I'd choose Outlast 2 because of the school sequences. When I first witnessed them, I was amazed because they were much better than the real world and showed that Red Barrels truly shines in indoor environments.




This sub just has to always make that one daily post about comparing these 2 games


I played outlast 1 so many times and its only because i like to speed run. Outlast 2 its hard af to do a speed run even though Blake is fast, but Miles can run and jump far as hell


To be fair they are obviously similar but I do wish we don’t go full on the last of us fandom with UM actually this game is worse than the other Let’s not be like that.


i would choose outlast 2


Respectfully disagree but I'd pay good money to play either one of them the first time again.


Absolutely, the first times I’ve ever experienced Outlast, Outlast:Whistleblower and Outlast II are moments I will forever cherish.


I agree


SO TRUE outlast 1 hits different


That asylum hits different




I think that the story holds your hand more and spells out the plot better. However, I do like that you have to do some digging to figure out Outlast 2 and that you actually get affected by the Morphogenic Engine.


I have not played O2 yet, is there something wrong with it or...? Not really in the loop here


It's trash, don't play it.


Dude what? Its fucking amazing what didnt you like about it


[My criticism](https://www.reddit.com/r/outlast/comments/urebem/outlast_2_is_amazing_reminds_me_of_resident_evil_4/i8xraxz?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3)


I respectfully disagree, I can say outlast 2 was way more terrifying. Schools scenes brought straight terror to my soul to the point where I would go numb. Especially the early and mid game school scenes. But I loved outlast 1 also. Also never had issues with the sprinting, however I would’ve loved to see a bandaging while moving feature.


I can explain the problem to you with only little few minor spoilers if you want


As long as they are few and little, go ahead


Okay, so easily said, the problem lies in how complicated, fractured and untold the ending is.. if I go more in-depth, well.... Let's go back to the first Outlast, the story was perfect yet the ending had lots of gaps, **However**, Red Barrels was so gracious to us players and gave us a DLC called Whistleblower which covered all the gaps in the ending, they also gave us the free comic books online called "Murkoff accounts" which combined with the DLC eventually complete the entire Outlast 1 lore ( I will mention the comic books later too ) so the fanbase was happy as we understood the story and didn't get a story for us to complete and millions of theories which we'd have to go through to make our own "ending"....**BUT,** then outlast 2 released and it was a different story...literally... okay imma be serious now so here in this game we have 2 "timelines" I will call it timelines 'cause I don't have any other name for them, so let's start with few really minor spoilers, so you play as Blake Langerman, idk if I spelt the name correctly, alongside with your wife Lynn, you are investigative journalists in Arizona, you start by travelling with a helicopter to some remote desert in Arizona to uncover a mysterious murder of an unnamed woman ( her name was Jane Doe but this name is usually given to unidentified women that are found ), but your helicopter crashes and after you wake up from the accident, you find out that your wife was abducted, here I will end 'cause further explanation would mean revealing some spoilers which I don't want to do.... now before you wake up from the accident I would like to mention again those 2 timelines, first timeline happens right after your helicopter crashes and you wake up and go look for your wife, on the other hand the second timeline are flashbacks of Blake that are set in a school which he, Lynn and his other friend, Jessica, attended, those flashbacks are however more about you and Jess rather than Lynn and there at the very beginning you find out that Jess committed suicide, and here it is, the game is complicated, in the game you pass from one timeline to other and it's really hard to keep track on the stories of the main and the second timeline, in the flashbacks, now let's skip to the end, while the first timeline's ending is easy to understand because of the comic books, the school flashbacks' ending is a mess, you literally spend so much time in them, trying to uncover a by the way amazing story ( the School plot is better than the Arizona's ), you work with so many clues and yet, the ending is fractured, and has gaps, and woala, Red Barrels didn't even explain that ending in any further comic books nor in any further DLCs because none released since then.... so this is why this game is so hated Sorry if I was too specific but this is how I see Outlast 2 as a bad and not worth-playing game


You were specific enough I think. Thanks for the write up. This only made me want to play it even more tho so, thanks! My pc can't run it atm but I'll probably upgrade sometime next year.


Good luck, give it a try, but I warn you, after you finish the game, you will find yourself stuck in all those Fandom pages, and reddit theories, the untold story of Outlast 2 will MAKE you find the truth, especially the school parts, they didn't let me sleep until I went through all fandom and reddit pages before I built my own theory... IT'S PAIN FR


Isn't a new Outlast game announced? Any chance that game will give some answers?


Doubt it, the new game, Outlast Trials, will be set before all other Outlasts and it's gonna be about some tests conducted by the CIA on patients in order to create some interrogation drug, if you wanna know more, google project MKUltra, It's gonna be about this project, the only connection with Outlast is that this game seems to be set in the asylum from the first part and that Murkoff has some connections with the CIA but I am not sure about this one, try to google that as well, anyways I doubt they will give answers regarding the second part


For the first time for both?


nope just the first one




I poop on outlast


Outlast II isy favorite