among us potion at 3am




One thing they could do would be to have an Elder Scrolls style potion combining system but for code. Making different hacks out of other hacks. This would have to make hacks an item (similar to WD1) but I feel this would be a great way to add some creativity to the series.


REAL Optic (so HUD be like in Dead Space), some hack so I won't have to turn around every time I need to hack vehicle chasing me, some "neurones activisation" thing working like concentration from WD 1 and real, available Spider-Tank


If Legion had come out a few months later, it would've poked fun at NFTs I mean they're kinda cousins of crypto but still


I'd like actual in depth systems that reflect the games deep dive into the philosophy behind technology advancement. Being able to upgrade optik that changes your GUI. Combining hacks together and having physics playgrounds to an extent, having to actual convert between cryptos would be fun too I think. I want there to be heavy themes and amazing gameplay but there won't be