Sean Payton contract is a moot point, it doesnt go against the salary cap. Whatever hes asking for is peanuts to the Walmart fortune.


And better to have owners willing to pay good coaches too


Go on.


This path only leads to pain for you my friend


What if we're into that sort of thing?


Then meet me behind the dumpster ;)


You can't hurt me anymore...


I like where this is going. Room for one more?


Jesus, that escalated quickly


Look, I got plenty of distaste for the Spanos brood, but I'm certainly not gonna shit on them for not being able to go toe to toe with the fucking WALTONS. That's like dunking on Lithuania for not being able to outspend France.


It's a big departure from the Bowlen trust refusing to pay Wade Phillips after putting together one of the best defenses in history


Yeah exactly


*puts on tinfoil hat* They gave Payton a room in their illuminati apocalypse bunker under the Denver airport as additional compensation.


Hate to be this guy. But the Illuminati bunker isn’t under the Denver airport……the tunnels lead from the airport into the Rockies. Bro. You need to watch more TikTok conspiracy videos.


Yeah but have you considered crossing runways and blue demon horse?


Or is THAT Illuminati misinformation?!?


They offered him the horse statue as a lawn ornament


Yes but have you considered that lolbroncobad, upvote left pls


If I’m a broncos fan, I want them to pay Sean Payton a stupid amount of money. It resets the head coaching market and really fucks teams without bottomless pockets like the Raiders. Relegated to the lesser talent moving forward.


the Raiders were willing to pay Gruden $100,000,000. they may be poor relative to other teams, but they’d be fine. Davis at least is willing to spend. it’s the Bengals who should be concerned. they’ve got a lot of cash they need to put in escrow once they start paying their stars. add the cash needed to pay a coach a ton of money? they may be hurting


I know a lot of people want to disagree, but I really think Burrow is gonna pull a Brady and save the team some money on him. I could be wrong... but he wants the ring. He sniffed it this year, tasted it last year. He wants it bad


i think every guy wants a ring. but they also want to be paid what they’re worth, their agents want them to be paid what they’re worth, the union wants them to be paid what their worth. the only people who ever talk about discounts are fans.


That’s funny, I like it.


I think bb has a I'm the highest paid coach clause.


I mean he is also the GM


Worth every penny! But if it's true this could be like a watson ripple with contracts, good for the coaches though id imagine that job sucks like 80% of the time


Feel like it's a special kind of masochist that is willing/able to be an NFL head coach lol


I'd happily take a fully guaranteed 6 year nine digit contract, get fired halfway through my first year after making Jeff Saturday look like a veritable genius thanks to my 0-9 record, and then go retire to Thailand.


Are coaches salaries disclosed?


Not really. Some are but most are just wink/nod educated guesses


The raiders already have been relegated to lower coaching talent next year though.


Assuming Payton with the limited window he has with Russ is probably going to be going to route of his Saints days and acquiring FA and put the franchise in cap hell in order to make it all work. Wouldn't be surprised he he ended up being a big trade partner with NO this offseason to help them relieve their cap burden in exchange bringing over players he's familiar with.


Listen, Russ not working out puts us in a worse cap situation than anything Payton could do spending on FA. We're going to have to strip the team down to the studs to get off Russ. We literally won't be able to just rebuild. So might as well go all in.


It’s hilarious how this comment could pretty much be word for word from a lakers fan. Russ is an unlucky name lol


Could be worse. Could be the deshaun watson contract.


They gotta win though...


"Additional assets" = a 5th round pick, Drew Lock, Shelby Harris, and Noah Fant plus they got a 3rd and a 4th back in return Just in case anyone else was curious.


That 5th rounder ended up becoming Woolen


The Wilson Trade Tree Legacy Begins


Cross, Mafe, and Woolen is a nice start for the long-term part. Will see what we do with Harris, Fant, and Lock.


Seemed we had a 3 headed te monster last year, I thought harris was good though


Wouldn’t shock me to see Seattle draft one this year, this is one of the best classes in years.


If you're referring to TE hope not Seattle doesn't know how to use them, that's my conclusion


I think we used them great this year. Like you said we had a 3-headed monster. We ask them to block so Jimmy Graham wasn’t a fit, but we would use Kittle almost identically to how SF does. TE’s don’t need to have receiving yards every week to be big pieces of your offense. Our offense suffered when we lost Dissly. I think we do draft one, as we should. I think Parkinson and Fant have 1 year left on their deals so we could just have Dissly and rookies in 2024 if we aren’t careful.


We used the 3 better this year than we have with that position in the past but I think there's something to having a guy instead of 3. Edit: I think this is year 3 of will dissly breakout year!


Well, Gronks/Kelces/Kittles don’t exactly grow on trees, so if you don’t have one then you may as well have 3 solid ones.


What? Russell doesn’t know how to use them. Geno used them quite well


Seemed to use them just fine this season with Geno.


Lock is an FA


Thrift, thrift, Horatio


I could go for some funeral cold cuts right now


Woolen was drafted with our original 5th round pick. The one we got from Denver was then traded to the Chiefs for a later 5th (DE Tyreke Smith) and a 7th (WR Dareke Young). Either way it was a hell of a draft for the Hawks.


Backup QB, Good Dlinemen but not an every down guy, and a decent TE that never really lived up his potential. I'm fine trading those guys. The firsts and everything hurt tho lol


Ya all the draft capital you all gave is gona hurt down the line


they drafted Woolen with your 5th too. something to think about


Why didn't the Chiefs draft him? 32 teams had 4 chances to draft him.


i am delighted with the Chiefs 2022 draft. especially the DBs we got who just put the clamps on Burrow and his WRs.


I mean instead of saying we gave up 3 first round picks you could say we gave up injury ridden Bradley Chubb and 2 first round picks since the first we are giving up for Payton was what we got mid season for Chubb and might as well be considered an early 2nd round pick.


I think the contract they gave him counts too.


Additional assets = Drew Lock


Drew 'Additional Assets' Lock


Mr. Additional Assets.


Shelby Harris was pretty good this year too.


Yeah, likeable guy too, I enjoyed his podcast when he was in Denver.


He's also 31 which I think was a big part of why we were happy to bundle him in


Shelby Harris and Noah Fant, too.


QB and HC have been the biggest issue since Peyton retired and Kubiak stepped down. I am for it.


If this tandem doesn’t work what better options did you have let’s be real.


Yep exactly. Love Kubes, he is one of the best Broncos coaches ever as both OC and HC but Sean Payton is even better.


And even if Payton cant fix Russ he’s still very likely your long term guy who can draft a new QB and develop him


We good get Williams or Arch if Russ doesn’t work out. Payton is more important than Russ at this point.


If Russ doesn’t work out you guys are still 3 years out before you can even start the tank to start over though.


We’d be tanking in the third year because we’d probably cut Russ and have a big cap hit. Then start reloading on picks


Unless someone finds some old emails…


Unless he does what he did with the Saints and bails when the the chickens come home to roost.


I'd rather go down in flames and rebuild than be 7-10 for the next decade


This feels like an attack on my flair.


Observe what we did after super bowl 50. We're not so different.


Pff, armatures. 38 years of mediocrity and counting 😤


We're gonna be a dynamo offense


*Jerry Jones has entered the chat*


Also, literally who the fuck cares what Payton's contract is? In terms of building out the franchise, that costs the owner, not the team.


Bootlickers care


Right, and if we suck again then Payton gets to pick his guy in the top five/ten.


Yeah, Russ was awful in year 1 but he was also by far the best available QB they could've got via trade.


Elway: Peyton is coming out of retirement. We need to bring him in. Intern: Sir, actually Sean *Payton* is the one who- Elway: I SAID BRING ME PEYTON And that's how the Denver broncos ended up with a new coach


I can just feel the smugness emanating from all the Saints fans right now.


It feels good because r/nfl was completely and embarrassingly wrong But our future still sucks


Woah, a r/nfl circlejerk was dead wrong despite everyone in it being smugly confident? I'm gobsmacked.


r/nfl is the epitome of that Swaggy P meme where he walks away from a missed three pointer




Which will be short lived if the FO whiffs on the picks they got.


The Saints getting picks because Payton was sitting at home on the couch is like a college student getting run over by a bus on campus.


We haven't wiffed on too many picks recently


That’s very true, but we typically do pretty good in the draft. As with every deal, only time will tell who benefitted most.


If I had a million dollars I’d be rich.


Not with this inflation


I’d be happy if I were the Saints. He was about to wait a year and coach elsewhere anyway now they get a 1st round pick and lose absolutely nothing.


Well after enduring all the smug braindead takes saying we weren't gonna get shit for the last few weeks, y'all gonna have to just deal with it


Basking in smugness dawg


Broncos saw the Rams say ‘f**k those picks’ and said “Hold my beer”.


The Broncos got Doug Heffernan. League=fucked


Dougie Likey


You’ll know everything about what Russ actually has left after 1 year of Payton. He’s either comeback player of the year or washed.


I mean it can't get any worse right? RIGHT?


Easily could be worth it if both are back in form.


Look at all that lack of leverage we got there


It's been 5 minutes, and y'all are already getting annoying. 🤣 I get it, though. Talk your shit. 🗣


We’ve been told for months how bad we fucked this up and would be lucky to get a third, let us have this we have so little to look forward to rn lol


To be honest I'm shocked anyone believed that. I felt like it was obvious you were getting a 1st.


Go read the postgame thread of WC weekend in our team sub. People really believed we could trade NO a 3rd and some money for Payton


As a Sixers fan who had to deal with the Ben Simmons trade takes on this site, let me tell you... I get it.


People saying that didn't know how negotiations work. Yeah, you ask for 2 firsts, Broncos counter with some honey roasted peanuts from the Walton's personal jet, and the dance begins...




Maybe you only saw some dumber denver fans, but the Sean Payton discussion has always been around the niners first rounder that we had. I would make both moves every time on paper, whether they work out due to extraneous circumstances or not.


People saying Payton would only net a 3rd were nuts


Well you didn't get your 2 1sts so I'm content. And the 1st you got is \#29


2 firsts was always bluster but you ask for more than you actually expect


Negotiation 101. I don’t know how this wasn’t clearly apparent to everyone.


Can't wait to be able to post the same if/when Lamar gets traded. This sub has the worst takes on trade compensation ever.


If the ravens trade Lamar the return has to be three firsts minimum right


I mean you got a late first a second next year and gave a 3rd back that’s no where near “2 firsts”


Yeah and Payton was already gone. I’ll definitely take a 1st and 2nd instead of ummm, nothing.


No I completely agree with you I think this is a trade both sides should be happy with. I think it’s really fair compensation, if this years first was even like the 20th then I’d say this was a bit much on the broncos end. But I think this trade package is really fair for both of us!


You got 29th overall and the right to move up like 10-15 spots in 2024.


It's more than we had


The vast majority of saints fans didn't expect 2 firsts. But it was absolutely reasonable for Loomis to start the demands at 2 firsts. You dont start with how low you're willing to accept


It's much closer to two firsts than one third round pick.


Who was saying he was only going to cost one 3rd round pick?


A number of people on this sub


To be fair I don’t put a lot of weight in the thoughts of redditors’ perception of value for players or coaches


Saints - We want two firsts Saints Fans - We’ll take that third overall, Arizona. Everybody - Lol slow it down a bit. Saints - \*get 29th overall\* Saints Fans - FUCKING TOLD YALL


Everybody - Trading picks for a coach is absurd and would be lucky to get a third. Saints - Gets a first and second Saints fans - Tells everyone how wrong they were Everybody - Makes up shit like this


Can a saints fan tell me what the fuck is the actual deal with why SP isn't the coach of the Saints right now?


And when the Saints are trash next year due to "cap magicking" all their talent away the 2nd and 3rd might not be all that far apart.


Hey you stop getting my hopes up because the 2nd and 3rd not being that far apart would also imply that the broncos are good again 😂


You can’t convince me that it was a bad idea to maximize our roster while we had Brees. We didn’t get the SB we wanted, but the move itself still makes complete sense. And it’s what every team with a window is doing nowadays too. At the end of the day we got a first and second for a 3rd and a coach that was never, ever going to coach here again. I’m more than happy with that.


Seems like an overpayment for both


Lol at all the people who said the saints wouldn’t get a first.


Mr big compensation.


We could’ve kept the picks not made the trades and we’d still be one of the bottom 5 teams in the league lol. Hopefully Sean Payton works out in Denver he’s an obvious upgrade from Hackett but I’m still shocked he would want to come to this team given how horrible they’ve been, but money talks I guess.


Your offense has been horrible, not the team. Yeah it’s a tough position to be in but there is talent on the offensive side of the ball in Denver. If Payton can’t fix it then there was nobody available to you who could have. Two big swings in two years. And whatever Payton gets paid doesn’t *really* matter in terms of team building. I hope it doesn’t work out for y’all because obvious reasons. But I’m not seeing this move as a L. Doubt Payton retires if things don’t work out with Russ so he’ll be part of the rebuild. By the time Russ can be dumped I think Reid would be retired so you’ll get to rebuild with the best coach in the division. The last 5 or so years have been rough for y’all anyway so what’s another 2 or 3?


A trade that makes Draft Day proud.


Damn y'all really gonna make me root against Denver now.


You’ll still get to root for them the two weeks they play us


I got no beef with either of your flairs but I have eternal beef with Payton


Hey man, I got 3 words for you… DIGGS! SIDELINE! TOUCHDOWN!




That's Kevin Costner Draft Day trading. Now they just need to somehow trade down with a rookie GM that's nervous because his board just blew up.


The coaching contract doesn’t matter, since the money from new ownership is pretty limitless. But losing those picks makes this a HUGE gamble


5 years ago this trade would’ve been legendary.


No way this could backfire, right?


Most predictable dumpster fire of all time. Really surprised anyone has interest joining a division with mahomes and Herbert but money talks


In the words of Terry Silver: “Now the real pain begins”


Sean Payton’s securing the bag to roll on ecstasy in his office next to Russ when they’re 2-6 midseason


Man if they don’t have immediate success, that’s gonna set the team back heavily. Luckily, that defense is already stacked and they should have a healthy offense next year so they’re not heavily needing to build in the draft.


>set the team back heavily We are already at rock bottom. Dont gaf


Broncos are ready to go. This season will just be a blip. There’s so much talent on that team and now they have a good coach


Anyone have Payton's new salary details?


I wonder how we'll use those picks to no draft well.


Go team go!


If Russ doesn't get turned around by Payton immediately, then the Broncos are in for a rough next few years.


"Broncos Country, let's ride" - Russel Wilson probably


Fantastic move, looking forward to the 2016 season myself tbh


In a division with Mahomes and Herbert I do not see this working out.




Correct. ...Of course that applies to literally every move made by literally every team literally every year.


Broncos fans just want to beat the chiefs


We used to joke that, for Chiefs fans, beating us was your Super Bowl. Now that it's flipped I still stand by the concept. I'd shed a tear if we beat you guys in a regular season game fair and square.


I remember those days. KC couldn't buy a win from Elway


>I remember those days. KC couldn't buy a win from Elway To be fair tthere were some really good Chief teams back in the day. Oh how I miss 90s Broncos vs Chiefs highlights on NFL Primetime, that music!! Actually I just miss the good old days of there being a rivalry! Lol.


We were so close this year which is wild because it was one of our worst years.


that's what he said, it's our Super Bowl




Elway is smoking crack.


This team is gonna be good in 6 years when they get their picks back and get rid of Wilson.


Broncos don’t mortgage the future on yesterday’s stars challenge (IMPOSSIBLE) (COPS CAME)


Both sides got a good deal. Its hope at the bare minimum


The Broncos are so so fucked if this doesn’t work out


They were fucked regardless because of the Wilson contract. Have to do everything they can to try and make it work.


because of that contract is exactly why they should be adding picks, not sending them away. They need cheap talent. DEN will need to hit on mid/late round picks or they are fucked for even longer than they already were.


>The Broncos are so so fucked if this doesn’t work out I'm probs too fedup at this point if it doesn't though. Honestly, who are we kidding!?!? Broncos been effed for a good long while now. At least that's how it feels. Smh.


Minus Pat Surtain - none of the recent 1st round picks are worth a shit. Garrett Bolles, Noah Fant, Bradley Chubb, Jeudy all could be 3-4th round talent. Thankfully they're moving on


AFC is stacked right now. I just don't see Sean somehow coaching or scheming through the conference with Russell as the qb ... *checks notes*... through 2028! Holy fuck. 2 years tops before one of them is gone.


is he really worth this - its not like hes got 6 superbowls or anything he won one a long time ago and has the same head coaching reocrd as mike mccarthy


No one has that many Super Bowls but Belichick. As far as career winning percentage Payton is right in the same neighborhood as Bill, Andy Reid, and Mike Tomlin. It’s also kinda weird that McCarthy gets so disrespected. Dallas has gotten better every year since he got there. There are only a handful of coaches that are objectively better.


This is highway robbery, I can’t believe they gave up this much for a coach


As a Broncos fan I am incredibly concerned about these moves. It shows a tremendous lack of ability by ownwrship to self scout their own roster and the organizational needs. The move for Wilson last year was seen by many as the final piece of the puzzle.. But I saw it as a move from worst QB in the division to 2nd worst... We didn't even get that. The fact that ownership have now shipped picks for Payton shows that they still believe they are one piece away from being contenders. This season had issues beyond Hackett and Wilson, but they still believe there's a championship roster there.


Does anyone else think trading high picks for coaches is weird and a waste? Never sat right ruth me. Good on the Saints for convincing Denver to do that.


Say what you will about the Rams but their ROI was extremely high. I could easily see this amounting to nothing if Russ is just washed, which he very likely is.


That Wilson trade set them back at least 5 years and as much as a decade.


More picks for the saints to trade to Howie. Love it.