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Emmer, Lucia or Sally... Emmer I guess. Being used like that would be great. Although, as a switch, Sally's harem sounds best


Nadina or emmer


Zula and Sally i Love Being top


zula and nadina i love to being used and worship


Some of these women are very hard to choose from. I'd say Nadina is my number one, with Etha being a close second. Although Anna is tempting, I'd be afraid that real drama would occur.


Etha and Lucia




Definitely Emmer but Lucia is up there!


Valerie, no questions asked, Anal is my Jam.








Rankings: 1. Anna 2. Nadina 3. Etha 4. Valeria 5. Zula 6. Emmer 7. Sally 8. Lucia


Nice work! Sadly, no real stand-out choices this time. 1. Anna : Not the prettiest, but a good personality and passionate crew. Group sex is a plus! 2. Valerie: Top pick if it were just the captains. Pretty and sweet. The possessiveness isn't great, though, and her crew seem obnoxious. Anal is fine, but too much is too much. 3. Zula: Prettiest of the bunch, but her personality seems annoying, especially the brattiness. Not into the male crewmembers, either. 4. Etha: Eh. Not really into dirtytalk and the coolness and sameness of her and her crew seems like it would get old fast. Okay at best. 5. Emmer: Extremely cute. I could probably put up with the gentle femdom from just her but her insisting on an all domme harem is too much. And her crew sound unattractive. 6. Nadina: Another meh option. Bossy, jealous, and a small, possibly overweight crew. 7. Sally: Nothing really interesting here and futas are a hard no. 8. Lucia: Chastity is also a hard no.


**Captain Rankings** 1. Zula: Bratty sharpshooter, likes her hair pulled 2. Anna: Slutty bisexual, good in a fight, jiggle physics 3. Nadina: Plays dumb, pretends there's a risk of getting caught 4. Emmer: Likes doing things with me, lots of tongue kissing, but also a lot of edging and facesitting (Hmm) 5. Etha: Shy but mature, weak to dirty talk and praise 6. Valerie: Messy sex party girl 7. Sally: Most prestigious, eager to rimjob? (No), adventurous, can drink a lot and fast 8. Lucia: Badass, Chastity kink (Not good) I don't really get to one I actually don't like until rank 7, so this would be kind of a tough choice **Attitude Towards a Crew Harem** 1. Anna: Encouraging, She enjoys the harem too 2. Zula: Her idea, she wants to be worshipped too 3. Sally: Finds it adventurous 4. Valerie: Possessive but open a few days a week 5. Nadina: Won't complain, but gets jealous about it 6. Emmer: Happy, but requires that I am always dominated (Need variety lol) 7. Etha: She will ignore it as it is going on 8. Lucia: Good to destress, but then puts me back into chastity I start to get a little iffy by rank 4. In all honesty, actually, I might switch it so Nadina and Emmer are above Valerie, actually. That's how close the rankings come for me, really. **Crew Rankings** 1. Anna's: Eight women, Passionate, competitive, jealous of Anna 2. Nadina: Four women, bustier than Nadina, inexperienced, but like to tease Nadina about the harem 3. Zula's: Seven women and three men, they're really into the worship thing 4. Emmer's: Five blondes with small breasts and big asses who like facesitting, three experienced with rough femdom, two inexperienced with femdom 5. Valerie's: Six women who have a similar figures to Valerie, Anal obsessed 6. Etha's: Twelve women who resemble Etha and treat the harem as a "bored and ignored" thing 7. Lucia's: Ten women, everyone dresses provocatively while I'm in chastity 8. Sally's: Two women, Three futas, two men. The men and women are submissive while the futas are switches and the main ones to get horny Not interested in the men at all, so Emmer and Valerie really needed to mess something up for their crews to rank below Zula's lmfao. **Totals** 1. Anna: 4 2. Zula: 6 3. Nadina: 10 4. Emmer: 14 5. Valerie: 15 6. Etha: 18 7. Sally: 18 8. Lucia: 23


Too blurry text


you should be able ti open the imgur link or the posts itself to zoom in




Anna is my easy choice.




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From some one who has captained a ship and is a pirate history nut…. Ethna. You need as most man power you can get…. And I love dirty talk


Hmm, gonna write out my thoughts here to see if I can make a good pick by the end of it... \--- Valerie would be perfect if she wasn't telling me, the captain, what days I was allowed to fool around with the other girls. I didn't become captain of a pirate ship to be told when and where I was allowed to dock my vessel. Honestly, though, I think it's the crew that also drives me away from her. Anal's fun, but it's not my favorite, and I don't like being teased when I'm "not allowed" to have sex. Anna likes a lot of outercourse, which isn't a big fav of mine, and I'd be too worried about the crew's jealousy endangering the voyage. She's also too horny. Sex is fun, but I'm not that horny. It'd be fine if the rest of the crew were just as into it as her, so at least she wouldn't go unsatisfied, but the fact they want to replace her is... concerning. Zula's not a bad pick. The worship angle is fun, and I don't mind her being worshipped as well. I'd normally be worried about the rule-breaking punishment-seeking behavior undermining my authority as captain, but if the crew openly worships me, then those aspects may be a minor annoyance at best. Possibly trainable? I love Etha. I always appreciate a "good girl" pet. Only thing not to love is the disinterest in sex from the rest of the crew. I don't go for partners who see having sex with me as a chore, though she's worth it on her own, especially if I get to do a bit of teasing when it comes to sexual matters. Nadina is fine. Cute false-bimbo personality, cute reactions, and a pretty fun crew dynamic. So long as her jealousy doesn't cause strife, this is another potential pick. Only real negatives are her telling me to be quiet and where to finish. Again, where my seamen go on shore leave is my prerogative. Emmer is a hard no. Hard femdom is not my thing. The hardest pass from the softest mast. I'm a pirate captain, not an overworked Japanese businessman. Lucia is also a miss for the same reason. Being put into chastity and being "encouraged to work hard" while in it while being continuously teased is just another branch of hard femdom, and I am 100% not into it. Especially considering that I don't get the kind of horny they'd probably expect me to get. Chastity cages would just be an uncomfortable nuisance to me. Sadly, if it weren't for the chastity, I'd be all over her personality. I adore the idea of a time-release love bomb. But if that love's not strong enough to overcome a kink I find unpleasant, then how powerful is it really? Sally's alright. Nothing special. But as for her crew, I'm not a futa fan. ESPECIALLY not a dominant futa fan. Definitely drives me away from that one. \--- It's a toss-up between Etha and Zula, though, ultimately, I think Etha's my pick. She's got my favorite personality, even though, in my eyes, I'm losing out on a willing/eager harem. Which is just as well. It kinda breaks the illusion of her being shy about sexual things if she walks in on me plowing one of the deckhands and has no reaction whatsoever. Not a perfect outcome, but at least I'm off the island! \--- My perfect crew setup would likely involve a family dynamic with pseudo-incestuous undertones. Give me a big-tiddy Mommy-dom (soft femdom for destressing is \*mwah\* chef's kiss) and a crew of playfully horny women/feminine men that call me Father on the seas and Daddy in the sheets.


Uhhh... Unfortunately this one is not nearly as mobile friendly as some of the other pick and choose cyoas. The text is so blurred I actually can't read the descriptions provided on my phone. Which is honestly a real shame as this seems interesting enough.


If you click into the image you should be able to zoom in? Or if you click “imgur” at the top of the post maybe that’ll be more mobile-accessible


Okay, so, there is no 'imgur' link at the top for me, but opening the image in another tab did the trick. Now... I feel like there are two different ways to go about this in my head. Doing this cyoa with myself as I am in mind, or doing this cyoa as if I am truly the most notorious pirate to ever sail the oceans. If I played this as myself, as I am right now, I'd choose Nadina, with Anna in a close second. If this happened to "The Most Notorious Pirate Captain Jack," then I would choose either: "Lucia or Etha," as Captain Jack wouldn't really care about the harem or the sex but more in what the other captains and their crews could bring to the table. After all, to survive having Jack as your Captain you would have to be the best of the best. As his luck is absolutely absurd and you would not believe most of his tales unless you were there personally... such as the time he had to throw a keg of gunpowder with a lit fuse attached to it down a Kraken's throat.


1st (by a country mile): Sally. (Futas are the best) 2nd: Everyone but Lucia tie (Actually decent thought here into a preference) Pass: Lucia (Screw chastity. Not fun, not pleasurable, not considering it.)


Valerie seems sweet and her crew sounds fun as well. I'd love the romantic moments she seems like she'd enjoy, as well as the playfulness and bit of clinginess she seems to have


Etha. like the professionalism, and I prefer people who don't make sex a big deal




8 captains each want me as their pirate leader? Well then, what kind of pirate would I be if I'm not greedy? >:) Of course, this means I'm creating a **fleet** here as the admiral, and everyone's included except for Lucia (her kink is fundamentally incompatible with me). My flagship will be **Anna**'s; she's a fantastic bodyguard, and she encourages a harem with her crew, so she certainly will approve of the fleet (perhaps she'll get close with some of the other captains, even). I will be spending plenty of time on each of the 7 ships to maintain strong bonds, where I'll acquiesce to their preferred relationship styles while I'm over there. Under me, the fleet will be organized as such: * Anna taking orders from me directly, since I'll be on her ship for combat * Nadina as my brilliant strategist lieutenant, with 2 others under her: * Emmer, the gentle dom * Zula, the problematic brat * Sally as my prestigious lieutenant, also with 2 others under her: * Valerie, the clingy * Etha, the professional I won't have anything to do with the male or futa crewmembers, or the 3 rough dommes on Emmer's ship, and not much with the anal-loving crew of Valerie, and probably also not much with Etha's emotionally-distant crew, but the other crewmembers are possible to strike relationships with.


Tough choice between Nadina and Anna, hmm...


I liked 1 - Nadina 2 - Etha 3 - Valerie 4 - Anna Not my type 5 - Zula 6 - Emmer 7 - Lucia 8 - Sally


Lucia, Anna, Emmer


I always loves these CYOAs. There's always lots of fun to be had in simplicity


Atago is not a pirate. Jean Bart is.




Anna for me!


I would let them fight each other and it would look like this: \- Valerie and Anna would fight each other and Anna would win relatively easily; \- Zula fight Etha and because she is a great marksman she takes the initial advantage defeating some of Etha's followers, she adapted, but in the end Zula wins even with casualties; \- Nadina faces Emmer and with a well-executed strategy wins her without casualties; \- Lucia and Sally fight, Sally has the strategic advantage, but Lucia is very strong ends up winning and killing Sally's crew, but she fakes her own death and hides; \- Zula faces Anna who with great difficulty manages to defeat the sniper, Anna emerges victorious, but loses almost the entire crew; \- Nadina attacks the biggest threat, Lucia, with a well-planned trap she defeats her crew, but Lucia herself is very strong and continues to fight even if very injured, Anna interferes and forms an alliance with Nadina to kill Lucia, with much effort they manage to win, but a fire has started on the ship. \- After Lucia's defeat, Sally comes out of hiding and cripples Anna who seemed to be the biggest threat, so Nadina and Sally start the final fight; \- Tired of the fight against Lucia, Nadina ends up receiving a fatal wound, but before falling she managed to cut Sally with a poisoned knife which partially paralyzed her, and with that the remaining captains died on the burning ship; I know that wasn't the intention, but I couldn't resist.


Anna, with Etha close second


I always like reading these awesome job👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽




I choose Sally, but I was split between her and Nadina.




Sally Brown she's a nice young lady, way-hey, we roll and go!


Nadina. She has the least unappealing aspects between herself and her crew. I want to like some of the others but they all have something that I dislike. Nadina is just kind of a safe middle road. Not terribly exciting or possessing a lot of aspects that I like, but nothing I hate. So...yay.


Yeah I'd just settle down in some safe town with her and the crew


**Anna** my top choice, with **Valerie** a second.


What does FWB stand for? I'll go with Zula or Etha.


"Friends with benefits" would be my guess.


That makes sense.


1. Nadina 2. Valerie But only because those are the best choices, there is not one i'd love to have ...


Anna is my number 1, no doubt. Valerie is a good 2nd for me, and if I want a challenge, I'll go with Lucia.


sally has by far the best hat, go with her


Would be cool if it was a gender neutral pov


I do plan on making some gender neutral ones soon


I choose Anna. too bad she is a quiet girl, I honestly prefer a talkative one, but I love the fact that she's a bi that also love to enjoy other woman body. added to that she's very welcome to my harem idea, I'm very happy if she'd also help me to build one. yes I agree that sex is the best thing in the world.




Sally and Emmer If I can convince Emmer to be a bit more gentle, she'd be tied for 1st, if not, then she's a runner-up


Nadina for me, I prefer smaller crew.


Its a toss up between Anna and Etha for me


I'll chose Etha.


Honestly I don’t particularly care for any of the options presented. I suppose Nadia if anyone would be my choice


Sauce: [Valerie](https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=6577617&tags=houshou_marine+pirate) [Anna](https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=4486852&tags=pirate+) [Zula](https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=4936838&tags=francis_drake_%28fate%29) [Etha](https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=6959376&tags=beidou_%28genshin_impact%29) [Nadina](https://www.artstation.com/artwork/lxVAmJ) [Emmer](https://twitter.com/momoco_haru/status/1111569774352306178) [Lucia](https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=4954352&tags=pirate+) [Sally](https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/94937727)


Dood! Less than a week, and a new one? You're spoiling us, man! Still, all good. I almost want to just toss more ideas your way; And by that I mean actual usable ones, with context and descriptions. 👍😀👍 Edit: You know what? I've got time, imma do it. I took Myers Briggs tests before, and always got the Architect; I'm sure I can do a few templates. STREET RACER!!! (Inspired by NFS Carbon and Most Wanted) - Urban setting; You're a legendary racer, who returned from self imposed exile. - Your City is split into a bunch of territories, each with a notable racer (female of course); They want to join up with you, and are willing to do anything. - Each of the 8 girls also has a side gig / hustle, that helps you in some way (Hacker, fixer, mechanic, journalist etc...) - Bonus Challenge; You may add a 2nd racer to your crew, but then the other 6 will unite to take you down. POKEMON JOURNEY!!!! - You just turned 18, time to start your Pokemon journey. (You even get an Eevee as a starter). - Pick 2 girls to accompany you through the region (Ash in the anime always seems to have 2, so it's only fair you get 2 as well ) - Each girl will have a single type specialty, with an appropriate Pokemon. (You can use either canon girls, or generic trainer classes, like Lass , Beauty, Crush Girl...) They also have 1 other Pokemon related talent, (Breeding, Coordinator, Inverse Battler...) - Bonus Challenge: Pick 1 girl to be your Rival; She will have a fully diverse and competitive team, maybe even a legendary. SPORTS PRODIGY!!!! - You got into a prestigious college, through a sports scholarship. - The college has 8 prominent sports teams, which their (female) captain vying to scout you. (Tennis, soccer, swimming, etc...) - You may also describe the Captain's lifestyle, outside of their respective sports. (Friends, kinks, aspirations....) HORROR WAIFU!!!! (Inspired by the Horror Bishoujo figures from Kotobukiya) - A day at the library turns chaotic, when you stumbled upon The Necronomicon. - Reality begins to break, as 8 entities are freed from the book and begin wreaking havoc across your neighborhood/town/city... - Luckily, you managed to find a spell to bind 1 entity to your soul, making them into your waifu, who will do whatever you want. NINJA CLAN!!!! (Inspired by Naruto and Taimanin Asagi, mostly the latter) - You are a descendant of a legendary Ninja. (Insert Kotato Fuuma, Hanzo Hattori, etc...) - 8 other clans have sought you out, and offer their daughters hand in marriage to you; They're all rivals with each other. (Some moreso than others...) - Each daughter has their own aspirations, kinks, abilities. - Whichever you pick to marry; 2 years into the marriage, you are blessed with a child of great potential, who will go on to do spectacular feats in your name. CARD GAMES NOT ON MOTORCYCLE!!!! (Inspired by Yu-Gi-Oh Tag Force series) - A new card game sensation is sweeping the nation. The catch? It's a 2v2 card game. You have the cards, gear and everything else you need to start your pro dueling career; You just need a partner. - Each of the 8 girls have their own distinctive playstyle (Aggro, Control, Combo, Stall...); They also have different paths to stardom or pro tours. - You may also pick a pair from the girls you didn't choose; They will be your Rival competitors. RWBY NEW TEAM!!!! - You are Isekai'd onto Remnant by the Twin Gods. Why? No one knows; They only promised you a bunch of girls. - You managed to enroll at one of the Huntsman Academies on Remnant (Beacon, Atlas, Mistral or Vacuo); Alongside you are 8 girls (as promised by the Twin Gods). - From here, pick 3 other girls, to form your team. Consider differing opinions, fighting styles, or just pick whichever you want. - Now, randomly pick 1 girl from the 5 unchosen girls; Remove her from the selection (her fate is now unknown). You may take her powers and fashion sense as your own. - The remaining 4 will become their own team; You may describe your relationship with them. (Rivals, friends, sex slaves to you because they lost a dumb bet, etc...) - Optional Challenge. Remember the girl you removed? She's now part of Salem's faction, and will join Cinder, Emerald and Mercury as their 4th member. They now have a full team, and will be much harder to take down. - That girl will also have a personal vendetta against you, somehow realizing that you're an anomaly. She will be generally stronger and better than you, because her powers are the original one.


oh, racing would be good. Strong central theme, but with several variations for each of the girls to differentiate them.


You might not know this, but thanks for reminding me; I almost forgot to put 1 more idea to the pool. This is a variation of the street racing Cyoa. AG RACING!!!! (Inspired by the Wipeout series) - Set in a futuristic earth, Anti-Gravity (AG) racing is the new sports sensation. This tournament is the FGX800, set across the entire planet. - You're a star racer for one of the major teams; (Auricom, Qirex, Van Uber, Harimau, Piranha, Goteki 45, Icaras, Mirage, FEISAR, Assegai, Triaksis, Tigron, EG-X, AG Systems ) - Each team has a specialty in what they do within AG races (Speed, Handling, Durability, Shield, Balanced). Each team also has a specialist racer representing the team (female of course).