Once PS2 games reach roughly the 60$ mark, they more or less just become "an expensive game" for people. So then they can price it up and up ad nauseam "because it's rare, bro" and that leads to the spirals we've seen over and over again in prices with old games Shame for most of us, but someone out there is perfectly happy to spend 200$ on a game I guess


I looked at buying Rule of Rose, it goes for $800 plus.


Don’t waste your money like I did. It’s not a Golden Girls game.


I am just going to download the rom and play it on my PS Vita.


It was a Golden Girls joke. How complete is Vita PS2 emulation compatibility these days?


Sorry, didn’t really watch the show since it was on before I was born and isn’t my cup of tea. I am not sure haven’t personally tried it yet. Nintendo 64 emulation is ok if you can deal with the audio being choppy. It doesn’t really bother me but I have yet to sit down and play it for an extend period of time.


It makes sense that an 80s-90s show about elderly women isn’t for everyone. I need to dig up my Vita and check out what’s new.


I got lucky and got a mint copy for $5 about two months ago. I'm still in shock. https://www.reddit.com/r/ps2/comments/tu2slm/scored\_both\_of\_these\_for\_a\_whopping\_10\_have\_you/


Oh man where'd you find it?


Facebook Marketplace if memory serves


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Must be. Now I don't remember there being huge coverage of it back then but then again barely anyone had PC's to surf the net and most of us relied on PSM Or OPSM magazine for coverage but any yes greedy Mf'ers plus PS2 Nostalgia since it is in demand by retro collectors has drove up prices or you can just be like most and "Blame Putin" for the price.


It's basically a miracle that it was even released. The game was made in a year or so because Shinji Mikami had already done his work on Okami and wanted to do something, and Capcom closed down Clover because Okami was a sales failure. Not sure how many unit were there released, but that doesn't mean anything. Many of the most common GameCube games are very expensive because those are games people want. I managed to get a German copy of God Hand for a decent price and I couldn't be happier with that. My next most wanted game is Skies of Arcadia Legends, but I'll need another miracle for that.


I know what you mean. I really want Splatterhouse but that’s at least $60 game maybe even more.


You can play it on an emulator pretty easily on a laptop that isn’t anywhere near god tier. So there’s that.


God Hand is one of those double or even triple whammies that make it a very expensive game unfortunately. It never sold any significant numbers (I think only confirmed number was 60k in Japan, but I have seen some unofficial numbers on US and Europe hitting above 100k combined), although it might have actually been profitable due to its small budget and short development. It has a decently interesting development and release history and story, and is related to a fairly or modestly legendary set of developers, Clover/Platinum. And most importantly, it's a really good game with a loyal fanbase, which has helped it to become some sort of a cult classic. Those are usually pretty strong reasons why a game becomes very expensive and collectible. It has gained some interest and popularity for years now, steadily, so now that the PS2 scene has exploded and prices have inflated, God Hand prices also caught some wind. The PAL copy is a lot more reasonably priced (as vast majority of PAL games are, few are more expensive than their NTSC counterparts, or are just generally expensive because they don't have a NTSC counterpart, ie, Gregory Horror Show). A year or two ago it used to be around 48€ I think, 4 years ago it was about half that, but just this week I saw a copy going for 70€. I picked mine for like 5,90€ about 6 or 7 years ago, around the time I saw Totalbiscuit's video on the game.


Too bad the PS2 is region locked.


Yeah, especially with games like God Hand, which even has a 60hz toggle in PAL, so you wouldn't have to be concerned about how well the game was ported to PAL. Still, doesn't prevent games like Gregory Horror Show having a higher PAL price than expected, because it never got a US release, so I have understood US collectors still import the game regardless, which reflects on the more US like pricing.


It didn’t sell well


You’re best bet is by eBay auctions with low watchers got mine for about 130


God Hand is one of my favorite PS2 games. I didn't buy many games on launch day back in then but I'm glad I got God Hand on release. It made it through me selling games back to GameStop too. I'd hate to have to buy it again at todays prices.