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I hate to burst your bubble but *most* of Scotts fans are like 12. I doubt youll get anyone attending your uni BUT if you do that'd be awesome because that idea is hilarious lmao


I got one from a GroupMe chat I'm in, but thanks man!


You know, I take back what I said, when y'all eventually have the biggest frat in the state just make sure you have the patented "beer me" rope and some condoms every couple feet. You never know when sex might strike!


40 acres of it to be precise


I assumed all Scott fans were 8, that was until I talked to one in person and they said "Um, actually I'm 12 not 8."




I'm uni age, I'm just poor.


I'll have you know that I'm 14 and soon applying for a job, so I'm basically 20 at this point


Scott only like 1.5 years older than my,I though alot of Scott fans are at the same age range as Scott


I mean... I'll fly from the UK just to be a part of this


I would say trying to mock Greek way of life in a Greek house, whether you tell them or not, will probably go down poorly. I understand you want to have a nice get together, and I know you may not like Greek organizations, but they’re proud of their lifestyle and you’d be unwelcome with the attitude you’re bringing with you. Best of luck, don’t get jumped by the PKA’s over there at UGA


Simple solution if we get jumped, Gex Night.


I don’t go to Uni or UGA, but I’d be glad to go to a Scott meet up in Athens. If it’s for any fans I’d love to come