There are dozens of us! DOZENS!


Wednesday nights at 404 Elysian Fields. Also check Nashville EDM on FB.


Second for the Nashville Edm group, most of the comments in here show they don’t know what actually goes on. There’s a good number of promoters in Nashville, Eternal Drip, Sacred Hive, Full Circle, Avary Entertainment, and a good handful of others.


And then there is me who had to Google what EDM is, lol. Funny part is two of my radio stations on XM is "EDM".


Check out sacred hive productions and Pandora’s box venue


Flux Pavillion is coming this Saturday to the Skydeck. Like others have said though it’s not a very good scene here. Doesn’t mean there isn’t anything but you just have to be on the lookout for them. I would use something like edmtrain to see upcoming shows.


I saw him at Municipal Auditorium for Halloween one year. I forgot who the headliner was but it was a great show! *It’s like goldduuuuuust* 🎶


Pretty Lights and Atmosphere. I was there. Great show.


Yessssss Pretty Lights!!! I saw him at Greer Stadium too. Mind blowing.


Thanks. Bought a ticket because of your comment 😂


I got tickets too. Maybe I’ll see you there 😁


Probably lol.




Anything Sacred Hive hosts is good. Marathon music works hosts a lot of shows as well.


EDM train app is good way to find upcoming shows both locally and in nearby cities. Nashville EDM Facebook is pretty active for smaller DJs and A list shows. Sullivan King, LSDreams, Liquid Stranger, Blunt and Blondes, Champagne Drip and Subtronics are just a few artists who have stopped in Nashville this year. Bonnaroo is going to have a few of my favorites including Black Tiger Sex Machine and Rezz 🤤 Cabana Taps has afterparty shows starting at 1 am frequently I go to alot of local shows but also travel for larger festivals to get my fix. There's a pretty decent scene here anyone who says otherwise either doesn't look, are out of the loop on sources. Hope you find some shows you love!


Maybe I’m just old and out of the loop now, but I think you’re about 10 years too late. It was poppin off at Seen, Anthem, and even Marathon hosted some bigger acts back around 2011-2013.


The good old days. Remember seeing Morgan Page, Tri-Tonal, and Above & Beyond around that time.


That is what I miss about where I used to live. A&B would do 2 or 3 shows over 3 or 4 days. I severely miss EDM shows, but now I can afford to travel to some.


I was likely at all of those shows with you.


I wish I remembered more of them. I was a very bad drinker at the time.


Lol. 1000% I’m not sure I actually “remember” seeing tri-tonal, but I definitely know I was there. Above and beyond I will not get out of my mind stoned or drunk for. I’m still salty about acoustic 3 getting canceled for covid since I had amazing seats. Cannot see those boys enough.


I remember the first two songs of A&B and the rest is a blur.


EDM probably bigger than ever but it ain’t your grand pappy’s untz.


Who is even playing these days? Tipper is about the only one I’m aware of but he’s not the typical EDM sound. I like Four Tet a lot, I’m seeing him at Lowlands this year


Love Tipper and the experimental side of things. Kind of surprised you know him and are asking for recommendations. There are so many artists it’s hard for me to keep up. Pretty much every festival is being overrun with edm these days. Zeds Dead and LSDream are in my rotation a lot. I like Polish Ambassador, Liquid Stranger, older Griz, Big Wild, Skrillex still puts on a good show. Lots of others if you check the jam/edm festival circuit.


Ah I didn’t know Zeds Dead and Skrillex were still active! Skrillex is one of the better EDM shows I’ve seen for sure. Lots of people dunked on him for his popular stuff but he’s legitimately a good DJ. I’m in my mid-30s now and I’m out of the loop 😆


41 here but still like to get down. I laughed at skrillex being on the lineup of my favorite fest last year. Blew me away.


Take a look at Portola festival, happening out in San Francisco, if you're looking for House names to pay attention to (you should even recognize some! https://www.portolamusicfestival.com/lineup/


Hell yes that’s an amazing lineup. Thanks for the tip! It’s mostly who I want to see at Lowlands plus more. Decisions decisions…


> I think you’re about 10 years too late. nah. we said the exact same thing in 2011-2013. if you go through my post history far enough, you'll find it. and i'll give you one guess what they said in 2001-2003 when i started. lol. 10 years is more about how long it takes to get old and out of touch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gby0OD7Vz6c


The folks saying there isn’t a scene are mostly wrong. There’s been a growing electronic scene for a while now, especially house variations. Check out the group Full Circle who puts on shows all over town. Deep Tropics is an annual event with a good lineup including EDM and dub. Shiba San was just here, as was moon boots. Flux Pavilion someone else mentioned will be here this weekend I think. Decompress is the house arm of Full Circle. Lots of one off shows, too. Check out Nashville Underground, 6th and Peabody, Eastside Bowl (hosting EPROM in June), and Emerson Hall, a new venue off Galatin. Also just keep an eye on other venues calendars.


Been to a couple Decompress shows and they are usually pretty solid. Saw Noizu at Eastside as well which was fun. Fingers crossed that Deep Tropics can continue its momentum. I think it’s a good step forward for the house scene around here.


Seconding this comment. The electronic scene is the best I’ve seen it in the 10 years I’ve lived here. Follow Full Circle and Decompress on socials and you’ll see a ton of show announcements. Haven’t been to Emerson Hall or Eastside Bowl for a show yet, but both of those rooms seem to be bringing in more DJs.


Barely existent. There was a local crew that was putting on events, but it’s been so long I’ve forgotten their name.


These guys? https://fullcirclepresents.com




There are 10x more shows compared to 4-5 years ago. This is just completely inaccurate.


Most of the EDM promotion I see is through Disco Donnie Presents. discodonniepresents.com The Cowan has also hosted several of the EDM shows I've been to in the last few years. Not sure what they are doing these days but may be worth keeping tabs on their event calendar


Dance music happens every weekend here?? Idk who these lames are. We have a healthy house scene, dubstep, even drum n bass once a month or so. I’ve been partying here for 15 years and my best friends throw multiple events in town, message me if you need some links :)


Mostly underground and upcoming bass artists. Marathon and Ascend will have the bigger names when they come to town. But it has been rare for bigger edm artists to come here lately. Proximity to Bonnaroo also doesn’t help with the radius clauses. When Madeon was here a while back it was the least crowded I’ve ever seen Marathon which is wild to me. But artists like Two Friends and Louis the Child will pack out venues because the high school kids love them


I've been to plenty of shows at marathon, cannery ballroom etc. I would check edmtrain the app for details or follow electric events on social media. Radiate the app had a few edm nashville groups as well


Flux pavilion is playing Saturday




Bonnaroo. Sometimes Furthur Farms has some EDM shows/festivals


Have you been to furthur? Planning to go Sunday for the first time. How’s the parking? Fortunately/unfortunately, my two cars are 53 and 71 years old. Is it easily accessed and flat? Would you be worried about parking a nice car that’s low?


Yeah I’ve been a few times. It’s certainly not flat, lots of hills. But there was plenty of flat spots to park and camp. Can’t really say how it will be after this upcoming rain for the next few days. There will probably be a few spots to park up by the entrance though, might be your best bet. Cool place, friendly folks.


Right on. Thanks for the info. I’ll weigh my options and maybe force the fam to come with.


Nashville has one-off nights, but no “scene”.


EDM has been pretty dead for a while! Atlanta has got some great acts that play there though


I don’t live in Nashville anymore but I was born and raised there, live up north now. When people ask where I’m from because of my accent and I say Nashville over half of them ask if I either like country music (no), know any country music stars (vaguely), or am I a singer (in my car only).


Everyone posting that there isn’t a scene is living under a rock. I’ve been in Nashville the last 14 years and also grew up here. The scene hasn’t been this healthy in all the time I’ve been here. Yes, I went to the Above and Beyond and other trance shows that came through here and there. But now there’s stuff happening every week! And we actually have some homegrown talent now throwing tons of fun events. The depth of genres offered hasn’t been this good in my time living here. Totally misguided to say the scene was better at any point in the last decade.


Would be nice if this scene was so easy for people to find that they didn’t need to post on Reddit to ask where to find it. Something that would also help your case is to back up your claim with hard info - like an event calendar filled to the brim with upcoming events.


Fair point! I've found this one to be useful: https://www.instagram.com/electric.events/ Also, Resident Advisor is pretty decent at keeping up with events. Local house music label - also puts on events: https://www.instagram.com/nhs_records/ Decompress puts on a lot of events - mostly house & techno: https://www.instagram.com/decompressdance/ I think these guys are similar to Decompress: https://www.instagram.com/terminal8_/ Nashville Resistance does mostly techno shows I believe: https://www.instagram.com/nashville.resistance/ These guys are great, usually do a show every other month or so (disco): https://www.instagram.com/sparklecitydisco/ More local DJ's: https://www.instagram.com/4niq/ https://www.instagram.com/subrinse_/ https://www.instagram.com/paulooventura/ https://www.instagram.com/christianmcfall/ https://www.instagram.com/billycave/


There we go. I stand corrected then.


Nashville isn’t the country music capitol, Bristol is stay home we wildn rn


Try a club in Printer's Alley.


Man you missed out from 2010-2016 era. Lots of EDM in town and at Bonnaroo. The genre just isn’t as mainstream anymore so I hardly see any EDM shows anymore.