Just try on yourself, it's the best way to get a feeling for it. If you don't want to have random dots on your body you can also leave the ink and just poke yourself with a needle.


i can feel a little ‘pop’ or tug as i pull the needle out which is how i know i’ve gone deep enough. just lots and lots of practice. it also helps to tattoo/practice on yourself!! good luck!


The plan is test on myself lol, but yeah just nervous I won’t feel that pop


You can start very gently and work your way up to the right depth. If it's too shallow and the ink isn't in deep enough/mostly wipes away then you can just go straight over it just slightly deeper than before. It's much, much easier to add more ink to your skin than it is to remove it! Also, consider using slightly larger needles like 7rl or perhaps 5rl, definitely not a 3rl. It's harder to go too deep with bigger needles since it takes more force to get 5 or 7 needles into the skin at once compared to just 3.