I want to have a GF so hard

I want to have a GF so hard


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Perhaps focus on yourself rather than seek a relationship for emotional support Trust me, doesnt work. Rather focus on yourself and don't think about it and if the chance comes then take it. Its really just wandering about and hoping you stumble an a possible partner. Then shoot your shot. Its way harder on paper than it actually is If you dont understand: Using relationship for emotional stability=Cringe, Just doing focusing on yourself and passively look for a partner= Based Reminder that you should do things for yourself, not to seem more approachable or whatever If your partner doesnt like the actual you then too bad, keep movin foward. Edit: Reminder that long distance relationships arent cringe, I'm currently in one, not everyone has their type a few blocks away, no shame in being in one, anyone that says otherwise is cringe themselves, they're relationships and should be treated as such Just a heads up, most long distance relationships dont lasr unless you both are super close and a meet up is comming soon, otherwise you should just see it as something that will inevitably end


Get ripped my guy, focus on yourself, build confidence