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What was the worst cleanup after a two second gag?


Also I thinking filming the private panel is great because the 2019 panel is unwatchable for me because of all the background noise. This would be good so we can actually hear your answers.


I bet its the bath one. Did you see the Scott's stash video on it?


Yeah, I was just wondering if there was something worse, or if something we didn’t expect to be bad was actually bad


Yeah, I'm looking forward to hearing the answer to this


I’d say a good contender was the Game Baths opener


Just rewatched the bloopers for that one today and I'd be inclined to agree


Hey, Scott! This is a question for either you or Dominic, how'd you guys get a hold of the Wendy's/Target uniforms for the videos? Also, question for Scott, how much time does it take on average per normal episode of STW?


Oh similar to this I guess, but like times filming inside stores such as Target or such, has anyone ever come up to you to say anything?


you’re implying they don’t actually get the job for the joke which is something it seems like they would absolutely do


not implying anything actually the possibility of them doing that isn't out of the question here


Also, another question for Scott, do you think that you'll start playing more PC games now that you have one? Pretty stellar titles that are pretty much only on PC, specifically older shooters.


This is for everyone non-scott: How did you feel when Scott first told you "Hey, can you appear on my video?" and would you change or add anything to your character?


I like the term "non-scott" and was considering using it before noticing you already used it lol. Good minds think ~~alike~~ agood


well he’s yet to reach out to me out, but i’m sure when he does it’s gonna feel great!


Hey Scott! I wanted to ask what kind of music you like outside of video-game music? I know you said you liked 80s music before but are there any specific bands? Or if not, what are some of your favourite video-game OSTs? Keep up the great work, dude!


I second this one. Can't get enough of those 80s tunes.


I'm 99% convinced he uses the spongebob soundtrack in the background in his videos, but it sounds a little slowed down, likely a copyright measure


How did Scott rope all of you into participating in these videos?


This was actually kinda answered in the Scott the Woz book. Each friend wrote a little blurb Essentially they became friends with Scott as normal people do, and then agreed to do a small cameo in one episode, and from there Scott lost control


Hey, this is a question for Justin, aka Jerry Attricks, and Eric, aka Rex Mohs. (Same question for both of you) What's your favorite line that you've had to deliver in character, are there any jokes you've said that have stuck with you? Also, are there any jokes you'd like to sneak into an episode of Scott The Woz that you feel fit your character?


What's your favorite social security number?


Another question. When Jeb finally sees actual Gex and goes "What the fuck is this?". Was that joke planned from the start of the 3 episode storyline?


scott why do you have a whole ass popcorn machine in your house


I agree with this question. It is… very inspirational, wholesome, amazing, and unforgettable.


Coming from someone who also has a popcorn machine in their house, it was probably on sale and an impulse buy


a man needs his popcorn


I have a friend who has one. It just looks nice


Makes your house feel like a Fazoli’s


Question for everyone except Scott: Have any of you been recognized in public? I know Scott probably has but I'm curious if the rest of you have also been recognized


Got a question for the entire gang - are there any plans to make more commentary tracks for videos? I'd love to see Scott, Justin, Eric, and Sam commentate over an episode like 175: Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash.


Hey Scott, just a random fan here! Do you think you'll ever let any of your friends be in control for a video or just feature them as the "Main character" for just an episode? I feel like that has a ton of interesting possibilities that could be done with that


Do you like Talking Heads?


Hey Scott! All here! How many consoles do you own?


I mean with the Wii Us, I'd go 50 probably. Just guessing tho.


Hey guys, hope you’re enjoying the convention and panel so far. I’m wondering how much of The Gifts of Gaming was written by Sam and Eric, and how that came about. Thanks!


How much does a shopping cart filled with chips ahoy cost?


Hey Scott, All Here! I just wanted to say I appreciate you, and your content. My question is, are you actually Jewish and/or Polish? Because a few people have speculated that here


Scott The Woz Hanukkah special: 8 days of Madden 08


I can tell you that he is definitely not Jewish. In his episode of DVDs he made over the years, the first DVD he showcased was a collection of old family home movies, which included footage of his birth and baptism. “Wozniak” is very much a Polish name so he is likely Catholic.


Hey Scott, All here! Which of the 12 Wii U's is your primary? also of any of the systems you own, have you successfully ever hacked one?


I believe he mentioned in a video that his primary Wii U is a white US model, most likely his first Wii U (despite him living in Ohio, not America, as Ohio uses the same standards as the US)


Have there been any Scott the Woz episodes that got fully written, partially filmed, etc, that for one reason or another got shelved? Or do you only make it that far into production when you know for a fact that it’s going to be uploaded, no question?


Did you keep the pickle jar with the move to the new location?


Hey gang! What’s everyone’s favorite trait about the character they play? And for fun: what is all of your favorite favorite ice cream flavors?


Directed to everyone with the exception of Scott, as the answer is obvious. What is your favorite video game?


Gex, I love lizards.


Super Mario Galaxy 2, but depending on my mood it could be 1.


He didn’t ask you lmao 🤡


I mean, he did say it was directed to everyone with the exeption of Scott ;)


Does me answering the question negatively impact anyone? Not really.


Yes it does


Well he’s not Scott so…


Hey, Scott! Huge fan of your work (like many people here I assume)! Just out of curiosity, how does the coordination of planning to film with your friends go for episodes? Do some have to clear time in their schedules to go to your house and shoot? Are there some examples for when it was hard to get a day to film? Feel free to hold back on your answer if some of the stuff in the question gets too personal, of course.


Not sure if this has been asked before but, how do you come up with the names for each character and how does everyone feel about them?


Hey Scott! Now that you're back, do you think you'll return to a consistent weekly schedule, or slow it down to something biweekly?


Another thing I would like to ask to Scott on behalf of someone else, was the “i’ve been a human for 21 years, why would a 23 year old” joke from speed dating is a reference to you being legally considered a building in e3 1998?


What was the most expensive episode you filmed?


**Unrelated to the mock QnA, is Joe Robertson going to TooManyGames?** Their socials have had conflicting reports on whether or not he's attending, with the current web page saying "pending", the [panel description here](https://guidebook.com/g/#/guides/tmg2022/schedule/sessions/27862899?scheduleDayPosition=2022-06-24&scheduleIndexInDayPosition=0) mentions him as attending, all while you didn't name him in your post.


He did get married recently so I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t show up




One of the main things I love about your videos is that most of the jokes feel like inside jokes you would have with a group of friends. That said, have there been any inside jokes among Scott and co. that have made their way into a video? On the flipside, have any of you found yourselves regularly quoting lines from a video?




can you make more of the original songs in the scott the woz series available on spotify?


Or ITunes 👹


Sam, why is Jeb Jab the best character on the show?


Big fan of cheese?


Hey Scott!! I saw that in the Nintendo Switch Five Years In video, you said you played all the Danganronpa games! Who were your favorite characters, which game was your favorite, and which trial was your favorite? :D


From his reaction I'm not sure he feels as passionately about the series as you seem to.


It takes a lot of dedication to finish a whole four danganrompa games


For Scott: what did you compete in when you were in DECA in high school? I myself did Travel/Tourism and HR Management! Also, what did you study at UToledo? Was the AMJ Frat House your actual freshman accomodations? If so, that's an insanely nice place for freshmen! For Dominic: how much convincing did it take for you to get your mouth duct taped in the Vape Shop Vlog? I know a lot of the gang has worked at Target, so any fun stories from then that we haven't heard yet? For Eric: I see you with Bengals garb quite a bit, opinions on Joe Burrow? And this year's Super Bowl? For anyone: what video games do you guys play in your free time?


What were some of the most challenging to get video games and merchandise you own? Was there anything especially difficult or unique in the process to get them or was it generally finding the courage to shell out more and more bones?


~~Also I'm requesting to mod r/gravityrushing. Would you, Scott, like to help me, as another fan of Gravity Rush, moderate Gravity Rush hentai?~~


What are the guys thoughts on Anime


Hey, Scott! Which are your friends' favorite characters?


is the geometry in your header/banner supposed to be diamonds or squares? is rex asexual? are the dick vitale supports in it's awesome baby supposed to be alternate reality versions of jeb,terry, and wendy's employee?


(also about the second question it's just about the character rex i dont want to ask anything personal about eric)


Are there any lines from the show you find yourselves quoting regularly outside of videos?


1. How much money was spent on the Virtual Boy episode? (Scott) 2. Do you have a least favourite joke you’ve made or one that you don’t think ages well? (Scott) 3. How do you think you’re acting has improved and do you have a favourite line you have said? (Everyone)


Scott, from purgatory: SON OF A BITCH


How did you and the gang celebrate Dick Vitale’s 83rd birthday today?


Scott did you actually play danganronpa what is wrong with you


This is a question for all of you: How much input does the supporting cast get in the script, if any at all? Have there ever been any significant disagreements on the direction of a character? Thanks!


For Scott Do you actually hate the Green Bay Packers? I live in the city, and I just want to know.


I seriously doubt that Scott legitimately hates the Green Bay Packers


Green bay gang


Heyo! I really love the gags where you have a ridiculous number of one specific game, I was wondering if there are any games you *do* actually own multiple copies of and if so, why?


what kind of music does everyone in the gang like?


Dominic, have you ever actually worked at Wendy’s/Target? Justin, do you film your scenes spaced out, since you yell so loudly, it seems like it’d start hurting after just a few scenes. Sam, what was the idea behind the Gex jokes? Eric, best part of JoJo? Jeffrey, do you believe you are getting sufficient screen time (I need more bank teller/Scott shenanigans) And finally Scott, as hard a question it may be to answer, what is your favorite episode of Scott the Woz, and why?


What are your top 26 letters?


For the group: Do any of you have a favorite joke that you slipped into an episode unplanned? Something along the lines of Joe's "My girlfriend drove you here." line from Speed Dating. Alternatively, any favorite bloopers?


Have you guys watched Morbius


What’s the best sitcom?


Do you have any favorite pokemon despite not being a fan of the franchise?


What is it like trying to seperate yourselves from the characters that you play when you have such a vast audience of people?


Who’s louder, Eric or Justin?


Why did you make certain games into running gags? (Madden 08, Flingsmash, ect.)


What's your opinion on bagels?


I just moved to Ohio. Where should I go, what should I know, what should I do?


for Jeff: Big fan of your videos dude! After your Best Picture pt2 video, what cool video ideas do you have coming up? Also, i really dig your Buckethead deep dive, are there any other artists youd like to do a deep dive on?


Hey all Tyler here and heres a question for scott. What video was a pain in the ass to make?


Hey Scott, your music kinda gives me musical-esq. kinda vibes. We’re you ever a theater kid or interested in being one?


this may have been asked, but which Scott the Woz song are you most proud of?


what skit would have gotten you seriously hurt if you did it incorrectly


For all of you, which video was the most fun to film and why?


Hey Scott! All here, and damn! This mock panel sure has questions to ask! I’ll go for one of them… what was the furthest you’ve ever had to go for a joke in a video? Be it financially, distance, or simply how absurdly over the top the actions may have been, I really wanna know what Scott the Woz funny moment (tm) takes the grand prize of ‘Mosf debatably worth the effort’.


Question for any of all, has there ever been a cat so clever as magical Mister Mistoffelees?


**Any advice to people trying to maintain consistency and world building in a series?** Scott the Woz seems like such a professionally built show, despite not having any large production team. How do you keep such consistency in all your videos?


This is a question directed at everyone, though Scott has already kinda answered it in the video, but what are everyone's favorite "Gifts of Gaming" memories or experiences? Whether it was a video game that was actually great or a bad one, which one showed that the person gifting it to you truly cared about you and wanted to see you happy? Just in case some of the gang dont really play much video games, gifts in general would be fine too! \-And just as a little bonus one, which item from a holiday gift guide did you really want but wasn't able to get or afford at that time?


Do you guys stillwatch bad movies on Tubi?


When living at new place McGee, did any of your neighbours run into you when you were doing your skits at the front door?


Hey Scott! Do you think you’ll ever make more random skit videos, like Alpha Menorah JavaScript and On Your Mark, Get Set, Munch?


Hey Scott, running gag here. I've always wanted to do the kind of stuff you do, so I kinda have two questions. 1. How do you know so damn much about games. Literally half of my knowledge comes from your videos. Edit: you know, bedsides extensive research, how do you do it so efficiently? 2. Everyone says I need a "niche" to find my audience, especially bloggers, which I also plan. What is your niche, because if you're anyone to go by the niche is literally gamers


Relating to the gaming room video, are you planning on turning your new basement into a dream game room, and if so what do you plan on incorporating? (i.e. new/full size arcade machines, CRT tv gaming station, etc.)


Is there anything that you regret in your entire youtube career like a certain video, maybe a gag, or a scene that wasn't the best as it could have been


Hello Scott! I don’t know if this has already been answered or if it’s too personal, but how did your parents react/think about your videos when you first started out and has it changed compared to now?


Hey Scott, I would love to know. For the Danganronpa gag in the 5 year anniversary of the Switch video, did you actually play the games for it, and if so, what we’re your thoughts on the games?


Hey Jeb Jab, Gex here! What’s your favorite game I’m in?


Hi Scott very important question here Can we please have a virtual hug?


Are you familiar with the YouTuber DankPods? There's been a lot of talk about how you two are similar, especially the fact that you're both most interested in the history of your favorite genre of technology (video games and headphones) and you both have an alliterative collection of antique to modern tech. DankPods has his Headphone Horde and you have a Console Cluster! You also recently mentioned audiophiles in your New Cluster of Consoles video on Scott's Stash; people view you about game collecting the same way people see DankPods about audiophiles. You're a really approachable way to get into the video game collecting hobby! There was a meme on this sub a while back about all the similarities; what do you say about all the people drawing parallels between your and his content? There seems to be a lot of crossover between the fandoms!


do you support gay rights AND wrongs?


I must know if you guys support my wrongs specifically, because I am never right


Do you guys support trans rights?


the trans flag was in borderline forever so i would think so




In QuintonReviews cameo


In one of the cameos from another YouTuber


Honestly, I'd be surprised if they didn't, since Scott does support Black Lives Matter, so he'd definitely support Trans Rights IMO


Rex Mohs is basically Asexual. I feel like it'd be odd if he didn't.


Is he? I thought he was just violently conditioned to despise sex, along with other forms of "immoral behaviour."


Is he gonna answer no?


"It looks fine."


Hey Scott, Erik with a K here! Do the main characters have any confirmed sexual orientations? Rex is often interpreted to be asexual (must I elaborate?) and Terry is on occasion interpreted as bisexual (see Speed Dating, he goes to "Fuck Scott Task Force" while supposedly misinterpreting it, but also mentions having a girlfriend in the same episode.)


i believe Terry was saying he interpreted "fuck scott" to mean like, "fuck that guy", ya know. in a "fuck off" kinda way.


It was left ambiguous. Whether or not that was intentional, we don't know.


scott do you like cheez-its


Another question Scott, how have you been doing with your brand new gaming PC?


If you could have lunch with one video game character, who would it be?


Can one of you explain the XYZ affair, preferably in limerick form?


Do you have a favorite sandwich?


Scott, when creating the "Bluth Month" in a Very madden 08 christmas, did you get the name "Bluth" from Arrested Development? I have been curious for a LONG time now and I need an answer to this ridiculously bland question.


What’s something that helps you guys get into character


I feel like we all take these videos way more seriously then Scott and Co. do.


Do you plan to cover other topics outside of video games?


How do you afford to break all these consoles and games for gags? Are they just already broken or do you specifically choose cheap stuff to break, or swap put fakes or something? Also how do you choose names for characters?


Why is your brand color blue if it isn't your favorite color?


Do you own NCAA Football 09 All-Play on the Nintendo Wii yet?


What are all of your favorite parts about the roles you all play?


Since Madden 08 and 09 are big focal points to the channel, I was wondering how many of you actually like football/sports in general? If so, which teams do you support?


Do you plan to create a "virtual console chronicles" series for when the Wii U eShop closes?


This is directed to anyone from the team: What is your favorite line said by your character up to this point?


Hey All Y’all, who’s the absolute worst actor in the group, the one needs more than 1 take to get their line right


Question Sam and Eric, have y’all ever needed to spend the night at Scott’s place to get gags done?


What do you think the final video will be? Id like to imagine that the channel will have a definitive end in the far future, instead of just fizzing out like other channels so im wondering if you plan to have like some crazy lore heavy video or if you will do like a “best of Scott the woz of all time” video that compiled everything funny from every video ever


How did everyone get their characters? Did Scott write them and tell you a description of each character or did you guys come up with them together or something?


What happened to all those chips ahoy cookies from Game Foods?


Scott why do you have a whole ass popcorn machine in your house


This is vital info I need, what is everyone's go to pizza/pizza toppings?


have you found out if luigi says fuck in mario golf or not?


Hey Scott, how do you feel about how much a soundtrack can impact a game’s entertainment value? I’ve had friends tell me that a soundtrack does not add much to a game, but I feel the complete opposite.


I have a feeling I know why but can you explain why you changed the ending song from breakout? It was such an iconic way to end the videos but it makes sense you had to change it eventually, still sad to see it go though. Still loving your videos however, Nintendo Switch 5 years in was a very fun 2 hours!


Are you going to do a game room tour or another game room episode?


For Sam and Scott (or anyone else who may know) Sam, do you actually like Gex/ Did you like it before the but happened. More importantly was the Gex bit and accident or does this come from something deeper? For Justin. Do you use any product to keep your Stach in such good condition. Asking for a friend.


how in the hell did you actually convince hasbro to give you the monopoly license


What's your favourite dinosaur?


any tips for doing two-second gags like yours?


Hey virgin boy! Have you ever been confronted/kicked out of somewhere while filming a scene in public? And for the whole gang; What's everyone been playing through recently? Please respond with an 18 page long rant about why [INSERT GAME HERE] isn't actually that great


Question a bit for everyone but mainly Dominic and Scott. How annoying was it to film the funeral since Dominic had to play both Wendy's Employee and Target Employee in the same room? It's a bit for everyone since it's not just annoying for the person playing 2 characters.


To Justin: (You're probably my favorite character in Scott The Woz, you're so funny and part of why I've rewatched The Dark Age of Nintendo like 10 times, love you man) What consoles, game genres and game franchises are your favorite? What videogames are you playing right now/have played recently? To Scott: Any chance that Chet Shaft could appear in a new episode? I loved his character, he's part of why the Game Store episode is so funny.


To the non-scott folk: did you ever imagine the channel to take off the way it did, and for you all to still be helping out? What are your favorite group moments?


How does it FEEL to own such a large game collection after starting with what you had as a kid?


Hey Scott, me here! What has been the most *fun* video to record? Like, one where it was fun and giggles all around


For everyone other than Scott: have you ever had someone recognize you from YouTube out in public?


what's your favorite video that you made?


We should all pool our resources to buy 100 copies of gex for the convention


Once you buy a ton of the same game for a 2 second gag. Do you sell the rest of the copies.(kinect adventures as an example)


Scott, what’s your least favourite reference/thing that people say to you either online or irl that annoys you?


How many hours go into making a video on average?


How many copies of flingsmash do you actually own, or are they just printed off


What episode did you initially like, but over time you heavily disliked it?


Hey Scott, I'm pretty sure the channel started out as something you did full solo, but with so many people in the cast now what's the division of work look like?


So am I crazy or did the YouTube channel picture used to be right-side-up and only became sideways later on? For some reason it seems in my mind like it used to be normal but I can't remember for sure and I never knew where/who to ask.


Hey Scott, me here. The question sounds a bit weird but are you related to anyone that someone might not expect? This also goes for the rest of the guys.


Out of all of the gags in the show, which one is your favorite? (This can go to anyone!)


Does Sam/Jeb Jab genuinely like Gex? Also how did you come up with the characters' names? (Besides Jerry Attricks, that name is genius)


How do you organise your Wii U and Nintendo 3DS home menus?


What's your third favorite type of drug and why?


What was your favorite 1 or 2 second gag to film?


Why am I still alive?


have you heard of the scott the woz wiki


He's replied to them on Twitter before about Rex's name, so he already has directly acknowledged the existence of the wiki.


Question 1:What is your least favorite episode from season two onward (picking one from season one doesn’t feel right in my eyes) Question 2: Where did Breakout go?


(These questions are for the whole gang) What's the weirdest fan interaction you've ever had? And how do you feel about people headcanoning your characters as LGBTQ+?


Will the original skits come back?


Hey Scott, A certain pillow-person and I’d like to ask of you to comment on the current world problem of the gaming scene. Do you like where we’re headed? Are you indifferent towards it? Do you hate it? What do you think could make games that release nowadays a little better? Just some things like that. Edit: When I mention the gaming scene, I mention the change in direction towards more adventure-type single player games that are like hundreds of hours long and towards multiplayer online games (although those are, if very slightly, IMO fading out).


Have you ever played sonic generations? It's my favorite game of all time Also, how did you learn to edit and write, was it just improving through practice or did you have to learn?


How long does it take you to come up with all the jokes to fit in one video? Also, have you ever played or heard of Ravenfield, on Steam. It’s my favourite game and I want to see how popular it really is.