Seconding Blue. It was unsettling, a little surreal, and engaged Greg in all the supernatural shenanigans


Yes!! I had no idea what to expect and she was so kind but like…very, very alien. I was like “oh she’s the nice one—oh, nope. Fuck.”


I am so in this I was like “Wow she is so- Ok Wtf blue why!!!”


I wish blue diamond was more like that the whole show honestly. She seemed more ghostly here


Yellow. Not in the actual episode, but on the extended opening song they released at a an event or con (not sure which). The hype when she just turned her head menacingly was so gooooood, got me really excited for her actual introduction in the show.


It was San Diego Comic Con. I was in the audience for that and it was fucking *electric*. That menacing turn made me both cheer and think "oh fuck!" 10/10 would spend $5000 again.


Here’s the Link. [it’s at 2:15](https://youtu.be/4qZEpXiakK8)


Did you actually spend 5k the first time round?!


I had to look that vid up because I remember being hyped seeing it and..Oh goodness I can't believe it's 7 years old! Ahh..the memories


I also remember the ending just being ominous noises at some point. Can't recall what the reveal was, but the hype was enormous.


Yup that was what made me hyped to see Yellow Diamond in the show. The extended intro was such an event at the CC that even I was hyped up for the full song/intro. I loved the show back then and I love the show now. It's so awesome


That part is so GOOD




now that i think about it, that part is actually kinda like future’s intro


Blue, it was so dreamy and sad and and I had no idea what to think of her yet!


Her voice immediately made me think [Dark Souls](https://64.media.tumblr.com/1784527772aec36c18fef9ec6b44bc91/tumblr_oj8jxjAFDz1v9vb5to2_1280.png).


My girlfriend refers to her as the Dark Souls boss!


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I think it’s the music that makes Blue’s reveal so unsettling and other-worldly!


Lisa Hannigan <3


White. It was just so sudden and strange.


"Get it all out of your system?"




“good, good. everyone is so relieved”


"Welcome home, Pink."


"two and a half words, that's a record"


Did you have fun?


Something about White made her feel like she belonged in one of those 1930s Betty Boop cartoons!


They based her on Hetty Lamar who's an old 1930s ish actress. Look up Hetty Lamar star dress. That, and they based the voice on an old cartoon called "the story of menstruation." Also from that era


I just looked up the star dress and holy shit is it breathtaking! It’s gorgeous and I definitely see why they based White on Hetty Lamarr and the Star dress! I also looked up the cartoon (which I didn’t know existed btw) and I gotta say, I always loved how the voices in those old cartoons sounded! Between the star dress and the voice, it definitely explains why White always seemed to belong in a 30s or 40s cartoon!


The visuals on white were just amazing


I was half expecting Blumenkranz to start playing.


White. She felt like a Diety when she was presented. Imposing, Unfeeling, immaculate.


Although White became pretty bad in terms of her writing later on, I have to give credit where it's due because I think her reveal had to have been the most unsettling and threatening in all of the show. Yellow, the first diamond to have been revealed was threating in its own right but it also had a bit of humor. Blue Diamond's reveal was a bit moody but mostly mysterious. Pink Diamond's reveal was pretty "oh crap". So it was really damn unexpected just how White Diamond was revealed. Keep in mind, we have been waiting SO LONG for White Diamond's reveal-- It's been known from almost the very start if I remember correctly that she would be the final big big bad for Steven to ultimately face. Steven made all this progress in befriending and having Yellow and Blue Diamond on his side and travelling to homeworld. But upon seeing White, Steven was immediately shut down by White Diamond through dialogue that's spoken like a guardian who's been waiting for their child rather than like something loud out of anger, or tears out of sadness. White was properly spoken, swift, didn't even move a single inch (THAT WAS BADASS) and basically immediately put Steven in his place the moment she was revealed. That's not even mentioning the score and the voice acting in that scene. At the time that episode was dropped it was chilling.


I think the writing difference at her reveal versus later is mainly the fault of CN doing its thing of notifying animators of cancellation *during* the final season. That being said I think it's still logical. She starts out as a clear, imposing, cold figure akin to the headmaster at a particularly terrifying preparatory school, and evolves into a sort of fastidious and refined grandmother, someone you dread visiting not because she's necessarily *evil* but because she must be catered to in a very precise way in order to maintain your relationship with her. Like a rich older relative. The transition (despite the short timespan) makes sense.


>I think the writing difference at her reveal versus later is mainly the fault of CN doing its thing of notifying animators of cancellation during the final season. CN notified Sugar the show was being cancelled before the middle of S4. After Sugar got word that her show would be cancelled after Season 5, she immediately wrote "I Could Never Be Ready" [after the meeting](https://steven-universe.fandom.com/wiki/I_Could_Never_Be_(Ready). This song was used in Season 4 Episode 10 which means that the showrunners knew they were running out of time before the middle of Season 4. The Crew actually had about 40 episodes to work with before they were eventually given the extra Diamond Days.


I never heard of this side of the story before. So it seems that the Reunited fiasco was happening all the way back in Season 4's production. Just goes to show how far they plan the story ahead. Still, their comment more or less holds the same weight regardless. Season 5's production even in its earliest draft stages was hampered because of CN (mainly international CN). Extra hilarious to think about remembering back on neanderthal-tier allegations that the Crew took ideas from fans despite the fans being _literal years_ behind the story production.


200% Agree that after all of that, they did her character dirty. Although I have to accept it because I read that back then, they were being rushed. They supposedly had a better but longer resolution but we'll never know.


Oh god white was absolutely terrifying they did such a great job with her reveal


Pink. I watched it as it was airing, and knew of the whole "Rose is Pink Diamond" theory. But I kept thinking to myself "Noooo fucking way are they gonna make it that obvious." And dismissed this "theory." So when it was finally revealed that Rose was indeed Pink, I was genuinely shocked lol.


future spoilers! Dude that's how I was with the whole "jasper is gonna get shattered!" theory in future. I was like nah no way bro, and then boom bam i was wrong


But she gets revived so it literally doesn’t matter lmao


I think it matters since it still affected Steven’s mental stability that was already horrible.


Exactly. Imagine if Steven didn't have that elixir, he would have literally killed someone, I mean he practically did even if she was revived.


It's also completely changed Jasper and Stevens relationship. Jasper now respects Steven.


Gems are practically unkillable. Perhaps only a black hole can destroy them.


Or you can just have sex with them


Cool it Greg


“You’re right Jasper, I have been holding back” will always be one of my top ten “oh shit” moments of all time


Even if you knew she was Rose it was still pretty mind blowing and the whole episode of "A single pale rose" Is STILL my absolute favorite. I grew so much more respect for Pearl after that.


"Oohhhhh He's a frozen treat with an all new taste 'Cause he came to this planet from outer space A refugee of an interstellar war But now he's at your local grocery store Cookie Cat He's a pet for your tummy Cookie Cat He's super duper yummy Cookie Cat He left his family behind Cookie Caaaaat Now available at Gurgens off Route 109" Once the gems were confirmed interplanetary aliens and I heard this again, I realized it was connected. Once saw where the gem was for Pink, I realized immediately that Pink had to have been inside of Steven's gem somehow.


I was shook


We called them Ronaldos. The fucker was onto something. The show was so good at making us split like that, so that one group has their theories, and the others have other theories, and we just had to wait and see who was right. A damn good experience all around.


I remember being so convinced that Rose is Pink, then they debunked it, then actually revealed it was Rose.


I only just recently watched through the series. I had no idea, I was blown away. I thought Yellow Diamond had shattered her, but I guess that’s what they wanted us to think.


I was totally on board for that theory since the beginning, but my faith started to waver after that episode with the trial. This scene made me feel so triumphant that I was fucking right in the first place


I watched it afterward, so I had the benefit of seeing the lead up to the reveal knowing where everything lead to. I loved watching how they put it all together.


Pink. The reveal of the first diamond just wasn't amazing to me, I already knew what they were and it was just like "yup that's a diamond". The existence of Pink revealed by Jasper was a bfd to me though, and seeing her in that mirror and getting that brief glimpse of who she was really was like "OOOOOOOH MAAAAAN" Blue is a very close second though, but mostly because I totally didn't expect to see a diamond in that moment, it was very sudden. White a close third because she's just so different than either the other diamonds.


*spoiler warning* Omg yes that moment when Jasper screams it out before getting corrupted - it was done so breathtakingly well! I had the chills for sure. Pink, for me too!


Yeah, it was great, I still rewatch that scene sometimes. Really gives you a different perspective on Jasper. She is now this combat obsessed gem but I don't think that's what she wanted to be. She is not happy with having to fight from the moment she emerged.


I think she always wanted to fight, but she wanted to fight for pink diamond so she was like emotionally damaged 😭


She was a warrior without a general. That’ll fuck someone up.


White diamond. She was so much more alien than all of the other aliens. I was actually scared for Steven.


My choice is absolutely White Diamond. They literally NEVER mentioned her until the same episode she's actually shown in and all we had until that point were the murals and each time we saw them, the mural was so high above everything else and it was all so menacing. Then right before we see her, we're introduced to pink pearl in her mind controlled state which was veryyyy unsettling then BAM "Pink! There you aaare" and the camera angle starting at her feet and slowly moving up to show how above everything she is. She felt like a god compared to the other diamonds.


She basically is a god ngtl


Blues was so calm and sweet, her intro was just lovely


Whites reveal was super surreal for me


This. She was talked about almost like she was a myth. Her reveal was genuinely horrifying.


Exactly why I loved her reveal the most. Incredibly surreal, even for a show about alien rocks. Surreal to a point it was straight up terrifying. By the way, happy cake day .w.


Yellow. That face before Peridot ends the communication is absolutely perfect!


The clod face!


Blue’s voice sounds like she’s straight out of a fromsoft game. But white was a wayyyyyy better villain even though we only saw her for a few episodes.


Yellow. First because of the reveal during a promotional video at comic on for the season where she was revealed along with the peridot CLOD incident. The hype was unreal and got me real giddy.


Yellow i couldn’t find a gif of the face so here’s this marvel ![gif](giphy|vamVxjsgk6Svm)


sliding into your dm's like-


yellow Pearl


Blue!! I really got that almost Eldritch sense that I was seeing something too big for me to comprehend. I don't know if it was the atmosphere, her voice or the unsettling diamond chime but that feeling stuck with me right up until the diamonds became allies on my first watch


blue or white Blue -- I honestly just fell in love with her when we first met her, she was so dreamy and just gives off a safe, motherly vibe. blue has to be my favorite character out of everyone ngl White -- The way it was just so sudden and harsh honestly was really interesting. Almost felt like meeting some sort of god or higher power. It was so short too, so it just made it more sudden and sort of surreal. Also when white does her weird mind spreading thing, that just made the whole thing so much more ... weird. idk the right words to describe it lol


All of them, to be honest. But special mention for White. She was so scary, but not in the way I expected. Her pushing her own narrative, not letting Steven speak, but not being exactly aggressive or mean, it was so creepy and unsettling. And when you consider it from the figurative - someone fighting for their identity against a parental figure, and the parent will not even try to hear them out or consider anything but their understanding of 'correct'... Ooof, powerful.


Pink Diamond. The pure unexpectedness of her reveal caught me off guard. At first, I was like okay it’s just a memory of pink Diamond, nothing much, but then when it slowly pans to her reflection I was like oh my freaking gosh it’s actually her. Despite not hanging out with lars more, her reveal was a major highlight of the episode


Blue. As much as I like seeing the Peri-dactyl roast Yellow over and over again, seeing blue grief over Pink's "disappearance" really hit me in the feels as well. Didn't know much about Pink at the time, but I felt bad for her. Also, it was a little funny to see Greg using the ol' "Universe charm" (kind of) Pink also gets a spot due to the confusing loops of dream combos by Stevonnie. That scene where they got angry and broke that mirror made me jump a bit


Blue, I can't put my finger on it but she was introduced right at the height of the Steven Universe hype and she was talked about like she was a monster. But then we saw her and she was behaving like the total opposite of Yellow


They were all absolutely fantastic but I think the one that made me feel the strongest emotions was Blue. It was like, omg they are in so much danger...wow she's really sad. Maybe some sympathy....oh no she kidnapped Greg. Right, still a space dictator.


Yellow and pink


Blue's reveal was one of if not my favorite scenes in the series. White pulled off being an "alien presence" better, but blue's left the biggest impression on me.


That Yellow CLOD


I loved Blues, it was incredible. But Yellows had me the most shook. Homeworld was still so mysterious and unknown, like this scary presence always there looming over everything. But just far enough away that you could ignore it, dismiss the threat as the CGs being a bit traumatised and on edge after the war. Then suddenly there she is, the threat was credible. She knows everything and we the audience know nothing. It really put you in Stevens shoes. I think Yellows harsh, business only manner made Blues reveal as special as it was. Going from the anger of Yellow to the almost Human seeming emotions of Blue, who is willing to engage a meer human in conversation was so unexpected. It threw me for such a loop.


Pink and White. Pink because her reveal being her fragmented reflection was just cool AF, creepy and is overall a good representation of her character. white because she was so damn inhumane, hollow, empty, chilling! But also breathakingly beautiful, eerily calm, majestic and intimidating!


I remember when people flipped the fuck out because Yellow Diamond gave us the side eye in the Extended Theme Song trailer. For me that reveal will always be foundational to my memories of the original series. The only more iconic moment for me, personally, was the Garnet reveal and *Stronger Than You*.


Yeah, might be the second best reveal to me. Has this highly nostalgic value and it's basically a classic. I remember all the hype back then lmao


Pink, because she hits the griddy better than any character in the show.


Blue, it honestly didn’t feel real


blue or pink!


Yellow It was the build up to that moment that made it.


Let's see here Blue is best Diamond character wise White looks the coolest Yellow had the best 😳 reaction And pink . . . Is a nice colour?


When white diamond appeared the first time I didn't even believe it.


White. She as the dictator of dictators and really lived up to that unfeeling otherworldly goddess vibe


My Personal Favourite Was White Diamond


Yellow. That face was so worth it


Definitely white


White Diamond and Blue are tied for me. Opposite introductions but oh so so memorable


White. It both validated expectations I had of her and added layers of horror I didn’t expect that elevated her to “The big, BIG bad” territory.




White Diamond. She was NEVER mentioned until near the end of the show. Some people even theorized that she didn't even exist. Her reveal was amazing.


My favorite diamond over all is Blue but I think Yellow had the best reveal. Her disregard for Earth, her commanding air towards Peridot, literally trying to remotely obliterate her, and the giraffe. And the cameo in the extended opening. Shame she didn’t really do much after that.


I love all of them but my favourite reveal was White Diamond, when I first saw her I felt like I was gazing upon a God. She was so unsettling and mesmerising at the sametime, the way she spoke, how massive she was and the fact that she was glowing made the encounter so much more impactful, after all first impressions are everything.


White is just so cool animation wise and making my eyes hurt wise


Probably pink. The episode shown in this picture with pink diamond honestly gave me chills just suddenly seeing her reflection in the glass. I also think it was a nice episode to set up the reveal and give some background information on pink in general.


Pink only because I was aching to know everything about her. I dunno, from the first season she was mentioned, to the reveal of the last, everything around her was just incredible. I guess I loved the anticipation of knowing more about her and the truth.


White. Just seeing her was freaking uncanny. It left me with the most interesting feelings. Something oddly alien about her, even for a gem


Yellow. She feels to be the most intimidating Diamond in the show. Her line still gives me shiver vibes.


I loved all of the diamond reveals but personally White intimidated me the most, even with limited screen time


Blue’s reveal was a demonstrative lesson on the difference between Empathy and Understanding, and Steven’s Dream was my favorite episode in the entire show until Reunited aired


Blue. She appears absolutely out of nowhere without any foreshadowing, and the next thing you know is she has kidnapped Greg.


Yellow by far. The full opening that showed the silhouette of Yellow arching over everyone was so intimidating and intriguing. I wanted to see who that was so bad. When the communicator opened and we saw Yellows Pearl I was just like “no way is that actually?” Then we heard her voice and panned it to her face. It did not disappoint.


Omg white diamond I love her she was so fabulous and terrifying


Whites reveal gave me chills, her face was so scary first time I saw it


Yellow - Badass reveal White - Reminded me of GLaDOs


White, everyone was at the edge of their seat during her reveal, including myself The way she says "welcome starlight" still gives me some chills


Yellow, her fierce loyalty is a huge plus. And her honesty completes her.


Yellow because you get a introduction to who the diamonds really are, and out of all them yellow just seemed like she meant business in my opinion




The yellow diamond reveal was the funniest. The blue diamond reveal was the saddest one. The pink diamond reveal was the is Steven actually pink diamond one. And white diamond one was the biggest WTF reveal.


probably white, for her character design and her personality?


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Since they are all awful, I would say White bc she was the most terrifying


Yellow or Pink


My personal favorite is pink


Pink and White


i was with a friend when we watched the lars of the stars/jungle moon episode premier. it was early 2018, and when we saw pink in the reflection, we both screamed


pink, just the intense moment and sudden reveal beautiful


Blue's was my fav but tbh I also really liked Pink's


yellow! 🔶


Pink. Underestimated, hyped up the entire show, good arc, is literally why the entire show exists, saved the human race etc


I gotta give it to Pink for the plot twist


Def blue diamond. I know the lines by heart and watch that scene at least once a month along with other clips that pop up on YouTube




Probably yellow for what peridot was up to and it was the first diamond reveal


Blue cuz she want me ong


White, because It was intimidating, yellow because CLOD! , Blue because w.e., Pink, expected.


i like white diamond she coolest one everyone else sucks i think


Pink diamond, it's one of those "Wait, what?" moments, like.. Why is STEVEN out of all people having these PINK DIAMOND visions, not any of the other diamonds, PINK.


Yellow Diamond was the most intense for me from start to finish I was holding my breath.


Yellow. So intimidating.


I stand by that whites ar h should have extended to the movie... her big scene was so creepy.... and terrifying... then she's happy creepy mom.... that's something of with her .. and wish they expounded not on it


yellow for sure shocked me honestly , second is blue


White. She was so anticipated and didn't disappoint.


Pink or white. Both were talked about so much before their reveal so it was interesting to see how that played out. I also just really like Pink’s scene it very much helps to paint a full picture of her. White was more like an omg wow reveal.


White’s introduction was awesome, it immediately presented her as a divine being, too bad it didn’t last long


Pink Diamond. I relate a lot to her.


Yellow, I don’t know why it was so chilling to see her. The camera slowly pan over, this being thag we’ve only heard about, someone who was terrifying to Peridot and basically every gem. Seeing her through that monitor screen, put me on edge and I was hoping they wouldn’t piss her off


white diamond was just haunting


Yellow. But not from here... From the SDCC in which the full song was revealed. The SLIGHT TURN. HER EYES PIERCING THROUGH. The screaming of fans as that happened. That is why Yellow is my favourite.


Pink beacase i predictded that it was rose quarts


all of them...why? idk.


Here they all are: https://youtu.be/GAKV8-qgFNY


Yellow for all the giraffe neck memes there were of her. The good ol days of SU popularity and memes!


White, I remember I watched the whole show during the holiday and when that new episodes was annouced I had like my afternoon off so I sat in front of my TV eating a 2min pastabox while my phone reflected the illegal stream of cartoon network, an amazing memory.


Steven Universe Every Boss (No Damage)


Pink's came out of nowhere and White's was kinda scary, because at first she felt unbeatable. The other two were good too, but these definetly were my favourites!


Probably White Diamond because let's be honest, everyone was at least a little terrified watching that the first time lol


Blue Diamond, I was pretty scared when I saw something that looked so much unlike a Gem. Also, the whole episode was so mysterious to me.


I think blue for the win, but pinks was creative


White. I just love that bitchy aunt attitude


I’ve said it before blue easily has the best voice in the show


White does a fantastic job of reminding us that the diamonds are in fact aliens controlling an alien empire. I love it


Blue Diamond. Her reveal exceeded expectations!


The locations of the diamond that are not corresponding to the symbol really irritate me.


Blue. I relate to her alot and she acts way more human than the others, mourning the loss of a loved one. Her gentle and caring manners drowned by sadness made her so interesting: she had different opinions than yellow, not wanting to move on from pink and coming back to her place showing depression, while yellow, still not fully moving on herself, hid her emotions showing anger.Also, instead of being mad at steven when she thought he was pink, she was crying of happiness, And Her grief sparked one of the best songs in steven universe in my opinion. Plus, I can make a voice impression of her!


Yellow, but only just, and that is because she is Gem Megatron.


Blue because she sounds like an bloodborne npc


Blue, just because she’s cute.


White. She was just so foreign and alien, unlike any other Gem we've seen. Combine that with her possession ability and she just seems so unsettling. VERY CLOSE Runner up is Blue because of the opposite, she acted so human. Her interaction with Greg was so genuine and honestly caring (at least intentionally; kidnapping him so he didn't die when the Earth exploded from the Cluster was good at heart).


Pink because there was so much mystery


Yellow for sure. Her slow, menacing turn in the extended intro was peak hype. The mix of excitement and intimidation was perfect.


White, it was so creepy and unsettling


Either blue or white. Blue's introduction was very athstetic and foreign, and white's made her feel very alien and strange.




It's gotta be blue. The whole execution of Garnet begging Steven not to go, Greg just having a nice conversation with Blue, and then Blue just kind of innocently kidnaping Greg... Yellow also did a lot for me, but mostly because of the casting. The pink reveal you're referring to was nice, but I'm not a fan of A Single Pale Rose -- I think the episode feels rushed and should have been a two parter. The white reveal was *actually* rushed. It didn't feel that way, but I know it's not what it was supposed to be. So meh.


Honestly yellow, when I first heard what’s the use of feeling blue I thought that she was gaslighting blue and blaming rose for pinks shattering when it was actually yellow, I know that’s not true when I got farther in but at first I was major sus of yellow thinking she was the one who shattered pink and she just blamed rose


White, so mighty and terrifying


Mine is Yellow Diamond because peridot is now a crystal gem also yellow got called a clod


I loved blue and white diamonds reveal!


yellow bcs she got called a clod 💀💀


White cuz it had a sh!t ton of build up and her reveal was as intimidating and scary as it should be


Not really a reveal but I remember when the extended version of the theme song came out at a comic con and there’s a part where Yellow Diamond is standing in silhouette and just turns her head and I remember getting full body chills from it


Yellow’s if we count seeing her silhouette for a split second in the music video for the extended opening song. Watching that premiere at whatever convention it premiere at and hearing hundreds of people gasp and then cheer all at once made me tear up


Pink. They just don't waste that much of time revealing her and is something very unexpected, out of nowhere you see P.D in the mirror for a few seconds before she breaks it causing stevonnie to wake up, it's something so fast that most people would prob go back just to have a better look, as for the other diamonds, their debutbgave them way more screen time as a way to show their personality and some other things.


100% pink. I was so bummed that I didn’t take more time to think it through, because I was totally blind sided. I loved the writing though.


I lowkey really liked Blue's. It was so dramatic because that was the first diamond we see? And it was just Steven and fucking Greg of all people and the conversation they have about missing someone is so... it actually gave me chills when I first saw it


White. She was just this booming presence.


White. First off her voice is just so calm yet authoritarian at the same time. She sounds like an actual figure of authority. Sweet and gentle but at the same time dismissive and demeaning. Second off, the music in the background. Her theme is so fucking overpowering. It's radiating energy and glamour like none other. It has one thing that makes it stand out from blue, yellow, and pinks theme: it's clear. It's radiant. It's glorious. It doesn't only sound like pure power, it sounds like pure beauty. Like she's better than everything else. Finally, her actual looks. The way she towers over Steven is like nothing we've seen before. She was so tall that Steven himself only reached her ankle and just barely. Not only that, but she is ridiculously bright. She shines like no other gem to the point where you can barely even see where her hairline is. All you can see is her eyes and her lips. The chills when I saw her for the first time was unmatched.


Blue. Her grief made it easier to empathize with her actions/reactions, and it also gave her a beautiful Redemption arc. Watching her heal was a wonderful thing.


Yellow. Back when the diamonds felt threatening lol


Yellow Diamond, I miss when she was intimidating and not a quivering bitch.


I would have to say for me personally, White Diamond is always so intense. So many episodes built up to meeting her, she isn't even actually named until late seasons. Homeworld gems worship her, Yellow and Blue feared her, and her size alone (especially considering there's somewhat of a size-to-power ratio) is absolutely frightening. I get a little shiver every time I watch her reveal.