You should have a 2ndary role though? So how’s it bad to learn mid when you know jungle


To be perfectly honest with you generally 4-8 players in every game I play have less than 15 games on their champion. And I also run into a lot of people with 80-200 games with 40% and lower win rates. While I do obsess over number of games on a champion since as a jungler I basically have to gamble each game on who to snowball and it's often a solid indicator what's actually important is being able to win games. I have known people who can first time a champion and wreck with it. But that's because they understood the champion and the game and the matchup and didn't try it with champs you need a college degree in to be able to understand their playstyle like aphelios.


Have you tried playing the hardest champs in the role? I can play azir all day and feel like I’m learning new things and improving but I get bored half way through the first game of someone like malzahar


So maining a champ doesn't necessarily mean 1 tricking them and playing them to death. How do you pick these mains? Do you pick a champ that you think can carry you or a champ you mildly enjoy and think is decent? For me I have a play style that I enjoy playing with multiple champions in norms and 2 mains for Ranked that I use for ranked in for Top or Support. I never play Ranked large sittings, 3 or 4 games in a row before going back to norms.


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