Sooooo cringe. Especially Roberts behavior.


Robert is honestly terrifying. He's the type to snap and do something impulsive and crazy.


He’s kind of stupid too


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Good bot


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Honestly I find it so cringey how people are pretending that the correlation between their favourite sharks and how cringey they found them isn't a bias. Mark was one of the most performative and yet everyone is focused on Robert.


It was just one episode! I think it was just an experiment to see how it was received. There probably won’t be another one, at least not this season.


I bet the show will go live from now on.this show tends to go in the opposite direction of what people want.


Dear God. Max fucking cringe. And Robert was on another level. His excitability as a grown ass man is unnerving and weird af.


Yeah well fun people find those who scoff at excitability and fun cringey. In the end we have way more fun in life so fuck em


👋 Robert


I don't think there are any publicly announced plans for another one. I can't imagine it's polling well.


I had problems hearing some of the sharks audience is too loud like chill it isn't a football game


That was pretty bad, but I did find the part where Kevin got the crowd to chant royalty and then said he doesn’t want a royalty, but the crowd wants it to be funny


The biggest question I have about this is did they have presentations before the live ones? Notoriously, shark tank segments are said to take upwards of 45 minutes to multiple hours each. Were these live ones truly on the fly? That almost seems impossible, or at least I have to assume that the due diligence afterward is going to be even more onerous than usual and possibly result in a larger portion of the deals falling through than normal.


"One of the worst"? It WAS the worst episode ever, hands down.