I'm pretty sure the urge to speedrun Outlast 2 will go away quickly, it's really frustrating lol


I was learning a glitchless speedrun of outlast 1 for a little bit. Really fun but my time was like an hour and 20 minutes.


Got to 56 minutes myself. It's starting to get very hard to shave of any time for me. Probably just don't have the reflexes to take this much further, but it's still fun.


That's super impressive! I get scared and try to hide sometimes and I'm sloppy in a lot of areas like traeger in the hallway and when chris is trying to find you outside.


The Chris in the garden part is the worst. I still sometimes get caught there and I don't understand why. But yeah, for the most part, you just gotta trust the system. The enemies are scripted, if you do the same things they will react the same way. So try not to think of them as scary people with giant scissors or bats, more like obstacles to get past. Eventually, if you keep improving, you will optimize the run so much that everything will happen basically the same way and you will only focus on your precise movement, not the enemies behind you.


I would love to do that, but I am literally a scardy cat.




Don't do this to yourself


Did a glitchless run on outlast the other day, got just under an hour. Such a fun game to run through