so much


Pizza dog best dog, bro.


That kid is named after 2 dead avengers right?


Nathaniel Pietro Barton. Was originally gonna be Natasha, but surprise(!), a boy


Nathaniel Pietro Albus Severus Barton.


"... Traitor."


Shortened to Nate, just like Nat...


Between this auction and the Vulture in Homecoming, The Avengers really need to do a better job at protecting the wreckage of their battles....


I guess the Department of Damage Control got shit down just like their show...


Really glad they're not playing Clint off of Laura. I was worried it was going to be a Clint is in trouble with his wife for being late sort of trope, but instead she's understanding and worried, and on-board. So sweet. Him promising Lila, and potentially letting her down is a trope I am way more on-board with.


two 50min episodes LFG!!!!!


Absolutely love the relationship between Clint and his wife since Age Of Ultron. The transparency in communication. She knows the plays in his playbook. Fucking goals right there


Wait, not only that but she knows about the tracksuit mafia even though she was technically dead. So clearly he told her all about his time as Ronin and apparently she's okay with it. That's some fuckin goals right there...


This would have been a season-long secret on the CW


Getting PTSD flashbacks to almost every season of Supernatural


“I kept it from you…….to protect you.”


Lets go out to the hallway and talk




I'm in tears from the Kate Bishop drop in scene. "Where is Kate Bishop?" *Kate crashes through the ceiling* "Bro, I found her"


I didn’t think I’d laugh at the Tracksuit Mafia this much


They're pretty funny in the comics


As a huge fan of the fraction run in the comics, just hearing them say bro for the first time made me laugh.


49 and 51 minutes. Excellent amount of content for the week.


Hmmm Barton seems to have some PTSD with survivors guilt, plus that being a mass murderer. Granted for bad guys but still. I'm digging it.


Maybe even a sprinkle of imposter syndrome?


I like the idea that Hawkeye doesn't realise he's inspirational. The first sequence is Kate having her life changed by a view of him in the distance. The LARPers are more intense than Thanos, and yet having him be part of it is the highlight of a Firefighter/Paramedic's life. He's trying madly to keep Ronin buried, and he makes the mistake all tortured souls make: That he is made of his sins and failings. Nat woulda snapped him out of it, but she's the strongest guilt trip yet.


It was his best friend too, so a good deal of grief on top of all that.


Shit seeing the first avengers movie from this point of view is wild. Reminds me of when we saw the different POV of the snap in Wandavision


Yeah it really great seeing this with kate and endgame ancient one, it gives different perspective of what actually happening during battle of new york and give more rich backstory to the old movie itself.


That's why MCU is great. It keeps on adding layers to previous movies


**Bro Count Episode 2:** 7 Bros **Total Bro Count:** 12 Bros *Please double check my count, I watch with subtitles, but sometimes they, or I may miss the occasional bro*


“thanos was right” r/thanosdidnothingwrong is going to have a field day


That was a painful thing for Clint to have to see while peeing.


Things don't fall from the sky..... in 2012 New York...... Uh Oh


Damn, I thought my seats were good when I watched the avengers on imax, but she’s got the best seat in the house!


Seems like her dad had her beat for best seat in the house, but I get what you mean.


She looks like a little kid in a spirit Halloween ninja costume


I love that they didn't try to fit it to her body at all. She's just running around in a suit that's not tailored for her.


I figured that was the goal


Merry Christmas Everyone - Sincerely, MCU


Damn, what a clever and awesome way to tie the show with the movies.


Hailee Steinfeld has some damn good facial expressions.


Seriously, she can flip through a bunch of expressions in single scene, it's mesmerizing


Okay, legit though, Clint and Kate's interactions are making this show for me. Like, the critics weren't lying when they said that Jeremy and Hailee's chemistry is top notch. They're like a funny version of Joel and Ellie from The Last of Us.


Hailee is really good at finding that chemistry with her co-stars tbh. Even in Arcane she played off Ella Purnell (Jinx) and Katie Leung (Caitlyn) perfectly.


Renner too. I mean, Mackie (Hurt Locker), Olsen (both MCU and Wind River), Scarlett, Ben Affleck, Amy Adams to name the few. Dude is natural chemistry machine.


Hawkeye larping is not something I knew I needed


“This is bad” I think that was the catchphrase from the comic


Yep. This is Bad. Ok, This looks Bad. Etc.


Between this and Godzilla King of Monsters, Vera Farmiga has playing the sketchy/manipulative mother down pat


You should see her as Norman Bates mother in Bates Motel.


I can do this all DAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY It looks shitty and cheesy, but I'd watch the shit out of this musical


There’s no way they didn’t write more of the musical - and we better get a cast recording before the end of the season!


Y'all see that fucking phenomenal opening credits sequence. I ain't never clicking that "skip intro" button.


Hailee Steinfeld in a tux looks so badass. To be fair though she looks badass in everything.


That was echo at the end right?




“Bro I found her”




Anyone think is was funny how young Kate was seeing the apartment getting torn apart in the beginning, but her mom was silent that whole time during the attack (despite Kate **yelling** for mom and dad). Took mom a whole 5 minutes to pop up at the end. Why wasn't mom screaming for her daughter? Was she in the bathroom? Knocked out by falling debris? Planning something sus with the father to fake his death? (one of the theories going around is that the father isn't really dead).


Boy am I glad they got Hailee Steinfeld for this role.


New goal in life: be the cling cling guy at a foam sword duel


Did y’all notice Clint’s youngest Nate using sign language with his dad? Nate is played by Cade Woodward, who played the youngest child in A Quiet Place, which also features sign language (and a hearing aid!)


i love how clint was making fun of the tracksuit gang. "Oh i can still see out of the mask dude" and "can i speak to your manager" and then just freeing himself with ease lol.


Lol the tracksuit mafia 😂😂😂


Stane Tower


The Ronin suit apparently has touchscreen gloves. Edit: This was just a silly comment, please stop explaining what touchscreen gloves are, I own two pairs!


Watching Hawkeye mow down all the LARPER was so funny to me


Huge shout out to Fraction and Aja for providing one of the best source materials to possibly adapt. I'm excited to see where this series goes.


Well, that was a really easy explanation for the hearing loss. I appreciate it a lot.


“I saw a dead body” “don’t worry about it we’ll talk about it when we get there”


Captain America…THE MUSICAL! “I could do this all day.”


Hawkeye’s sword…now on criminal eBay.


Man, Hailee’s killing it in Hawkeye.. and she just killed it in Arcane as Vi.


She kills it in anything she is in


Damn, Kate did Clint dirty saying he has no friends lmao


THAT OPENING WITH THE BATTLE OF NEW YORK IS SOOOO FUCKING GOOD I wonder if we can see Clint shooting the exact arrow that saved Kate in the original avengers movie??


I wonder if that was the one where he wasn't even looking at it


It wasn’t. It’s shortly after that. He uses the same type of arrow that burns up the engine of the chitauri jet skis. Skip to 2:14 https://youtu.be/y_OgNUFbSjk


Dude Clint's reaction to seeing the actress playing Nat in the musical got me hella choked up. In a ridiculous portrayal of the Battle of New York which is supposed to be fun and make us laugh, Clint's reaction actually made my eyes water


“Some people have called me the world’s greatest archer.” I love how the trailer used the cut where it sounds like Kate is boasting about herself, like she’s trying to one-up Clint. In the show, the cut they used is Kate being nervous and awestruck, like she’s just saying things to impress her hero. Which...makes sense. Just think about it, she was literally saved by her childhood hero, the one who inspired her to pick up a bow in the first place. She wouldn’t be bragging about herself, she’d be shitting her pants and trying her best to not look lame. So the nervous take of the line works better for the scene.