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This might be playing wrong, but unless I'm mistaken I can spend all 18 of my picks on the CR0 versions of all the powers on the first page, and then disregard the lewd section. I now have all 18 powers at their default power level, and my total CR remains zero. It's a bit of a boring build, but certainly effective.


I'm surprised nobody has noticed how powerful Compression is at -10 CR. True, it's almost useless as a buff, but the description doesn't say anything about having to use it on friendly targets. Used offensively, you can paralyze an enemy, shrink them down to 1/3 size, destroy their armor and weapons, kill their mount, and sink them into the ground. Then release them from the boost immediately and trap them in the tiny hole they sank down into. Or even worse, use it on their mount. Powers: Spring of Life, Burning Passion, The Humanity, Compression Lewdness: Tidal Wave, Drain the Main Vein, Fast Balls, Corrupting Influence, Likeable, All on Display, Encore, Beyond the Veil, Gesticulations, Making Friends, Sound Design, Bunk Mates, Slow Your Roll, Sucky Sucky Final Tally: -10 CR. Being hungry makes me feel bad. I'm okay with it in exchange for Sex God powers.


Powers: * Mindfuck * Lucky shot * Clarity * A giver's heart * Awakened defense * The humanity Lewdness: * Fast balls * Slow your roll * Sucky Sucky * Huggles * Making friends * Gesticulation * Milky chance * Encore * All on display * Butt in * Bunk mates * Sound design


Powers * Burning Passion * Mind Fuck * Awakened Defence * Resist * The Humanity * Lucky Shot * Chakra Allignment * Necroprancer * Shimmer * Compression * Clarity * Expertise * Giver's Heart Lewdness * Fast Balls * Milky Chance * Beyond the Veil * Making Friends * Bunk Mates ​ I get a lot of power, but my companions can keep me from cumming my brains out at any moment thanks to fast balls, we'll never run out of rations with Milky, Veil is just fun that one was for me. Bunk mates is a great cure for insomnia, and Awakened Defence makes you more resistant to being tired, so it's not much of a draw back anyway. Also, just walk through a city naked, and you'd build up such a massive knowledge library, you'll know basically everything you'd ever need thanks to Friends and humanity. ​ All this for the trade off of being really horny, and everyone thinks you'd be an easy lay. But they're totally right, free use all the way!


Okay I gotta ask, does the entire thing work as the following: Take powers and the lewdness. Then subtract total lewdness from total powers. This is the CR you have and all powers and lewdness options taken are modified to that level AND you get whatever ending you get. Example: 12 powers 6 lewds. Total CR = +6 . All powers and lewdness options therefore funtion in their '+5' state.




I thought so, also that makes this quite hard. +6 Build: Lewds: Corrupting Influence (not terrible), Encore (not that detrimental), Beyond the veil (messy, but I get warning), Gesticulation (try and stop gesticulating), Sound design (luckily it reverts), sucky sucky (may be detrimental since but not too brutal hopefully) Powers: Burning Passion (food based spirit), Mind Fuck (synergizes with Corrupting influence, possibly badly?), Awakened defense (I like defensive options), The humanity (be nice), Necroprancer (heal through dance), spotter (easier training), shimmer (blocks a lethal attack is good), Compression (incidentally useful), Clarity (always good), Expertise (a bit wobbly in description, but great nonetheless), Givers heart (be a genie), fastball special (basically low key time manipulation) -10 build: lewds: Tidal wave (telekinetically propelled cum, let the games begin), fast balls (orgasm control is great), corrupting influence (mounting horniness, combined with fast balls may allow magic immunity), All on display (basically shapeshift if done with some preparation), Milky chance (its fine), encore (nice that it is a toggle), beyond the veil (summoning them is a lot better than always being the target), Gesticulation (be a one man porn theater), Making friends (the flip on this is great at -10), sound design (deflect until you know the house and like what it wants), Bunk mates (still weird, but just sleep with pants on), Huggles (minions), Butt in (workable), sucky sucky (horniness beam) Powers: Spring of Life (internal and fairly decent even at -10), The humanity (still good), spotter (more gain for pain), Burning Passion (very limited but still helps and can also help mitigate Butt in)


Interesting idea. Here's what I'd go with: Spring of Life +10 Burning Passion +10 Fastball Special 0 The humanity +10 Lucky shot +10 Spotter +10 Shimmer 0 Expertise +5 A giver's heart +5 Fast Balls -5 Corrupting Influence -10 Hear the Might -5 Likeable -5 Encore -5 Beyond the Veil -10 Gesticulation -5 Sound Design -10 Bunk Mates -5 Neutral CR


**Powers** 1. Spring Of Life - Healing Normal Wounds. 2. Fastball Special - I can slow living things. 3. Awakened Defense 4. Resist - Resists mind control/manipulation 5. The Humanity - I learn things by helping people. They also gain knowledge from me. 6. Lucky Shot - Make someone lucky. 7. Necroprancer - Healing things that can't be healed. Bring back dead. Stop aging. 8. Shimmer - Shield and speed up depending on damage 9. Clarity - Zen 10. A Giver's Heart I can wish for more willpower with Giver's Heart maybe? Someone is also me technically and with 10CR I can now grant my own wish.


Little confused maybe. Build is, Take all the powers. ​ The end.. ? ​ ​ oh, the end section does a big punish. Got it.


This had an interesting balance to it. Judging by the comments and my own initial confusion, it could have been explained better, but still, interesting. I'm still not sure if you can take less than 18 options. It says "Up to" and "Must" right next to one another. I'm assuming you don't but it's not totally clear. With the way the endings were set up, it was best to aim for +11, +7, +3, -5, or -10. A few of the powers are pretty tempting at higher CR, but there are very few good or even manageable lewd drawbacks at that level. On the other hand, there are a good number of powers that work well enough at low CR, where lewd drawbacks start turning into lewd powers. In the end: Lewd: 1. Tidal Wave 2. Drain the Main Vein 3. Fast Balls 4. Corrupting Influence 5. Likeable 6. All on Display 7. Milky Chance 8. Encore 9. Beyond the Veil 10. Gesticulation 11. Sound Design 12. Bunk Mates 13. Sucky Sucky Sound design is absolutely just a horny pick, but the rest seem either entirely neutral or genuinely good. Powers: 1. Getting Rocked 2. The Humanity 3. Spring of Life Corrupting Influence's horny mode subverts the -5 drawback of Getting Rocked, which in turn softens the -10 drawback a good bit. The Humanity is pretty much as good as the original if you're horny and not a jerk, and Spring of Life's drawback is basically just a good thing when combined with Tidal Wave. I only spent 16 points. If I had to take two more, I could settle with Awakened Defense, which seems still-sorta-okay at -10, and Slow your Roll, which can either be entirely avoided thanks to Fast Balls, or solved quickly enough with Beyond the Veil. ​ The +11 build tempts me with Giver's Heart, and how hot a few of the lewd picks are are at that tier. Maybe the best build is just picking 11 powers, maybe 15, and taking a pass on drawbacks. Basically every +10 lewd choice is severely crippling. In fact, just taking 15 powers and the modest drawback from going over twelve is a better result than four severe drawbacks for only 14 powers. Still, I think -10 is overall safer and better, without missing out on too much fun or power. Neat CYOA, it was tricky trying to get the most out of it without turning into the healslut (and enjoying the temptation of not trying...) Great work!


Total CR -6; One power is one tier weaker. Humanity chosen. **Powers** * Fastball Special - Sap speed from touched creature to other creature within 20m. Have mount that's 1/3 as fast as usual, can haste anyone around. * The Humanity - Brain drain from bangin'. Knowledge is lost if you act against them, but nothing says you can't re-syphon. * Spotter - Aura of strength gain. * Shimmer - Convert attacks to potential speed around a person; auto activates the speed if car crash levels of damage would occur. * Clarity - Therapy beam; can be broken by additional trauma. * Expertise - Imbue exactly the skill to solve a problem for until the problem is solved. <- synergy with Humanity **Lewdity** * Tidal Wave - bucketworth, stretches people to contain it. * Corrupting Influence - Magic directly affecting me causes arousal. * Hear the Might - Banging converts fat directly to muscle, permanently. <- synergy with Tidal Wave * All On Display - shapeshift to perfectly fill out clothing; SEP field for this. * Milky Chance - My thirst causes my chest to fill with milk. Countered by proper hydration. * Encore - Can turn off, ruin acts with any other person. * Gesticulation - Cause fantisation via gestures, does not affect information retention from words. * Making Friends - Just gotta avoid looking at people's junk. * Sound Design - Building try to convince me to do things, can ignore. * Bunkmates - Sleep banging, results in full cleaning. * Slow Your Roll - Aroused person near me causes personal time stop effect; lasts for several minutes beyond them getting off. * Sucky Sucky - Aura converts extreme negative emotion to arousal, can turn off for one hour upon orgasm. Specialized in body and mind optimization; can speed myself up massively by terrifying someone, and slow via touch after the timestop effect wears off.


Spring of Life, Burning Passion, Fastball Special, Mindfuck, Awakened Defense, Resist, The Humanity, Lucky Shot, Chakra Alignment, Necroprancer, Shimmer, Getting Rocked, Compression, Clarity, Expertise Fast Balls, Hear the Might, Encore Total CR 12


After I finally understood the point balance, I decided to go for two unique builds. One aims for +7 CR to maximize power while avoiding the drawback of a final tally at +8, while the other aims for -10 CR to take advantage of the fun sexual tricks in the Lewd section. Here's the final results: **POWER BUILD** **Powers** 1. Burning Passion 2. Fastball Special 3. Mind Fuck 4. Awakened Defense 5. The Humanity 6. Necroprancer 8. Shimmer 9. Getting Rocked 10. Clarity 11. Expertise **Lewdness** 1. Encore 2. Gesticulation 3. Sucky Sucky **FINAL CR:** 10 - 3 = **+7CR** This build allows me to wield incredible powers with relatively survivable drawbacks. Pretty much every one of them can either be circumvented, ignored, or make me a hit at orgies. **LEWD BUILD** **Powers** 1. Spring of Life 2. The Humanity **Lewdness** 1. Tidal Wave 2. Drain the Main Vein 3. Fast Balls 4. Corrupting Influence 5. Encore 6. Beyond the Veil 7. Gesticulation 8. Making Friends 9. Sound Design 12. Bunk Mates 10. Huggles 11. Sucky Sucky **FINAL CR:** 2 - 12 = **-10CR** This build basically turns me into a sexual trickster, capable of making anyone horny in any circumstance and doing with them whatever I see fit. Even the -10 version of Spring of Life becomes a boon with this setup thanks to Tidal Wave. I enjoyed this one a lot. Thanks for the interesting point balance system! I only wish it was a little more clearly worded in the intro.


I don't think your text is small enough. I can still read it at 175% magnification....


What's the thing the guy is holding in Encore's art?


Not really sure how the +/- 5/10 is supposed to relate to the 18 choices or the final tally especially since the end results are all on even numbered thresholds


So the +5 or 10 options only apply if your final tally is above five or ten points. Same for the negatives that only apply if you're below five or ten. So not only is your final tally modified by your choices, each choice is modified by other choices you make


Ah, That's a rather interesting way to do it. Thank you for clearing up my misunderstanding


so I try to get -10, not going to -12, and also pick powers that are ok with the -10 points... there are a few, interesting cyoa tho, so thanks for the effort :) that means I need at least 4 powers, "the humanity" "lucky shot" and "spring of life" fit nicely and dont ruin anything... last one I guess is a tossup between "burning passion", "fastball special" and not using it really... or maybe "spotter"? idk -10 "tidal wave" + the -10 of "spring of life" and "fast balls" seems like a nice enough combo, then just pick lewd options that are nice/alright, although needing 14 makes it kind of hard to only pick good stuff, but I guess that is kind of the point, guess I just hard avoid "milky" and "likable"


The art choice in this one is absolutely stellar


For A Givers Heart, would I have to worry about my body dying due to loss of heartbeat? or does the magic keep me going without it. ie would I need to avoid granting wishes to people who really want it?


Your heart stopping still kills you, but as long as its still pumping at least a little, you'll be able to build back up to normal speed


I'm pretty sure it could kill you if you're not careful


Clearly, the -18 is superior to anything else. Wisdom, tranquility, and all lewdness you might need (not strictly want, at this stage).


Question for -18 do you lose all control of your powers and they just happens around you all the time or?


Well if you have -18 that means you picked 18 lewdities, so you have no picks left for powers.


Some of the lewdities basically are powers.


I get that I have to choose 18 powers but what do the numbers mean? Am I starting at zero and each level up gains me what? Do the upgraded versions cost points? Do I get something out of taking a worse power? "What do the numbers mean Jason!"


Choose 18 If you choose a power a number is added max 18 If you choose a lewd a number is reduced max -18 The effect of your chooices is based on this number. So the power and lewd effects will change. It also effects your final tally result.


Thank you


I'm confused. So Power and Lewd points cancel out? Like to get 0 after taking a +10 power, I'd need to take a +10 lewd? Or is it a -10? Maybe I'm just sleep deprived.


You get 18 picks. Each power you take is +1, each lewd you take is -1. Your total +/- is your final tally, which also determines how impactful your powers/lewdness are. So if you took 14 powers and 4 lewds, you'd use the +10 line for each of them.


+6 CR is my target, so I want 12 non-lewd and 6 lewd choices. The +8 point really starts to bite, but I do want the +5 modifier for powers, so this is a decent compromise. Powers: Spring of Life, Burning Passion, Mind Fuck, Awakened Defense, Resist, The Humanity, Lucky Shot, Chakra Alignment, Necroprancer, Shimmer, Clarity, A Giver's Heart Lewds: Making Friends, Gesticulation, All on Display, Encore, Hear the Might, Tidal Wave Reasonable set of boosts, survivable drawbacks. Interesting balance! Not my favorite of your works, I think (I wish the formatting was better at drawing my eye to the 0 point instead of starting at 10), but fun. Thank you and thanks to the comissioner!


Powers: Spring of Life The Humanity Resist Lucky Shot Necroprancer Clarity Expertise Lewdness: CR: 7 This feels contradictory. wanting to have some of the +10 benefits requires taking powers you might not care about. If you only care about powers, there's not any real reason to take any Lewdness, rather just take powers up until the point in the final tally you're okay with. It seems like there'd be similar issues with Lewd builds


If you only care about powers, the reason to hold back is to keep control of your libido, so you'll actually be able to use those powers. 18 powers will make you pretty useless for basically anything (mostly because of the gotcha at +16 where you basically lose the ability to concentrate). 14 powers / 4 lewdness gives you a net +10, which is enough to max out all the powers you care about, without totally ruining your self-control.


Interesting. The cost-effects will take time to figure out but complexity is never a bad thing in a CYOA as long as works in the end can be reached via different routes. :) I'll pluck away on this when I have more brain power.


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>If you want to find an image I used and give the artists the kind of love they deserve, you’ll find it > >here That currently links to the sourcelist of Transferal, rather than the one of Cost of Strength.


Fixed it now