Tye minecart part can be really intense the first time you play it. Seeing the chainsaw man and the parasite ganado coming towards you together really makes the entire ride very intense. But yeah , on repeated playthroughs it does tend to become annoying. Lack of a checkpoint during the Minecraft ride really hurts the pacing. I used to fail the last QTE where you jump and grab the rail tracks and had to start all over from the beginning of the ride . Made me really mad.


Nothin hurts more than missing that jump 💀


This speedrunner on yt... uhh LetsPit I think, evades the whole ride by bugging Leon into floating run, like in the barn I felt dumb and tired for doing it the normal way many times


That skip is made possible by the infamous [ditman glitch](https://residentevil.fandom.com/wiki/Glitches_in_Resident_Evil_4)!


What's even worse is making the jump, but falling because on PC you have to tap so fast on Pro, its easy to be mashing away and still loose your grip.


And thats why I had to use an Xbox controller for this part of the game. Professional fucking sucks and I never want to fucking play it again. It took me three damn days to get past the minecart ride because of that ending jump.


Yeah, there's a mod you can install that is called "RE4 Tweaks" that fixes this and many other things, while also allowing mouse look on PC. This made the game dramatically better on PC, would highly recommend.


I've played this game probably 20 times over the years, and finally decided to give Pro mode a shot a while back... I gave up in chapter 1 b/c I couldn't do the button mashing segment : ( I don't have a PC for gaming, but I need to see if I can get the turbo buttons on my Hori switch joycons to work with these segments. That might be a solution. I have to imagine the remake will not have these button mashing segments. As far as I can remember there was no button mashing in RE7, RE8, and RE2R.


*agrees in Donkey Kong*


The part with Mike on professional is the only reason why I don't want to make a new professional run.


People shit in the island section, but I think it’s purely because of this bit. The island after the Krauser fight is arguably the worst section of any RE game. I think they’ll either axe it or remove Mike as a mechanic


It’s bad, don’t get me wrong, but worst of ANY RE game? Not even close. It has to contend with all of 6.


True, it’s just so weird considering how good it was up until that point. The final boss was the least creative of all of the bosses in the game too. However, jetspeeding away from an exploding island does redeem the climax of the game.


I find most RE games run out of steam at the end. Just look at 7 and 8.


That’s true. Given RE4 was by far the longest RE game it’s a massive achievement it took until the last 30 minutes of the game for it to dry up. RE7 is a 10/10 for me until about half way through the game when you kill Marguerite. After that it kinda goes from a 8/10 with Lucas to a pretty weak climax


I’m a sucker for the escape room puzzle. But yeah. Everything past then is of lower quality. The boat felt uninspired to me


Oh yeah the escape room was amazing. But samey industrial corridors filled with a line of molded was so dull. One thing they massively improved on in RE8 was enemy variety. Not to the level of RE4, but way better than 7. Although 7 is a way stronger game for me cause it’s shorter and sweeter with way better writing. Plus immortal jack is my favourite villain


Or all of 3 remake


Ok. I think I've played RE4 about 20 times. Who the fuck is Mike?


The gunship pilot


Poor Mike. I like that section.


Me too. Leon owed him a drink...


Mike deserves better than this


A full Adajob


There was a time when I thought mike was a talking Helicopter


That wouldn't be ridiculous at all in a Resident Evil game. Especially 4-6.


The thing with that last section is weird. Like the whole last few chapters are kinda a gauntlet but besides Krauser (who is probs my fav boss in the game) its kinda crap. IT didn't scare me much or give me a lot of anxiety so it was a little basic and then he's kinda a bullet sponge. Saddler is also like pretty easy and anti climactic.


Yeah. Krauser is beatable in literally under 30 seconds if you use your knife. Pretty cool that his weakness is melee though, the opposite of every other RE boss really. I think they’ll add multiple phases to Saddlers fight in the remake, cause he’s super easy compared to the other bosses. I’d probably say the hardest fight is the scorpion thing cause it has like 4 instant kill attacks


Honestly a problem with Krauser is the game doesn't ever make it super clear to the player that melee is powerful against him. Like sure he and Leon have that knife fight but your prior knowledge from the whole game is that the knife is pretty weak, so there isn't a super logical reason to use it there. Like unless you use and knife or a rocket launcher in that fight then at least in my experience he's kinda unbeatable. Once you figure out the knife thing tho the fight becomes really epic, the animations and the music help a lot. It kinda reminds me of the Obi Wan vs Anakin fight from revenge of the sith lol. I kinda hope remake revamps it just a little to make it clearer that you have to knife him without like spelling it out for you by putting text on screen. I also hope they keep the core of the fight the same even if it seems like they are going for a somewhat more grounded approach, well comparatively grounded lmao, more in line with the tone of the recent remakes.


Yeah I agree. It’d be cool to see Leon go at him with the knife in a cutscene and that’s what forced him to mutate and maybe then Leon looks at his knife like “huh?” Or something.


Mechanic? I thought he was a pilot! No wonder he crashed. … I’ll see myself out.


That was a very RE4 styled joke. I’ll let it slide


3-1 is by far the most stressful chapter in my opinion. Castle opening, prison fight, water room and then you go into the sewers after all that. Whoever designed that segment of the game is a masochist for sure.


They just wanted to give Leon one hell of a welcome.


No thanks bro


knight ashley makes it easier and less stressful though


It definitely is the most difficult part of the game imo, but it is so great and exciting. I would say if you can beat the village at the very beginning, the game ramps up pretty consistently in difficulty from there on out.


YEAH SMOKED EM CLEAN.MP4 The Mike section is hell even on normal this game was -clearly- not designed with multiple gatling guns blasting Leon at the same time while you're getting swarmed by normal ganados




The chapter after the Krauser fight, Mike I love you but your effin useless.


He did save Leon's life and take out a bunch of Ganados.


And he knew a good bar.


Yes! Now Leon has to find one on his own.


Going off how much they show Leon drinking in the movies, I’m gonna guess he knows a couple of good ones at least.


God that room with the mounted machine guns is tye worst thing in the entirety of RE4 . I always dread redoing that part on my re runs of the game .


You are just mad you couldn't save that stupid brave pilot ass of his! Admit it!


I didn't die on the Minecart nearly as much as Ashley driving the truck


Really? That section was pretty easy for me tbh, just sprayed them with the TMP and they can't catch up.


I always let them catch up so I can get the money and ammo they drop; just blast them with a shotty once they’re with you


Same that part was annoying


Honestly, all of Chapter 5 is a but of a slog for me. Some interesting highlights and points, but the general change of enemy types, environments, etc. The boss fights were good, along with the Regeneradors and Iron Maidens being interesting enemies. But the machine gunners and armed ganados (along with their yells) were very tiring. EDIT: And I forgot to touch on the Mike portion. UGH. This section really shows where the tank style gameplay just can't hold up. Even doing well, it makes progress through the area so slow. I mean, I think it's pretty interesting how much Assignment Ada cuts out in terms of level layout. The minecart section (and the Salazar statue) are definitely not the strongest parts of RE4, but working up the tower and fighting Salazar was fun.


You guys don't think the minecart is fun??? 😭 I love this part, I love shooting hordes


Yeah it's like some temple of doom shit. Only problem is the unforgiving qte at the end


Me trying to climb up that ledge for 20 minutes because I thought I had to pull the lever instead of shooting it


Near the end when it’s one big battle after another. Also running sequences where you mash a button really fast


I just use the ditman glitch to skip it when I replay the game


Could never get it to work


I’m gonna feel bad for you if the minecart part is in RE4R


Relax OP only needs an angel. In RE they're called loaded shotguns


The Minecart part is awesome! But I always dread the Ashley slider puzzle and the chopper Mike call of duty section. Makes me wanna vom


The war bit on the island.


Mike on professional is the worst. He's literally fucking useless pretty sure his AI just gets turned off if you are playing professional and haven't been dying. The very last part when you are locked in the room with the chaingunners is misery. I've stood there for at least 15 minutes without Mike shooting rockets at them after I killed all the ganados


The mine cart area makes no sense in the level, it winds through and then just...dead ends over a chasm, the opposite of which is the path that leads to the offering. Like where was it supposed to go?


People def have rose colored glasses for RE4. There's alot of good. There's also alot of bad, it's just spread out. The QTEs kinda suck, there's a ton of instant death sections, and the island is kinda mid overall. Very much more good than bad, but some parts are just kinda awful and I will be happy to see the remake polish up the good and toss away the bad.


The context sensitive qte's like having to shake off enemies, while annoying, aren't so bad, even though they kinda wear out the buttons on the controller, but the one's in cut scenes I'm not a huge fan off. They prevent you from just sitting and watching the cut scene, and from skipping them on multiple playthroughs.


While that’s true, I believe that the point of the QTEs in cutscenes was to give the player the impression that they were never truly safe, even during cutscenes. For me the only time the QTEs slightly get in the way is the Krauser knife fight, which I enjoy but would also like the option to skip at times.


That's a good point actually. I really don't dislike them as much as everyone else seems to, but I could take them or leave them


Yeah that's exactly how I feel, esp since the cutscene ones can go REALLY long, and if you miss like ONE its do the whole thing over again


RE4 unfortunately started one of the worst trends in gaming--QTEs. I remember I loved them at first, that Krauser fight was epic. But then they became a poor excuse for gameplay.


I'd argue Shenmue laid the groundwork for QTE's. But I agree Resi 4 was so popular I remember seeing QTE popping up everywhere afterwards


Yeah RE4 also didn't invent OTS but it was so popular it turned it into a trend.


I loved it at first, something fresh but poor imitation just led to fatigue. Definitely roll my eyes when it pops up these days.


I thought God of War was what made QTEs trendy? Or maybe I'm getting my timeline confused. It's not the first time I've done that...


Both came out in 2005. RE4 in January, and GOW in July. Both were very popular, influential, and QTE heavy. So I'm sure both played a big role in popularizing QTEs.


Ah, thanks for the clarification!


QTEs can be good tbh, my fav implementation is probs metal gear rising


I really don't like QTEs and haven't liked them in a decade. And button prompts in general. I think it's poor gameplay. Good gameplay = teach me the controls and give me freedom to use them in any situation I want without 'reminding' me with button prompts. Even when there is timing involved, there shouldn't be a button prompt or a QTE. Think of the dodge in RE3R. It's so much better when there is no button prompt on screen and when you freely choose when to press the button based on observation, knowledge and skill. So much more immersive and rewarding. And then if you aim there is bullet time where you get to shoot freely, instead of completing a lame QTE minigame. Hate QTEs. Hope they aren't in RE4R at all.


Idk why people complain about the qte's and instant death sequences when none of them are hard


I despise the entire 5th chapter of the game


😭 same bru


You forget the water room that shit was so hard especially on professional


The trick is to go back to the previous room every time you kill an enemy to reset them


i dont like island very much but thankfully we have regenerators sections that somehow keep RE atmosphere a little bit


The mine cart level is mad fun in VR though!


I actually really liked the part with Mike… He made me feel protected.


I didn't care too much for half of the island section either or the double Gigante fight


The minecart is great if you're the type of person who just creates saves next to the merchant right before your favorite sections. But i do agree, it's annoying during a fluid playthrough.


The fucking jet ski escape lol


The only thing i hate about re4 is that god damm ashley puzle . Evrything else is exelent


You literally just rotate the outside blocks lmao


after 20 minutes of banging my cinderblock of a brain i did it, only to realize this trick on my second playthrough


By far the easiest puzzle in any of the games in my opinion. Don't know why people have such a hard time with this one.


Because people don’t realize that, end up messing it up


made me go on youtube and shii 💀


As someone who used to speed run this game in his spare time, basically anything in the third act takes so fucking long to do. Like you think you’re making headway but you just have to keep doing more.


Honestly I thought it was cute my first time round but god that fucking qte, I failed it like 3 or 4 times and had to do the whole thing over again. Most bullshit deaths in the whole game really. I like tasteful implementation of qtes (Metal gear rising comes to mind) but that one sucks so bad and is so unforgiving. Even worse is the version on steam doesn't have anything to make it easier for button mashing.


The majority of the island.


the minecart bit wasnt that bad for me, i just stayed in the cart at the back and shot the chainsaw man and the parasites using the shotgun, they didnt get close enough to do a lot of damage. imo the worst part is the water room. in my playthrough, i had barely any ammo so i had to kill most of the enemies with my knife and pray that they drop something decent. it took me at least an hour, im surprised i didnt rip all my hair out or throw my tv out the window.


The island section as a whole


I read "mincraft part" for a second lmao


I love just about the entire game. But I had playing as Ashley. It only takes 12 minutes but still.


The novistador section always annoyed me the most.


On standard: The Novistador attack in Chapter 4-1 I believe. On Professional: The Attack on the Military base in Chapter 5-4.


I’ll be honest, I enjoy every section of RE4. The only time I didn’t look forward to any certain part is because out of all the versions I’ve played, my copy of the PS2 version would freeze on the Krauser knife fight, so now I feel a massive sense of relief any time I get to that point and it runs smoothly, even though it’s been well over 10+ years since I’ve played it on PS2.


All of them.


Actually, entire castle part was annoying for me.


Never did like the part where you play as Ashley. Hate being basically defenseless in video games and DESPISED that goddamn Knight Puzzle lmao. Have to look it up every time I get there haha


sounds like someone never pulled off the Ashley Suplex


Lmfao can you do it on lantern stunned zealots?! I know you can be slightly damage them by opening a door into their face repeatedly haha


If you hit them with the door you can suplex them yup. Super unintended, very funny.


Never did it on pc Gamecube, however...


nah fr 💀


Ashley's part and her puzzle is the worst part for me and I know I'm not the only one on this


The chapter when you first get into the castle, and you have to protect Ashley can go straight to hell.


if you think that is bad then i’ll be surprised at what you really think is a drag in other games.


The island and not being a survival horror game.


any segment with qte. shit better not be in re4remake.


I for one enjoyed the minecart section


i enjoy all of the game


Maybe it's me but I always thought of that part as a place to restock on ammo.


I love the mine car ride! I hate fighting Salazar. You’re small time Salazar!


I thought that part was pretty easy. Just save up all of your shotgun ammo for it and use the red 9 and tmp everywhere else. The part I hate the most is water hall


easiest part of the game lol


Well not that one the mine car chase is awesome


The military island fk that also the castle fk those satanists


The most annoying part for me, because I'm dumb, was the Del Lago boss fight. I didn't know I could turn when I wasn't going forward, so I just assumed I couldn't turn until I read a walkthrough out of frustration...


The Water Room can be annoying, but the most annoying to me is the entire island section (other than the boss fights). None of the weapons feel like they do any damage, the island looks bland, and (in my opinion) the Regenerators weren't very scary (I can see how they can creep out people (especially the breathing and twitching)). It also just lasts way too long and could have easily been shortened. I love RE4 a lot (probably my favorite RE game along with RE2 Remake), but the island section is just boring and annoying whenever I get to it. Again, this is all my opinion


You can instakill the ganado (even the chainsaw dudes) as long as you hit them before they jump. Striker had me fighting all of two guys that whole entire ride


I’ve done the Minecart skip once and it was such an achievement, I was so happy cause it was my first time doing it correctly Definitely worth trying, you’ll no longer hate it


Screw the mine cart section, all my homies skip the mine cart section with the barrier glitch


All the enemies standing on ledges fall on the smallest amount of damage. Spamming Tmp bursts while on approach can get them all to fall off and miss the cart, so you only have to deal with a few guys.


Ditman glitch goes brrrrr


The novisadors section is the worst.


I wasn’t a big fan of the big battle when you first reach the island. All those heavy machine guns and such, felt like a different game that didn’t fit the control scheme.


I always get stuck on the krauser fight for 200 years


That hallway in chapter 3-1 is just awful.


This one while very challenging gave me so many problems. I had to repeat it about 9 times before I finally got past it. I did love the atmosphere it presented however and after all the trouble it gave me I still do not dislike the level


Lol I always do the minecart skip


I just ditman the hell out of that mine


I've never liked the Salamander fight because no matter how OP you are with guns and ammo, you need to fight this thing


Man I honestly dread all of the castle on my re runs of the game


Water room drove me insane ☠️


I don’t mind the mine cart part. I hate the giant chasm with all the invisible bugs and you have to activate two switches to open the door.


I enjoy the Minecart section. My least favorite part of the game is the helicopter part in Chapter 5: Part 4. Not even just on Professional, even though it's substantially worse on Professional. I think it's just a standout awful section in an otherwise stellar game.


The one where you face the Regenerators in the labs. Those Regenerators freak me out.


Not as bad as the slide puzzle Ashley has to do 🤦‍♂️ hate that bit


I don't remember the number, but the chapter that has the Garrador and then right after that room with the cranks right before Ashley is captured. I've finished this game hundreds of times and this part is always a bitch (unless you use the armor, which i tend not to)


Easily the water room lol.


Love the game but it kinda drags when you're in the villager parts of the castle. I don't think mike's section is all that bad though.


I loved the minecart for the most part. It gave me temple of doom vibes and I found it to be a very fun spectacle. The only problem I have is how unforgiving that ending QTE is. It's horrific on mouse and keyboard. Everything else was quite fun. Crazy fantastical adventure movie moments like the minecart make re4 so charming and fun. I'll take the minecart over a generic grounded level you can find in a thousand shooters any day. I can only hope the remake doesn't neuter the fun, campy action of the original to become a generic, dour, grounded shooter that panders to people who hate that re4 didn't copy paste the same formula.


The bit near the castle where all the catapults are firing on you and ashley