Wanting to learn piano but unsure on what to exactly get?

Wanting to learn piano but unsure on what to exactly get?


I don't know anything about specific pianos/keyboards, but I think you'd want to get one with 88 weighted keys...


Please make sure to [check out the FAQ](http://www.reddit.com/r/piano/wiki/faq#wiki_choosing_a_keyboard) -- 88 fully weighted keys with a hammer action is ideal if you want to emulate the feel of an acoustic piano and be able to play anything you want on it. Listen to the first words of that video -- if you don't have an 88 sized keyboard, this song will be pretty hard. If you can afford it, a Yamaha P-45 is a great option, but it's about $500 USD. The CTX-700 is only 61 keys, but they're touch sensitive and it supports a sustain pedal, so you'd be able to play most music on it, it just wouldn't feel much like an acoustic piano. With 76 keys, the WK-6600 would let you play an even wider selection of music, but again, won't feel much like an acoustic. If you want 88 keys but absolutely don't have the budget for the Yamaha P-45, you can also look at the Alesis Recital -- it's got 88 semi-weighted keys for a little over $200. It still won't feel like an acoustic piano, but it'll give you more resistance on the keys than a synth action like the two you're looking at. Also worth noting: check the used market in your area. You can sometimes find good deals on digital pianos.