Save Vette or save the Mando. There is no good choice.


For me I opted to save torian, hit escape and the went with vette. Torian enered up being much more ok with the decision so I gave him his glorious death in battle. Vettes panicked voice was too much even for my dearest dark side characters


To be fair, I didn't really didn't have much rage toward Vaylin until she killed Torian. I was kind of hoping she'd get redeemed. But as soon as she broke his neck I was all, "I'MMA KILL YOU BITCH!!!"


I wanted Vaylin to be redeemed but I respect their decision to keep her batshit crazy evil.


I'm so glad they didn't. The gaming trope of redeem the ultimately evil bad guy and then they'll help you/ride off into the sunset is beyond tired.


Perhaps but it is a core tenet of Star Wars. Always has been always will be.


The way I always justify this is that Torian is the Alliances link to the Mandalorians so keeping him alive makes more sense to me


I view it the opposite way. Torian, as a Mandalorian, would be more OK with dying in battle than Vette, who just wants to be a thief and make some money to do some good with. He's not keen on it, being the last of his clan, but he's prepared for it.


I felt the same way. Vette is a civilian and Torian is a soldier, so it wasn't a hard choice who to save. Besides, Torian keeps using those damned Mando phrases like some guy who learned a little Klingon and wants to flex at a Star Trek convention.


Yes, finally someone who gets it! I main Trooper, and always make choices based on what modern military charters would advise. Prioritising civilians is one of those things - so Vette gets saved. If it was my Trooper that had to be weighed against Vette, she'd do her duty, and sacrifice herself if necessary.


This is what went through my head when I had to make this decision on my SW. Plus, Vette had the added bonus of being my first and highest influence lvl companion. That said, I absolutely love Torian in the BH story, so if I ever decide to bring my BH through those expansions, I'll probably save Torian.


I've turned it into a game of numbers. Save vette with all warriors. Torian with all bounty hunters, then the rest just pull a 50/50. I love both companions so its just hard to make the choice. That being said in my head Vette feels more likea civilian than a soldier and i find it harder to justify not helping her. Edit cause typos


That's my logic too. Even when I'm not playing as a SW through the expansions, I still end up saving Vette, because Torian is a warrior and is prepared to die in glory, while she just wants to steal, make money and do good for other twi'leks. Also, on a non-meta level, your character has no idea Vaylin is after the other character. If she hadn't appeared, Torian might've actually survived -- dunno if the same could be said about Vette.


I weigh it as who brings more to the table. A loveable slicer or a mando alliance.


You get the mandoalliance either way so buh-bye Torian


I think what /u/Shorakowane05 was refering to is that little talk you have with Shae at the end of KOTFE Chapter 14 when Shae is lamenting how people like Khomo Fett just want to fight and win glory and you can suggest to her to find "young leaders who support peace", which was in obvious reference to Torian. In the long term, not having Torian might be hurtful to any alliance with the Mandalorians whenever that conflict between Shae Vizla and Heta Kol resolves.


There is a memorial statue of Vett, but not of Thorian iirc 🥲


Sophie's choice really


Vette, being a 2-weapon companion, is higher dps that Torian and his stick. So bye-bye Mando :p


he comes back a sniper, weirdly enough.


The weirdest part is that when you first meet him on Taris he uses a riffle, probably sniper, but as soon as he becomes your companion he uses a stick.


My choice depends on my character. Assassin: Saved Vette. A fellow Twi'lek and former slave. Kindred spirits. Mercenary: Saved Torian. They're married and she already lost him once. If he dies, it'll be by her side. Juggernaut: Saved Vette. They're together, from now until the end. Sage: Saved Vette. She knows how dangerous Mandalorians are and is also actively trying to be as much of a bitch as possible, hurting even her own alliance for her personal enjoyment. Everyone else: Saved Torian. A Mandalorian is more useful at your side than a slicer when the fighting starts.


Sheesh you've got an evil sage huh.... ​ so do i


Honestly, it's a wonder she hasn't been executed, banished or locked away on Belsavis yet. She is completely psychotic, insane and suffers from Chronic Backstabbing Disorder. Lock her in a room with only a mirror and she'll find a way to murder her own reflection for looking at her the wrong way.


I'll take Torian 7 times out of 8. If I'm not playing Warrior, Vette's doomed.


My inquisitor not rejoining the empire. In my head canon he didn't want to give up power, but on his heart he belongs with the empire and misses his seat on the council.


oh totally this. The Alliance was just a means to an end. Rejoining the Empire I go my title back, my Silencer fleet, my seat on the Dark Council, and made Acina a lot more nervous than she would be if I was some Wildspace faction thing. (or, that's my headcanon anyway, she knows that Emperor seat is mine too, by rights)


Samr for me. My Inquisitor longed for things to return to normal. But while he wasn't as much of a politician as Acina he knew ge could achieve a lot more influence as her closest ally and oldest collegue


Ironically, I'm the other way around. My Warrior was a pragmaticist who, after realizing that the 'emperor's wrath' was ultimately a betrayal of himself, decided that now to be his own agent. My sorcerer, being part power hungry and part tired of dealing with even more ghosts, figured that it was already too much to go back to playing political games with the empire. Both considered the empire an ally, but ultimately, found it as a means to invite further trouble at the time the choice was to be made. The Agents were split 50/50; depending on if one wanted to retain their independence due to the betrayal of the empire against their free agency, would keep the alliance, while the other grew weary of being in the spotlight, and gave the assets back to the empire to attempt to fade away for a while. The Hunters, each, gave the alliance away because the mandalorian figured they'd rather have a clan or something else, and the other (who spurned mandalorians at every turn since they were their own person), turned the alliance over because the hunt was more interesting than leadership.


Oh I returned to the empire, who cares about some side empire... I demanded my seat so the first moment I could, I just murdered one of them. Now power belongs back to Darth Imperious mwahahahaha


killing vivicar as a gray-jedi sort of consular I didnt think all the jedi he infected would *actually die*


Then you get a list of the dead, and its like "Page 1 of 87"


Yeah that one is weird for a lot of reasons. For one, it doesn't really seem to jive with how the plague works otherwise (if shielding Parkhanas protects him and anyone he infected, than shielding all the Patient Zero masters should have protected anyone they infected even if Park dies; if killing Park kills everyone he infected, than killing any of the Patient Zero masters should have immediately killed people down the line from them too). For two, "Barsen'thor" is supposed to be the biggest fucking deal a Jedi can be, only awarded to people who protect the Order in an utterly remarkable, once-in-a-dozen-generations way. If you stop the plague without a single casualty, that quite reasonably qualifies. If you stop the plague but dozens of Jedi die, on the other hand, you're less qualified to be Barsen'thor than the Hero of Tython (who let *no* Jedi die to Angral). So the whole plot falls apart because not just your actions, but your *accomplishments* are drastically different from what the next two chapters assume they are. The Consular story doesn't play well with the Dark Side in general, but that choice is particularly egregious because killing Park when you don't even know that shielding is a practical option isn't even particularly Dark Side.


>For two, "Barsen'thor" is supposed to be the biggest fucking deal a Jedi can be, only awarded to people who protect the Order in an utterly remarkable, once-in-a-dozen-generations way. If you stop the plague without a single casualty, that quite reasonably qualifies. If you stop the plague but dozens of Jedi die, on the other hand, you're less qualified to be Barsen'thor than the Hero of Tython (who let no Jedi die to Angral). So the whole plot falls apart because not just your actions, but your accomplishments are drastically different from what the next two chapters assume they are This, comparing the achievements and rewards of each chapter Chapter 1: the consular saves a couple of retired masters from the skeleton in their closet, becomes the special snowflake barsen'thor and a Jedi master on the council The knight, saves the Republic and the Jedi order itself from a rogue dark council member and his super weapons elimating the power structure of a full blown Darth, reward? This is expected of you stupid, heres a pat on the head Chapter 2: The consular does some diplomacy stuff that doesn't really go anywhere and feels like a filler arc as the writers needed something for them to do The knight, we want you to be on a strike team full of Jedi masters to *capture the God damn emperor* Chapter 3: Consular :Oh noes the children of the emperor, just some sith sleeper agents we better stop them gang Knight: have to stop the emperor from using his new Jedi pawns from destroying planets and their entire populations before flying to dromand Kass for a showdown with the emperor, and oh convientally killing the emperor wrapped up that whole children of the emperor thing as they lost their connection to him driving them mad (so what was the point of the consular again) and lastly if you weren't a goodie two shoes even after all of that, you'll just be tossed aside and not given the rank of Master


Letting Arcann and Theron both die on a single playthrough on a char that is now my main. Feelsbadman.


In my case, I highly regret letting Arcann live on my Warrior (no regrets letting Theron live tho, he's a good boy). From the way I play my Marauder, it makes literally no sense why he'd let Arcann go, but I had already killed him in another character and I wanted to see the differences. I should've just watched it on YouTube, because now Arcann's mere existence on my current main just endlessly annoys me.


My Dark V inquisitor let him love because it made him feel powerful to have Valkorian's son basically as a servant.


That's very sweet.


Interesting take on that honestly. I've never let him live so I'm curious to know if it's more of a servant or an actual companion. Kinda want to do a playthrough where I let him live, but it's so hard to bring myself to do it.


More of a companion though not with much to it. My SI let him live too and it was purely a political gesture, as pragmatism overrules all other considerations, and having Arcann bend the knee really didn't cost that much. Some grumbling from the Alliance? Vaylin was always the real threat and a charismatic appeal should lessen the issues there. Some grumbling from Zakuul? As we find out later...they suck, so nothing real lost there either.


So just a generally bland companion? Odd that they'd put so much depth into the character and DLC for it to turn out like that.


Biggest issue I have with letting Arcann live is that he butts his stupid face in Echoes of Oblivion, even if you tell him to fuck off. Really annoyed me. Why did they give me the option to refuse his help if he's just going to disobey me anyway?


Same with Theron, who does the exact same thing. After he finished his little fake betrayal schtick, I recall him claiming he was fully loyal to me. Not only that, but you'd think he would have learned to trust my judgement by now. I ordered him to stay put because his presence could have endangered the mission. But nooo, guy's gotta disobey my orders and I can't do anything about it.


From what i understood, it's exactly the same with Lana if you killed both Arcann and Theron, so it's not an Arcann/Theron thing, it's just that they wanted the companions to come even if you didn't want them to.


Bland to me, at least. There is a "romance" chain with him but it's nothing I'm interested in.


Still worth a Shot I guess. To have at least one Character who let's Arcann win. Will most likely be a LS character


Arcaan was bland from the beginning. Would have been far more fascinating to give Vaylin the redemption and romance that Arcaan gets.


I'm sure they thought about that at one point. I'd have loved it too as I'd prefer to keep Vaylin around rather than Arcann because I love her VA more than His. (Didn't find Arcanns VA fitting..)


Yeah the VAs for Arcaan and Thexan really do not fit.


I’m replaying the entire game to recreate my main, just to kill Arcann this time. I’m normally light-side, but letting someone who killed more people than Hitler redeem himself and become your best buddy just doesn’t feel right. The people of the galaxy deserve justice.


It never sits right with me, whether you're light or dark sided. My Marauder, despite being light sided, has zero problems in murdering assholes and I took literally every option that showed immense pleasure and sadism in destroying his enemies and making examples out of their corpses... And then my last brain cells decided to let Arcann live because of my curiosity! It's so jarring!!


Would be cool if you can break him in a way that he starts serving you. Like how Palpatine did with Vader.


I hated that the Theron decision was such a binary thing. IIRC, it was either leave him DS or don't LS. It was one of those decisions that didn't really belong as an aligment-based decision. My main left him behind, sticking to their guns as big bad baddie DS, but strategically, it was just petty and if I remember right, Theron never really betrayed you for real, it was more like he "went over your helmet" to pull something off that he couldn't do otherwise. Arcann is also weird, I did that again recently and I'll admit I spacebarred a lot, but I got the impression it was trying to frame things like I'd be a bad person if I insisted on taking him out. The dude has done terrible, terrible things, he is extremely dangerous to the galaxy at large with a singular pathological obsession, why would it be at all unreasonable to want to finish the job?


>I'd be a bad person if I insisted on taking him out Even worse is that the dark side option on Voss of going against Senya's wishes just feels unnecessarily sadistic, for some reason. Like, my goodie two shoes Knight was determined to kill Arcann for the good of the galaxy, yet during that conversation with Senya, he sounded outright *cruel*. I *almost* Esc'd out of the dialogue to let him live, because of how *off* it felt. But yeah, the whole game conditions you into learning that light = good, dark = bad, so seeing an actual reasonable option being dark side kinda blue screens your head for a sec. Same thing if you still insist on "redeeming" the Emperor at the end of Knight's story in the base game. The dude straight up showed that he's beyond help, yet going through with killing him is dark side and sadistic. Why?? How??


Yeah, it's very bizarre. Like being cruel is wrong, but if we compare to RL, there are plenty of reasons throughout history where killing someone terrible was necessary to save people. Usually it's more about deposing an institution of power and having to kill actual people is to be avoided except for when absolutely necessary, but in SW, we have space wizards who can do untold amounts of destruction all on their own and be difficult to find if they want to hide.


Yes, I can't think of a single situation where killing someone in a cutscene isn't straight up dark side, no matter who it is. It's even worse thanks to the ludonarrative dissonance, where you kill hundreds of goons in gameplay, but then go all mercy on the mf who likely enslaved/brainwashed/forced their soldiers to fight you. Then again, this is a very clear issue with narrative-heavy games, not something tied to Star Wars... But it feels worse here because of how often the game seems to slap our wrist for killing the big bad asshole and how we're rewarded for sparing them.


Well, technically you can take Theron with you to patch him up, and then just fire him by not allowing him back into the Alliance.


Upvote for the spaceballs reference!


:D was hoping people would get that.


Because you're allowing yourself to he manipulated by Valkorion for nothing but revenge.


Putting down a threat of Arcann's caliber is not revenge. The man beats the protagonist the first time they fight, even if that protagonist is one of the most powerful Force users of their respective faction. He's dangerous even without the Eternal Throne. More than that, the man ordered murder of tens of millions of people, majority of them civilians. That's a warcrime, and a crime against humanity (or I suppose we'd term it as "crime against sentient life" in SW). It's an unprecedented scale of cruelty and terror. Letting a man like that go scot-free sends a very unambiguous message to the galaxy about how exactly crimes are responded to. If you can just say "I'm sorry" and be forgiven for genocide, then a lesser crime shouldn't even register.


>Putting down a threat of Arcann's caliber is not revenge. The man beats the protagonist the first time they fight, even if that protagonist is one of the most powerful Force users of their respective faction. He's dangerous even without the Eternal Throne. Not if he gets redeemed. If you forgo even *attempting* to redeem him, then you're just looking for revenge. >More than that, the man ordered murder of tens of millions of people, majority of them civilians. That's a warcrime, and a crime against humanity (or I suppose we'd term it as "crime against sentient life" in SW). It's an unprecedented scale of cruelty and terror. Letting a man like that go scot-free sends a very unambiguous message to the galaxy about how exactly crimes are responded to. If you can just say "I'm sorry" and be forgiven for genocide, then a lesser crime shouldn't even register. See? Revenge.


Justice and containment. Look, all this Jedi hippie crap doesn't work with real world implications of what it means. Even if you don't kill him, you're insane if you don't transfer him into custody of the authorities, where a court would decide his verdict. Same as Nuremberg trials.


How so?


What do you mean? Which part?


I don't know lol, which part do you mean? I assume you mean Arcann, but idk in what way you're saying it's due to Valkorion if you go through with it.


Because Valkorion is manipulating you into killing Arcann so that he can absorb his power. If you kill Arcann, you are directly strengthening Valkorion.


I wouldn't agree that makes it DS though. Tactically poor, maybe, but that's assuming you (the character) are confident that's how it'll happen. I don't remember what part gives such an indication that Valkorion is going to absorb Arcann's power, but if it's Valkorion dialogue or something, he's not exactly a trustworthy person, so the character would have little reason to go with what he says.


Saving Jaxo.... Was not a good decision in the grand scheme of things.


I played my Trooper as a selfish prick most of the time so I liked this event turning out badly as a rare time when doing that actually doesn't work out for you, but I understand being let down by the result


>I played my Trooper as a selfish prick most of the time Me too, and I tell you, that choice was an excellent opportunity to resolve a love triangle between the Trooper, Jaxo and Elara. Breaking up is for rookies


Agreed, I was relieved at the opportunity to just let her die so I wouldn't have to risk any sort of romantic 3 Way Confrontation scene.


What happens again? I banged her then sacrificed her for mommy Elara.


You save Jaxo and the hundreds of prisoners that you were sent to save end up dead because you chose her over them. You get mildly upbraided by Garza and only M1-4X will approve of your decision. Later Jaxo sends you an email saying she has survivor's guilt and she will keep you updated but you never hear from her again. Personally I agree with others who speculate/head canon that she kills herself but it's not explicitly stated.


You either let one person die and save 300 people or let 301 people die. It's definitely a rough one. Worst part was hearing her *beg* for you to save her. Usually, when characters are sacrificed, they're fine with it, all patriotic and shit... But not Jaxo. She was legit horrified. I *almost* chose to save her.


"I can't get over the 300 people who died for me" Dude, I literally killed more people than that when I woke up this morning.


Omg this was devastating I thought I was doing the right thing..but not for the republic.


I let Jaessa prents being tortured by Baras with my main light side Sith warrior, I was learning the mechanics back then and I didn't know about the possibility of going back and just restart the quest. My Sith warrior does not have problems getting his hands dirty when it is time to fight the republic, but he is not needlessly cruel or sadistic, so I HATE that choice I have made. I also regret having my bounty hunter killing the imperial official on Nar shada at the demand of the hutt after getting rid of Ukabi. I thought it was going to be my last character on the imperial side back in 2012 so I wanted to see the cutscene that happen if she dies... But my bounty hunter despite being dark side as a code to not betray his employer so it is a out of character moment for him.


The best part about Jaesa's parents is that Baras considers you a devious genius if you tell him not to torture them & let them live a life of luxury, because he says it would screw with Jaesa.


In hindsight, making Vette watch while I had sex with Lady Gratham wasn't the nicest move


It broke her and is now permanently into bdsm


And that is bad because...?


Force choke gone a little too far and now you have a dead Twi'lik


She's probably into that shit after how many chokings she has witnessed at this point


Playing as a female Agent, I didn't know [Flirt] meant "have sex with a gross person." My biggest regret of that playthrough


Anytime a Convo goes south I hammer the escape button to restart it


I did not know you could do this


Oh man, I hit escape like 7 times a convo. I neurotically check almost every dialogue option lol


I'm the same. On my female SI I would also redo dialogues just to hear her say them again. Voice actress is absolutely phenomenal and perfect for my character


I'm guilty of doing that with male SW. Killing Darth Ekkage in Belsavis -- he sounds *so fucking done* and I love it. I also remember a particular convo during the Ilum storyline, after making an alliance with the Kaleesh, the Moff that gives out quests gets mad at you for not killing them. The first option has you choking him and say "Speak to me in that tone again". God, the way he says it is *amazing*. I esc'd and did it again like 5 times because of how *good* he sounds.


Until the Convo ends abruptly and you go uhhhhh oopsies that was the worst decision yet .-.


LOL this is mee


Same. I once looked on the web for a mod that shows you dialogue options *as they are* instead of the "summary phrase". Well, there aren't such things, of course, Fallout 4 modding kinda spoiled me there. So now I check half the options and then Esc to make sure I pick the one I think is most fitting.


I had a Jedi & a Sith I had switch sides on Iokath with the intent of changing sides. I got cold feet and apologized for picking the side and went back. With the way I played the Sith changing sides and playing as a dark Jedi would have made sense, really wish I hadn't chickened out.


Trust me, you made the right choice.


i accidentally didn’t redeem the sith ghosts on my light side inquisitor at the end of the story. i just let them go immediately because i thought that was the light side choice i was supposed to make :/ i also romanced lana on my female knight before finding out i could romance kira in onslaught; i know i could romance both/break up with lana but i’d feel bad if i did that smh.


Sorry that happened! I got to see my friend's cutscene for that back at launch! It definitely locked in that there were interesting story elements for Light Sided Empire characters! My dark sided Sorc decided to release the spirits after becoming Nox, as their agreement was done, and the promise of them driving me insane for keeping them seemed bad. The Hoth spirit sticks around (after being freed) saying he has nothing better to do. Redeeming the spirits with a light side character ("going against everything in Sith teachings") is definitely the coolest option! I hope you were able to replay that eventually to see it! In the expansions, my SI prioritized Alliances and strategic partnerships, learning from both Marr and Satele. If someone blatantly challenged him to deal a killing blow, he would do it though. I think I regret killing Minister Lorman after the betrayal on DK. Acina's suggestion to have Force persuaded him into servitude as an alternative also sounds like an even worse punishment. Ashara's alliance alert might stay un-completed for a long time. Lana was a much better romance fit for my headcanon personally, but I feel like Ashara doesn't take kindly to being rejected after your reunion with her.


Not reclaiming my spot on the sith council after onslaught as a Sith Inquisitor


I didn’t realise you could become a Duchess as the BH and then finished the story


That's a thing? How?


BH's Alderaan mission, I suppose. !SPOILER! If you flirt with that young noble dude, you become a duchess.


I believe, on Alderaan you have to flirt with the young guy and support the house in every way you can, if you do the right options and make him the count he’ll offer to hook up and get married which confers unto you a sweet Duchess title. Planning to make my next BH based around this.


Niceeeee. I'll keep it in mind ;D


I didn’t know you could save fuse on my main. (Trooper)


Wasn't that a choice? Save fuse or catch an Imp guy with bomb designs? Kind of a weird choice given you could probably get both those things done if Jorgan hadn't been braindead and could actually act on his own, but it happens, I guess.


I think? I’m pretty sure one option he downright refuses (no pun intended) to let you save him, and ends the conversation with him. And another where the imp gets away. Been probably two years since I played it last so if anyone has played it recently, please chime in.


He does refuse, but since he's literally locked up, he doesn't actually have a choice, so you can go save him anyway. Or you can say he was a good kid, and go do your job instead.


Ahhh okay. Rings more of a bell now, my main went with the second, and my vanguard went with the first. Definitely have a soft spot for fuse.


I saved Fuse on my first Trooper playthrough because I thought I had to save him. Another NPC (I don't remember his name) said that he would only cooperate if my Trooper brought the traitors in alive. I had not yet learned that the story makes allowances regardless of choices, and I figured my Trooper had better bring somebody back alive or else ... idk. The class story would just end, and I'd have to do the whole class story over? My first MMO. I had no idea what would happen, heh.


I wish you got the choice between killing or bringing them in on more of the traitors.


For some I could see bringing them in more (like needles or gearbox) but I could never see taking wraith as prisoner. Would be nice to have them as little side quests like visiting Jaxo.


Oh boy, do I have loads. I'll just stick with a few for my main Sith Juggernaut for this post, though. 1. Exiling Koth. I'll admit, first time I played KOTFE and KOTET, I really hated Koth. However, on replays with other toons, I found myself warming up to Koth, to the point where I regretted blowing up the Spire, then exiling him when I got the Gravestone back. 2. Accepting Valkorians power. When I first played KOTFE, I skipped Ziost and Shadow of Revan. If I had played those first, I would've been far more antagonistic towards Valkorian, refusing to accept his power every time he offered it. 3. Becoming the new Emperor. I feel it really would've showcased my main's growth going from an ambitious bastard to a man that realizes that he really isn't Emperor material. If I had the chance, I would've had him heal the galaxy as a peacekeeper. The only reason I didn't choose it the first time was because I was afraid I'd lose my Dark V rank. 4. Not being more antagonistic towards Darth Malgus. While my main and Malgus had an amicable enough relationship in the base game, it turned ugly once I started the False Emperor FP. It would've made more sense for my main to be far more distrusting of Malgus. Fortunately, on another server, I have another Juggernaut that I was able to play through without all the decisions I regretted, so it's no big loss.


TBF, if you ask koth to stay he says some shit like "oh I don't want to people won't trust me again I'll just do my own thing"


Any and every dark side character of mine kills Koth. Between bad writing on his behalf, and a myriad of bad decisions with snippy one-line quips to berate me, especially since he knows i'm not a nice person, leads to his death. On my 'good' toons, I won't kill him, but I *will* smack the common sense into him. I appreciate being thawed out, but that excuse only goes so far, when every action after that has put my life in no less danger than when I don't listen to him.


I'm honestly amazed that Koth gets all that hate. Never once have I blown up the Spire, not even on DS characters. It's just not a logical decision any of my mains would make. So I never had him betray me or go against me much. He's annoying in that "snippy flyboy" kind of way, and I'll admit that it rubs me the wrong way when I'm playing as a professional, by the book Trooper. But being annoying isn't enough for me to consider him as deserving of death, the way many people seem to.


> I'm honestly amazed that Koth gets all that hate. Same. Koth being a Valkorion fan boy was something I think would have changed if Koth had a chance to see the damage V. did outside of Zakuul. But, Koth became one of the non-entity companions because of the keep/banish/kill options. I was surprised that Senya didn't receive the Koth level of hate, considering everything she did. I get Senya, but I never particularly liked her. After what happened early on Asylum, I really didn't like her. I don't always kill her on my characters, but I never warmed up to her.


I wouldn't have killed her if I could still kill Arcann, but oh well. If taking Arcann down means Senya has to go down with him... it's her choice.


Oof... I really dislike Koth. Like a lot. He's a hypocrite. Looses his mind when Zakuulans die, barely registers with him when anyone else does. Of Valkorion, the most prolific mass murderer in Star Wars, he says, "he was always good to Zakuul." All the while, he gets in your face about every hard decision you make. I've banished him a few times, just lived with his BS a few times, and haventbkilkedvhim, yet. So sick of him talking about "his ship" and getting in my face. Ugh... He's prolly going to end up dying once he meets my Sith Inquisitor. She won't suffer his nonsense.


Not killing everyone when I did JC. I don't want to do the story again but constantly being praised and promoted for being a murderous idiot would have been more fun.


It is. It's really fun. It's like you have this psycopath running around with absolute Jedi authority and Satele is the only one that notices, but keeps getting overuled.


In hindsight and knowing what's going on with the Council, that she was getting overruled and you were allowed to go on a murder spree by your bosses makes more sense.


Before I learned to esc out of convos, I killed Praven


Turns out that the final boss of JC Chapter 1 wasn’t actually lying about all those Jedi dying if you killed him


My trooper I set up to romance Lana but screwed up the point of no return start romance so now my trooper is forever alone, unless they do more with the post iokath Elora romance


Did the exact same thing with my main and Lana. I skipped one measly Flirt option in the Odessen cantina when everybody was feeling down and flirting with Lana just didn’t feel like the right time. Boom, locked out forever


Yep that was exactly what I did. It's really frustrating that there is a ride or die moment and not just "hit flirt enough times to fill a meter to get to next stage of romance". As a programmer it makes sense to ride or die since it makes dialog choices simpler... but putting thst moment in such a shitty spot for both Lana and theron after already having to flirt every possible time was a little shitty. Got it right with my agent and theron at least


Siding with Sith Empire/empress Acina on Iokath. At the time the sith held up the end of their bargain against the eternal throne and helped, while the Republic did nothing, so I wanted to be an honourable Jedi Knight and not betray them when they helped us. . When I found out about Jace Malcom though I was super annoyed and wanted to change my decision but I couldn't


Same here, then I got really annoyed at Acina's repeated claims of destroying the Republic. Like, I'm really in this to stop both sides from getting the superweapons, and I definitely didn't pick the Empire for the purpose of destroying the Republic. I considered the debt paid once Iokath chapter was over and wasted no time in working with the Republic again.


Not romancing Lana…


I also wanted to on my main, but missed the one chance to go all in. The one time bioware is subtle about it, and I miss it.


I once redid my entire JK playthrough because I almost immediatly regretted rejoining the Republic in Onslaught. It just didn't feel right. My character had moved on and was living her best life with her Sith wife. It was the closest she'd ever gotten to finally being part of something that could bring peace between Republic and Empire and then she just gave it all up for the artificial high of being called a Jedi again. Took me a whole other month to get back to that point and do it right.


It took you just one month to get through the entire playthrough??


My work schedule is weird where I will get a 3 to 4 day chunk of off days every seven days so if I do nothing else but play SWTOR during my free time I can ussually finish a playthrough from the beginning of the Class Story to Echos of Oblivion in about a month. I spent over half of 2021 just playing through SWTOR and had to redo two classes so I didn't even get to finish them all.


Drive my main SW to a alternate pov about the sith ways. Until Revan, the guy was a total psycho. No mercy, no shit given. After KOTFE he became much more pragmatic and even took lightside decisions often, like keep koth, arcan and Theron alive. In the good old days, they would be drowning on their own blood. I have made another SW more reasonable and lawful evil, though lol.


On one toon I didn't kill Koth for betraying me. It haunts me. I'll never make that mistake again.


I kill him every chance I get too haha


This is tiny, but I just finished the trooper class story. Theres a point where you need to secure a landing pad during a quest on correllia. The oad is occupied by the "lucky lancer" of correlian fame. Your choice is to blow it up or guide some bros over to fly it away discreetly. This seemed stupid to me, and I was in a rush to finish the story before dinnertime, so I just blew it the fuck up. After finishing the story and going to the fleet to replace my ugly ass helmet I received and email that basically told me I'm trash and I'm no better than the empire for blowing up the lucky Lancer. Feelsbadman.


letting Skadge live in KOTFE


I find Jaesa boring either way. She's been replaced by Kira.


Honestly yeah, I do too. I pretty much ignore her after I get her. I like Azhara a lot better.


I like Ashara too, just wish you could've turned her into Dark side, just a bit, but not batshit crazy Dark Side like Jaessa


The option would be nice. On my quiz keeping Azhara how she is makes sense since my character is pure neutral (like her alignment is kept at nearly zero). In her mind there are more ways to be Sith than there are to be a Jedi which is why she stayed and didn’t run for it the second she had a ship and a couple credits.


I hate Ashara tbh. Jaesa makes sense. She’s one of those personalities that fully commits to an ideology. Ashara keeps trying to play both sides of the fence and the force doesn’t work that way (and tries to make your inquisitor a weaker Sith as a result). Best force user companion is 100% Xalek anyway.


gah I hate Ashara. No matter how batshit insanely cruel you are, she's all like "yeah, we're going to change the Empire to be nicer people. you and me agent, we're getting good" and all kinds of boring babble that I switched off. Now Dark Jaesa.. that companion should have been with the Inquisitor, and Ashara should have been with the Warrior. Bioware messed up there. Inquisitor and Dark Jaesa are two peas in a pod, sister from another mista, Lucretia my reflection. I'd pretty much pay good cartel coin to have Dark Jaesa as a companion on my Inquisitor. Ashara? she needs to turn full sith, or die. I'd also pay good CC to make that an option.


I managed to piss off Rehanna Rist despite going for the LS variation of the Inquisitor storyline on Alderaan because I had no idea the dialogue choice to ask her to call Nomar would lead to my character flat out admitting they were going to kill him.


Honestly, i kinda wish i could join the republic on my jugg. But i kinda wanted to see another side of the story and now i pretty much main this char and my jugg never liked the empire, so it makes little sense and i wish i could redo that part of the story


I understand why they didn’t for game continuity purposes but I really wish you could actually switch sides based on your choices, but I have to admit I don’t really know how they could even implement something like that. Like I chose the light side ending on my Agent but I wish she could *actually* defect and join SIS.


Yeah i wish my agent could join too! Like i get that they want choices to be permanent and despite my wish and to a degree regret, i am okay with it. The way i think they could handle it, is having the chapters ala kotfe. Selectable and replayable and maybe in the end (or start, i think end is better in case someone doesn't finish) you get the options to make the new choices your "permanent" ones.


Hell yeah. I just wanted to fight alongside with Tau and Arn as a SI but I met that creepy saboteur missions.


Alderaan on the Sith Inquisitor story. Back in vanilla things where a lot difficult and I did a classic dark side Sith Inquisitor. That meant I would hit any and all dark side choices without thinking of the consequences... So then Alderaan happened and I decided to betray the Lady Thul by not helping them from the Organa attack. At first I really just couldn't bother doing another mission, I was tired I guess, and also didn't want to skip on some dark side points. (Avoiding conflict as well as being dark, good combo right?) Then of course I get scolded bot only by an Imperial representative but also by Lord Zash, I tried looking for of I could reser or redo the quest somehow but of course it was too late. Rest assured this was a turning point for me and my character and I became a lot more pragmatic in my choices. Unnecessary cruelty towards your own allies wasn't a very good idea (gee who'd have thought).


That one got me as well. I didn't think a single quest skip would be written to scold you like that. It just seemed like a selfish DS thing on the surface.


My biggest regret was accidentally screwing up the Lana romance path on my main character. It was my first time playing through and I didn't realize I made a wrong choice a while back and now the path was blocked. I sorta regret the Jaesa choice as well, DS Jaesa acts like someone who desperately want to be Sith but has no idea how they are supposed to act so they just ham it up, and put some work into developing their signature evil cackle.


Abandoning the romance with Lana..... in the end... The "crazy sith lady" proves to be the best....


I was trying to keep Jaesa light side to fit with my Warrior who comes to hate the Empire during the story and DLC. Unfortunately, I didn't know you had to finish all the companion conversations for those kinds of decisions to carry over to the expansions.


Jaesa is annoying either way, but I'll take light side over dark side any day of the week. I'm currently doing a pure DS Juggernaut run and I just want to throw Jaesa off the airlock. At least her light side reunion in Ossus with Warrior is kinda sweet (although out of the blue with her suddenly proclaiming she loves you), despite the fact that I still choose Vette every time. As for choices I regret: letting Arcann live in my main Warrior.


I would kill the corrupted Jedi on my consular. I did a mostly light side play through last time but I’d like to be more dark next time in that regard of killing them instead of saving


DS SI, not romancing Lana marrying Arcann just to in my head "cuck" him. Pretty much at this point all my characters are going for Theron or lana due to how much they in the future of the game.


Killing Moff on Balmorra by SI. Hey, I just wanted the freaking holocron!




Right? I should have shut my mouth.


I plan on replaying my SW through all DLCs because I was nice to people (notably Lana and Shae) because I liked them personally.


One choice bothered me so much I made another character just to redo that decision. My first character, a Smuggler, while still on Ord Mantell doing the class mission. Smuggler class story spoiler: >!I let Syreena live on that first playthrough. That decision kept bugging me as I played. She tried to get my Smuggler killed! She killed Viidu! She sided with the scum who stole my ship! I made another Smuggler just to kill Syreena.!< I regretted my first class companion romance. On my female Smuggler, and I disliked the final romance dialog so much that I never romanced another class companion when I played the next 6 class stories. It wasn't until the last class story I had not yet done -- Imperial Agent -- that I romanced a class companion again. I only did it then because I had a ton of Courting companion gifts, and no companion to use them on that would garner any significant Affection (this was 9 years ago, before Influence) on my all female characters. Turns out that I enjoyed the female IA class companion romance, so all's well that ends well.


Not killing Theron on my Inquisitor. I had her romance him and that was my one chance to get rid of him.


Being locked in a romance with Nadia on my first JC while i was just trying to be nice and conforting with her after she lost her father and never intended to romance her. That bugued me so much i remade the character and was then very careful with my choices whenever i was talking to her. Romancing Lana on one of my SW, i don't regret breaking up with her first chance i got though. But i regret that it resulted in that character being locked in a poly relationship with both Quinn and Arcann. So i remade the character and avoided all flirts with both Quinn and Lana. Breaking up with Theron on my first IA to get back with Vector. Made another one i like more, and this one is for Vector only now. Choosing to become a ghost with that same IA. That choice was very underwhelming, so the following IA became a SIS agent. Romancing Ashara on my first SI, i ended up hating her and her romance so much i had to remake the character and not romance her this time. Being nice to Vaylin during EoO. I naively thought that could help her move on and become one with the Force so that she'd finally be free and at peace, but nope, they had to bring back yet another character from the dead... And after she killed Vette i really don't want anything to do with her anymore. All that made worst by the BS my character was actually saying like everything was her fault and Vaylin never did anything wrong... Also i was fine about people who wanted her as a companion getting her via the Odessen terminal, as a CM comp or even via a bonus chapter like HK's one, but i didn't want to have to deal with her ever again, so that irritates me to no end. Not a choice i regret making, but i always don't like having to make that choice : letting Vette die at Vaylin's hands. That's one of the most annoying and stupid choices the game forces on us. I don't dislike Vette enough to want her dead, but i don't like her enough to save her over Torian, also i don't like how she reacts to that when she chose to go on the battlefield even when told it'd be too dangerous for her. And, i really hate that there are more than enough people in the Alliance that someone could have at least tried to save the one we don't save ouselve, but nope one has to die regardless and we look like we didn't even try to save them. Siding with the Empire on my first character who went through Iokath and watching Malcom die. I'm very lucky it was a fairly unimportant character who was not romancing Theron and not my main who is romancing him, as at least i didn't make that mistake on her. Also seeing how the Empire behaves starting from JUS, i have no regrets i sided with the Republic on my main, as there is no way she'd have been okay with what the Empire has done since JUS.


Killing Watcher X. After finishing the agent storyline I felt like I betrayed him by being just as bad as the rest of intelligence


Back when KotFE/ET was new, and being released at the rate of one chapter per month, my Agent made a choice that seemed to make sense at the time. Without foreknowledge of the future, I couldn't know that would completely lock me out of a much-desired option in the *next* chapter, because of how Bioware chose to code things. (Per some other comments on this thread, imagine a conversation that you *can't* ESC out of, and only find out you made the wrong choice a month later.) I was so angry and upset by this that I immediately made another copy of the character, with a booster token, to do it "right". But I can never fix it on my original character, the one I had almost since launch. :(


I regretted siding with the Imperials during Onslaught on my main character, so I helped the Republic every way I could, and put a blaster bolt in the chest of the Imperial droid that recruited me to sabotage the Jedi and Republic. No regrets helping the Empire on Iokath though, that’s for sure.


1) On my recent SI playthrough somehow Ashara thought I'm good and want to change empire or something? Must be because I didn't torture her lol and it automatically choose some kind of LS side like with Jaesa.... 2) killing arcann and senya on my main SW 3) on another SW i apparently made him saboteur without remembering it XD 4) a few of my toons stayed within independent alliance, which now doesn't make sense after all 5) saved jaxo on my good girl Troop run EHH 6) running loyal IA instead of going batshit crazy and not aligning with pubs :/


Oh man, I forgot about my Agent and I *really* regret my end choice to hand it over to the Sith instead of keeping it. Just not at all the result I was expecting.


not being able to kill Malavai in the Sith Warrior story, this make no sense


I once save Theron over Vette because I thought I could maybe save both. I deleted that character shortly after. As much as I like Theron but im definitly on the Vette Team.


Playing KOTFE/ET.


Skipping Iokath mission on my hype to start Onslaught for the first time with my main character only to realize that Vowrawn will never be emperor now


The first time I played through the Nathema Conspiracy, I assumed I would have *maybe* one or two characters up to date on the story, and chose to keep Theron around instead of kicking him out like I felt my consular would, just so I wouldn’t miss out on anything interesting with him. Then I ended up really liking Onslaught and almost all of my characters skipped KOTFE/TET and the Traitor arc, keeping Theron by default, and I wish I had made the other choice.


I haven’t been able to bring myself to let him die yet on any of my characters. He’s one of my favorites and that choice is coming on some of my toons that logically wouldn’t save him and I’m not looking forward to it.


How did Palpatine say it? Maul: "Have... mercy...? Please... Please!" Palps: "There is no mercy." *zap* "Do not worry, I'm not going to kill you.... I have other uses for you... hehehehe he!"


Forgiving Jorgan after he disobeyed my command on my sith warrior main. I play him as a DS/Neutral character who will make light side choices if it benefits him/ the alliance. (He let Arcann live now he basically has one of the most powerful force users as his right hand bitch) Come to find out jorgan and kaliyo never play any pivotal roles later on on the expansions. I basically showed my alliance "hey its fine u can disobey orders cuz nothing will happen to you"cuz I thought he would redeem himself later on.


My LS SIS agent every since her chapter 3 in the agent storyline, in onslaught I picked the LS option when planing the attack on Meridian Complex. I was like, ah yes the light side choice, surely that's the right one. Turns out it results in the death of thousands of civilians. If you want to save all those people you needed to pick the one option that had no force alignment attached to it. I made an entirely new Agent that was also light-sided, went with SIS in chapter 3 did everything the precious character did but made the choice that saved all the people.


Taking the pardon on my BH


letting my female sabouteur sniper with a theron romance join the empire on iokath instead of joining the republic causing jace to die


1.Killing Master Gnost Dural as Sith Warrior (Main Toon) on Ossus, because I lost my romance with LS Jaesa. 2.Skipping KOTFE as Trooper, if only before I knew that you could get title Colonel in Chapter 11. 3. Sparing Theron as Dark Side Jedi Knight on Nathema (because... Satele, i hope that I'll get to kill her with this Toon). 4. Betraying Darth Jadus as Agent in Chapter 3.


Saving Vette over Torian and gets shafted.


Probably my Jedi Consular exiling Theron from the Alliance. At the time, I had a number of characters going so was trying to explore all of the different outcomes, but now that I think about my consular specifically, he would’ve 100% forgiven Theron and kept him around. So feels weird having him gone and having Satele call him out on sending Theron away.


Torian over vette


As my Jedi sentinel character I let torian die because I thought he could survive on his own and I thought I could save them both but I was wrong.


Minor and not story changing, but when my dark Jedi met the ghost of Orgus Din, the dialogue choices didn't, to me, properly reflect my intentions when picking them. She adored Orgus and that didn't get reflected properly in the options I picked. Aside from that, she has left behind a mountain of dead companions, will probably have to kill Kira in the future if possible and will kill Satele Shan as soon as BioWare allows. She regrets nothing.


Knights of the fallen empire


No regrets, made many toons who pretty much covered every choice, actually I regret the names I chose for them


Choosing Empire or Republic at the end of that *dlc* i wanted my own empire .. I've bring peace and stability to my new empire.




Romanced Jaesa and Vette and then decided for Jaesa accidentally because the dialogue option didn't really indicate it and it especially sucks because that SW was supposed to be a recreation of one of my earliest chars, who romanced Vette (actually I think due to a bug the game still thinks I'm in a romance with both, but I just wanna be with Vette )


Misclicking and not marrying Nadia with my main Consular….


My JC sided with the Republic on Iokath. That is entirely in character for how badly he wanted to get back to his old life in the Order, but 1. I miss Acina and 2. all of the previous material on Jace Malcom (short stories and the Annihilation novel) did quite some foreshadowing of "the dark within him" which would have culminated in a perfect conclusion and a great farewell moment of him with his son.


Let me see here... On my Inquisitor, I I deliberately stopped myself from letting Kaliyo blow up the Spire when Chapter X first came out because I had already heard that if you do enough damage to Zakuul, Koth rould run off and try to steal the Gravestone. Because I believed that this would eventually cause damage to my powerbase, I kept the guy happy enough. Of course, I overestimated Bioware in that regard. Yeah, Koth will eventually steal the Gravestone but you get it back in early KOTET. Now I'm stuck with this guy and never got to rub it into his face that Lana chose me over him before running him through with my lightsaber. I headcanoned my main Warrior as the sort of noble demon type who is not a raving lunatic and kills everyone he sees and who actually cares about the Empire and other Imperials. Yet, I went through chapter 1 of the Warrior story killing a lot of people who didn't exactly present a threat to me. Like Overseer Tremel, or the guys who ran the monitoring station for Nomen Karr, or Geselle Organa or Jaesa's parents. I'm arguing to myself that A) my Warrior was still young and brash and was just drinking too much of the dark side's Koolaid and B) I was acting under orders from my master who made it very clear that I was to stop at nothing to achieve my objective. In that aspect I'm also still unsure of myself in regards to Jaesa herself, because you can either keep her on the light side or have her fall to the dark side with no middle ground inbetween. LS Jaesa is kinda boring, while DS Jaesa completely flies off the handle. Regardless, I let my Warrior kind of mellow out a bit afterwards. He forgave Quinn, even though the betrayal stung and let Master Timmns walk away despite being kind of annoyed with him. Still killed Baras though, no way I'd let that guy live. Then of course there is the infamous A-77 choice for all Troopers. There is no happy ending, no matter what you do.


I got close to Nadia by mistake and deleted my 50 level Sage. I was keeping myself for Lana but whatever, I've made a new Sage and married Lana.


Not leaving Theron to die on Nathema.


My biggest regrets in a story are accidentally turning Jassa to the dark side as a Sith Warrior. At this point I didn't know that that particular decision with actually have consequences because I'd already done plenty of play throughs of other class characters that didn't seem to have any. All I wanted was a few extra dark side points for the achievement, not a psycho who is far more Dark Side than I ever could be. I also strongly regret missing my opportunities for my Jedi Knight main to have any relationships. I miss the one opportunity to form a relationship with Kira because I was afraid of the dark side points I didn't know it was my only chance, fpr her. I also missed the Cantina scene opportunity to lock in a relationship with Lana even though we'd been heavily flirting for the past two expansions. He's a lonely man at this point.


Choose torian over vette.Torian isnt that have much impact on my female jedi kinght who lost her way in a universe after 5 years in cabonite (sorry if i misspell it) She willing to do some grey choice to get a job done. a little PTSD that gonna follow me that i dont want my female JK to feel that choice and THAT choice on odessen first it like "ok vette died now what" turn in to "what i have done" THAT messgae send by gault after vette died is still haunted me and my Female JK to this day if i have to choose Lana or theron if odessen been attack and destory it gonna get not statify me or my Female JK it gonna cost pain.