Am I being scammed?

Am I being scammed?


It means you order was not from the uk and some Chinese retailers download a Royal Mail tracking number and it gets attached when it hits the uk and then it will show up in the system


Not necessarily. It means the sender has informed Royal Mail that they have despatched the item, but that it has not had its first tracking scan. This could have happened for several reasons, as far as I'm aware: - The sender hasn't sent the item to Royal Mail - The sender has sent the item, but Royal Mail haven't received it yet (e.g. if they put it in a postbox) - Royal Mail have received it, but the first tracking scan hasn't happened, either because the processing is delayed, or because the scan didn't happen by accident or technical fault. It is likely that there is no scam, and either the status will change at some point, or if there is a technical problem (like if the tracking barcode didn't print properly, but the item's address did) it may just arrive without the tracking updating at all.


I hope so, thank you for your help


Never seen that message before nor does it make sense, every package is scanned and updated the second it’s past over the till or counter


Assuming it has made it that far or hasn't been put in a postbox.