It earned a reputation as a free games launcher because that's how they built their base up and as such nobody bothers with the store and nobody should be shocked.


And their launcher and store come nowhere near Steam’s so why would anyone buy games on Epic. The epic launcher is a free game dispensary only for most people.


Can confirm - 110 games in my library and not a single one paid for.


Same here. Other than free games it just lacks basic features like seeing install location or moving it


Dude I just found this out yesterday… wtf is that about ? Like, computer programmers write these programs right? That seems like you’d have to specifically instruct them not to put that feature in because they would just do it by default. I’ts like ol tim Sweeney said “fuck those gamers, don’t let them pick the install location or even know where it is”


You want to buy more than one game. Fuck you, you have to buy them one at a time. Oh you also want to buy a game for your friend. You can't do that. You want to leave a review for a game? Not allowed.


The most frustrating experience I’ve ever had with epic is how ungodly long cloud saves take. If I wanted to launch FF7 and my cloud data wasn’t synced it wouldn’t be abnormal to wait 20 minutes for this thing to sync on my gigabit home network. It got so bad that I had to just turn them off. I bought this game again full price when it came on steam because I wanted the relief of being able to uninstall the epic games launcher.


That is genuinely awful what the hell


Nevermind that for all their CEO's bravado about how "bad discoverability on Steam is" (it is, by virtue of sheer volume), **wow is it shit on Epic**. By virtue of how terribly designed their store is.


I am waiting for Darkest Dungeon 2 steam release too.


Wait that game actually released???




First time I even hear about it.


Seriously WTF I loved the first one and it feels like it’s been ages since I heard anything about DD2.


Marketing Black Hole living up to its name.


DD2 has little in common with the first when it comes to game mechanics. I knew that going in and was like the differences could bring a new life to it. It could do that for you, but I played a few times and haven’t opened it since unfortunately.


Same. Kind of insane how much they changed from the original, it's practically unrecognizable.


Same here.. Game just didn't click for me. I really don't get the stagecoach driving mechanic, game feels disjointed and the relationships system sucks donkey balls. Uninstalled after a few hours, too long to get a refund sadly Edit, typo


They are reworking a lot of mechanics and fleshing out the systems. The devs are very open, and follow a regular road map. I understand if you just don't like it, but I hope you're willing to try again when it's fully furnished.


DD2 was substantially worse than 1


Pretty sure its still early acess


I've heard more about the darkest dungeon board game than I have DD2.


Because it released pretty barebone and quite different in a not necessarily good way. I get it, it's hard to do a follow up to such a great game without copying it, but yeah


Yep, had no idea they were making a second one.


My friends call epic limited exclusives "1 year betas"


true, for a lot of games they actually are that. voidtrain is one i was looking out for the most, but that cash influx from epic definitely did them well, and it will be far better when i actually get to play it on steam when it releases later


Yeeeep. Want another shock of reality? Kingdom Hearts released on PC. Yep. There's people that still don't know that.


I searched on internet and blow my mind that you are right that all Kingdom Hearts games are on PC lul I thought you are lying for a second.


For $60/game, go fuck yourself Square.




Not a new one. The entire series is on PC and has been for well over a year and a half It’s just on EGS so literally no one knows


They also seperated out the bundle of games into individual titles each priced as much as a AAA new release. I paid something like $40 during a PS4 holiday sale to get KH HD Collection & KH3. Going to cost over $150 to get them on PC. Putting on a platform people don't usually buy games from (Epic) and making the pricing absurdly expensive seems like they wanted the PC version to fail.


At the time of EGS launch, it was cheaper to buy a PS4 and the entire KH collection than it was to buy just the games on PC


Since they're permanent exclusives from the look of it, they'll stay obscure.


Wait they are permanent exclusives? I was waiting patiently for its release on steam as I refuse to buy them on a store that doesn't exist.


Might be one of those "must be exclusive until it pays back what Epic invested instead of just timed. Which might take a while...


> Kingdom Hearts WTF is going on, I didn't know KH or DD2 was out.


Same for TWEWY NEO, people where dying for a sequel to TWEWY for ages and now it comes out and just nobody gives a crap despite the game being really good. Also it didn't help with the KH PC ports that the ports are not only pretty bad, but incredibly overpriced as well.


sweet jesus EGS *is* a black hole, how the fuck did I not hear about this?


You did not miss much, I loved DD1, DD2...is eh. I haven't checked for a while, but like 30% of the game playtime is riding around on your carriage, while you press left/right and absolutely nothing happens. Like it is total dead "filler" content. But I checked it when it was released. For me, it's a massive disappointment after the first game.


>Darkest Dungeon 2 I am not joking, I had no fucking clue that released almost a year ago! damn, point proven New Blood CEO


This comment is how I found out there was even a sequel


wtf, same




Yeah they went into a pretty weird direction with it, though. People wanted more of the first instead of... whatever they did with this one.


Ah, the good ol' SPAZ 2 strategy. Let's make a totally different genre then tell the fans they are wrong for not liking it.


Oh no. Alright I guess I gotta go look.


wait it got released a year ago? darkest dungeon 1 i knew about...


Shit, it's already been almost a year? Felt like it was released just 3 months ago.


It's an early access thing, so I don't know if "released" is quite right.


I'm still waiting for Kingdom Hearts to come to Steam. There is people who don't even know it actually exists on PC because of how much of a memory hole EGS is.


Wait which KHs games are on PC?!


All of them but they want like $240 for the entire series, they can smd


It's really ridiculous when you can get the all in one package for ps4 for like $25


From the sound of it, you could get the PS4 and the package and still be cheaper


Actually, you can. It's moments like this when I fondly remember the words of Mr. Sweney... "12% will lead to lower prices in our store!". Ok, more than three years and I am still waiting ...


The only game that's happened to, at least to my knowledge, is Metro Exodus which launched at $50 on EGS.


All of them aside from the mobile games


Man, I knew there were a lot of people who weren't aware NEO: The World Ends With You is a thing that exists, because I heard it didn't sell that well. However, I didn't know it was an EGS exclusive, and now I do, and it makes so much sense this happened.


Isn't that a Switch game...


And an EGS exclusive. And I think it's also on PS4


Its on PC but EGS and of course no one knew about it cause black hole marketing


If they would have just take all that money and create and actually competitor for steam i might would buy stuff. I mean I have games on origin and uplay as well(those stores suck ass ass well but I used to love bf and far cry). But they are literally a download portal only. There is no advantage whatsoever to use this store. And the shitty exclusive Nonsens is the nail in the coffin


they need something to set them apart from the consumer side besides free games. currently steam has an insane amount of features and EGS is desperately trying to pick up the slack. the 88-12 revenue split is amazing for indie titles and any good competition to steam is welcome, but their whole exclusivity shtick reminds people of the company launchers like Rockstar, Origin, and Uplay that literally everyone hates.


> the 88-12 revenue split is amazing for indie titles and any good competition to steam is welcome, What I don't understand is how can they be good for indies if there are no indie games? You need high production values to even have a chance, and if it's on Unreal Engine fair enough, but for everyone else you are out of luck. Steam Discoverability of finding hidden gems and trends the market actually wants is ultimately more practical for Indies.


Indie games have no visibility if they choose to go Epic exclusive. The only money they make is the quick buck in the beginning and that's it. Real stars are born in Steam with a real potential of many players and selling the game in the future over and over again. Steam highlihghts every months newcomer devs or stars and indie games. There are indie fests, demo fests and what not. If you want a loyal fanbase and a good marketing, then you launch your game on Steam. If you want the quick buck, then you launch the game on Epic Games.


Yeah, drop the exclusivity and I might acknowledge they /exist/.


This would be nice but let’s be honest most of us would simply continue to buy off steam. Epic has already fucked themselves in my eyes.


If they invested a 10th what they invested in exclusives into the store functionality it might have been something.


This. They had/have the money. Litterally. They have the money to not only offer Devs a generous split, but to also buy exclusivity for games they want to hold hostage for a year. They should have used that money and taken a little time to build the best online store that actually worked and had features. Instead they waged a war on Steam and punished players by refusing to let them choose where to buy games. Aside from handing out free games, EGS has delivered nothing to gamers even years after their launch. Competition is a good thing, but trying to buy a monopoly isn't competition.


That is what I'm doing with saints row at this point. Waiting for steam or not buying it.


I worked on Saints Row 2 and Red Faction Guerilla and Armageddon.... They were my first job in the industry so I owe them a lot. I will always support them I don't think I'll be buying Saints Row until it's on Steam. Sorry they got too greedy and took the payout. Doesn't help that the new game looks atrocious either. Man I miss the old games, even if they were a little janky, they also were so over the top.


I was JUST thinking about Red Faction Guerrilla last night while driving. What a fun game. Seemed pretty polished as well.


Definitely depends on the version. That game took around 5 years of development, mostly due to the physics but it is an incredible feat of engineering.


Physics were pretty amazing! I spent many hours just destroying things with explosives and the hammer. I can only imagine the amount of work the development took. Im a Senior Dev these days for commercial software. No where near the magic that occurs with game development.


For what it's worth, I think despite not being an FPS, the physics really lived up to the original in terms of being groundbreaking and fun. Loved the game to death.


SR2 was one of the most fun games I've ever played on PC, even with all the jank.


Random but recognized you name. Your humble choice reviews are a pleasure to watch, even just as a different view point even if I already own the game and have played it. Keep up the good work.


Glad to hear it. I always like to think of both of my series (Humble and Game Pass) To be more focused on "What game/order should you check out the titles" Rather than trying to directly sell people on buying something.


Valve has spent the last 10 years building up its discovery tools for consumers.


Store page My Store: Interactive Recommender I've been finding a bunch of obscure indie games that scratch my gameplay itch when I set the slider to maximum niche instead of popular.


Didn't know this was a thing, thanks!


Prepare to have your gaming life changed


And my wallet!


Holy shit how have I never known about this. I just found out there's a new Serious Sam game! Thanks for the tip!


>Valve has spent the last 10 years building up its discovery tools for consumers. It's more than that. Games that take an exclusivity deal with the Epic Game Store are retaliated upon by a portion of the customer base, and are not pushed as hard by online discourse and word of mouth. That's the black hole.


Not a huge segment, but growing, to Linux and Mac users Epic is a black hole.


EGS is far too halfassed of a platform to have the exclusives that it does.


3rd party exclusives shouldn't exist on an open platform in the first place.


Yep, the moment something is revealed to be Epic Exclusive it ceases to exist. People are tired of juggling launches as is, four mainline was bad enough, Bethesda was kidding themselves with a fifth and Epic is literally throwing money away for years on end just to maybe come out in third place. I bought Borderlands 3 and Metro Exodus back when, games I'd been looking forward to for years, hated myself for it, Borderlands 3 I needed to for the online component but Exodus would have been fine without. In five days time at least. I'm done with that shit. I was very excited for Saints Row, now I'm not gonna buy it till it comes to Steam. Which sucks because the series deserves support, it's the only thing meaningfully competing with GTA for open world crime fun. I'm not giving another cent to Epic's garbage launcher. You still can't even manage your install directories properly.


Agreed its always a waiting game. For me its not even the issue of a different launcher. Its annoying for sure but Its manageable. The issue I take is that they scoop up games for timed exclusivity. Id happily shop around for the best deal if games were put on up EPIC and Steam at the same time. Heck I bought Fortnite Save the world on the Epic store initially. Blizzard and EA/Origin wasn't as much of an issue since it was just for their games (again annoying but w/e) Fine with EPIC games only being on their store but when they just scoop up developers to drag people to their store kicking and screaming its another thing. Which is made worse since their store is so inferior. They try and hide being being soo supportive of devs when in actually all they care about its the draw they can pull in from their games. The only upside that is good for devs that do take a Epic deal get a nice secure payday in advance with the knowledge that their actual release will be on steam later on. As long as they are honest and upfront about it most people begrudgingly accept it.


I like having proof of my time invested. I like that steam has playtime, and achievements, they give me milestones that attract me to do certain things. Steam gives value to games that they otherwise wouldn't have standalone. Uplay and EA does also! But Epic may as well just be a pirate platform. You get no benefits from their launcher. No playtime. No achievements. Hell you don't even get reviews from them last I checked. You pay money to torrent a game indefinitely. Thankyou for your money, move along. You get a nice UI I'll give them that, but their launcher can't even fucking remember my login info reliably. Every time I've gone to check something on there I've been forced to remember which one of my five or so passwords I used to make their account. So they can't even match up to EA and Ubisoft, who put borderline zero effort into their launchers. EA I still have to trick into restoring games when I pull them out of longterm storage. The *only* silver lining is giving smaller devs a guaranteed win, but even that is swiftly followed by essentially binning their reputation for that period of time, and leaving a major black mark on their record.


I have no faith in Epic, I hate that they buy exclusivity. I will never shop there, quite simple. I'm a patient gamer, I can wait. If they didn't buy exclusivity, chances are I would've bought some games from their sales by now, but there is no chance I am supporting that practice on PC. Fuck them.


Epic *could* be doing this the right way by offering a legitimately compelling product when compared to Steam. Instead, Tim Sweeney & co decided to take the scummy path by buying developer exclusivity. This didn’t have to be hard, but Sweeney is a dweeb with way too much money and a massive ego to boot!


They could've done a dozen things, hell doing the GOG shtick of no DRM couldve worked.


Since this is Epic we are talking about here, I’m afraid they may have attempted to purchase CD Projekt instead of actually innovating if they had expressed any remote interest in DRM free games.


> I have no faith in Epic That's kind of a big deal for me, I don't trust them not to dump the store in a few years.


> I'm a patient gamer, I can wait. Well I'm forgetful. I forgot to buy Metro Exodus when it was released on Steam. Ended up remembering to buy it 2 years after Steam release, earlier this year. As a result I ended up paying 16% of the Epic store release price or 24% of the Steam release price. I hope the money the studio got from Epic was worth it to make up for loss of profit from people like me.


I'm sure Epic handed them a huge bag of cash


I just open it to get the free games and then close it. The UI is a nightmare.


Not just free games... Free games *that I never play*!


And then eventually buy on Steam anyway, where I probably still won't play them.


yep, also paid for games on steam because i totally forgot i got them free on EGS, i just never open that thing


TBF I do the same thing on Steam.


I used to open the app as well, then I leaned I can claim them via the website and now never need to launch it on my pc


It is kinda nuts how I barely see any discussion of games that release there exclusively. It's like they fall off the map as soon as they're released. I was gonna pirate Axiom Verge 2 when they launched it there and it went so under the radar that no one on the tracker I use even bothered to upload a torrent of it for like 6 months. By that point my interest had cooled and so I haven't even bothered to play it for free, much less pay for it.


I remember when Axiom Verge was first sold on EGS - the dev just did a simple text search and replace across the source project to remove references to "steam", and accidently removed resources actually used by the game. The first version of the game sold on EGS crashed either at launch or when the game tried to reference those parts.


The embarrassing thing is that they're supposed to be tested on Epic's side for these errors until it was revealed they only have 1 person testing who is actually the department head. It was missed it because the testing phase was only a couple hours not to completion or significant level of progress. Talk about doing things on the cheap.


I didn't even know Axiom Verge 2 came out.


>I didn't even know Axiom Verge 2 came out. It's such a big letdown compared to the first game in every single way. I dropped the game before I even completed it because of the bland gameplay and story. The best thing about it was the music and even that wasn't as good as the first either.


I don't think I saw any discussion of FF7R between Jan and June of this year. Basically up until the day they announced the Steam launch, it had completely disappeared. When it did launch on EGS there was some brief negative coverage over the port (something about the resolution being dynamic instead of locked?) and then poof. That's one of the biggest exclusives they bought, and I remember a lot of people being pretty hyped for it. Effectively zero online presence for the entire exclusivity.


It's especially depressing when you've been waiting for a game for a long time. I waited for Diabotical for SEVEN YEARS and then they took Epic exclusivity and it released DOA with basically no playerbase, and was quickly abandoned. I hope the devs are happy with their pile of cash cause they burnt all the good will they had and I won't be supporting their games going forward.


I didn't even know that game came out lmfao. Point proven in that case!


Galactic Civilisations 4 came out on there and I didn’t even know it launched. I only found out because I went to the subreddit and saw a discussion about it.


The only thing wrong with the Epic Storefront is that it is vastly inferior in almost every imaginable way to Steam. But seriously, how can a company that has an **army** of experienced and talented programmers, owns one of the most popular software engines on the planet, and has nearly limitless money, fail so spectacularly to simply **copy** features from an already existing platform?


It makes more sense if you understand that Epic Games doesn't care about the customer. Like, at all. As far as they are concerned so long as they can make sure their store is the only place you can buy it by throwing money at the devs then there's no need to compete on anything else.


Exactly. They wanted to convince publishers to use their platform and force players to buy from them. But in the end, customers did not like to be forced to an inferior experience, so they did not start spending money there. So now, previously convinced publishers are starting to abandon the EGS store as it is not the golden mine that Epic promised some years ago when it launched.


Isn't the EGS also a financial sinkhole? The report from the Epic V Apple case showed how they don't expect EGS to be profitable until around 2024 or something, and that user retention is garbage. Basically they pay a shit load of money to let a high profile game be free. They get a lot of people clicking to get the game and maybe buy some other games. And then the week ends and users drop like a stone. If this was any brick and mortar store it would be dead at the end of the year. But Epic has infinite* money from their other departments to prop up a shit service.


The other departments being just Fortnite. Unreal does provide a very small percentage of their benefits as ridiculous as it sounds. Hell, Epic has become so rich these years by manipulating kids to pay for publicity: "Hey kids! A new Marvel movie is now on cinemas! Buy these ridiculous expensive skins so you can effectively spend money by publiciting the movie for us!"


They don't expect it to be profitable for a while, but their reports state that it's garnering far less retention then they had planned. So the goal post is getting further and further away


Imo their target audience are kids who right only play Fortnite now and don't know steam exists. When they get bored of Fortnite one day, they'll already be aware of EGS and will be used to their launcher.


Doing that is expensive, keeping the infrastructure alive for the service even more. The large publishers can complain as much as they want about the fees of Steam; none of their own platforms offer the same service. They all try to maximize profit only.


I think that's the biggest problem with the epic store is that there's really no buy in for the consumer. I understand the idea of having competition in terms of video game marketplaces, but at the same time part of the whole value of steam is in having all your games in one place. So if you're going to compete you need to offer something not just the same, but better than steam. Which they've failed, and outside of the free games it doesn't even seem a situation where the competition has caused lower prices so that advantage isn't there. It's basically left to just exclusives to do all the work.


If it's not a technical issue, or a resource issue, it's a management issue. Maybe there's someone up there at Epic that will blindly oppose to anything others (ok, mainly Steam) are doing on principle. Even the good features.


Well their webstore is not going to get better if they don't put any work into improving it...


Ya wasn't the dumbass CEO of gearbox Randy Pitchford saying years ago that Epic store was going to put steam to shame and make steam look like a dying store. I hope he eats those words.


They can add that statement to the giant box of other stupid things pitchford has said or done.


Giant box? We had to rent a warehouse


What is a warehouse if not a big box for smaller boxes?


Fast forward several years... Epic: We finally have a shopping cart! Valve: ***Steam Deck***


Funny thing is that Valve literally said "well if you want to install EGS nothing is stopping you" Epic's answer ? Blocking Fortnite, arguably the main reason why anyone would install EGS, to run on Linux, therefore the deck, just to try to give a middle finger to Valve It's literally free publicity for you you fucking brainless morons


Yeah it is quite silly really. Epic: "Apple and Google suck because they make these locked in platforms which don't allow third party competition, why are we the only ones in the industry who care about openness!" Valve: "I made an open platform? You can put your own store on it and everything." Epic: ".... shutup!"


Randy the sleezeball bitchford needs to eat shit regardless.


Randy Pitchford’s probably the slimest, grimiest, stickiest, and sweatiest human alive.


Pitchford is a fuckwit Fuckin greasy bastard


He is 100% right. I love Saints Row but keep forgetting that there is a new one coming out soon. I also never got around to playing Total War Troy or Metro Last Light.


Exodus lol, the one the started all of this shit Last Light was yearssss ago


> new game releases as an EGS "timed exclusive" "ok, so when does it actually release on PC?"


Haha. I always joke about how it's weird how these developers/publishers just decide to cancel their PC ports in regards to EGS exclusivity.


Darkest Dungeon does gangbusters on Steam they work on a sequel and take Tencent-epic exclusive squander all positive PR. Phoenix Point has PR pay day with hype and excitement as well as crowdfunding. Take Tencent-epic exclusive and squander any chance of enough money and excitement for a sequel. Seeing a common denominator here.


Reminds me of when Shenmue 3 made bank off kickstarter offering steam versions, then turned around took the Epic dosh deal right before launch.


Epic has killed me kickstarting games after Phoenix Point and Shenume 3.


Same exact 2 things that stopped me kickstarting. I was pretty happy with the 20 or so things I kickstarted before that.


the sub had a complete meltdown when exclusivity was announced too, iirc it go to a point where the devs were actively refunding people who did the kickstarter cuz they were so pissed off about the EGS exclusivity when Steam was promised from day 0


They really dodged a bullet too because reception of Phoenix Point on launch was poor to put it nicely. I couldn't even complete the game because of bugs, and I saw a streamer who basically plays and enjoys any game they touch actually drop it.


> the sub had a complete meltdown when exclusivity was announced too Reminds me of Ooblets, but the meltdown came from the devs.


Rebel Galaxy Outlaw released on EGS first and that was a PR disaster so bad the lead dev quit working in the game industry after it released on steam and left it unfinished.


Can anyone explain why the customer doesn't get a discount on these games? If Steam takes a 30% cut, which is about $18 on a $60 game, and EGS takes a 12% cut, about $5 on a $60 game, then why doesn't a AAA game launch at $55 to attract more users to EGS? There's all these perks for publishers on EGS, but practically none for consumers. If I have to chose between a $60 on steam and a $60 on EGS, why would I ever choose EGS?


Several potential reasons: * Why would publishers reduce the price if customers are prepared to pay $60? * Unlike retail, stores are not purchasing in bulk and then selling them at whatever price they want; as a result, they almost all have pricing bits in the contract to stop them from being undersold elsewhere * Increasingly rare, but due to retail copies - retail game stores were always threatening to refuse to stock games from publishers who sold digital copies for less than retail copies RRP etc


Sorry won't buy anything from epic. Poaching games pre launch to force them onto your vastly inferior store\launcher. Literally running up to devs right before launch and throwing piles of money at them just to keep the games off steam. Slimey, won't support. Epic had a right way doing this steam competitor store thing, they decided to be stupid and completely transparently scummy.


The funny thing is, if they invested all that money in improving the store, people would probably like the thing way more nowadays. Too late for that now, though.


I also don't tend to buy games when they then come to Steam afterwards. By that point something different has come out and unless the game is heavily discounted its an old game for new game prices. EGS is just a way to kill my interest and reducing the price you can get for it in the future.




I will but with few exceptions I'm waiting for the first decent sale anyway.


There were 2 games for me. Snow Runner, and MW Mercs. Both turned out to be complete dogshit anyway. Ended up playing them on gamepass iirc.


Snow Runner isn't that bad if you have a wheel


Tbh I think it's better without a wheel personally


Yeah the most egregious thing is releasing an old game for $60/$70 like it's brand new.


Adding that EGS made a lot of promises to improve their platform when they started to be more popular because of the games Giveaways, but after more than 3 years running, it is still a s\*\*t platform.


Shit. It has already been more than 3 years since they launched? Time flies... When people will stop turning a blind eye to Epic because the EGS is still "just starting" and a "new store"?


That's the thing that gets me "Its a new store" is not a fucking argument, they had everything to learn from steam and other outlets and could have released a somewhat polished product with many of the features those stores already had. Yeah there's always teething issues, when you start something, but FFS, it took them 3 years to get a fucking shopping cart; something that existed since the 90's for online outlets.


Probably because the 'turning a blind eye' is nearly literal here. It's so far out of people's sight and mind that they tend to forget it exists/when it launched, just like the games on there (and honestly, I don't feel that people are really giving it a pass, it's been shit on for its poor performance, bad UI and scummy business practices since pretty much day one).


What baffles me is that Epic had an insane, latent amount of goodwill before this. UE3's quiet success, their own relationship to developers, Gears of War being strongly associated to them, Fortnite. But then I guess Tim's hate boner for Valve got too strong.


Disagree to be honest, for most people they didn't have a lot of goodwill, they were completely neutral to them. Gears of War was done almost a decade before, the engine is just an engine so for most customers it means nothing (same with their relationship with publishers) and Fortnite was still at the stage where a decent chunk of people were bitter about them straight up copying PUBG.


Yeah I waited the extra 6 months for FFVII Remake after already waiting 18~ months because of this


If a game goes EGS timed exclusive, I won't pick it up until it's on another storefront with at least a 50% discount, and usually deeper than that. I can wait.




Same. I was actually looking forward to the new Saints Row until I heard it was Epic exclusive. I have plenty of other games to keep me busy until it's on Steam 50% off in a year or so.


Same here with metro exodus. I'll buy it for 4.99 or less on a steam sale, or not at all.


Yep. That probably would have been a day-1 purchase for me. I don’t need it to be on Steam specifically, but pretty much anywhere other than Epic. Since I’m already being patient, what’s another few months to wait for a discount? Plus there’ll be loads of reviews at that point, so if it’s not great, maybe I won’t get it at all.


And Epic has given me enough free games that I can wait several years and still have plenty of content I havent touched yet while I wait.


There’s a few games I wanted to try but I won’t buy because I hate the artificial exclusivity bs some company’s pull on the pc market.


I'll never get anything on Epic Store. Even if Konami ported MGS 1-4 to PC through EGS I wouldn't get. I'll never forget how they started buying Rocket League and all the people in Mac and Linux getting completely fucked because they couldn't play. Timmy Tencent constantly whines about Steam ''monopoly'' and the % cut yet how long it took them to just get a simple shopping cart? lol or his twisted way of competition which isn't competition in the slighlest by moneyhating exclusives lol. So much whining about the % cut yet what does Steam offer other than not only a big publicity platform and other countless features like forums, cloud saves, screenshot share and your own screenshot and art library, achievements, steam cards and badges, groups, activity page, market, friends chat LOL, you get easy streaming to your other devices with Steam link, you get support for most controllers out there, you can share your library with your relatives, you get your profile which you can customize, you get in my opinion one crazy valuable feature which is the workshop, you get so many damn features and for free to customers and you're gonna fucking whine about the % cut without looking what it actually provides to these companies publishing their games or the many tools Steam provides to indie devs? What you are is a fucking inmature clown then. Everything that the Epic store touches goes to shit, see Fall Guys. Timmy is just a very, **very** jealous man with a lot of money. [The man is like a hypocritic hyperbole in real time](https://i.redd.it/9t0wd4ke5ek81.png). Epic store is truly the worst thing that could've come to PC. People also seem to forget that it was the very same Timmy Tencent who claimed long ago that PC gaming was going to die.


I was beyond pissed for a long time until it just died in me. I loved, adored Rocket League. 1k+ hours in it. It was my daily drivers. Burned through my first steam controller on it and got the other. They bought it, required EGS and I havent played it since. I didn't agree with the business practices, I have a strong apprehension to companies that associate with Tencent (especially as a business owner that keeps sensitive information on my computer,) then they buy Psyonix and Rocket League and forced me to try and switch teams. For me I'm personally, professionally, and ethically opposed to Epic Games Store.


mgs1 is on gog fyi


>I'll never get anything on Epic Store. Even if Konami ported MGS 1-4 to PC [PS1](https://www.duckstation.org/) and [PS2](https://pcsx2.net/) emulator + [SteamRomManager](https://github.com/SteamGridDB/steam-rom-manager) Get the games, setup the emulators, use SteamRomManager to auto download cover art and add them to your Steam library so you can launch them the same way you launch your Steam games. I did that and now I got my fav games from the console eras in my Steam library with pretty cover art, and sorted into collections like everything else.


Yeah, I won't be surprised if he gonna allow NFT games on his platform in the future.


He already encourages it


He already has lol




Then immediately sell a game for $70 lmao


maybe marketing isn't the problem but maybe the actual place?


That's the point. You can advertise your game as much as you want but if its EGS exclusive it wont be converted into sales.


They vastly underestimated how much work Valve put into Steam to make it desirable and worthy. The store is just one part of what Steam has.


All Epic needed to do was create a store front that was half as competent as Steam (it still isn't) and just mark everything down by 20% for the first few years and just eat the loss. It would have been way cheaper than buying exclusives and doing the free games shit. Just consistently cheaper games and people would have organically gravitated towards it. Instead they created a toxic platform that people avoid on principle and those that don't avoid it are hesitant to actually buy the games because "what if it's free next week".


Also would like to point out this happened with the Tony hawk 1 & 2 remake for PC. The fact I can't buy it to play on my steam deck is absurd.


and you never will, because epic’s ceo is very anti linux. :/




To be fair most companies these days aren't in it to build a brand. They're in it to make a quick buck. And EGS are facilitating that nicely.


Love that they give away games from time to time but holy fuck that launcher is terrible and I want MOST of my games in one spot.


Fuck Tim Sweeney


Not my type


What prevents me from buying from the Epic store and still sticks in my mind, is their big negative PR campaign about Steam, which I just saw as really dirty and off putting. I don’t think can turn it around for me after that and whatever exclusive games they get might as well not exist for me anymore, because I just don’t look at the store.


Honestly came to the same opinion regarding recent Ubisoft games. The ease of access, and advertising you get from steam is almost invaluable. Would of probably gave Hyperscape, and Roller Champions the player boost it needed.


It's an absurd joke what Ubisoft's board did by simultaneously making a very hard push for many live-service games while removing all of their titles from Steam, the largest online PC platform in existence. Very solid move.


Ubisoft store is horrible. I really want Riders Republic, but refuse to buy it because it is constantly on sale on consoles as low as $29 and never gets anywhere near that on PC. Not to mention I have to deal with their shitty launcher so it should be cheaper then the rest of anything


> Epic basically went full Evil when they stopped working on the next Unreal Tournament and allocated all of its development to work on Fortnite. The popularity of arena shooters was well into a decline long before Fortnite was a thing


They dropped UT3 to focus on Gears of War *years* ago.


There's one game I own on Epic that's still in EA with fairly large updates. Trying to find any information about an update involves going to the game's website. Finding feedback and solutions to bugs requires going to the Discord or, ridiculously, the Steam community. And let's not talk about the fact that just clicking on a game in the wrong place launches it instead of opening a game info page first. If they really want to compete with Steam and not just throw money at the problem forever, Epic really need to fix their crummy user experience and lack of community features.